The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl

Taken from:

The ABDL Nympho Book 2

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here is a little story about faith, about saving one’s self and about the reward that keeps sending you back to the summit.


The Rapid-Fire BabyGirl

An entire month! That’s 30 days – just a bit more than 4 weeks – 720 hours – 43,200 minutes – 2,592,000 seconds – 22 days of work and 8 days off … but no matter how a month was tabulated, it was way too long to be separated from the one you loved.

Sage stood at the screen door at the back of the kitchen, staring longingly at the skinny stone driveway that led up to the house. The middle of the driveway had grown up with grass, one of countless reasons as to why she was ready to move. And while their house was located at the quiet, rural end of Long Lane, Sage was growing ever-more anxious to plant her roots elsewhere. This chapter of her life was over. And change was desperately needed.

But some things would always remain the same. They needed to remain that way in order for her to survive.

Standing in that kitchen doorway, the main entrance to their little house, Sage was silhouetted by the overhead light behind her. But if details could’ve been seen, they would’ve shown her – wearing her diaper, her earrings … and nothing else. Blowing on her fingernails to ensure that the fresh coat of red nail polish would dry before he got home, Sage looked at the last beams of sunset over the horizon of trees in the distance, nibbling her lower lip – lost in more thoughts than she could process, just then.

Oh, yes. This chapter of life was done, indeed. But not before they wrote the last page of that chapter, perhaps making it a cliffhanger, of sorts – encouraging them to go right on to the next chapter. Looking to the sky above that horizon, she saw the brilliant reds and oranges that had painted the Heavens – fleeting as they were with the setting sun, but still illuminating their journey ahead.

She waited for him, patiently.

Sebastian was his name – her boyfriend, her Daddy, her lover and her partner in life. He had been gone for a solid month – away on a lengthy business-trip. And while she hated the idea of being separated from him for so long, Sage saw it as a necessary evil. Sebastian made good money and they were saving quite a bit to move out of their tiny house and into a nicer place to live. This month-long business trip had promise to be quite profitable for him. While Sage really didn’t care about money, she also recognized that … if she wanted to move to a nicer house and if she wanted to be able to enjoy the things in life she wanted to experience, money was another necessary evil. And she had to allow him the ability to make money, whether she liked it or not.

They had talked every night of their month apart. And in their separation, they made a pact with each other to save themselves for the entire month until they saw one another again. This meant no physical pleasure of any kind – no fingering, no Hitachi wand, no stimulation, nothing. This would certainly make them both time-bombs. And Sebastian told her the first night he got back, he was gonna do so many things to her she would become a helpless nympho. By that first dawn back, she would forever be his Rapid-Fire BabyGirl – incapable of being satisfied by one orgasm as he would rewire her brain to always need more.

He wasn’t just going to pound her raw, drain her and spend her. He was going to do it again and again and again until exhaustion overcame him. And by the time exhaustion got the best of him, Sage had always been ravaged to such a degree of enervation that she could barely keep her eyes open to half-mast. It was the perfect state of mind-n-body to be in when drifting off to sleep.

Nibbling her lower lip, Sage envisioned everything that this night would hold. Reaching down between her legs, she pressed in on the crinkly front of her diaper, then stopping herself as it seemed foolish to break the no stimulation rule – just a few minutes from its end. And my, oh my, she was ready. Having greased the outer lips of her labia, from her from her clit down to her perineum – Sage tingled with an intensity that was far more powerful than just a few days ago. Maybe it was because she knew that Sebastian would soon be pulling into the driveway. Or maybe it was because she had finally reached her limit on how long she could go without pleasure. Or maybe there was some other unknown catalyst behind it all. But whatever the reason was, Sage was beginning to go through the initial stages of arousal.

As always, the first thing to heighten within her wasn’t a thing at all. It was emotions. And Sage was definitely a creature of affection, sometimes smothering him so much that she had to back off a little in order for him to breathe. But she couldn’t help herself. What else was she to do with all the love she had for him in her heart? At moments, she worried that he didn’t feel the same way about her or at least that he didn’t feel as passionate about her.

Sebastian was male. And it took Sage a while, but she eventually figured out the greatest difference between the two genders: emotions. This didn’t mean that he didn’t care. What it meant was: he was a guy and guys didn’t feel the need to smother someone in order to show how affectionate they were. They had others ways of doing it, male ways.

Sage leaned back on the door jam, pinching her legs together and chasing her thigh gap away as she thought about all the different male ways he used to reach the center of her heart, the center of her mind and the center of her body. Crossing her hands behind her, at the lower lumbar of her back, Sage did her best to abide by the no stimulation rule. Yet, if he didn’t get home soon, she would seriously start considering breaking that rule – for necessity.

