Mind Over Matter

Mind Over MatterTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about the strengths we have – even when we can’t see them about ourselves.


Mind Over Matter

It was March 8th, International Women’s Day worldwide. And in theme of such, Violet proudly moved back into her first floor apartment – Sidney & Reece and Dallas & Dixie helping to carry her belongings back down from Dallas & Dixie’s third floor apartment in the building.

Violet took one step back into the first floor apartment and froze in horror as memories of the last time she was there flooded her mind. The others kept bring arm-fulls of her possessions back down to the apartment as she slowly walked around the living room, remembering all-too-vividly the night that Van, her ex-boyfriend, pinned her down in that room and choked her out – all while being high on whatever drug he had taken that night.

But the reassuring fact remained that these were just memories of the past. Van was gone, arrested and awaiting his day in court. And to ensure that he would never again set foot in that apartment or anywhere in that apartment building, Violet filed a restraining order against him. So, the next logical step to take, now that she had removed him from her life, was to remove him from her memories as well. That was a task far easier said than done, however. Yeah, he was abusive. But that hideous truth wasn’t enough to eradicate the happy memories she had with him. She and Van had been together for a few years and while moving on was a necessity for Violet, it still wasn’t enough to prevent her from thinking back happily on a lot of fond remembrances with Van. And this was her greatest challenge of all: To ignore the sparse happiness of her past in order to not refute the open possibilities of her future.

After all of her belongings had been brought down from the third floor apartment, Violet’s hideaway for nearly a month now, Reece went outside to his SUV and brought in everything needed to repaint Violet’s apartment. Change was needed and a new color on the walls seemed like a good starting point. So everybody rolled up their sleeves and got ready to paint. Little did anyone realize, just then, that old habits died as hard as possible. And it would be Violet, the survivor of some dark age play gone horribly awry, who would be the one to show that everything was taken more simply and dealt with more easily when subscribing to a little mind over matter.

The guys started painting in the guest bedroom and the girls started painting in the main bedroom, everybody meeting in the hallway and working their way out to the living room and kitchen – both rooms connecting in the middle. And when everything was painted anew, they ordered pizza, setting up the pull-out couch in the living room and chowing down.

“So what’s next?” Dixie asked, bouncing up-n-down on the mattress. “This was so much fun, we should do some other sort of fix-up in this building.”

“Well, I don’t know how much more work I actually want to put in this building,” Violet said, picking up a piece of pepperoni pizza. “After all, the building still belongs to Van.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but given everything that’s happened, it’s more your place now than his,” Sidney said happily.

“And the beauty of it is: Van still has to make the payments on the mortgage, not you,” Dallas added, referencing some information he had dug up about the place.

“Van won’t make those payments,” Violet said with a sly grin. “His parents will.”

“All the same, there is plumbing problem up on the third floor that I’d like to fix,” Dallas stated.

“It wasn’t me that caused it, Daddy,” Dixie said with her usual innocent demeanor as she climbed up onto Dallas’s lap – then taking the slice of pizza from his hand and beginning to eat it herself. “I don’t use the toilet up there and Violet didn’t use it either for the whole month she was up there with us.”

Dallas smiled warmly. Oh my Blue Heaven, he loved Dixie – exactly as she was.

“Well, whatever the mysterious cause of it was, it still needs to be fixed,” Dallas said.

“I’ll give you a hand,” Reece said, jumping into the conversation.

Great white hunter make baby and then go fix problems,” Sidney said to Violet with a silly voice.

Reece crossed his eyes at Sidney and then continued talking with Dallas.

“When do you wanna do it?” Reece asked him.

“Right after we get back from spring break. I’ll get the stuff I need to fix the problem during the break,” Dallas answered. “And while we’re at it, there’s also a problem with the sprinkler system, too. Maybe we can figure that one out as well.”

“The sprinklers? Really?” Violet asked.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s just up on the third floor or throughout the building, but they don’t work,” Dallas said. “That’s scary, too. This whole place could go up in flames and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

“I wonder if Van knew that problem existed,” Violet said.

