Love Was Here

Love Was HereTaken from the ABDL Romance:

A Girl Named Love

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here is a little story about knowing right where you want to be.


Love Was Here

4 am

Alex took the exit for Route 562 West, turning on his high beams and stepping on the accelerator as he got onto the open highway. Cranking up Aerosmith on the CD player, he reached down to Love, brushing her locks back and gripping them to give a slight tug. Love smiled, letting out a soft, quick groan as the tug pulled at her roots. Lying across the front seat of his car and using his right thigh as a pillow, she reached up to the CD player and turned the volume up some more – The Demon of Screamin’ singing aloud of love in an elevator.

Oh, the heat wave just wouldn’t seem to break. And even in the middle of the night, the temperatures were soaring. The last time she and Alex took a late-night out-n-about trip during a heat wave there was at least a rainstorm to give temporary relief. But that didn’t seem to be the case on this – Another Hot Night.

And if the temperature wasn’t hot enough, Love had a mind-full of fresh memories to set fever to her. Lying there, greased up between her legs with a bit of KY Jelly that was only heating up her passion that much more, diapered and wearing nothing more than her little white nightie, Love was happily captive to the swell of emotions and sensations Alex had brought to be within her.

Her mind raced back to that sex shoppe they had visited earlier and all the sudden recollections of her time there filled her senses as they made her tingle in all the right places. Closing her eyes, she thought back to what it felt like to be led by hand into that adult store – wearing nothing but her nightie and her diaper. The humiliation was so intoxicating, she truly hadn’t left that store yet – at least not in her mind and not in her heart.

But now clenching her poor little rosebud, having been opened by the anal beads Alex bought for her and slid into her in the parking lot, Love knew very well that she was no longer in that store – blushing shades of red as she stared up at a wall of sex toys, bondage restraints and enough lubricants to know that Alex would never let her run dry.

Incapable of helping herself to find modesty through steadily-dripping arousal, Love slipped her hand under the front of her nightie – then sliding her hand down her belly and into the front of her diaper. And before her little fingers ever began feeling the swollen folds of her labia, she could feel the heat rising up out of her.

Opening her eyes as she pressed her palm down on her clit, she gazed up at Alex as she recalled how he next took her to that Slow-Mart just a few miles up the road from the sex shoppe. Fresh memories flooded her mind as she recalled being led by hand into that Slow Mart, wearing nothing but her diaper and her nightie … and a small black silicone string of anal beads in her rosebud. Memories inside the Slow-mart were a little foggy, just like the driver’s side window that Alex kept wiping off with his hand.

Feeling slight twitches between her legs, she felt her fingertips through the wet folds of her labia – trying to tease out a little bit of the pleasure before it overtook her completely. Love was his BabyGirl and she always happily waited until her Daddy drew all the pleasure out of her. And for as much as the impulse to ignore patience was always an ever-present part of her psyche, she found comfort and satisfaction in knowing that when Alex made her cum, she came fully. When she fingered herself, it was only a tease. Waiting for the full-ride seemed far more gratifying than tantalizing a few twitches.

Alex took the next exit off Route 562 West onto the frontage street that ran alongside Placid River. Taking her right hand out of the front of her diaper, she cupped herself between her legs – nibbling her lower lip as she gazed lust up at him while lightly grinding her diapered mound into her palms. Oh, she wanted sex. And it seemed modesty no longer had any place in that car. It was the intruder she had chased away with a bit of sexual flavor that had gotten her juices flowing. A heat wave, a night of humiliating memories and Alex himself had her primed to a fevered pitch of sexual energy. And it was soon time to get kinetic with him.

Alex turned onto Boathouse Row, heading to that same river access point as they went to on their last out-n-about venture. And when he parked the car, Love sat up – recognizing exactly where they were. This was the spot where Alex proposed to her three years ago. It was a night she would never forget, for good reasons and for bad ones. But on this night – Another Hot Night, whether good or bad – every reason was the right one. And potential energy had no more entitlement to be there than modesty.

Unfastening Alex’s seat belt, Love intended to remove safety from the equation as well. All that needed to remain was that which was absolutely necessary. She was as horny as could be and with her own juices dripping from her perineum, all that was absolutely necessary was merely a few more unfastenings away.

