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A Girl Named Love

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here is a little story about how to survive a heat wave.


Scorcher – 

1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
2. a person or thing that one loves.

1. to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

11 pm

Love swiped a towel across the fogged surface of the steamed bathroom mirror, her baby blue eyes quite lively for the hour of the night. Though a shower usually gave her a charge for a little while afterwards, enough for the end of day engagement that always put her on her back and made her arch up to him, on this night – one hot night, fresh-from-the-shower would provide her no relief from the heat. And maybe she really didn’t want any relief.

The worst heat wave of the year had sweltered temperatures up to 105 degrees outside for several days. There were no reports indicating any break from it at least until the coming the weekend. And it was only Wednesday night.

Patting the excess water out of her golden locks as best she could with a towel, she picked up the hair dryer to find it already plugged into the outlet above the bathroom sink. Sitting next to the hair dryer were two hair ties and her white pacifier. Love smiled as thoughts of her boyfriend flooded her senses and her mind. Picking up the pacifier, she lowered her chin – thinking back to that morning when she awoke next to him in bed. Smiling even more brightly as she slipped the rubber nipple between her lips and looked up at herself in the mirror, she began rocking back-n-forth to allow the water on her skin to dry on its own as she began to blow dry her hair.

Love received her first pacifier when she was only a month old. And from that point forward, she was inseparable from it. Her parents began to worry that she didn’t talk very much in the first few years of her life, opting instead to nurse from her pacifier with contentment that kept her from crying, throwing temper tantrums and frowning when she didn’t get what she wanted.

But when she was three, her mother passed away and from that early-life trauma, the pacifier served her a greater need – one that soothed her nerves whenever something unpleasant occurred. Despite her father’s best efforts to help her give the pacifiers up, she kept using them. But luckily, he was able to convince her to not use a pacifier in public, at least … well … her father’s encouragement as well as having been teased incessantly by classmates in grade school about using a pacifier – had helped her to keep it private. And 28 years later, she was still a paci girl.

It wouldn’t be until she entered college that she finally figured out why she clung to so many feelings from her youth. After a little online research, she was able to understand why she was a BabyGirl and why she had never wanted to give up the tender care and attention natural to it. It seemed like such a struggle for some girls to find reason in it all, but Love pieced together that the combinations of life and self could make something right. So there wasn’t anything wrong with her for wanting to be a BabyGirl and therefore, never had a complex about it.

Raised by her father, Love became a true Daddy’s girl. And since he never remarried, she got the mother-figure support from her aunt who taught her and helped her grow from a little girl into a woman … but that was only on her outside. In her heart, Love was still (and always would be) that BabyGirl her father tucked into her crib every night and read bed time stories to until she was fast-asleep. At birth, she was going to be called Heather. But when her mother passed away, her father changed her name to ‘Love’. And the rest came from life.

Setting the hair dryer down, she picked up the hair ties and a brush, smoothing her gold locks out and putting them into low pigtails at the back of her head. The hour was growing later but memories galore had begun flooding her mind, slowing her pace in getting to the bedroom and into bed. She remembered how her boyfriend had pinned her down on the bed when he awoke that morning and held her head still by gripping her pigtails as her lumbar arched and her chest heaved up towards him with the overwhelming feel of being parted open like the Mighty Red Sea. Oh, he was good at doing that. He was good at doing so many things to her.

All of Love’s past relationships had given her that ‘Daddy’s Girl feeling’. But it wasn’t until she met her current boyfriend, Alex, six years ago as she graduated college, that the inkling inside her rose to all her surfaces.

Oh my. Love and Alex struggled early on, but with Love’s father giving them a financial cushion when they needed it, they both learned to make ends meet. And, after a few spending sprees she both delighted in and later regretted, Love learned how to find contentment with what she had – while still dreaming about castles on the horizon.