“Probably not,” Dallas answered.

“Well that’s upsetting. If he knew about the sprinkler problem, then he was playing games with everyone’s safety,” Violet said, everyone realizing how much further she still had to go to get Van out of her thoughts. “I’d sure like to play a few games with him, right now.”

“How about you play a game with us, instead?” Sidney asked, trying to redirect Violet’s train of thought.

“What are you talking about?” Violet asked Sidney, Sidney then looking at Reece-n-Dallas with wide eyes – hoping that one of them would be able to jump in and help her just then.

“CopOut,” Dallas said suddenly. “Let’s play CopOut.”

“Oh no,” Dixie said, curling up into a tighter ball on Dallas’s lap as she knew what that game was about.

“And what is CopOut?” Violet asked, folding her arms and raising an eyebrow.

“It’s very simple, really,” Dallas said with a grin. “We take turns asking embarrassing questions to each other. And if the answers given aren’t believable, then we call out CopOut.”

“And then what happens?” Reece asked.

“The person who gave the CopOut answer, has to take a piece of clothing off,” Dixie said with a giggle.

“Alright, I’m in,” Violet said, the possibilities of this game sounding very fun. “Who goes first?”

“I will,” Sidney said. “Dallas, have you ever kissed a guy? And family doesn’t count.”

“Okay, that’s a completely different question right there,” Reece said with a laugh. “If he kisses guys in his family, that’s just crazy altogether.”

“No, I have never kissed a guy, related or not,” Dallas answered.

Would you ever kiss a guy?” Violet asked quickly.

“Never,” Dallas answered.

After a few seconds of pause, Violet responded.

“I’ll believe that,” Violet said.

“Me too,” Sidney answered.

No CopOut!” Dixie said, making the official ruling.

“Alright, Sidney,” Dallas said, preparing to put her on the hot seat. “When you masturbate, who do you think of and how many times a week do you masturbate?”

“I only think of Reece and I never have to masturbate anymore,” Sidney said without a moment of hesitation.

“CopOut!” Dixie exclaimed.

“Dixie!” Sidney exclaimed back, stunned that Dixie would so quickly call her out.

“CopOut! CopOut! CopOut!” Dixie replied, emphatically.

“Shorts off, Sidney,” Reece said, patting Sidney’s diapered bottom as the girl stepped out of her shorts.

“Okay, Violet,” Dallas said, preparing to even the score with her, too. “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

“… Yes,” Violet said with hesitation, but then owning her answer. “I was curious what it tasted like.”

No CopOut!” Dixie stated, Violet sticking her thumbs behind the waistband of her shorts and snapping it at Dallas – having won the challenge over him.

“Sidster,” Dixie said to Sidney, joining in on the game. “If Reece said it was ok, would you have sex with someone else?”

“No,” Sidney answered with no hesitation at all.

“That is No CopOut. Sidney is faithful,” Dixie stated.

“Reece,” Violet said, getting Reece involved in the game. “Why did your most recent ex and you part ways?”

“Um, can I suggest we skip over that question?” Sidney asked Violet.

“Nope,” Violet said, matter-of-factly. “Answer, Reece.”

Sidney looked at Reece, quite worried.

“Because my … ex,” Reece said, gritting his teeth. “… was getting in the way of me meeting Sidney.”

“CopOut!” Violet declared happily.

“It was an honest answer,” Reece stated.

“I’m sure it was, but it was also a CopOut answer,” Violet said back, not realizing the storm she was creating. “Take your shirt off.”

“She’s right,” Dallas said.

“Okay, I’ll take my shirt off. But I did you all a favor in not answering fully,” Reece said, standing up and beginning to take his shirt off.

“And why is that?” Violet sassed at him. “What would the full answer have been?”

Reece paused from taking his shirt off and glared directly at Violet.

“Maybe someday, you’ll find yourself raped of 46 grand, tossed to the curb and then slapped in the face with some bullshit remark like Our relationship was what it was,” Reece answered bluntly and coldly.