She had also greased her rosebud, wanting him to use every entryway into her. Maybe that was the best part about envisioning fantasies: not really knowing how they’ll happen or what they’ll feel like or what she’ll feel like as he pins her down and has his way with her. Oh, yes. She would definitely be a nympho after this night. And it wasn’t just fetish that was fueling her to obsession. It was also her need to be beautiful for him. She left her hair down on her shoulders, having allowed the natural waviness to remain after her shower. Sebastian said he loved the way her hair got wavy. She had the slightest bit of make-up on, just a touch of foundation and a soft brown shade of eye shadow to compliment her light brown hair. Mascara and eye liner completed her flirtatious look. Sebastian said eye liner always made her baby blue irises stand out. Her skin was smooth everywhere as she had undergone a strict ritual of lotioning herself all month long. Sebastian said he loved to run his hands up-n-down her smooth skin. And on this night, she hoped that his hands would touch every inch of her frame, from her scalp down to the soles of her feet.

It was now almost dark outside and Sebastian would be pulling up in his car any minute now. But Sage was really getting tired of reminding herself of that. All day long, he had been texting her pictures of his erection, telling her he had been stiff since he woke up. And all day long, he had been texting her and asking her if she was being a good girl and keeping her hands out of her diaper.

All month long, she had been sending him naked pictures of herself, tempting him to break the rule but also giving him a remind of the BabyGirl he had waiting for him back home – a BabyGirl who had obediently kept her manners and her modesty in his absence. But the moment he got back, she was going throw all modesty to the wind.

As if the fates had been counting the beats of her heart and knew that the moment was right, a set of headlights appeared down at the far end of Long Lane. Sage opened the screen door of the kitchen and stepped her bare feet out onto the small concrete steps at the back of the house – still wearing nothing but her diaper and her earrings. As the headlights drew nearer and nearer to the house, her tingle inside swelled … and so did she. Her fuss picked up right away as her arousal began to steadily climb now. She could feel herself getting wet and adding her own juices to the Vaseline between her legs. She was bathed, made-up, shaven, cleaned, wet, swollen, horny and naked but her diaper-n-earrings. And she could do nothing else to prepare for his homecoming.

Sebastian turned into their driveway and drove the car up as close to the back door of the kitchen as possible. He turned the car off as he got out of it, barely getting the car in park before he walked up to her briskly. Sage’s heart began to beat heavily, seeing the haste he was using to get over to her. It made her feel wonderful to know he missed her so much that he could hardly get the car turned off before making his way over to her. It was one of those male ways he showed her, of how much he loved her. No, it wasn’t a physical smothering, but instead an emotional one.

Stretching her arms out to him with the most eager set of gimme, gimme hands she had ever made, Sage wrapped herself around him – her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She grinded her diapered mound into his abdomen and planted her mouth on his face. Her tongue parted his lips open and began an uncharacteristically aggressive journey into his mouth. But his tongue battled back as he put his left forearm under her diapered haunches and pinned his right forearm up the center of her spine. Gripping the back of her hair with his clenching right hand, he began to work his kiss down the side of her neck.

“I missed you, Daddy,” Sage whispered with a breathy-n-fussy tone. “And I saved myself for you. I saved all of me for you.”

And as she kept whimpering her devotions to him, Sebastian spun around and laid her down on the hood of the car – obviously made warm from the engine beneath it.

“I wanted to play with myself so badly. I wanted to cum in my pamper for you, but I didn’t,” she fussed with a poutiness that was indicative of the sacrifices she had made – Sebastian unfastening his belt and lowering his zipper. “I was a good girl for you, Daddy. I was a good girl.”

“Shh, shh, shh,” Sebastian shushed her, pulling her down to the end of the car hood and unfastening the lower diaper tapes only at each of her hips. “Yes, you were a good girl, Baby. And you know what Daddy said would happen tonight, don’t you?”

Sage nodded as he slid his right hand inside the front of her diaper, traveling in from under the left leg opening. Closing her eyes, she placed her hands up alongside her shoulders, her fingers curling up into soft fists and her head leaning to the side as she felt his fingertips running up and down her mound. Oh, what a Heavenly sensation and one she hoped would never end. But she knew what he was doing. He wasn’t just petting her gently between her legs. He was also looking for stubble. Smiling brightly, she awaited the praise that was due to her.

“You are sooo smooth, Sage – just like a BabyGirl should be,” Sebastian whispered lovingly, repositioning himself – Sage bending her legs and drawing her knees up in preparation. “And Daddy is very, very proud of you.”