Straightening her shoulders, she lifted her head and looked into the mirror one last time – making certain that the low pigtails were straight and nursing from her pacifier a few times before picking up a dry towel and opening the bathroom door. Out into the hallway she went, feeling the humidity of the heat wave as night time still kept a temperature of 80 degrees, giving no relief even then – air conditioner repair shops already having become rich from desperate clients.

Having not dried herself off kept a coolness to her skin – one that would be short-lived as she dried on her own from body heat. Taking slow and careful steps back the hallway, she played the usual game of trying not to step on any of the floor boards that creaked. Seeing the bedroom door ahead, her tummy began to flutter with butterflies and memories of how she used to run around the house naked when she was little – her hair in pigtails and her lips holding a pacifier then as well. Certain things hadn’t changed one little bit and Love was as happy as could be about it. Though she couldn’t be completely open about it when out of the apartment, she found contentment in knowing that even if she didn’t look the role, at given moments, she still felt like a BabyGirl. And that was because of him.

Opening their bedroom door, she walked in and shut the door behind her to keep the bedroom as cool as possible. Sitting on the other side of the bedroom on the window sill and looking up at the stars was Alex, her beloved Daddy and the nicest man she had ever met in her life. Turning his head towards her, he smiled and winked at her. Love melted, but locked her knees and leaned back against the door to prevent herself from going wobbly. Reaching his right arm out to her, he beckoned her with a summoning hand to walk over to him. Lowering her chin and softly nursing on her pacifier, she clutched the dry towel with all her tiny fingers as she made her way over to him – wanting to run up to him and jump into his arms, but reserving her zeal … for the moment at least.

Alex and Love were a perfect match as a Daddy-n-BabyGirl, not because he stood eight inches taller than her and not because he truly understand the meaning of the word ‘gentle’. Rather, it was because they both saw eye-to-eye on how to balance the dynamic in their everyday lives. And not before she met him did she ever contemplate how to find sustainable levels of age play. Previously, her approach had been so consuming that it equaled burn-out for her partners.

But when she met Alex, everything seemed to fall into place and everything began to make sense. They were also quite compatible physically, moving quickly from the fuck-buddy stage into a full relationship. And though they had made the commitment to each other, they still kept up the ‘bunny routine’. It felt too good for either of them to stop doing or to slow down. But what made it feel even better was the connection of souls that accompanied each thumping connection of their pelvic bones. It was emotional as well as physical for both of them.

Love determined, early on, that there was something to be said about the genuine bond between two people when the mere sight of each other could fluster senses. Alex could make a mess of her insides without saying a word. That was when she knew he was for real and that he was a keeper and the Daddy she had always dreamed of finding. In his touch, in his whispered words and within each beat of his heart, she could feel the noticeable want he had for her and how it had grown to need. And as an added bonus, he didn’t mind changing wet diapers.

Handing him the dry towel she leaned in and embraced him, Alex returning the embrace as he dried her back and back side, then patting her bottom with his firm-yet-gentle hands. My, oh my, did he have big hands. And she had learned quickly what that meant about him, too. All was in perfect order. Her lifelong need for attention was being satisfied. Her mind was being stimulated and her bottom was kept powdered. Every day, followed by every night, just kept getting better and better … and better.

But Alex was just as intrigued with her mind as he was with her girl parts. And that was hot, even hotter than this hideous, current heat wave. The air conditioner in the bedroom had been cranked to its coldest setting, creating a temperature that would normally give her goose bumps all over and harden her nipples instantly, but on this night – one hot night … the chill in the bedroom air was as comfortable as could be for her.

Turning her around to face towards the bed, Alex stood up – reaching around her and drying her front side as her tummy began to flutter again at the sight of the container of baby powder, the diaper and the nightie that sat on one of the pillows in a neat pile. Diapering her and dressing her for bed was never an indication that sex wouldn’t happen before they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

There had been plenty of nights when he spread her legs and yanked her diaper to the side before parting her open with rock-hard stiffness. Still, there were other nights when they would make love and then he would flip her over onto her belly before yanking the back of the diaper to the side to expose her bottom and the rosebud he would force open with his length-n-girth.