With steadied but hurried movements, Love unfastened his belt and lowered the zipper of his pants. Grabbing at his waistline at either hip, she pulled his pants and his underwear down to his knees. Tossing her hair back to release a few pheromones into the steamy hot air of the car, Love bent her right knee and straddled his lap – using her feet to push his pants-n-underwear down to his ankles. Alex reached behind her and took hold of the little silicon handle of the anal beads inside her by grabbing a handful of the back of her diaper. Love closed her eyes, giving up the nibble of her lower lip and beginning to bite into it as she lowered the straps of her nightie – her breasts spilling out as she smashed them against his face.

Reaching down between their torsos, she grabbed hold of his stiffness with her left hand, squeezing it again-n-again as she reached over to the controls on the driver’s door. Locking the doors as well as the still-fogging windows, she leaned back – releasing his face from her cleavage as she reached down between her legs. Stroking his length with her gripped left hand, she slipped the fingertips of her right hand underneath the elastic edging at her inner left thigh and yanked her diaper to the side. Her sweetness felt relief from the heated inside of her diaper, but her swell and her slickness fueled the passion onward.

Alex leaned his head back on the neck rest of the driver’s seat, looking up at her with the same gaze of lust that she beamed back down at him. Placing both of his hands on her hips, he slipped his thumbs under the elastic edgings at the back of her legs and gripped the undersides of her bottom. This would give her balance and something to rest back on, other than just the steering wheel.

Love kept stroking his length, faster and faster – doing her able best to fight the mutual need within for as long as she could stand it. And in her grip, he kept stiffening – his skin stroking less and less loosely with each movement of her wrist. And soon, her strokes didn’t move him at all. Her heart pounded within her chest, knowing that even before they began, she was already submitting her weakness to his strength. Loosening her grip, she felt the rock-hard condition of his shaft as she gently stroked him – imagining how overwhelmed she would be when feeling him inside her. It was a moment of precision focusing and a reawakening of attentions as serious lust overtook her conscience.

Kneeling up off his hands and the steering wheel, she moved her knees apart slightly – her frame lowering and her thighs spreading as she held his stiffness straight up to touch his tip to her slickened opening. Love gasped at the first feel of his skin to her wetness. Oh my, his cock was as warm as she was. And with a slight tremble to her frame, she lowered herself just enough for his tip to enter into her canal. Gasping even harder, she leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and smashing her torso against him.

Closing her eyes, she sat down just a bit more, his girth parting her open fully and traveling inside her part-way. Reaching up to the back of his head, she drew her fingers into his hair – her fingernails then scraping his scalp as she grew accustomed to how his girth was stretching her tiny peach open. It had been so long since she last had that feeling, she felt as tight as the night Alex took her virginity away. Oh, it hurt but it felt good at the same time. And caught in the middle of pleasure-n-pain, Love began to heave for air – knowing she would soon have no control over herself at all. Helpless was the feeling in knowing she would soon be without defense and vulnerable to her own lustful want.

Sitting down a bit more and engulfing half his length inside her, she whimpered into tears as her canal contracted around him – a natural but involuntary reaction to being penetrated that deeply. Resting her sweated forehead on his left shoulder, she lowered her hands from the back of his head to nestle them in between his shoulder blades. Further balance would be needed as well as something to pull against when she withdrew him from inside her.

Her breathing was choppy and erratic as she brought to the forefront of her little mind how good it felt to be overwhelmed with his endowment. Shuddering, she felt a new layer of wetness slickening her canal – making it even harder to resist the impulse to pounce down suddenly and drive the tip of his cock all the way up inside her to slam into her cervix with unremitting force.

But nature had its way and she slid down his shaft the rest of the way until her diapered bottom slapped the tops of his thighs. Shaking like a leaf, she squeezed her closed eyes harder as tears streamed down her cheeks. Being fully-penetrated now, she both delighted in and hated the sensations of stretch and contraction. But she didn’t feel any physical pain. She was so wet at that point that every little bit of her insides gave up resistance, accepting his girth and length and stiffness as if submission was her penultimate goal of achievement. And she knew his next glide into her would be easier still as she just kept getting wetter with every heaving breath she took in to fill her lungs.

Scraping her nails down his spine, she brought her hands around to his front, placing her palms on his shoulders as she gently began to push herself upward. Feeling his cock being withdrawn from her canal brought about a sense of relief, but she shuddered the whole time as her wetness had made super-receptive every little sensor inside her. As all the right spots became affected, those little places that made emotion so very much a part of the experience for her, Love rose up on her knees as the first of many spasms to come coursed throughout her frame.