Sage opened her eyes and looked up at the moon in the sky as she felt his fingers beginning to trace through the Vaseline and wetness. Then she felt him pulling the diaper between her legs to the side, the stiffened tip of his erection touching the swollen opening of her canal. Parting her thighs as widely as she could, Sage relaxed her frame. He was going to end that no stimulation rule right there, on the hood of his car.

Sage gasped as he pushed his tip into her canal, the spread being so overwhelming that it felt like she was a virgin again. And as his length slowly slid inside, her wetness making an easy glide for him, Sage grabbed his left wrist and quickly pulled his left hand over her mouth to muffle the moaning she made. She had been holding back that need to make noise, suppressing it for weeks as much as she had bottled-up the need to be driven into. This was perhaps the most pressing need of all and the one she had been looking forward to almost as much as the forthcoming orgasms.

Oh, what glorious length he had and oh, how thick he was. No, he wasn’t the biggest guy in the world, but he didn’t have to be in order to arouse her, make her swell and make her wet. And he was so rock-hard that she instantly submitted, for fear of many things but moreover, for desire of being made to obey. Whereas her heart, mind and emotions often weren’t in synch with one another at times, when Sebastian pinned her down and made quick work of her swollen tissues, she was always in balance.

Their pelvic bones connected with a thud and Sage whimpered, feeling his tip having met her back wall. And there he held her, penetrated fully – his stiffness throbbing just as much as her want. Tears welled in her eyes, a cry she had been aching to have for a month. Her canal was being stretched wide open with his girth and his aggression shown through in his gaze. But she knew he would remain gentle … for the first round, at least.

“You’re so wet,” Sebastian whispered, his erection pulsing with want for motion. “And you’re so tight, baby.”

And then he slid out of her with an excruciatingly slow pace, Sage whimpering at the relief but also at want for lust. She shuddered beneath him, feeling herself getting wetter. His return penetration was quicker than the first, the result of her slickness. But no matter how good it felt and no matter how much he wanted to pound into her, Sebastian remained slow and steady with his thrusts, allowing every little sensitive spot within her to awaken.

Sage pulled his hand away from her mouth, gasping for air as her legs began to twitch. Lifting her feet up and wrapping her legs around the middle of his back, she pulled his torso down against her – his stiffness keeping gentle, steady pace.

“I would’ve … waited … three months for you,” Sage panted, the gentleness of thrusts sending little pings of electricity across the surface of her skin.

Her mind and her body were being inundated with a flurry of sensations and emotions that she became overwhelmed in a yet a different way – that of affection. And her hands! Her stupid hands! She never knew what she should do with them. Should she grab his face and kiss him? Should she hug him? Should she drag her finger nails down his back? Sometimes, she wished she could cut her arms off to get them out of the way.

But hand placement became a secondary concern when Sage felt her core tighten. Oh my Blue Heaven, yes. At long last. Her muscles tightened and she didn’t even try to control herself, leaning her head back and whimper up to the stars. She felt the first ripple of pleasure travel up her canal and pour out of her center, washing over her frame as tears streamed down her face. And then the second ripple came, much stronger than the first. And then the third ripple came – so intense that her whole body seized up. Her canal tightened even more so around his girth-n-length, making each penetration-n-withdraw that much more pleasurable for him as she came.

Arching her back and heaving her breasts up at him, she held the orgasm as long as she could – then lying there for the next few minutes as Sebastian kept thrusting himself into her. But there would be no afterglow on this night … at least not until the end. And from the look in Sebastian’s eyes, the end was nowhere in sight yet. Placing one forearm under her bottom and the other behind her back, he picked her up off the hood of the car and carried her inside the house – his erection still planted inside her core.

Sage and Sebastian were madly in love with one another – young, intense, passionate and as horny as could be. They were a match that seemed perfect, quality-for-quality and flaw-for-flaw. Sometimes, Sage had trouble believing that she had actually found her soul mate in life. Nothing was supposed to happen that easily, but somehow it had. Whether in denial or in belief, she wasn’t going to miss out on a single second of their life together. It didn’t take a fool to recognize a blessing. And only a fool would’ve squandered it.

Sebastian kicked the back door shut with his foot and lied her down on the kitchen table. And that was when the rapid-fire truly began.

