The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed

The Moment of TruthTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about speaking what needs to be spoken and accepting the consequences of truth.


The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed

April 10th

Sidney walked in the front door of the apartment building, drudging her steps up the stairwell and unlocking their apartment door on the second floor. The semester was beginning to drag and if there was one more professor who felt the need to hold one more exam before finals, Sidney was either going to pull her hair out of her head and lose her mind or just simply go on a killing spree.

Setting her books on the island table in the kitchen, she drug her feet down the hallway and into the bedroom. Reece would be back any minute from his last class of the day and Sidney was looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the night. Slipping out of her jeans and her shirt, she enacted the 4pm rule – which stated: If all your classes were done for the day and all your responsibilities were taken care and if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you wouldn’t be leaving the house for the rest of the day, then there was no intelligible reason to be wearing a bra.

Taking her bra off and flinging it across the bedroom, she flopped down in the middle of the bed. Oh, it felt so good just be wearing nothing but her underwear. Free of all clothing that hugged to her body and showed off her figure but also restricted breathing and fostered everything physically uncomfortable, Sidney closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and exhaled the same.

And that was when it happened again.

Every time Sidney got relaxed and calm, her thoughts would immediately lead back to the other night with Violet. She still hadn’t said anything to Reece about it, about the sex or the strap-on or the fact that she was in love with a girl and the guilt was eating her alive. Ooo! Why did it have to be so difficult? Why couldn’t she just tell him? What could possibly go wrong?

Thinking the exact same questions again as she had thought for several days now, she felt herself drifting off to sleep. Wow, she really was tired. And maybe a few minutes of resting her eyes would be just what she needed.

But no sooner did she reach that point when sleeping began than she startled back awake as she felt the urge to pee. Grrr! Slamming her fists on the bed, she sat up and fussed – then getting up and walking over into the bathroom. Thank God she wasn’t in public just then. She really was very tired and was getting fussier by the second that she remained awake. And if in public, she would’ve had to use a public restroom. Sidney despised public restroom and refused to even sit on the toilet seats. She would hover above the toilet and aim from a semi-squatted position. But never, ever, ever would she ever sit on a public toilet seat. EVER! At home, on the other hand, a trip to the bathroom wasn’t stress-material at all.

Lowering her panties to her ankles, she sat on the toilet – lifting her feet up and resting them on the edge of the bathtub, hoping that greater leverage would equal a faster stream so she could go lie down for a few minutes before Reece got back.

But of course, now that she was sitting on the toilet, she couldn’t get a single drop out to come out. This was great! This was just great! She was getting so cranky from tiredness that she couldn’t even pee – even though the pressure in her bladder was telling her she needed to. For a few seconds, she debated putting a diaper on, as peeing seemed almost automatic when she wore one. But the thought of a diaper led to other off-the-beaten-path thoughts – which led back to thoughts of Violet and how she really needed to confess everything to Reece … come Hell or high water.

Her thoughts were caught in a never-ending cycle of guilt that dawned on recidivism. Standing up and pulling her panties back up, she walked out of the bathroom and out into the kitchen. Getting a glass of water from the sink faucet, she drank it straight down and then began pouring herself another glass. Hopefully, she would make the need to pee so dire that she wouldn’t suffer stage fright. Laughing a little, she remembered last semester when Reece explained the concept of stage fright to her – how a guy will stand at a urinal with the need to pee and suddenly find himself incapable of doing so because there were other guys in the bathroom, waiting to use the urinal after him.

Drinking the second glass down, she thought about Reece and the guilt inside her swelled again. Perhaps if she practiced telling him about her revelation of bisexuality, she would be able to find the right words. It was so hard to find the right words that night with Violet, but she eventually did. Maybe she just needed to sound the right words out now. So she did just that and began practicing her speech.

“Reece, I have something I need to tell you and you may not like it …” Sidney said, opening the dishwasher and putting her glass in it.

But the words coming out of her seemed fake and vague in meaning.

“Daddy, I have something to say and I don’t know what you’ll think of it …” Sidney said, shutting the dishwasher door and turning around – leaning back against the counter, folding her arms and looking at the floor.

Oh, she was so tired and all she wanted to do was sleep.

“Daddy,” she said, walking around to the other side of the island table, facing back towards the kitchen and placing her hands on the edge of the table. “ … I gotta tell you something and if I don’t, I’m going lose my mind.”