“No CopOut,” Dixie answered with an uncomfortable whisper.

“I agree,” Violet said, realizing then the hornet’s nest she had stirred up and stopping Reece from taking his shirt off. “I’m sorry, Reece.”

“Don’t be,” Reece answered calmly and with a monotone quality in his voice. “You have no reason to be sorry.”

“Moving right along … Okay, Girls. Here are three questions for the three of you,” Dallas said, quickly jumping in and changing the subject. “What is your most embarrassing period moment? What do you do when you have to fart? And what is the meanest girl-on-girl crime you’ve ever committed? You three decide who answers which question.”

“I’ll answer the farting question,” Dixie said quickly.

“I’ll take the girl-on-girl crime one,” Violet said, right after Dixie got done talking.

Sidney looked at the girls, then throwing her hands up in the air.

“Of course,” Sidney said, glaring the two girls down for having thrown her under the bus with the period question. “Let’s see … my most embarrassing period moment … Well, I’d have to say that it was the one that happened in an airport.”

Violet and Dixie smiled, preparing to enjoy this story and glad that it wasn’t them having to admit to one of their own period mishaps.

“I’d like to say that this took place years ago, but I can’t say that. This actually happened last summer,” Sidney began, her face blushing pink already. “I was taking an airplane to Boston to visit with my cousins for a week or so before I started the fall semester last year. And after I got past the check-in point, I went to the bathroom to pee so I wouldn’t have to go when on the plane. And that was when I discovered that my Aunt Flo had come to visit me.”

Dixie and Violet covered their faces with their hands, knowing exactly what Sidney was going to say next.

“Of course, in all of my preparations and packing, I hadn’t brought along any protection. But that didn’t seem like such a problem since they had little newsstand stores in the airport. The problem was that all those stores were sold out of tampons and every other kind of protection that I could’ve used,” Sidney said, her face now as red as a beet. “So I had three options. I could’ve: #1 – Asked any random girl if she could spare a tampon. #2 – Bought one of those airport once-n-done baby diapers and turned it into a pad. Or #3 – Gone back into a bathroom stall and wadded up enough toilet paper to protect me and hopefully get me through the airplane ride to Boston.”

Sidney finished the story, but no one said anything as they were all waiting to hear which option she made. Seeing that she wasn’t going to get out of this without finishing her story completely or losing another piece of clothing, Sidney continued.

“I took option #3 and stuffed so much toilet paper up inside me and in my underwear that I would be okay until Boston,” Sidney answered.

No CopOut,” Dixie said.

“Thank you!” Sidney said to her with exasperation.

“When I have to fart, I try to go to the bathroom and get into a stall quickly or if shopping, I try to walk into a section of clothing where no one is around or, if at home, I’ll run out to the car to get something,” Dixie answered. “But generally, I just try to get away from everyone. And I always blame the fart on the closest guy near me.”

Violet and Sidney looked at each other and nodded.

No CopOut,” Violet and Sidney said in unison, Dallas and Reece obviously taking their word for it.

“So that leaves me with the girl-on-girl crime story,” Violet said, trying to think of some point in her life when she actually might’ve been cruel to another girl. “I once recorded a conversation I had with a girl where she bitched and bitched and bitched about how neglectful her boyfriend was of her. The truth was: her boyfriend waited on her, hand and foot. She was just one of those girls who couldn’t have enough done for her to keep her happy. I recorded this conversation with her on my cell phone and then later played it for her boyfriend to hear.”

“Ouch! What happened then? Did the guy leave her?” Sidney asked.

“No,” Violet said, smirking as she remembered it all. “As a matter of fact, he doubled his efforts to please her and she still wasn’t satisfied.”

“Then did the guy leave her?” Dixie asked.

“Nope,” Violet answered. “After that, they got married.”

“Wow,” Dallas said, dumbfounded by the whole thing.