The very moment Sage relaxed her frame on the table, she suddenly sat straight up as Sebastian pulled his stiffness out of her canal and then plunged it back inside her with a force that made clear how gentleness was done for the night. She hadn’t even ballooned all the way down from her first orgasm and there was no desire in his eyes to allow her down from that summit. Flustered, affectionate and emotionally charged with that deep sense of love a girl was often consumed by when after an orgasm, Sage panted for air – her frame being rocked back-n-forth. His aggression had increased and with it, her wetness. The softness of her swell, still a little sore from the first time, gave way to his rock-hard penetrations as her second climb would be a little less about emotional connections and more about getting some.

Sebastian became more aggressive, pinning her inner thighs back with his forearms as he grabbed at her hips and pulled her towards him – his hips rocking forward. His girth had thickened and it seemed as though his length was finding greater depths inside her. Bending her elbows and resting her hands along either side of her head, she panted in rhythm with his heavy breathing. The legs of the kitchen table screeched across the floor as his thrusts not only moved her but also moved the table. His voice grunted as he gnashed his teeth, giving her a greater sense of submission as he man-handled her with no resistance on her part. Her diaper crinkled, filling her with that sensation of doing something naughty but also innocent-in-nature.

Her pulse raced. Her heart pounded and tears welled in her eyes. She was not only being overwhelmed with his girth-n-length but also with the intensity that made their relationship dynamic. Oh, she loved it when he was rough with her. Yes, the gentleness was welcomed too, but there were times when all she really craved was to be held down and reminded of why being female was worth it – given all the feelings of insecurity, attention to personal care, irritability, battles to be taken seriously, and everything else that a girl dealt with. All of that didn’t matter as lied there on that kitchen table, wearing nothing but her diaper and her earrings as her Daddy pounded himself inside her, making her drip with own juices, and making her climb just a bit higher on that same summit.

And with sudden motion, Sage’s lower back arched as she gasped for air and moaned at the first ripple of pleasure pouring out of her core. Throwing her arms straight out at her sides, she dug her nails into the wood edges of the table. A steady stream of pleasure poured out of her, each ripple building from the previous and arriving so quickly that they all felt like one. And as the muscles in her body began to tighten, she looked up to Sebastian … for guidance, for support and for passion.

Sage didn’t just long for his control. She had an ever-burning need to not only be possessed by him, but also a need to feel like his greatest possession. Her feet rose up and she wrapped her legs around him, just like a minute ago on the hood of his car. Sebastian seized her attention, his gaze molding her into who-n-what he wanted her to be. He gave her purpose and passion … and a reason to get through the pain.

He thickened once more and she shuddered a new layer of wetness. Her core tightened and her canal clenched around his stiffness as tears streamed down her face and her second orgasm of the night arrived. Sebastian kept pounding his heavy thrusts into her, but from the burning lust in his eyes, she could see that he wasn’t going to cum yet. And this meant that there would more he would take from her – after she succumbed to him for a second time and showed her weakness.

Sage stared up at the overhead light above and froze in paralysis as she came for him, her hips eventually finding their own motion – separate from her thoughts as her center rocked in synch with him. This second orgasm was twice as strong as the first, her resistance having been dwindled and a small bit of exhaustion having set in.

Without allowing her to balloon down from the summit at all this time, Sebastian turned her over on the table. Grabbing the back of her hamstrings, he yanked her back towards him – just enough for her legs to dangled down and the very tips of her toes to be able to touch the floor. He forced her upper torso down onto the table top, smashing her breasts into the porcelain center and pinning her arms behind her at her lower back. Crossing her wrists and holding them with his left hand, he reached down between her legs and yanked her diaper to the side yet again. She was a throbbing, swollen and dripping wet mess, but she couldn’t have looked more beautiful to him, just then. And if she could’ve seen the lust in his eyes at that moment, she would’ve known that what she believed to be the peak of her summits was merely a small plateau for the height he was going to make her climb.

Placing the tip of his erection at the opening in the middle of her outer labia and pressing his right palm between her shoulder blades, he leaned forward and drove his length inside her canal. Sage turned her face to the side, feeling the coolness of the porcelain on her cheek as she whimpered at being penetrated yet again. Her mind was scrambled with the need to balloon down from ecstasy and the new influx of sensations that would force her further upward. But in her flustered condition, she smiled at a very simple and pleasing thought:

He wanted her for a third time and for as many times as he decided.

She felt her upper body being pressed down into the table and the front of her thighs being slammed into the edge of the table, each thrust pushing her a bit further – back up onto the table until her toes could no longer touch the floor. Sebastian often flipped her over and began a doggy-style approach when he was nearing his own orgasm and getting ready to cum. The mere thought of this made her drip even more – the inside of her diaper absorbing her wetness.

