Finding All the Right Words to Say

Finding All the Right Words to SayTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about finding unspoken words.


Finding All the Right Words to Say –

April 1st

“Thank you,” Sidney said to the pharmacist as she grabbed the white prescriptions bags, then rushing out of Smiley’s pharmacy.

Sidney had become a little paranoid about getting pregnant and she had begun taking every precaution she could think of.

“Did you get the same ones?” Dixie said, looking in both white bags as they headed up the street to Sam’s Pizzeria.

“I think so,” Sidney said, keeping Dixie moving as they had a tight schedule to keep that night.

“Yuppers,” Dixie said, reading the bottle labels. “MooooNessaaaa.”

“Okay, let’s go over a few things so we don’t get behind,” Sidney said, stopping in front of the pizzeria. “We’re gonna go in here, get the pizzas and double-time it back to the apartment. We’re gonna take the pizzas into Violet’s apartment and then we’re gonna get everyone eating so we can get ready down in Violet’s apartment.”

“Right,” Dixie said. “And then we’re gonna get ready and leave from her apartment no later than 7:45 pm. I got it, Sis.”

Dixie opened the pizzeria door and walked right up to the counter, showing uncommon boldness as she usually didn’t take the lead in much of anything. But this night would require a bit of classy elegance, along with the ability to keep a schedule – the latter of which being the one Sidney worried about the most. This night had to be perfect, or as perfect as it could be … not for Dixie’s sake or for Sidney’s sake, but rather, for Violet. This would be no day for fools at all.

They got the pizzas and high-tailed it back to the apartment building, everyone already being in Violet’s apartment on the first floor and waiting for the food. Sidney set the pizza boxes on the island table and Dixie opened the top one.

“Eww!” Dixie said, shrinking back as it was a meat lover’s pizza.

“What’s the matter, Dixie?” Violet asked.

“Dixie has become a vegetarian,” Dallas said, stepping up and helping himself to a slice.

“Wait a minute,” Violet said as she moved the first pizza box to the side and opened the second one. “Didn’t I see the two of you coming back the other day with bags from Mickey D’s?”

Dallas smiled brightly and Dixie covered her face with embarrassment as she knew her Daddy was going to tell the story.

“Yes, you did see us with Mickey D’s bags,” Dallas said, grinning even wider. “But as my little Princess pointed out: That was Mickey D’s and therefore it didn’t count as real meat.”

A moment of silence preceded laughter in the room.

“I suppose that’s true,” Reece said, picking up a slice of the meat lover’s pizza.

Dixie suddenly got a look of confusion on her face, looking at Sidney and then to Violet.

“ViVi, am I staying down here tonight or is Sidney?” Dixie asked.

“I believe it’s my turn,” Sidney said to Dixie.

“And I can’t thank you two enough for putting up with me,” Violet said.

“Hey, it’s fine,” Sidney said, walking over to Violet and hugging her. “Don’t you think, for one single second, that we mind at all.”

Violet had been back in her first floor apartment for several weeks now, but she still hadn’t been able to spend the night in that apartment alone. So, if Gary wasn’t spending the night with her, then either Sidney or Dixie was. Violet’s problem wasn’t about some fear of abandonment or of being left alone in some other way. It was about nightmares, nightmares so real that Violet would awaken from them and still believe they were happening. She had begun to see a therapist about them, but every night still yielded the possibility of her being choked out by the memories of her abusive ex.

Gary, the frat boy sweetheart, had been a blessing for Violet to have met and he had embraced the dark side of the force with such a natural effort that it seemed, perhaps, he was born to have met her, that it had been written in the stars and that fate had brought them together. Violet was piecing herself back together, but with Gary, she wasn’t just recovering from her past, but also, growing beyond it.

Just a bit later –

“Ladies, are you almost ready?” Dallas called back to Violet’s bedroom as he and Reece returned to the first floor apartment – both looking quite dapper in their black tuxedos. “It’s a quarter to 8 and the exhibit opens in 15 minutes.”

Dixie came out of the bedroom first and walked down the hallway in a white silk woven fit-n-flare dress, its short length enabling her to keep that BabyGirl-ish charm that was so natural for her. Dallas nearly lost his balance in reaction to how beautiful she looked.