“Then, whatever it is, you’d better tell me right away,” Reece said from behind her.

Sidney spun around, startled that he was there. When did he come in? Reece had sat up on the living room couch and was looking at her, the look on his face making clear that he had just awakened.

“When did you get here?” Sidney asked, trembling.

“About an hour ago,” he mumbled, blinking his eyes to awaken fully. “My last class ended early.”

Sidney held her lips together, trying to breathe calmly through her nose. He had startled her quite a bit and now she really did have to pee, but suddenly the urge in her bladder made walking to the bathroom an impossibility – without having an accident. She thought about running to the bathroom, but didn’t want to chance it.

“Sidney, what is it you need to tell me?” Reece asked, standing up from the couch and walking over to her – Sidney’s tummy become flustered with anxiousness. “It sounded like it was urgent.”

“It’s no big deal,” Sidney said, gripping the edge of the island table behind her as she fidgeted with discomfort.

“Oh, no,” Reece said, placing his hands on the tops of her hands and holding her still. “You have a bad habit of keeping things to yourself when you should really share them with the people who love you. And I can tell that you have some sort of pressing urgency to get out right now.”

Geez, that was an understatement, at the moment.

“So you are going to stand right here until you tell me what’s on your mind,” Reece stated, raising an eyebrow.

What Reece didn’t know was that Sidney had the urgency to free herself of guilt, but she also had the urgency to free herself of a full bladder.

“Daddy, I can’t tell you,” Sidney said, looking down at the floor to avoid eye contact with him.

Reece placed his right hand under her lowered chin and raised her eyes back up.

“Young lady,” Reece said with a stern but calm tone. “Do I need to turn you around, bend you over the edge of this table, take down those little panties of yours and teach you a lesson about why it’s not good to keep secrets?”

“No,” Sidney fussed, fidgeting almost uncontrollably as her bladder was nearly ready to erupt.

“Then I don’t wanna hear another word out of you until you begin telling me what’s weighing on your heart,” Reece stated.

Tears welled in Sidney’s eyes and her lower lip began to stick out in the most adorable display of poutiness he had ever seen. Cute or not, however, Sidney was now in a full-blown bit of desperation. And she knew that it would only be a matter of seconds before she sprung a mighty and unstoppable leak.

So the moment of truth had arrived and Sidney had little time to find the courage to say what needed to be said. Clenching her thighs together and tightening the muscles in her groin, her knees started to bend as the bladder pain began to double her over. Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath and then blurted it all out at once.

“I think I’m bisexual,” Sidney whimpered, then cutting herself off. “No … I know I’m bisexual. And I’m in love with Violet and I got sexual with her.”

Her heart sunk into her stomach as her whole body went numb from making the admittance. Opening her eyes, she stood up, unclenched her legs and took one step in the direction of the bathroom. But it was too late to get there. Grabbing the counter edge with her left hand and Reece’s shirt with her right hand, she gasped as her face went ghostly white.

Closing her eyes, she breathed erratically as she felt her bladder give way and release. The pee came rushing out of her, soaking the front of her panties in a millisecond. And as the wetness streamed down the insides of her legs, it also gushed straight out. She could hear the splashes of her humiliation as they hit the floor and drenched the insteps of her feet. Though she and Reece were the only ones there, she felt the same kind of embarrassment that she would’ve felt if she took Reece in the bathroom stall with her – during her time of the month.

“Are you finished?” Reece asked with a soft and understanding voice.

Sidney nodded as she kept her eyes glued to the floor in shame, her soaked panties, wet legs and the drenched floor beneath her feet being in clear view of her downward stare. Oh my Blue Heaven, every second of silence that passed – each made her feel like she was living a lifetime of denial.

Reece stepped back and looked at the mess she had made of herself and that of the floor. Then, after what seemed like an eternity of agonizing wait, he finally spoke.

“I knew you were bisexual,” Reece stated, Sidney’s heart skipping a beat as she looked up at him with her tear-stained eyes. “And I knew that you were in love with Violet. And it was only a matter of time, before you acted on that love.”

Feeling inferior and quite confused, Sidney’s mind raced back through her memories of the past two semesters – trying desperately to think of some event that had happened or something she said that would’ve given it away. But she couldn’t come up with an answer to the boggle. Reece was a typical guy. He was dense and unobservant. How could he have possibly known?