Closing her eyes, she focused in on the feeling of his bulging underside vein as he glided along the top of her opening and the roof of her canal. Every conceivable sensitive spot on both of them was being rubbed against one another. The ache of her inner thigh muscles reached a new height of pain but also of relief. Sage was used to this, however. And her inner thighs always hurt after sex. He was a lot bigger than her and she could only take her legs being hammered back-n-apart for so long before bruising began. But oh, to be driven into, to be pushed to her limits and then to be pushed beyond them was better than anything she had ever known. It wasn’t just an amazing bit of sexual pleasure. It was a reminder from him that he knew she was capable of so much more than she had ever given herself credit for.

Her whole body rocked back-n-forth on the table and her legs bounced with each of his thrusts. If she hadn’t been so forcefully pinned down on that table, her hips would’ve risen up and her back would’ve arched. She had been pounded raw already and Sebastian showed no signs of stopping.

She could feel his pulse, the very beating of his heart as he grunted out his own exhaustion. Weakened, limp and spent, Sage lied there on that kitchen table, feeling her softness being parted open, again and again. Oh, he was as hard as a rock and it seemed his stamina would never let up. Sage, on the other hand, helplessly readied herself for another barrage of twitches-n-spasms as it seemed her gasps of air had suddenly become fuel for her arousal. His abdomen pounded against her diapered bottom, his erection gliding along her swollen trail and easing his entrance with her juices.

And then she came again, spasming-n-twitching as she believed she would, but remaining pinned to the table with such force that her usual bodily archings couldn’t happen. They were always distractions anyway – the little things she did to displace the forthcoming pleasure right away before it overwhelmed her. Her whimpers gave way to guttural moaning, her sweetness tightening involuntarily around his shaft before she climbed even higher to the summit. His thickness seemed so immense and she could tell that he was fighting his own orgasm, preventing his seeds from erupting inside her. As he pulled himself out of her, then walking over to the refrigerator to get out a beer, she knew he still wasn’t done with her.

Lying on her belly on that kitchen table, she watched him open the beer and lean back against the kitchen counter – her impulses making her rock herself back-n-forth, grinding her diapered mound into the porcelain top. At last, she had a moment to catch her breath. But, watching him down the beer, it suddenly dawned on her how she didn’t want to catch her breath. Sebastian was right. There weren’t such things as enough and too much – not when they had spent such a long time apart from each other.

She remembered what their visits with each other were like before they lived together. It was always about finding as much passion as the time allotted would allow.

Lying on that table, crinkling her hips and rubbing out her afterglow, she felt the way she used to feel when she first met him and when everything was still new. Her descent from the summit began as the feelings of pleasure, of satisfaction and of affection washed out over her entire frame – from the top of her head, down to her fingers and toes. Every little sensor inside her had been awakened from the month’s hiatus, making the fresh memories something she swooned in. And he had already done to her what he said he would. She craved more – like a nympho, like a rapid-fire BabyGirl.

Sebastian finished the beer and set the bottle in the sink before he walked back over to her, turned her over and scooped her up into his arms. Resting up against his chest as he carried her upstairs, she knew that when he took her to bed, there would be more on the way before sleep began. And it was that knowledge of knowing what was to come but not really knowing much about it that fueled her passion to a fevered pitch.

“Right here. Right now,” Sebastian said with breathiness as he planted her back on the upstairs hallway wall.

Sage nodded, her little heart pounding once more. He felt the same way, with the same affection. This was one of many small ways he was letting it be known how much he had missed her too in this past month. Unzipping his pants again, he then gripped her diapered bottom as he pulled the diaper between her legs to the side. Pressing the tip of his erection to the opening at her center, he then plunged himself inside her again.

Sage closed her eyes and gasped for air, lifting her legs up and wrapping them around him – crossing her ankles at his lower lumbar. She whimpered softly and then smiled brightly as she felt the craving being met, that obsession to have his rock-hard stiffness all the way inside her – as far as it could go. Her body slid up-n-down the wall with his thrusts, her breasts bouncing with the motion. And her hands! Her stupid hands! What was she supposed to do with them? She could never figure that out.

Grabbing the sides of his face, she kissed him – parting his lips open with her eager tongue as she rode her diapered hips up-n-down the wall, pouncing her mount on him as she wrapped her arms around him. Looking to the ceiling she moaned with a growl as she felt her arousal building once again. For as overwhelming of an experience as it was to be parted open, she found herself quickly pouncing back down onto him after she glided up. There probably wasn’t any little mannerism of modesty or of lady-like nature left within her demeanor. And quite frankly, she could’ve cared less about being cute or sweet, just then … at least not until she spasmed for a fourth time. She was a rapid-fire BabyGirl at this point. He had broken her and she couldn’t have been happier to have fallen to pieces for him.