Sidney walked out next in a light teal tiered chiffon gown. Taking somewhat-graceful steps down the hallway, she eyed up Reece with a lust that made her classy look jump out. It felt good dressing to the nines and feeling like she could turn every head when she entered a room. Reece was speechless, as well he should’ve been.

And then Violet walked out of the bedroom, wearing a red embellished cowl neck gown with a drop-waist, floor-sweeping skirt. Her grace in heels was unparalleled and her charm seemed in place. Oh yes, Violet was healing from the inside out – quite nicely. And after a long haul, everything seemed to be going her way.

Needless to say, all three girls looked drop-dead beautiful.

8pm, that night –
The five of them walked into McGonigle Hall at 8pm, on the nose. And instantly, Violet stole the show. An art expo was being held at McGonigle Hall – right in the center of campus. And Violet’s paintings were being exhibited there. Last month was crazy art structures all over campus month and this month was paintings – all as a part of the super-artsy spring semester theme. Tonight was the debut and the moment Violet walked into the main room, she became surrounded by a countless wall of people – all with specific questions about specific paintings of hers. Not only had Violet displayed the paintings she had created over the past few weeks, but she also displayed all the paintings that her ex had torn off the walls of their apartment and destroyed. Some of the damaged paintings she lightly repaired. Others she left exactly as they had been broken.

Reece, Dixie and Dallas walked around and took a look at all the paintings in the Hall, but Sidney stayed right next to Violet the whole time … or, in actuality, right behind the ever-growing circle of admirers who had flocked to Violet to lay praise on her. It made Sidney feel really good to see Violet doing so well. Sidney had always admired Violet and truly belonged in that jumble of people surrounding her, trying to get Violet’s attention. But Sidney had the advantage of being Violet’s friend, of living in the same building with her, of sleeping in the apartment above her and also sleeping next to her on nights when she stayed in Violet’s apartment. But the difference between Sidney and everyone else flocking around Violet was that Sidney loved her – as opposed to just loving what she did.

The greatest moment of that night at the art expo was when an older man, an art collector, approached Violet and offered her $10,000 for all her paintings. Violet happily accepted and in doing so, was able to let go of another little bit of her troubled past. She sold all her paintings to that art collector, except for the painting she made of Reece-n-Sidney. And though her abusive ex had damaged that painting, it would forever remain a token of a friendship with Sidney that was about to become so much more than that.

Violet’s paintings would remain in McGonigle Hall until the end of the month, but after that, they would go home with the buyers. And after quite a few glasses of wine, the five of them made their way back to the apartment. Dallas-n-Dixie headed up to the third floor right away as Dixie was getting tired and cranky. Reece kissed Sidney good night as Sidney would be staying with Violet.

“I think you were a hit,” Sidney said, shutting the door and walking over to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water as she had enjoyed one too many glasses of wine and her head was spinning.

“Maybe,” Violet said nonchalantly, then locking the door and walking over to the cupboard and getting down a wine glass to pour herself a night cap of Pinot Noir. “I really wish being a hit didn’t require me to wear heels.”

“I know what you mean,” Sidney said, joining Violet in the shedding of heels.

“So,” Violet suddenly uttered, tossing her heels across the room into the living room and then laughing at herself.

“So,” Sidney said, also tossing her heels across the room into the living room and laughing, but quieting down quickly as the buzz in her head got worse.

“You’re feeling the wine?” Violet asked.

“Just a little,” Sidney said, closing her eyes and grabbing the edge of the island table for balance.

“I’ve got the cure for that,” Violet said, setting her glass of wine on the island table and spinning Sidney around to face her.

“And what cure is that?” Sidney asked, then catching her breath as she caught the lustful gaze in Violet’s irises.

“The cure is to not fight it,” Violet said, reaching behind Sidney and lifting the back of the girl’s dress up. “Come on. Hop up onto the edge of the table.”

Sidney placed her hands behind her on the edge of the island table and hopped up, sitting on the table top and keeping that lustful gaze with Violet as she lifted Sidney’s chiffon dress up-n-off her frame.

If Violet was trying to help Sidney get over the swoon of a wine buzz, she was doing a poor job of it as it seemed that Sidney’s mind was beginning to swoon for a completely different reason.

But that was all in Sidney’s head. Or was it? Submission was easy for Sidney, but ultimate submission was the desired goal. Sidney loved Violet. She was certain of it, but for a farm girl turned college student, bisexuality wasn’t something she could ask about at the dinner table – back home with Mom-n-Dad.