“You’d be surprised what you say in your sleep,” Reece said, clearing up the confusion in her eyes as he leaned back on the back of the couch and folded his arms. “And the way I see it … you owe me an apology.”

Sidney’s face turned ghostly white again. Oh dear Heaven, no. Did that mean that he didn’t accept it … that she was bisexual? Or did it just mean that he didn’t accept her having been sexual with Violet?

“Your apology will be for not accepting this truth about yourself sooner,” Reece said, walking over to her and taking her by the hand – then directing her over to one of the corners of the kitchen. “But I know you can’t find the words you wanna say and the words you need to say. Maybe you’ll always struggle with that. So your punishment will be your apology.”

Before she could take in a breath to ask him what he meant, Reece plunked her pacifier in her mouth. Standing there, in the corner of the kitchen, with her nose touching the point where the walls met, Sidney nursed on her pacifier, uncertain of absolutely everything to come.

“Aww, you wet your panties,” Reece said with a very gentle-yet-condescending tone as he stepped back and looked at her. “Big Girls don’t wet their panties, Sidney.”

If her face hadn’t been buried in that corner, Reece would’ve seen the beet red hue that had blushed across her cheeks. He was right and that was the most embarrassing thing of all for her. Sidney was coming up on the end of her sophomore year of college. Puberty had introduced itself to her more than a decade ago. She was well-aware of protecting herself from accidents – whether they were the crimson kind or the desperation kind. Yet … there she was, standing in that corner, wearing nothing but a pair of panties she had just flooded and drenched.

“I don’t even want to see you peeking out from that corner. If I so much as see your head turn even slightly to the side to take a peek…” Reece said with a calm-yet-stern tone as he lowered the back of her panties, tucking them just underneath the base of her bottom.

Then he took hold of her wrists and directed them behind her – to the middle of her lower back, placing his folded leather belt in her hands.

“I’m sure you can figure out what will happen to you, if you peek,” Reece said calmly, Sidney actually glad that she had emptied her bladder completely already – for fear of having peed again, otherwise.

Sidney remembered back to that night with Violet, when then she was strip down to her panties as well and had made them wet – but for a different reason. She would stand there for a few minutes, listening to Reece to clean up the kitchen floor and then hearing making several trips back into the bedroom – finally coming back out to the kitchen for good and wetting a wash cloth at the sink.

“Okay,” Reece said with a tone far gentler and calmer than that of just minutes prior. “Close your eyes and take one big step back from the corner.”

Sidney did exactly as he instructed as he took the belt from her hands.

“That’s a good girl,” he praised softly, patting her bottom. “Now lower those wet panties of yours to your ankles and step out of them.”

Sidney took hold of the waistband at her hips and bent over, sliding the wet panties down to her feet and then stepping out of them. Then she stood back up, bringing her hands to rest on her now-naked hips – in preparation for covering her bottom quickly, should he wind his arm up and bring that leather belt down across her back side.

“Now, hold your arms straight out in front of you and join your hands together,” Reece said calmly, Sidney doing as he instructed. “Now, bend your elbows and rest your chin on your hands.”

Sidney bent her elbows and drew her forearms back against her chest, resting her chin on her knuckles. She squeezed her closed eyes even more, bracing for the first strike of her Daddy’s leather belt.

“Spread your feet,” his voice echoed in her ears, Sidney obeying him without hesitation.

Her heart pounded even harder now. It was more agonizing wait she had to deal with. Why wouldn’t he just start the spanking? What was taking him so long? It really wasn’t that difficult of a task to figure how to do. Wind up, swing down and strike. He had already spanked her. It wasn’t anything new for him.

And at the moment when she felt her mind beginning to dip into crazy mode, she also felt the cool water of the wash cloth as he reached up between her legs and began to clean her. What was this? Wasn’t he going to spank her? Had he just decided to get over it without giving her any punishment at all?

He took the wash cloth down the insides of her legs and then to her feet. Next, leading her to the living room couch, he made her lean over and rest her hands on the back of the couch. Sidney faithfully kept her eyes closed, but wanted to open them sooo badly.

“Sidney, you are always going to be scared to admit to who you are and how you feel,” Reece said, his hands parting the cheeks of her bottom. “And sometimes, you need a nudge.”