Sage screamed once, then closing her mouth as she felt the muscles in her core tighten, her canal contracting around his stiffness and reminding her of how thick he was. And as the first ripple of pleasure worked its way out of her canal, she rested the side of her face on his sternum. Her hands reached up to his shoulder blades and her finger nails dug into his flesh as she dragged them down his back – leaving ten long, red scratches. Sebastian began to thrust into her harder in response – only sending Sage that much higher up into euphoria. And as she came for him, she got a pout to her personality, a wrinkle on her brow and a fussiness in her breathing before she planted her upper torso back against the wall – suddenly paralyzed as she squirted helplessly into the front of her diaper. Sebastian held her there and maintained a steady delivery of penetrations until she collapsed against him … spent for a fourth time.

“Shh. Shh. Shhh,” Sebastian softly shushed her as he carried her into their bedroom, her body twitching with small spasms – his stiffness still inside her.

Easing her down onto her back on the bed, he pulled his hips back, sliding himself out of her, Sage whimpering with fuss, but also with relief. She was quite sore at that point, quite raw and completely drained. But from the gazes in his irises, she knew he still wasn’t done with her yet. And it was that glimmer in his eyes that fueled her onward as he turned her over onto her belly, parted her legs, unfastened the tapes at her hips and lowered the back of her diaper down off her bottom. Relaxing her frame as much as she could, Sage rested the side of her face on the comforter beneath her and positioned her arms straight up from her head. Sebastian took hold of both of her bottom cheeks and yanked them apart, then placing the tip of his erection at her rosebud and grabbing at her hips.

Sage arched her lower back and lifted her center, submissively offering a pathway for him. And without another moment of hesitation, Sebastian drove his stiffness into her bottom. Sage softly whimpered at the stretch as her rosebud opened to his girth and she froze in position as his length slid into her backside. It was a far tighter fit than even when her canal clenched around him and she could feel his pulse inside her, throbbing his ache as he had yet to cum even once.

Just as slowly, he pulled himself out of her backside and then drove right back in as he worked up a rhythm that would both prevent her from feeling something too painful to sustain and enable him to feel every benefit of the incredible tightness. But still, she ached.

“Daddy, it hurts,” Sage whispered softly, a fuss having overtaken her tone.

“Shh. Shh. Shhh,” Sebastian shushed, her mind melting to mush and her body tingling with an even greater sense of submission-n-want.

In her heart, there was no greater gift of compliance than to offer herself to him in a manner that was less-than-pleasing. But she always kept in mind that there were two people who sought pleasure and it was she who could provide that pleasure for both of them. And that was a sense of purpose far more important than anything else.

Sebastian lied on top of her body, his chest pressing against her shoulder blades, his arms reaching up and on top of her arms to hold them down. Sage settled, as much as she could, into the short choppy breaths she made while Sebastian worked his thrusts into a rhythm that rocked their bodies forward-n-back on the mattress. She softly whimpered, when able, at the overwhelming feel of being stretched open and then filled. Her clench around his penetrating shaft was constantly tight, making her incapable of relaxing. But his breathy grunts filled her with a kind of pleasure that was different than the physical. It was one of knowing that, even without her voluntary offering, she was giving him something that felt really good.

Several minutes went by and Sebastian hadn’t stopped once to regain his energy, but within that time, his pounding had worn her down. And the moment her sphincter muscles finally gave way of their resistance, Sage felt the first little bit of pleasure as his glidings in-n-out of her became easier. But her pleasure wasn’t where he found his. Instead, the rocking of their bodies had forced her mound to press down into the diaper that lied untaped but still beneath her. At first, the pain at her rosebud had distracted her from feeling the renewing swell and arousal between her legs. But now beyond that pain, her soft whimpers of agony had becomes that of a melting pleasure.

And as her arousal heightened, her hips rose up off the diaper-n-mattress to greet the next thrusting entrance of his girth and to welcome his length into her backside. As their frames continued in motion together, Sebastian shuddered. His girth thickened inside her as he slowed his thrusts. Sage’s heart began pounding just a bit faster as she tried forcing her hips backwards to keep the motion going. He was nearing his orgasm and she wanted to climb with him. But as his body seized up, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly – his shaft coming to a stop inside her as he grunted again.

And then he erupted.