“Okay, Guys. How long are your penises?” Violet asked, suddenly and boldly. “Go get a ruler and go measure yourselves. And remember, there’s a centimeter side to the ruler – if that helps at all.”

“14 inches,” Dixie said, pointing to Dallas.

“18 inches,” Sidney said, pointing to Reece.

“CopOut!” Violet said, pointing to Dixie and Sidney. “Shirts off, boys.”

Dallas and Reece looked at each other and then back to Violet.

“We didn’t even answer!” Dallas said, shocked.

“Shirts off,” Violet said with a smile, winking at the girls as they had set things up to get the guys undressing.

“Violet, what’s the strangest, funniest and creepiest pick-up lines that have been used on you?” Reece asked as he and Dallas took off their t-shirts.

“Hmm,” Violet said, thinking about it. “The strangest one was: Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids.”

“Ugh,” Sidney said, repulsed by the thought of a guy beginning any conversation like that.

“The funniest one was: I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?” Violet said, Dixie breaking out into laughter. “And the creepiest one was: My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.”

No CopOut,” Sidney said through laughter.

“Alright, Violet,” Dallas said, everyone seeming to target her – since she was still fully dressed. “Have you ever been turned on by anyone in this room to the point where you got wet?”

Violet hesitated to answer.

“No,” she said quickly thereafter.

Another moment of pause took place as everybody looked at each other and then back to her.

“CopOut! It’s so obvious that you’re lying. Take your shirt off,” Dixie said, helping Violet take her shirt off. “Sidney I’ve got a question for you. Have you ever fantasized about another girl?”

“No,” Sidney answered with a tone of honesty, everyone looking at her with skepticism.

Before anyone said CopOut, Sidney voluntarily took her own shirt off to the laughter of all.

“Okay … Sidney and Violet,” Reece said, pausing to get the wording right before continuing. “Which do you prefer more, when in bed with someone – to give the orders or to receive them?”

“To receive them,” Violet said.

“To give them,” Sidney said.

“You are both copping out! Violet, take off your shorts and Sidney, take off the bra!” Dallas said with exclamation.

“We were not copping out!” Violet said with a tell-all grin.

“And you can’t even convincingly lie about it now,” Dallas said. “Shorts off!”

Dixie stood there proudly as Violet stepped out of her shorts, revealing the diaper that Dixie had encouraged her to wear. Seeing Sidney in nothing but her diaper, Violet volunteered to take her bra off – for the sake of her friend.

“Isn’t this something else?” Reece asked with a smile. “The two of you sometimes run around here, wearing practically nothing at all. But of course this is the one day that both of you actually dress completely. Otherwise, we’d have gotten completely naked.”

“Well you know, Daddy,” Sidney said, crinkling her crawl over to him. “We BabyGirls stick together. And we have to look out for each other. If we don’t, we’re just tempting fate.”

And it was that phrase … tempting fate … that encouraged Sidney to ask one more question in the game, directing it to Violet, but not knowing how it would quickly backfire.

“Violet, how long can you take a spanking?” Sidney asked with a cheeky grin, knowing of Violet’s dark nature and her ability to withstand pain to a penultimate degree.

“I don’t know. Let’s find out,” Violet said with an equaling cheeky grin. “And how about you try it with me?”

Sidney could’ve turned the suggestion down, but it was a gauntlet challenge she really couldn’t refuse. After all that Violet had been through in the last month, the girl was still standing, stronger than ever. And this was inspiring to Sidney – so much so that, in many ways, Sidney wanted to be just like her.

“This game is called How Much Can You Take?” Violet said as she got up from the pull-out couch, took Sidney by the hand and walked over to the island table.

She lowered Sidney’s diaper to her mid-thighs and then did the same with her own diaper before placing her hands flat on the top of the island table. Sidney placed her hands on the table the same way.

“Okay, boys,” Violet said. “Take your belts off and loosen your shoulders.

“Violet, I don’t think I have it within me to give out a spanking,” Dallas admitted. “It’s just not in my nature.”