And with that, Sidney felt a rubber tip being place against her rosebud, then pushed in with a bit of force. It was her anal plug. Sidney grunted as Reece pushed it in the rest of the way and when she opened her eyes, she saw that he had laid out one of her schoolgirl outfits on the couch: from the white button down slim-cut blouse to the red-n-black checkered hockey skirt to the white leggings and even the two lengths of white ribbon that she used to hold up her pigtails. Next to all of this were her white sneakers.

Oh, my. Her punishment wasn’t over and wasn’t being done away with or ignored. Instead, her real punishment hadn’t even begun yet.

Reece stood her up and slid her arms under the straps of that bright red bra of hers that she only wore with particular outfits. Her head spun in circles as he fastened the strap at her back and reached around from behind her to her front, plumping and fluffing her cups. He picked up the white leggings, gathering the material and making her step into them – one leg at a time. The leggings went from mid-thigh down to her ankles. Next he picked up the sneakers and put them on her feet, triple-knotting the laces. Then, he picked up the white button down, slipping her arms into it and buttoning the front up, to her cleavage. He took the shirt tails and tied them into a knot, just above her navel.

Slowly but surely, Sidney was piecing together that this wasn’t going to be a simple bit of dress-up. They were going to leave the apartment.

Then he picked up the pleated skirt, turning her around to face the island table. And after she saw what was on the island table, she really began to panic.

“Climb up on the table and lie down on your back,” Reece instructed, Sidney resisting.

So Reece cracked her bottom as hard as he could with his hand, Sidney squealing into her pacifier as she walked forward – feeling the tightness of the anal plug as she climbed up onto the table, lying down on her back.

“I would put you in panties,” Reece said, walking up to the edge of the table. “But you’ve shown me you can’t handle the responsibility. Luckily …”

Reece reached for that item sitting on the table that had made her panic.

“Luckily, Dixie … your BabyGirl BFF upstairs, gave you a supply of those super-thick diapers that her Daddy dresses her in at bedtime,” Reece said, unfolding the super-thick diaper in his hands. “Lift your ankles up into the air and part your thighs.”

Sidney stared straight up at the ceiling fan above her as he lifted her ankles up and spread her legs in mid-air, exposing herself. Reece placed the thick diaper flat on the table top and pushed the anal plug in once more to make sure it was snuggly nestled to her poor little rosebud – stretched open to her capacity at this point. As he slid the diaper up to her waistline at her lower back, her eyes welled up with tears as she nursed frantically on her pacifier. Visions filled her imagination of where he would take her, of who would see her, of how hard others would laugh at her and of how she would feel when faced with the humiliation that followed.

“If you can’t ever be comfortable enough to speak your mind, then the only way you’ll ever be able to communicate it is to show people who you are,” Reece said with a sly grin as he gave her bottom the heaviest coating of baby powder she had ever received.

The scent was very sweet as usual, but it was more potent than she could ever remember. Then he lowered her bottom down into the super-thick softness of the diaper. Sidney whimpered as she watched him coat her front with the same heavy amount of baby powder – then doing the same between her legs. Oh my. People would smell the baby powder before she ever got to them. They would smell it more powerfully as she passed by them, crinkling and waddling. And the strong scent would linger, long after she had passed by.

Reece drew the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips and completing the feel of being enveloped in that thick diaper. He slid the pleated skirt up to her knees and then sat her up, helping her to jump down off the island table. Sidney stood there, looking down at her waist as Reece pulled the pleated skirt up and over her diaper. And from how the diaper made her thighs bow out when she was simply standing still, she could tell how noticeable her waddle was going to be.

He pulled the zipper at the back of her skirt up and as the teeth gathered, she watched the lower hem of the skirt rise a bit higher and a bit higher still. When he fastened the clasp at the back of the skirt, she whimpered to see that an inch of the diaper stuck up above the skirt’s waistline.

Wow. Her Daddy definitely knew the true meaning of the word punishment and he knew how to correct her behavior with little fuss on her part. This wasn’t just going to be the most humiliating experience of her life. It would forever remain within her mind as the standard of what would happen to her, if she ever withheld any information from her Daddy again. Whereas the pain of the smack he placed on her bottom just a minute ago had already dissipated and gone away, the effect of mind-fucking would be felt for a far longer amount of time.

She watched Reece walk over to the front door and open it, then turning back to her.