Gripping the tip of his cock with her tightened canal opening and looking down at him with lust, she remained as rigid as possible to allow that first spasm to pass – mellowing out into the glorious pleasure that washed over her entire frame. Oh, being a girl had its rewards. It was only one little spasm … the first of many. But she had already experienced something wonderful from the first ride down and the first ride back up.

Love smiled with an open mouth for need to breathe, squeezing the tip of his cock with her opening and pulsing a rhythm of what was to come. Then she smiled more widely, squeezing him as hard as she could and holding the squeeze as she pounced back down on him, her diapered bottom connecting with the top of his thighs again.

She could feel the anal beads inside her rosebud, trying to press their way out of her. Oh, this was going to feel very good, indeed.

Just as she suspected, the next dismount was a slickened glide upward – filling her with a sense of relief and want for more inundation at the same time. Exhaling softly as she slid upward, she basked in the tingling sensations that crossed over different surfaces of her frame with varying degrees of severity. Whimpering less softly, she slid back down his shaft – still rock-hard and still unyielding in its girth to part her folds and stretch her canal. Her crinkly hips bounced up and down as she worked her mounting into a rhythm. And without knowing it, her withdrawals became quick and the returning penetrations were becoming quicker. Her breathing became heavier and more audible as occasional whimpers grew more constant. Her little boobies bobbed with her pounces and her hamstrings began to slowly tighten with each thump. The slight pains were manageable as the pleasures increased.

Her mind began to bounce around with fluctuating thoughts, just as erratically as her frame bounced up and down on her Daddy’s shaft. And as with every other moment in her life, multiple emotions began to hit her – all at once.

Frustration set in first as she thought back on all the time wasted before that night, days and months that could’ve been spent with him as opposed to being separated from him. Then anger set in as she recalled what got her put in the institution she had called her home for the past three years. It really wasn’t her fault that she had been attacked and had suffered a devastating nervous breakdown, unraveling her and tearing her life to pieces.

Then, self-pity set in as she tried to refocus on the physical, but her emotions were taking her over in rapid-fire arrival and helplessly, she succumbed to them. Following self-pity was sadness, tears welling in her eyes as she began to sob aloud – collapsing on his chest while still grinding herself up and down his shaft. After such a long time, she finally had intimacy with Alex once again. And now, her stupid emotional outbursts were going to ruin it for her.

But Alex wasn’t going to let that happen. As he wrapped his arms around her, whispering those syrupy-rich Daddy Voice shushes in her ear, Love melted on the inside – now wanting to cry for a good reason … him.

So she stopped crying aloud and listened to his voice as it resonated in his chest, her diapered hips crinkling away as she regressed with sweet thoughts of Alex, her beloved Daddy who stuck by her side the whole time. And though the rest of her world was collapsing down around her, he never left. Most people would have run away from her eventually, even the overly-patient ones. They always did. But there he was, still with her, still married to her and instilling in her the trust and the promise that he would remain.

Along with the return of partial poise came her return to lust. Sitting up and contracting her canal around his length-n-girth, she pounced up and down on him again, now fueling her motions with the intent on giving him pleasure. And the more she aimed to please him, the more she pleased herself. Oh, what a frenzied reward … at the absolute perfect moment to receive it.

Growing ravenous at an alarmingly quick rate, she leaned forward again – smashing her breasts into his face once more, bracing both her forearms behind his head and sinking her nails into the top of his scalp as she pounced with such forced that she not only literally smothered him, but figuratively tried to devour him.

And the harder she drove him into her, the more ferocious she became, beginning to sound crazy with her near-animalistic noises and aggression. This little diaper girl was going to come up big for him and then she was going to make him cum for her. At long last, she was taking command of her situation, fighting back against the self-victimizing thoughts that had landed her in that institution and crippled her in every conceivable way.

Her hamstrings kept tightening as she pounced, feeling the ridge at the base of his tip each time as it passed in and out of her opening – making her twitch for that split second of exodus. The deeper she enveloped his shaft, the less she felt his head and the more she felt his whole length. And his girth, oh that overwhelmingly thick girth.

Then Love sat down, planting her diapered bottom firmly on his lap as she took a moment to recover from exhaustion before rocking her diapered hips forward and backward to begin to glide slowly. Feeling her juices dripping, she also felt his cock throbbing, each heartbeat registering inside her with a pulse she could grip and squeeze. His underside vein bulged and added just a bit more to the stretch of her canal. Everything was so slippery and she felt like she was floating up and down his length as she shuddered, small spasms forming at her core. Oh, it was close now. It was very close.