College had become the culmination of all aspirations and regrets for Sidney: The aspirations of everything the world had to offer her and of everything she wanted to be. And the regrets of life lived already – having been spent without any understanding of who she was.

But ultimate submission wouldn’t happen with simple lustful gazes and as Sidney sat there, in her bra and panties, she remembered what Violet had said to her in the back seat of her car that night in the porn shoppe parking lot:

“Hold that thought, kiddo. You’ll be ready soon enough. And when you are, you’ll be able to say it.”

But the right words still weren’t coming to Sidney’s mind, though she wanted desperately to find them. And perhaps, maybe just perhaps, Violet had all the words they would both need to say. And maybe she would be willing to share them.

Placing her hands on either side of Sidney’s face, Violet leaned in, both girls closing their eyes as their lips met. At first, it was just a peck, the softest of touches and just enough to draw them back in for a little more the second time. And then the third. And the fourth. And before too many heartbeats were spent on anticipation alone, their lips parted and their tongues met.

“You knew this night was coming, didn’t you?” Violet asked with breathy whisper through kisses.

“Yes,” Sidney whispered back, a hint of fuss already coming out in her tone.

“Don’t fight it, Sidney,” Violet whispered, her hands traveling up Sidney’s arms to her shoulders and her thumbs traveling under the girl’s bra straps.

Violet’s hands were soft and her touch was softer. Sidney trembled, not for fear but for eagerness. She was so close to speaking, to swallowing the lump in her throat and exposing her heart. But she couldn’t, for some reason. And while she would’ve felt so much better if she could speak, she might not have been paying attention enough to listen. Violet would lead her and she would follow, innocently. Violet would command and she would submit. And then, she would find all the right words to say.

“That’s it, baby. Show me what a good girl you are,” Violet whispered, lowering the straps off Sidney’s shoulders as the girl pouted gently. “Shh, shh, shhhh. You need to know, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Sidney fussed with breathiness, Violet’s hands wandering behind the girl’s back and unfastening the strap.

Sidney’s bra fell to her lap, Violet’s hands wandering onto the girl’s breasts – that same gentle caress still in her touch. Then Violet picked up her wine glass, placing her right hand at the back of Sidney’s head as she held the wine glass to the girl’s lips. Sidney opened her mouth and Violet tilted the glass up – Sidney swallowing the wine as Violet helped her to lie down on the island table. Sidney closed her eyes, her head spinning again, from the wine and more.

Their lips met again as Violet’s left hand traveled down the front of Sidney’s body, sliding over the girl’s panties and pressing on the girl’s mound. Sidney arched her lower back and heaved her chest up, the heat from between her legs emitting up into Violet’s palm, the swell of her outer labia pressing against her panties and her arousal leaving a wet mark. Oh, there were so many things Sidney wanted to beg for – to be fingered, to be tied down, to be touched, to be whispered to, to be held and to be spent. But the only thing that mattered was something that couldn’t be done to her with any action or stated to her with any words … rather, it could only be felt – to be loved.

But no further words were spoken for a while, not when Sidney began grinding her center up into Violet’s palm and not when Violet pressed the heel of her hand into Sidney’s hood. And by the time, Violet helped the dizzy girl down off the island table to her feet, words could no longer adequately describe how Sidney felt – not even if they were the right words to say.

Violet took hold of Sidney’s hand and led her back the small hallway to the bedroom. Sidney followed behind her, submissive in thought and in action. Violet was still fully clothed and Sidney was naked but her panties, with a wet spot of arousal on the front of them.

Violet had a grace to her steps, an elegance about her that made her attractive and that sent signals out when she entered a room. She really wouldn’t have needed to be one of the artists at that expo earlier to have turned everyone’s head towards her. Sidney loved Violet because Violet had everything figured out and presented herself in such a fashion as to be exactly what Sidney wanted to be herself. But in reality, Sidney really didn’t want to be Violet. Sidney wanted to be with Violet – as a piece of Violet’s world, captive to the grace of her.

Sidney’s tummy fluttered and she gasped for air, feeling just a bit meeker when she walked into the bedroom and saw Violet’s bed. Seeing the girl’s shoulders shrinking up, Violet helped Sidney to lie down on the bed – bending the girl’s arms at the elbows and placing her hands gently on either side of her head.