So, as he took her by the hand and led her shying body over to the bed, Love tingled in all the right places for several reason – some sexual, some nurture-seeking and some as innocent as could be, but all of them would find use and purpose on that hot night. She just didn’t know it yet and maybe if she had, she wouldn’t have taken so much time in the bathroom to get ready.

Love laid down on the right side of the bed, which was his side and the side she was always diapered on. Looking over at the pile of items on the pillow next to her, she relaxed into the mattress – allowing her body to go limp as the pampering was even more pampering when she didn’t have any tension in her frame.

“It’s time to add more things to the bucket list, Love,” Alex said, reaching for the powder and the diaper – Love allowing her limpened thighs to part.

She smiled brightly behind her pacifier. The list he was referring to was The Bucket List of Hot Sexual Acts they had been creating and completing since they met. And Alex would occasionally declare that the list needed to be replenished. Every time he did this, memories flooded Love’s thoughts of their accomplished bucket items. Some were more heart-pounding than others, but all of them served as the fuel to make her tingle in all the right places, each and every time.

Unfolding the crinkly diaper, Alex smiled with slyness as he watched her fidget from the butterflies inside her. Love was every bit of her name and then some. Though his time with her had been a road of discovery, they had traveled that road together and their findings couldn’t have been imagined as perfectly as they had been found.

Her eyes gazed up at him, her pulse beginning to pick up a bit as he placed the diaper flat on the mattress between her parted thighs. Lifting her hips, her gaze softened as he slid the diaper underneath her bottom – the mind-melting emotions of helplessness and want jumbling her brain and wrinkling her forehead as she struggled to maintain composure. It wasn’t easy to want more than one thing at a time. But it was downright impossible to keep poise when the things she wanted both complemented and opposed each other, all at once.

Lowering her hips, her bottom came to rest in the softness and thickness of the diaper. Love was a creature of touch, of sensations and of passion – all of which having been triggered by the tactile senses of the moment.

“Are you going to start making a bucket list again?” Alex asked, picking up the container of baby powder and twisting the top open.

But Love was feeling playful – perhaps even a little defiant. And she wasn’t going to give up any more of her secret sexual desires … not without a little more effort from him to get the information out of her. Smiling brightly behind her pacifier, she lifted her legs straight up in the air, presenting her bottom to him. And Alex, enjoying the game as much as her, gave her little bottom the heaviest coating of powder she had ever received. The powder was very cool and very silky, only being made to feel more so by his hand.

His fingertips evened the heavy coat out, caressing the powder across the full surfaces of her cheeks. Love fidgeted slightly, softly whimpering into her pacifier as she closed her eyes. Oh, his touch was Heavenly. And for as much as the tenderness of the moment was beckoning her to direct his wonderful fingertips up between her legs, she fought the urge with all the resistance her little heart could muster.

“I guess, you’re going to need a little more encouragement, huh?” Alex asked softly, lowering her powdered bottom into the soft nestle of the diaper again and parting her thighs, exposing her vulnerability to him with helplessness that silently screamed submission.

But Love had little ability to resist him at all and he knew it. In fact, as he stared at her naked chest and then down her naked frame, he was counting on her to at least try to fight the urge a little. It would shortly begin the full mind-melting, that moment when she began to submit.

Alex was someone who forced her to give all of herself. He was compelling, exciting and knew exactly how to reach places inside her that hadn’t been reached before. And it was that connection that bonded her to him more than any other.

Love folded her forearms in front of herself, covering her boobs and trying not to laugh as she nursed on her pacifier. Pinning her thighs apart, he kept eyeing up her sweetness as he then looked back up at her. She raised an eyebrow and so did he. Then he picked up the container of powder again and coated her front, evening the powder across her midriff – from hip to hip. His gentle touch then trickled his fingertips down between her legs.

Love closed her eyes and whimpered behind her pacifier with a not-so-soft tone, her hands reaching down to touch the back of his wrists but not interfering with how seductively he was touching her.