But right at that moment when arousals peaked and the journey to the summit should’ve skyrocketed them both, her hamstrings tightened to an excruciatingly taut condition – then not releasing at all. She cried from the pain but kept her clench, not wanting to lose his cock being inside her.

It was then that her Daddy took control of the situation himself, right when she needed him to.

Alex began to drive his hips upward, continuing to pound up into her slickened sweetness with force. They both heaved for air, their body temperatures rising as the windows started fogging so heavily that they could no longer see outside. Grabbing at the waistband behind her, he pulled down on the back of her diaper. Then, he turned himself to the right, stretching his legs straight out across the front seats and enabling Love to wrap her legs around him. When she locked her ankles together at his lower lumbar, the tightened muscles in her hamstrings released as her legs instantly went numb.

Love looked around at all the windows, the front and back windshields – seeing their thick fogginess. It felt like a billion degrees inside that car, only made to feel hotter by the heat wave outside.

Then her entire canal contracted all at once, making her wrap her arms and legs around him even more tightly as the first ripple of pleasure poured out of her center – washing over her frame and turning her mind further into mush. Oh my Blue Heaven, it felt like an entire lifetime had happened since she last came like this. And it had been a long, long time she had had this kind of all-encompassing sex with him.

The second ripple of pleasure poured of her as she felt his girth thicken, exciting her even more as it was always the first indication to her that he would soon be joining her on the journey up to the summit.

The third ripple arrived and then the fourth and then more. But no matter how many times her body tried to skyrocket her to that forthcoming climax, she denied the pleasure. And she refused to orgasm again until he was ready to do the same.

Her spine shuddered and she felt herself swell to full-pucker, her body’s next attempt to force her to climax. But she resisted. Without him, it would mean nothing – and it would be nothing more than physical pleasure. What she wanted was the dynamic to drive them both to the zenith together and to keep them there forever.

She lifted her chin up and leaned in towards his face, taking his left ear lobe between her teeth and nibbling on it with fervency as she breathed heavily into his ear.

And then it happened.

Alex wrapped his arms around her very tightly as she felt his seeds erupt inside her, coating her womb with a heaviness and a stinging burn that helplessly shot her straight up to the summit … with him … and because of him. Her canal tightened even more so, releasing and retightening in rhythm with his thick shots of cum. Oh, how good it felt to be alive again. Each ripple of his seeds making her whimper with a tiny, feminine tone that only encouraged him to empty himself inside her completely.

Yanking the back of her diaper down a bit further, he took hold of the silicone handle of the string of anal beads inside her as he began to pull them out of her, one right after another. She spasmed each time as the individual anal beads stretched her rosebud open on their exit. And Love came for him, doing her able best to keep her muscles clenched around his cock as her head spun from the intensity of the orgasm. It was as if she had been building that arousal up for a length of time longer than she could remember.

Her entire body then seized up, from head to toe as she went into temporary paralysis, closing her eyes and smiling contentedly as the last ripple of pleasure poured out of her – washing over her entire frame with such a powerfully mellowing effect that her skin tingled from her scalp to the soles of her feet.

And there she remained for a few moments, in that glorious instant between pleasure and afterglow – a place where any girl would happily spend her entire life, if she could. While in that instant, she felt no insecurity, no physical pain, had no over-active thoughts of worry and was able to get out of her own way to enjoy everything good that was around her and everything good that was inside her.

Ballooning down gradually, she gently twitched with each following convulsion – her muscles tightening and releasing as she clenched around his girth, involuntarily pulling the rest of the seeds out of his shaft with her canal’s grip. Oh, what a pleasant descent for the Heavens.

Alex eased down onto his back, Love following him down and coming to rest on top of him – her legs straddling along his sides and his cock still inside her. Oh, what a wonderful pillow he was for her. And oh, what a wonderful blanket she was for him.

With half-mast eyes, Love looked at the fogged-up driver’s side window. She reached up with her left hand and used a fingertip to write Love was here on the pane. She then looked at the wedding ring on her left ring finger, then down to Alex who had already closed his eyes. Taking his left hand in hers and looking at his wedding ring, she then placed her head on his chest. He had strong heart beats. He always had strong heart beats. Oh, he was a good one. Despite everything that had happened, he was still there … her Daddy, her husband, her everything.

Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep.

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