“Come on, baby,” Reece said with a syrupy-rich Daddy Tone, extending his hand for her to walk over to him. “Let’s go get some fresh air.”

Sidney took small steps towards him, learning how to move as her waddle kept her forward-progress at a minimum. Oh, the crinkle under her skirt was so loud and it felt like the section of diaper between the tops of her thighs was completely exposed.

Reece led her down the stairwell and stopped her at the front door of the apartment building. In his hand were those two lengths of white ribbon and right before he opened the front door of the building, he tied them to her wrists, as if they were bracelets. This certainly meant that her hair wasn’t going to be put up in pigtails, but having those ribbons tied to her wrists made the threat of pigtails something that would be a reminder to her – every time she looked down at her hands.

Walking up Hazel Ridge Lane to the entrance of their residential area, Sidney’s mind was going to mush and she was reveling in both the fear of and the gratifying possibilities of humiliation … that is, if this whole experience didn’t give her a heart attack along the way.

Making their way closer and closer towards campus, Sidney was getting used to the waddling. She wasn’t conquering it, but she was finding a way to deal with it. And when they got to the edge of campus, beginning to walk up the center mall, Sidney was crinkling up a mighty storm. She kept her chin lowered as she steadily nursed on her pacifier and held her Daddy’s hand while smashing up against his side. Though her mind was passing in-n-out of the moment, her senses were remaining keenly sharp at the peripherals. She was well aware of everyone who was in close proximity to her. She could smell the baby powder at her waist, a sweet scent, but too overpowering and only adding to the possibility that someone might do a rubbernecking to give her a second glance after she passed by. Maybe they would see the diaper beneath the lower hem of her pleated skirt. Maybe they would see the portion of her diaper that was sticking up above the skirt’s waistline. Though having fastened the skirt so tightly to the diaper, as opposed to fastening it to her waist, had ensured that the skirt wouldn’t ride up her hips any higher, it also ensured that her diaper would remain quite visible.

Her heart was pounding so heavily she could feel each thump at every single pulse point on her body – at her temples, at the sides of her neck, on her wrists, on her chest. Her head was spinning, just like the night she and Violet made out – but not for drunkenness this time.

Oh, humiliation galore was all around, but my-oh-my, how she tingled all over. And with that tingle came more thoughts of Violet.

She was so happy to see Violet having recovered from her abusive ex and she was so happy to see that Violet and Gary were getting along so well and that their new budding relationship was something that enabled Violet to be fully open. But, oh my Blue Heaven, though she loved Violet, Reece had just leveled the playing field with having forced her to the moment of truth and then having delivered the humiliation that followed.

Sidney was so busy being lost inside her own head that she hadn’t taken notice to where Reece had led her on campus. Standing at the entrance to that same courtyard where they first met last fall, Sidney’s mind returned to the moment and as she followed his lead, she wondered where they were going to go next.

Reece led her into the middle of that courtyard and back a small stone pathway to a stone bench that was tucked away between two bushes. He took a seat on the stone bench and had her straddle her thighs on either side of his lap as she sat down, facing him.

“Unzip my pants,” Reece said with a lustful tone.

Sidney’s heart started pounding more heavily still as her tiny trembling fingers reached down to the front of his pants and unbuttoned his waist – then lowering his zipper. Thankfully, he had removed his belt back at the apartment, eliminating the possibility of being spanked with it – now that they were out-n-about.

She knew what he wanted and didn’t wait for the obvious next instruction. Reaching inside his underwear, she gripped his shaft and pulled it out. Sitting there, nursing her pacifier and gazing into his eyes, she stroked his length, stiffening him to a rock-hard condition – her brow wrinkling with fuss as she felt how rock-hard he actually was.

“Do you really want to know what I feel like?” Reece asked with a low growl, his gaze growing more and more lustful as Sidney nodded, whimpering softly behind her pacifier with want. “Then you know exactly what Daddy wants you to do, don’t you?”

Sidney nodded again, her fuss growing as she awaited her Daddy’s permission to begin. Her hips were rocking their crinkliness inside her diaper and had she not been heavily coated between her legs with powder, she likely would’ve been so wet with arousal that the inside of the front of her diaper would’ve been slick with her juices.

“Make Daddy feel good, baby,” Reece whispered, Sidney immediately rising up and reaching down between her legs.