Oh, she was a fuss pot. And she suddenly didn’t know what she wanted. His touch was so wonderful she didn’t want him to stop. But at the same time, his fingertips inside her would feel wonderful, too. And though her tiny hands were touching the back of his wrists, almost daring her to direct his fingers inside her, Alex kept caressing the silky powder down the sides of her sweetness, his thumbs touching the very edges of her labia – massaging outward enough to part her outer lips.

Yes, she was wet and yes, she was swollen. But her Daddy was the only person in the world who was allowed to begin her arousal. And it would be his touch, his decision that would set her off. Love had found tremendous comfort and pleasure, both physically and mentally, in existing in a world he created – a world where she would remain the most important treasure within, but also a world where she was not in control. And there was nothing more fulfilling than knowing her happiness was encompassed in his care and held within the wonderful hands he used on her.

“Your name is perfect,” Alex said, his fingers now gently caressing the powder across her hood. “You are filled with love. And you seem to never run out.”

Oh, she was losing her mind. She wanted to cum for him. She needed to cum for him. It was her greatest passion in life. But she knew she wouldn’t be twitching just yet. Alex had a slow burn to him that allowed her to enjoy all the pleasures of arousal – without racing her to the summit before it was time.

Oh, yes. He forced her to give all of herself. And she happily gave up all resistance, knowing submission wasn’t a sign of weakness, but rather, an indication of how weak she could become while still retaining the remnants of a back bone.

Alex folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips and enveloping her arousal. Breathing heavily through her nose, she opened her eyes, gazing up at him with an even greater lust than before. It was as if she had found an orgasm in her senses and her mind, but not in her body … at least not yet. And for as late of an hour as it was, Love knew it was also early in the night.

Maybe that was the moment when she first suspected they wouldn’t be going to bed just yet.

Lifting her hips but keeping eye contact with him, Love held her center up as he reached underneath and behind her to grab the waist band at the back of her diaper – pausing before giving her the snug tug, the BabyGirl’s wedgie that always made the fit of her diaper just a bit tighter still. Then he sat her up on the bed, reaching for the nightie on her pillow.

“You don’t look tired, baby,” Alex said, gathering the material of the nightie in his hands to slip down over her frame – Love smiling behind her pacifier and shaking her head no that she wasn’t tired.

Maybe that was the moment when she knew that not only would their bed time be delayed a bit, but also that they would likely be going somewhere.

“The best way to survive this heat wave isn’t to sit in an air-conditioned room and hope to feel the coolness,” Alex said, his irises burning with the cookings of a plan. “It’s to go find the chills at their sources.”

Love smiled even more brightly behind her pacifier, lifting her arms straight up as he slid the nightie down over her frame. Yep, they were going somewhere. But where?

“Ya wanna make an out-n-about of this hot night?” Alex asked, helping her off the bed and to her feet.

Smiling widely behind her pacifier but nodding shyly, Love waddled forward towards the floor-length mirror, turning to look at her profile and to see how obvious her diapered bottom was beneath the nightie. She was certain he wouldn’t be dressing her in nothing else.

Her nightie came down to the middle of her thighs. So her diaper would stick out under the bottom hem, but it was made of a thin material and did little to hide noise. It was actually a summer dress that was a size or two too small for her, but it worked very nicely as a nightie. And, from the fact that Alex was slipping into a pair of jeans, Love was about to make another discovery that night – one that would tell if her nightie could conceal her secrets … when out-n-about.

Setting her diaper bag on the edge of the bed, he placed her leather sandals at her feet and then dug into the mini-fridge they kept in their bedroom to get out six bottles of water. Handing her a seventh bottle, he tucked the other six into the sides of her diaper bag and then picked it up.

Taking her pacifier out of her mouth and dangling it over her right pinkie finger, Love unscrewed the cap of the water and began to drink from it as she watched him slip into one of his white button-down shirts, his Daddy shirts as she called them. Then he took hold of her hand and her eyes grew wide as the thought of out-n-about was about to become the reality of it.