“Don’t worry yourself, Dallas,” Violet said. “I guarantee you’ll tire out before I do.”

“Sidney, are you okay with this?” Reece asked her.

“Oh yeah,” Sidney replied, revving herself up for the battle to come.

Dallas and Reece looked at each other and both exhaled before getting up from the pull-out couch, taking their belt off, folding the belts in half and lining up on either side of the girls. Dallas placed his free hand on Violet’s lower back and Reece did the same to Sidney.

The girls closed their eyes and waited. But they didn’t wait for long as the guys raised their belts and cut through the air with them, simultaneously landing the leather squarely across the girls’ bottoms for the first strike.

Violet didn’t flinch at all. But Sidney clenched her muscles at the feel of the sting, then releasing her muscles and breathing out heavily as she tried to calm herself down.

The second strike landed squarely across their bottoms again and on the same strip as the first. Violet still didn’t flinch or move at all. But Sidney clenched her muscles again, the sting now feeling twice as painful. She curled up her fingers into fists, then released her fingers – trying desperately to do things to distract from the ache.

The third strike landed squarely across their bottoms for a third time, once again on that same affected strip. Violet smiled, but still showed no reaction. Sidney winced and swallowed the lump in her throat. This was a lot more difficult than she had believed it would be. And thusly, her admiration for Violet increased as Violet hadn’t even broken a sweat.

The fourth strike landed at the tops of the back of their thighs, just nicking the undersides of their bottoms. The delivery to a new and unaffected area made Sidney rise up on her toes, gasping for air in pain. But Violet remained still and as steady as a rock, the smile on her face beginning to brighten.

The fifth strikes were full-arm swings that landed back at the center of the girls’ bottoms, the slap of leather echoing off the walls of Violet’s living room. Violet closes her eyes and moaned softly – the first bit of enjoyment for her finally appearing. Sidney, on the other hand, closed her eyes and started to softly cry.

The sixth strike landed squarely across the undersides of their bottoms. Violet widened her stance as the softly sobbing Sidney brought her feet together. The seventh strike returned to the center of their bottoms, Violet moaning again as redness began to form on the strip across the center of her cheeks. Sidney still wept, but now not as softly as redness also formed across the center of her bottom, but a noticeable welt also appeared – beginning to puff her skin up as well.

The eighth strike landed across the center of their bottoms yet again, but this time twice as hard. Violet moaned twice as hard, then tightening her lips and beginning to breathe evenly. Sidney took a few jumping prances to displace the pain, to little avail. The ninth strike landed on that same strip of their bottoms – just as hard as the one prior.

“You can give up whenever you want, Sidster,” Violet said, smiling brightly.

Sidney’s eyes were fully welled with tears and looking over at Violet, they began to stream down the sides of her face.

The tenth strike returned to the tops of the back of their thighs. Violet moaned loudly, her pleasure rising steadily. Sidney whimpered loudly, feeling the sting underneath the surface of her skin as her surface had gone numb. The eleventh strike landed squarely across the center of their bottoms for the umpteenth time – the most affected area and the one that seemed to generate the greatest reaction out of the girls. Violet began breathing a little more heavily. Sidney grabbed the edge of the island table and knelt down for a second, bending her knees to allow her leg muscles a few moments of relief before standing back up.

The twelfth strike landed on their bottoms and Sidney had to kneel down again momentarily.

“It’s okay, Sidster,” Violet said with a commanding tease. “If you’re just a little girl and you can’t take it, then give up.”

Sidney closed her eyes and smiled, though entering into an excruciating level of pain.

“You are evil, Violet,” Sidney said, both of them then laughing.

“Yeah, I am,” Violet said with a wink. “And I’m very good at it, when I need to be.”

Strike #13 landed in as unlucky of a way as the number was itself, lashing them both across the bottom, but breaking Sidney’s skin open. And though Sidney should’ve been shrieking in pain, she wasn’t – instead occupied with the truth that Violet had just stated.