She grabbed hold of the diaper and pulled it to the side, bending her knees and planting the opening of her canal around the tip of his cock. And then she sat down slowly, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around her Daddy’s neck as his length pushed into her canal and his girth parted her open. Because of the angle of her body, the parting stretched her a bit more than usual, but she wasn’t complaining. Instead, she was whimpering as all modesty had left her and she began to behave in an extremely fussy and very unlady-like manner.

Her hips rocked quickly, the BabyGirl no longer caring who heard how much she crinkled. That didn’t matter anymore. All the matter that consumed her mind was getting her Daddy to cum and hopefully, in the process, reaching an orgasm herself that would further unravel her sense of being.

Oh, his erection felt so good. And along with the pulsing in her body, she could feel his pulse throbbing inside her – his rock-hard stiffness sliding in-n-out of her easily as she succumbed to one bit of shuddering after another – each one slickening her canal and swelling her folds.

“Grip me, baby. Squeeze,” Reece whispered in her ear, his hands traveling up-n-into her hair – his fingertips lightly stroking her scalp.

The massage to her head sent Sidney’s senses into high alert as she pounced up-n-down on his shaft, tightening her canal as much as she could.

“Be a good girl. Show Daddy how good you are,” Reece whispered with choppy breath as Sidney felt his cock thicken inside her.

His arousal was heightening and he was well on his way to reaching the summit. Sidney shuddered again.

“I wanna cum, Daddy. I wanna cum,” she mumbled through fussy whisper, behind her pacifier.

“Wait, baby. Just a little bit longer,” Reece whispered back, Sidney’s eyes welling with tears as she pounced up-n-down even faster. “Do you want to feel Daddy’s orgasm?”

“Yes,” Sidney whimpered softly.

“Do you want to cum with Daddy?” Reece asked, placing his hands on her crinkly, bouncing hips.

“Yes,” she whimpered with greater softness but higher pitch, her resistance fading as she was struggling to hold back her orgasm, at this point.

“Daddy wants you to cum as hard as you possibly can,” Reece whispered.

“Okay,” Sidney whispered quickly.

“And Daddy wants you to keep cumming until you can’t move anymore,” he whispered, gripping the sides of her diaper.

“Okay,” Sidney whimpered with fuss.

“And don’t stop until Daddy gives you permission to,” Reece whispered, thrusting her body towards him. “ ……… Now.”

And with that, Sidney released her hold of him, his seeds erupting inside of her – shooting straight out and stinging her walls. Nursing on her pacifier rapidly, she breathed quickly in-n-out through her nose as she pounced up-n-down on him until the muscles in her body seized up – her canal tightening around his girth with such a tautness that she bit through the rubber nipple of her pacifier to keep from screaming.

And he held her there, gently rocking her as she remained wrapped around his body, feeling the ripples of seeds he was filling her with. Sidney would linger there, captively tightened by her own orgasm and incapable of releasing … not without his permission – a bit of the true mind-fucking of this night of humiliation.

He would eventually give her permission and she would squeeze her canal as hard as she could while standing up – to drag every seed out of his shaft that she could. They would then take a few minutes to put themselves back together before re-emerging from within the bushes of that courtyard in the center of the campus. Sidney would now add wobbliness to her steps, fitting in perfectly with her waddle. And as they slowly walked through the other half of the courtyard, she could already feel his seeds rolling back out of her.

They strolled back through the center of campus, each having a relaxed way about them. And suddenly, Sidney didn’t seem nearly as worked up. She had stated the truth to him about her feelings for Violet and had faced the wonderful consequences of having done so. Oh, yes. She was fully humiliated at this point, but had also grown a bit closer to him.

The truest lesson learned wasn’t about being more submissive and telling her Daddy every little thing that troubled her. And it wasn’t about being transparent, either. It was about knowing that her Daddy would be there, after the moment of truth had passed.

Right in the center of campus, Reece-n-Sidney stopped, coming face-to-face with Violet-n-Gary. Violet was also dressed with a schoolgirl look. She lifted her head and nursed on her pacifier as she looked up at Sidney. Apparently, Violet was being put through a similar diapered punishment.

Both girls smiled happily at one another, knowing that the moment of truth wasn’t always easy to get through and that the humiliation that followed often took a bit of courage unknown. But regardless of the outcome, they knew that the hardest of truths to say only hurt when they didn’t say them.

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