Stepping into her sandals, she waddled alongside him as they left the bedroom – heading down the hallway and towards the front door. She was crinkling up a storm and things were beginning to heat up.

11:30 p.m.
Alex locked the front door of their apartment building behind them, Love freezing in place but not from any chill in the air. Rather, she became immobilized temporarily because she was, once again, baby-dolled up for one of their out-n-abouts – a source of a lot of spur-of-the-moment thrills they dared in the past.

Alex took hold of her hand, coaxing her down off the front steps and around the side of their apartment building to the resident parking lot at the back. Love tingled all over, just as intensely as she crinkled noisily. Part of these thrills came from how all her senses seemed to heighten. She became far more attuned to her surroundings and at times, the thrill of discovery became mixed with the danger of discovery. Holding his hand and waddling alongside him, she was quite safe, but from her attire, her affected mind, her heavily-beating heart and the mere possibility a stiff breeze could pick up at any moment, she remained on alert – all while regressing with each crinkly step she made.

Alex was always Mr. Cool about their excursions, keeping his head about him even when dangerous discovery seemed certain. And when they got to his car, Mr. Cool adopted his policy of being Mr. Chivalry as he opened the front passenger door and set her diaper bag on the floor in front of the passenger seat. As with routine, Love smoothed out the back of her nightie and stepped into the car, sitting and gracefully crossing her legs as she swigged down the rest of water in the bottle in her hand.

By no means was Alex a control-freak … at least not all the time. But he was very good at stepping into that role when the time was right. Love knew she would never touch a door handle or door knob when they were out of their apartment, at least not when he was around. And there was a charm to the details Alex kept focus on. He certainly wasn’t a detail-oriented guy, but he was – when it counted to be.

Reaching down into the side pocket of the diaper bag at her feet, Love took out another bottle of water and unscrewed the cap, beginning to drink from it as he turned the air-conditioner all the way up.

“You’re gonna be wet before we ever get anywhere,” Alex said, reaching under the front of her nightie and cupping her diapered underside with his hand as he pulled up to the first red light on Boiling Springs Street.

“Hmm,” Love mumbled, swallowing another mouthful of water as she looked down at his waist. “I bet I can get wet quicker than that.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, setting her bottle of water in the drink holder and then kneeling up on the front seat. Crawling over to him and reaching to his waist, she unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper, smiling broadly with intent to follow the lust.

“What are you up to?” Alex asked as she got into a comfortable position for some handiwork.

“I’m just looking for inspiration for our new bucket list,” Love whispered as she reached inside the fly of his boxers and slowly wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his girth. “Found some.”

Pulling his stiffness out, she leaned her head directly over top of his center, tightened her lips and drawing in a mouthful of saliva before dribbling a stream down onto his tip. Alex leaned his head back on the rest of the driver’s seat, bracing himself. He wasn’t the only one who knew how to use the slow burn technique to desired effect. And apparently, Love had gotten quite good at it. Teasing the saliva down the length of his shaft, she pressed her thumbs into his underside vein and pressed upward, making him bulge just a bit more each time. Keeping her irises gazed upward at him, she leaned over fully, placing her tongue at the base of his underside vein, flattening her tongue to it and dragging upwards with such deliberate, excruciating slowness that Alex had no choice but to grunt from the sensation. And he wasn’t at all upset about it. In fact, it was that reaction from him that fueled Love to go even further.

Gripping his stiffening length with her left hand, she shuddered at the thought of having it inside her – not shuddering for fear, but rather, for the want of being overwhelmed by it. No, Alex wasn’t monstrously endowed. But every inch of what he had fit her so perfectly and filled her beyond fullness that she would never be dissatisfied. And it was the knowledge that she was the reason for his stiffness that gave her greater esteem and far greater purpose than otherwise.