Strike #14 landed somewhere, but Sidney could no longer tell if it was the top of the back of her thighs or her bottom. It all was numb to her, at this point. Sidney reached over and tucked Violet’s hair behind her right ear. Violet had been through a horrific, abusive end to a relationship that had meant everything to her. She had seen her world turned upside down, her confidence taken from her, her esteem destroyed and her life transformed into that of a reclusive shut-in. Yet, Violet had pulled herself back together. Yes, she was emotionally wounded and yes, she had new struggles to deal with, but a simple bit of playful spanking had proven one everlasting truth: We are far stronger than we believe ourselves to be.

The fifteenth offering of the belts landed with an echoing slap of leather and as Reece dropped the belt from his hand, Sidney knew what he was about to do.

“Get to twenty, Violet. Get to twenty,” Sidney quickly whispered to her, a moment before Reece grabbed Sidney and pulled her off the edge of the island table.

“You are done,” Reece said with a direct bit of dominance that was uncommon for him. “No more.”

Sidney kneeled on the closest chair, unable to sit for obvious reasons and from that point forward, she and Violet never broke eye contact. Dallas wound his arm up and delivered the 16th offering, another bit of contact from the belt that echoed the slap of leather off the freshly painted walls of Violet’s apartment.

“Are you sure you’ve never spanked anyone before?” Sidney asked Dallas, beginning to feel the pain at last.

Violet leaned up on the edge of the island table and took her feet off the ground – so as to not collapse, should the pain worsen to a degree she could no longer handle, herself. It was yet another challenge being placed before the mighty Violet that she would win. And from where Sidney was kneeling, she could see tears of pain beginning to well in Violet’s eyes, but never once did defeat overtake the girl’s irises. And that was real strength, not the force Dallas used to wield the belt, not the choke hold Violet’s ex had used on her the night he was arrested and not the effect of the flashbacks Violet had at sporadic moments.

The 17th offering of the belt landed across Violet’s bottom, jolting the girl and making her climb up on top of the island table a bit more. Yeah, her resistance was fading, but not her determination. And though her eyes were filled with tears, Violet would not shed them. So, Sidney cried for her.

The leather belt landed across the top of the back of Violet’s thighs for its 18th arrival. And Violet smiled. She had found the zone, as it were – a safe place to travel to in thought and the greatest tool to utilize when trying to separate pleasurable things from the lesser. Violet softly groaned as, once again, she had conquered something seemingly insurmountable. And now, she would begin to swell between her legs as well. The jolt of the belt’s strike rocked her body forward again, only teasing her softer tissues and heightening the wetness that had arrived just in time for her to enjoy her own spectacle of self.

Strike #19 wasn’t nearly as powerful as the previous ones, a sign that Dallas was beginning to weaken in the arm. Not even he could outlast Violet’s determination. But the strike was still powerful enough to jolt her body and rock her sweetness across the top of the island table. Pleasure was all she could feel at that point and how wonderful it was, indeed.

Every day had become a little better than the one prior for Violet. Every sunrise meant she was a day further away from the rock-bottom memory of a Valentine’s Day that held for her anything but love.

Strike #20 landed on Violet’s bottom and she held her hand up.

“It’s mind over matter, Sidney,” Violet said, placing her feet back on the ground and conceding to the end of the spanking. “Dixie?”

“Yeah?” Dixie replied, waddling over to her.

“I want you to go up to your apartment and get two Ziploc bags. Fill them with ice and also grab ointment,” Violet said as she and Sidney held each other up while they slowly made their way over to the pull-out couch in the middle of the living room.

With their diapers still pulled down to the middle of their thighs, they lied next to one another on their bellies and exhaled. Despite the fact that Sidney didn’t last as long as Violet had, Sidney still smiled at how far she had made it. And the greatest bit of accomplishment for her came from the thought that she, herself, never actually gave up.

“It’s mind over matter, Sidney. It’s mind over matter,” Violet said, turning her head to the side and closing her eyes.

And that was No CopOut at all.

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