The Dipping Routine

HomecomingGus walked in through the front door of his apartment building, shut it and began to labor his way up the staircase to his second floor apartment. These 16-hour days at work seemed like a good way to make some extra cash when he volunteered to work them. But knowing that he would be back at work again tomorrow in just 8 short hours took the joy of the overtime out of the experience for him.

As he unlocked his front door and walked into his apartment, he knew that the next 8 hours would nurture him, re-energize him and re-focus him. While his days at work consisted of him getting dumped on by everyone, his nights at home consisted of him “getting dipped” by his Mommy. And being that he was accustomed to taking orders both day and night, his regression was always an assured thing.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy-n-BabyGirl story.

Gus walked down the hallway that led to the bedrooms. On the right was his Mommy’s bedroom and right next to it was his nursery. Walking into his nursery and up to the diaper stand next to his crib, Gus picked up his favorite t-shirt for bedtime – neatly folded and placed there by his Mommy.

There was a specific routine that he was put through each night – one that kept the Big Boy within him at bay while welcoming the little boy within him to come to the surface. The moment he got home from work each day, he embraced his Mommy and she led him, by the hand, back to his nursery. She would begin to undress him, stripping him of anything-n-everything that resembled adulthood and responsibility. Then, she babied him until his mind melted and he helplessly regressed before her. It wasn’t always so sweet of a transition as Gus often resisted the treatment, but after shedding quite a few tears and being on the receiving end of countless swats from her pot stick, Gus soon learned obedience. And he remembered it well.

So every night was the same. But on this particular night, his Mommy was away. And she would be away for the next few days – having run off with her closest girlfriends for some girl only time at a local casino resort. Ah, yes. Gus’s Mommy knew how to spend his money well. And he was such a good boy for having stayed home and having volunteered for overtime work while she was gone – so she would have even more money when she got back.

But regardless of whether she was home or not, the routine still remained the same. And to ensure that Gus got dipped, his Mommy had camera installed all over the apartment. In every corner of every room, there were little red lights on cameras that pointed at him. In his nursery, there were also several other cameras, pointed at specific places so she could watch his every movement.

Gus got the supplies from the diaper stand that he needed to get dipped and then he lied down on the foam letter tiles on the nursery rug, beginning to take his clothes off as he glanced up at the camera that had the best view of him at that moment – and not knowing if his Mommy was watching or not. Little did he know that not only was his Mommy watching him from her hotel room, but so were her girlfriends.

He pulled his pants down and that was when his Mommy began to give her commentary.

(From the hotel room as they watched the camera feed on her laptop…)

“Watch this, girls,” his Mommy said. “You may think he’s all mush, but look at what he has for his Mommy.”

The girls watched the laptop screen with great interest as Gus pulled his underwear down, then beginning to unbutton his work shirt.

“Ooo,” Georgia said, eyeing up Gus’s endowment between his legs. “Well, he is still a Big Boy in all the places that count.”

“And he actually keeps his hair trimmed,” Andrea added, also eyeing up Gus’s endowment.

“Can we zoom in on this laptop?” Betty asked, snickering as Andrea and Georgia joined her.

“Laugh all you want girls, but I assure you … with the right … stimulation … from me, my little Gussy isn’t so little at all,” Gus’s Mommy said, lighting up a cigarette.

“He looks like he would be a lot of work to get … worked up,” Betty said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t want a boyfriend whom I needed to encourage to become stiff,” Andrea added, standing up and folding arms.

“He certainly looks like he has potential, though,” Georgia said, watching Gus draw his hands up and down his naked body.

“Not only does he have potential, he’s potent. But I think you girls are missing the point, here,” his Mommy said, taking a drag from her cigarette. “He isn’t much work at all to get stiff. Big or little, he’s still a guy. I simply snap my fingers and lower a bra strap.”

“And by doing that, you’re telling us that he stiffens?” Georgia asked.

“I don’t know as I believe you,” Andrea added, looking back at Gus’s image on the laptop screen and raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. How do you have such control over him like that?” Betty asked.

“Because he has a fetish that comes naturally to him. And I am the provider of that fetish,” his Mommy answered. “Watch this … I’ll tell you what he’s going to do before he does it. First, he’s going to stroke his little chubby because that’s what I always do to him when I diaper him.”

No sooner did she stop talking than Gus started stroking his endowment – the girls watching the laptop with jaw-dropping disbelief.

“Cute, isn’t he? Like a little baby … as naked as the day he was born,” his Mommy said with maternal pride in her tone. “Now he’ll grab his diaper and unfold it and put it underneath his bottom, but that’s when he’ll stop.”

“Why will he stop?” Betty asked.

“Oh My God. She’s right. Look,” Andrea said, all four of them watching the laptop intently as Gus sat on the diaper but didn’t fold the front up.

“What’s he gonna do now?” Georgia asked.

“He’s gonna start peeing,” Gus’s Mommy said as she switched the view to the floor camera, the one that lined up with his seat perfectly at that moment. “He can’t help himself. As soon as he feels that softness on his bottom, he just starts peeing.”

The girls watched Gus empty his bladder into the open diaper, snickering at how infantile he was acting.

“That’s why I only buy the thick diapers, not the Depends or the cheap ones,” his Mommy explained. “And I’ll sometimes make him wet his diaper so many times that it will begin to sag between his legs. And my, oh my. You should hear how adorable he sounds when he begs me to change him.”

Gus finished peeing and lied back down.

“Next comes the baby powder,” his Mommy said as they watched Gus pick up the container of powder and coat himself between his legs. “And then he’ll diaper himself, even though it’s wet.”

Getting Dipped“I’m stunned,” Georgia said, watching Gus folded the front of his diaper up and into place.

“I’m shocked,” Andrea said as Gus fastened the tapes at his hips.

“Can you teach me how to control a man exactly like this?” Betty asked.

“It would be my pleasure,” Gus’s Mommy said, putting out her cigarette. “Next comes the t-shirt … if he can manage to get it on this time.”

Gus picked up the t-shirt and struggled to get it on himself, the girls laughing hysterically. Then he reached over and picked up a plastic ring of toys to play with.

“He’s actually tired, right now,” Gus’s Mommy said. “This is his final little playful burst, but in a few seconds, he’ll realize that he needs to be in his crib.”

The girls watched the laptop as Gus played with the ring of toys, all three of them cooing and awwing at the screen as if Gus could hear them.

“Bedtime, baby,” Gus’s Mommy whispered to the screen, her maternal tone welcoming a maternal glow to her face. “Upsies and crawl. That’s Mommy’s good little boy.”

Gus looked directly at the camera as if he actually did hear her. Somehow, some way – he had heard what she said. Maybe it was a connection of minds or a connection of hearts. They couldn’t really explain it, but it always seemed to be the truth when they were apart.

Crawl to the CribThen he got up and crawled over to his crib, nursing on his pacifier and climbing in. It was bedtime and he knew it.

“And that’s my little diapered prince,” Gus’s Mommy said, closing the laptop. “All right, girls. It’s time to hit the crap tables. Mama’s feelin’ lucky tonight.”


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