She kept stroking his length with her left hand, gripping as tightly around his girth as the strength in her fingers would allow. Reaching for the bottle of water, she picked it up with her right hand, leaned her head up, shaking her head back-n-forth gently to free her face from the locks that had dangled across it. And then, taking in an enormous mouthful of the ice cold water, she set the bottle back in the holder, leaned back over his waist and plunged her mouth down around his shaft. Keeping the lips tightened, she breathed solely through her nose as she swirled the ice cold water around his girth. Plunging her mouth up-n-down his length, she cocked her throat, preventing the gag reflex from making her swallow the mouthful of water that had puffed her cheeks out. Twisting her fingers at his base, she hummed softly, the vibrations from her voice box traveling up her throat and then into the water and then into his shaft.

His thighs trembled, a sign that he was trying hard not to grab the back of her head and force her to bob up-n-down with a quickness that would complete his building arousal. But the sensations of coldness were stiffening him to such a skin-tightening rock-hard condition that, for once, he had reached his limit. And likely he wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Love, however, wasn’t going to allow this hot night to simmer down so soon. And, with a devilish gaze in her eyes, she uncocked her throat – allowing her gag reflex to force her swallow of the ice water. With the enormous gulp, she tightened her lips and twirled her tongue around his erection as he slammed on the gas and sped down the road.

Adventures certainly awaited them on this one hot night, but the first of which had already arrived. And Love had no intentions of stopping until his offerings ran dry.

His length reached to the back of her throat, Love sucking on him as hard as she could. Her gentle moans had turned less gentle, the growlings of voice filling the vibrations with more ability to penetrate the girth that had already thickened within the wet confines of her mouth. Her tongue danced all over his shaft, the taste of his skin only taking second place to the taste of his forthcoming seeds. Tightening her lips, she drew even more saliva into her mouth, her nostrils flaring for all the oxygen she would need to keep up the pace of her deep-throated head bobs.

Straightening his back to the driver’s seat, Alex pushed the accelerator to the floor, already having broken the speed limit as the engine revved to a faster speed still. Love growled with the same tone as the engine, his girth thickening again and giving her reason to prepare for another swallow – one less cool than the ice water but definitely beneficial for her.

So she softened her voice back to delicate-but-rapid whimpers as she wrapped both her hands around the base of his shaft, tightened her lips as much as she could around his girth and ignored the gag reflex as she bobbed her head up-n-down so fast she was daring herself to receive whiplash.

And then it happened.

Alex gripped the hair on the back of her head with strongly fisted fingers from his right hand, forcing her bobs to decrease in speed. He heaved for air and thickened one more time before he erupted, the tip of his erection sending his thick ripples of seeds into the back of her throat. And Love swallowed every single one of them, gulping down all she was given and coming back for more.

Easing back off the accelerator, he winced for a split second before another stream entered her mouth. Oh, his seeds had a stinging heat to them and they were thick – heavy with flavor and with consistency. But Love steadied all breathing through her nose and kept swallowing him. Instinct took them both over, Alex rocking his hips upward for her to take more of his length in her mouth and Love releasing her grip on his shaft to grab at his hips and yank him upwards.

And she drained him … until he was completely bone dry.

Tucking his shaft back into his underwear, she zipped and buttoned the front of his jeans. Then sitting up, she leaned back against the passenger’s seat, closing her eyes and enjoying the freedom of full-chested and open-mouthed inhales. The air conditioning in the car rushed out of the vents and cooled her body, her temperature having risen from the encounter.

Picking up the bottle of water from the drink holder, she swigged down the rest of the water inside it. Oh, what Heavenly relief to have a clear throat. But oh, what a wonderful way to have been choked up. Looking over at her Daddy, she burned into her gaze the delighted bit of lust that had filled her irises.

“It’s gonna be a hot one tonight, Love,” Alex said, pulling up to a red light and signaling his turn as he then reached over to dig under the front of her nightie and slide his hand down inside the front of her diaper.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with breathiness as she parted her thighs to receive his loving-yet-lustful pats to her swollen and slickened sweetness. “It’s gonna be a real scorcher.”

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