His seeds shot out of his tip and filled her backside quickly, Sage rocking as much as his grasp of her allowed. She became reduced to lying still beneath him as he emptied his seeds inside her and then gently knelt up – pulling himself out of her, Sage’s poor little rosebud tightening to a pucker as Sebastian got off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

Seconds later, she heard the shower turn on and the curtain being pulled back as he stepped into the tub. Her body was still clenched in places and she remained as still as she could, reaching back only to return the back of her diaper up into place on her bottom as she had no idea how her sphincter would react to the treatment she had just received. Coming to rest on the mattress, she allowed her body to go limp as she closed her eyes – this now being her first full and complete moment of recovery since he had gotten home.

Lying there, she felt the soreness at her rosebud as her sphincter muscles tightened and released erratically. The swell between her legs, so tender to the mere touch of her lay on the diaper, flooded her mind with even more fresh memories. Smiling contentedly that her Daddy was now home, she sighed softly. All was well in her world once again and oh, what a glorious rapid-fire return it had been.

In a few moments, she drifted off to sleep, happier than she could ever remember before. And what a restful bit of sleep it was, the sound of running water in the background being a constant reminder that Sebastian had returned.

A few minutes later, she was suddenly startled awake at the chilling touch of a cool, wet washcloth. Sebastian had lowered the back of her diaper and was cleaning the cheeks of her bottom. As he turned her over and slid her drenched diaper to the side, he took the cool washcloth between her legs. She startled fully awake, swooning in the feel of the coldness but also with an affection she could hardly put into words.

Parting her thighs to allow him to clean her front more fully and gently shifting on the mattress, she gazed up at her Daddy, her lover boy – standing there in the buff and fresh from the shower. Oh, he was handsome and even his silhouette, absent of most details, was sexy. He often remarked how the sight of her and the scent of her and the thought of her did things to his minds and senses that no other girl in this world could do to him. As she lied there, she realized that the feeling was quite mutual.

Sebastian set the washcloth to the side and then leaned over, his head traveling down between her legs and the tip of his tongue touching her perineum. Slowly, he drew his tongue up the length of the outer lips of her labia, Sage gasping and whimpering at the tenderness of the touch. She was raw, very raw. And she felt like she had pounded into by a train. But as his tongue traveled all the way up to her clit, her back arched and her chest heaved as her body rocked with the motion.

Then he placed his hands on either side of her body, climbing up on top of her. A new gaze of lust shown in his irises. Sage’s heart began to beat heavily, her breathing becoming choppy and erratic with a new fussiness as she realized that he wasn’t done with his rapid-fire BabyGirl just yet. But before she could fuss any further, she felt the tip of his erection press against the opening at the center of her labia and then slide into her. She gasped deeply as she closed her eyes and bent her elbows, placing her hands on either side of her head. But before she could exhale to whimper, Sebastian slipped the waiting rubber nipple of her pacifier between her pink, pouty lips.

Immediately, she began nursing on it, but she still whimpered as she felt his girth parting her canal open once more and his length sliding into her – all the way back to her cervix. Placing his forearms on top of hers and interlocking fingers with her, Sebastian slid into her until their pelvic bones met. Then he balanced his weight on her center and began to slide back out of her, drawing new wetness from within her and using it to glide right back into her.

Sage became delirious with sensations of new-building arousal and the return of her swollen, aching, raw condition. Her body bounced on the bed as he pounded in-n-out of her with impassioned force and drive. Incapable of resisting him at all and being pinned to the mattress otherwise, Sage began to rock her hips – opening her eyes and gazing up at her Daddy. Oh, she loved the smell of him, right out of the shower. Maybe it was the scent of the soap he used or maybe that of the shampoo. And the beauty of it was: if she didn’t like the scent of the soap or shampoo, she would simply buy a different brand next time. Sebastian didn’t make those decisions. He honestly didn’t care. And this gave her free-reign to scent him as she so pleased.

But scent wasn’t the predominant sense of the moment. It was all about touch and as she kept trying to rock her hips as he pounded into her so hard that she bounced on the mattress, she pushed herself through the pain of soreness to find one last bit of pleasure. From his focus and his groans, she could tell that this wouldn’t take long. Focusing herself on building her arousal one more time, she tightened her canal around him, squeezing as hard as she could for as long as she could while he continued to part her like the Mighty Red Sea.

His girth thickened, almost giving her a heart attack and his length seemed to strength to an even greater hardness – both reactions making her shudder and giving him another new layer of wetness to use when sliding into her. Heat rose up off her frame as her arousal built and her swell formed around his shaft. There would be a wet spot on the mattress beneath her for sure, when this was all over … if not already.