“Don’t be embarrassed by the wetness on the front of your panties, Sidney,” Violet whispered, her left hand sliding down Sidney’s front and onto the girl’s swollen, pantied mound. “You’ll be making a much wetter spot on the bed beneath you.”

Then Violet stood up, her graceful steps taking her over to the dresser. Opening the top drawer, she took out that black cock strap-on she and Sidney had bought at that porn shoppe the other night. Violet set the strap-on on the top of the dresser. Lying perfectly still, Sidney didn’t immediately piece together what was about to happen – at least not until she saw Violet beginning to undress.

“I knew, the day I met you, that we would someday find ourselves at this point,” Violet said, next taking out a small container of Vaseline and taking a seat on the side of the bed. “I know you still can’t speak what’s in your heart, but you can still convey what’s there that you’re trying to find the right words to say.”

Violet reached down to Sidney’s hips and took hold of the tiny waistband of the girl’s panties. Sidney clenched the muscles in her thighs and lifted her hips as Violet rolled the panties down her legs – the wetness on her front giving her a chill as the cool air of the bedroom touched her swollen mound.

“That’s a good girl,” Violet whispered with a tone so sweet that it almost sounded condescending.

Sidney lowered herself back to rest on the bed and parted her thighs instinctively as Violet open the container of Vaseline. Violet took out a dollop of the jelly on her fingertip and coated Sidney’s rosebud with it. Tingling all over and a bit more intensely in the right places, Sidney closed her eyes as she heard Violet get up, walk over to the dresser and pick up the strap-on.

Sidney thought back to their secretive little late night trip to that porn shoppe. She remembered holding that strap-on in her hands, feeling its girth and wondering what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of it. Her heart pounded. Her breathing picked up and she shuddered – her sweetness getting wetter.

“Just relax yourself, baby,” Violet said with a calm and comforting tone as she stepped into the leg straps of the strap-on.

Violet greased the tip of the black cock and then climbed onto the bed, positioning herself between Sidney’s parted legs. Sidney gasped again as she felt the rubber tip of the cock touch her rosebud. And then she opened her eyes as Violet shifted her hips and gently slid the head of the cock into her bottom. Sidney gasped and then whimpered.

“Shhhhhhh,” Violet whispered softly as she eased herself down on top of Sidney, placing her forearms over top of the girl’s forearms – interlocking fingers with her. “I’ve spent many nights in this bed, thinking of you. Now that you’re here, I want you to feel the same.”

Violet began rocking her hips and with each gentle thrust, the dildo when just a bit further into Sidney’s bottom – the deeper it went, the more Sidney submitted to it. And by the time Violet’s center touched the back of Sidney’s thighs, Sidney was paralyzed, of motion and of making any sound. Her mind had separated itself from her body and therefore without the ache to deal with, Sidney could submit her heart as well.

Yes, Sidney was bisexual. And yes, she could finally admit it to herself. But as her arousal began to rise towards climax, she wondered if she could ever admit it to anyone else.

Violet reached down and began to tease Sidney’s hood, making the girl fuss something awful and driving her faster upward still – towards the summit. Sidney shuddered again, her lower back arching higher than when she was on the island table, out in the kitchen.

“Cum for me, baby,” Violet whispered sweetly, Sidney’s body seizing up obediently as her core tightened – giving in to the orgasm.

And the whole time that Sidney twitched, Violet kept the cock completely inside the girl’s bottom, keeping full penetration as Sidney cried for how tight her muscles had contracted – remaining that way until Violet began to slowly withdraw the toy from inside her. Sidney could feel the canal of her backside collapsing as the cock was withdrawn and when the tip of it left, her little rosebud tightened to a pucker.

A few minutes later, Sidney found herself lying naked with Violet, held within the arms of a lover she believed she would never be able to know … at least not like this. And in the back of her mind, Sidney thought of Reece – her beloved and understanding Daddy. But would he understand this? Would he accept that she was bisexual? Would she ever find the words to explain it to him?

And just as her eyelids dropped to half-mast, Sidney suddenly found all the right words to say. There really weren’t all that many of them, but their meaning was more profound than what they sounded like.

“I love you,” Sidney whispered softly.

“I love you too,” Violet whispered back. “Now sleep, sweetheart.”

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The ABDL Apartment Book
The ABDL Apartment Book 2
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