His legs became rigid as his thrusts became more focused on grazing his bulging underside vein. She could feel the tension in his arms, his gripping fingers. Whimpering into a soft moan behind her pacifier she succumbed to the tightness forming at her core, the beginning of her sixth orgasm. As the first ripple of pleasure worked its way up her canal and then washed out across her frame, Sage’s forehead wrinkled with an adorable fleeting attempt to fuss. She was a BabyGirl. It just seemed natural to do so.

But the second ripple quickly poured out of her, overlapping the first one and then third and then the fourth as the muscles in her body began to tighten in preparation for seizing up. At that moment, when the highest peak of the summit was about to be realized, Sebastian rose up on his knees – yanking her up into his arms and into a mounting position as his seeds erupted into her womb with thick undulations of stinging heat.

Sage leaned her head back and spit the pacifier out as she clenched his shaft with her canal, holding him tightly until he was drained of every seed he had left. She lifted her chin to the ceiling as he lowered his forehead to her sternum, both ballooning down … together again. And there they remained for a short while, making the perfect silhouette behind the veil curtains of their bedroom windows.

She loved feeling his seeds inside her. It was the greatest passion imaginable. No, she wasn’t his cum dumpster nor his baby-maker nor his slut nor his slave nor anything else of that nature. She was simply the girl he had fallen in love with and the girl who would hold his essence within – each and every time his lust raged for her.

Sebastian placed both of his forearms up the center of her spine, easing her backwards and down onto the mattress. She clenched her canal tighter still as he withdrew his shaft. And, settling onto the bed, reached down to tease her clit through an afterglow that had been an entire month in the making.

He opened the top drawer of their dresser and took out one of those Dry 24/7 diapers that were so thick she could barely walk in them. But they were perfect for her to wear to bed. Sitting on the side of the bed, he placed her diaper, the bottle of baby powder and the container of wipes to the side as he waited patiently. Given how horny she got on a daily basis, it seemed an impossible task for her to have gone an entire month without any kind of orgasm. But she had done just that. And it was the greatest display of faithfulness she could’ve shown him. The best news of all, however, was yet to come.

“Daddy?” Sage whispered with a pant as she finished playing with herself.

“Yes, Baby?” Sebastian asked back, taking a wipe to her sticky fingers.

“I would’ve waited for you for four months,” Sage whispered, bending her legs and drawing her knees up to her chest.

“Luckily, you’ll never have to,” Sebastian said with a twinkle in his eyes as he took a few more wipes out of the container.

Sage’s eyes locked on him with harbored excitement as he took a wipe to her bottom. What was he about to tell her?

“As it turns out,” Sebastian said, parting her thighs and taking another wipe to her front from hip-to-hip, then yet another wipe down between her legs. “The business trip was a larger success than the company believed it would be. And I will be compensated for the overage of success.”

Sage found where her pacifier had landed on the bed, grabbing it and quickly stuffing it in her mouth before she could start interrupting him with an endless stream of questions that he would certainly answer anyway with what he was telling her – should she be able to keep quiet.

“What this means is:” Sebastian continued, unfolding her diaper and sliding it underneath her bottom as he picked up the bottle of baby powder and coated her backside liberally with it. “In two weeks, when next I get paid, we will finally have enough money to move out of this tiny, little house.”

Tears came to her eyes. She didn’t even know what to mumbled, she was so happy. Lying there as he powdered her front and then between her legs, she never thought the day would come when they would finally have enough money to move. Oh, she had wanted to move for so long. But only a foolish soul would move without the money to at least make it a comfortable relocation.

“So … in the morning,” Sebastian said, folding the front of her diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes tightly at her hips. “We can call the realtor and make an offer on the house you want in town … that house on the corner of Bowden Street.”

Sebastian gathered up the wipes and her wet diaper, throwing them away in the waste can in the bathroom before slipping into a pair of sleeping pants and joining her in bed. He lied down on his back and Sage turned over onto her belly, crawling her waddly bottom over to him and curling up against the side of his torso.

She was still too overjoyed for words, rapidly nursing on her pacifier as her mind blitzed into mush and back. All of this happy news came from the fact that she had accepted that he had to go on that horrible month-long business trip. No, money wasn’t important to her. And because of this, money had to be even more so important to him. And my, oh my, had he provided.

“Daddy?” Sage whispered faintly behind her pacifier.

“Yes, Baby?” Sebastian asked back.

“I would’ve waited for you for six months,” Sage said with a devilish grin.

“But not seven months, right?” Sebastian asked, returning the devilish grin.

“No, not seven,” Sage said with sassiness. “Seven would’ve been stupid.”

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