Little Red’s Ride

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ABDL BedTime Stories The Tangled Fairy Tales

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here is a little story about twists and turns and why to call a wolf “a wolf”.


Little Red’s Ride

“Blow,” Taz said, holding a Kleenex to Kaitlin’s nose as she opened her mouth and took in as much air as possible before closing her lips and clearing her nostrils.

It wasn’t very lady-like behavior, but she honestly could’ve cared less at that moment. It was 8 am on a beautiful Saturday morning and Kaitlin was lying in bed, as sick as a dog. And she felt just awful. She had made it through the entire stretch of winter, without even getting a head cold. Others suffered from stomach viruses as well as the usual illnesses of cold weather. But Kaitlin remained perfectly healthy.

And this was a testament to a heritage she was quite proud of. Kaitlin was Irish, complete with the red hair and all. She wasn’t the kind of girl to get a tan in the summer, but on this day, she looked whiter than normal as the flu rippled through her like she wasn’t even there. Kaitlin’s father had worked for 58 years before retiring and the only day he took off from work was the day she was born. He never got sick, even when he actually was sick. So it personally pained Kaitlin to have had to call in sick to work yesterday. All she would’ve needed to do was get through one more day of work to make it to the weekend and to uphold the legacy of her father. But yesterday morning, she couldn’t even stand up out of bed.

And this morning, her fever had spiked to the point that she sweated straight through her night shirt. Oh, how she despised being sick – the achiness, the fevers, the congestion, the upset stomach. But she didn’t believe in doctors and refused to even go to them to get a note of sickness for work. And because of this, she suffered physically, but retained pride of heart.

Now, all she had to do was ride the flu out without it making her so incredibly sick that her beloved Taz would have to rush her to the hospital. And as she watched him strip her of the drenched night shirt, her sass kicked up.

“You just wanna make me naked,” Kaitlin said weakly with a cough to follow.
Taz reached down to her waist, unfastening the front of her diaper – then pausing to think about what she just said.

“Yes, that’s true as well, but you’ve soaked through your clothes, BabyGirl and I’m willing to bet your temperature is over 100,” Taz said as he placed a thermometer under her tongue.

She smiled up at him, the lone gesture she could make that didn’t hurt her to do. His nickname was Taz. But his real name was Tezer. He was of Turkish origin, but the fourth generation of his family in America. And though his grandparents were well-versed in the Turkish language, he couldn’t speak a single syllable of it. Taz had a dark complexion, black hair, a strong jaw line and dark eyes that always mesmerized her … ever since the day they met.

Five years ago, Kaitlin walked onto the Boston College campus as a hopeful freshman who was ready to embrace the big bad world. Sent to a place of higher education with extremely Catholic beginnings, she believed that the pathway to finding her place in this world would be easiest found in familiar settings. But the first thing she learned at Boston College was that nothing in life would present itself to her as if she was entitled to receive it.

She was a freshmen and Taz was a sophomore. They met face-to-face in the campus cafeteria when he served her from behind the counter. In order to afford to go to Boston College, Taz had to work several side jobs to pay for it. One of those jobs was being a cafeteria worker. Every night, Kaitlin would get whatever the day’s entrée was … as well as mashed potatoes. Oh my Blue Heaven, Kaitlin loved mashed potatoes! And every night at dinner, Taz gave her a heaping amount of them on her plate.

Boston College would teach her a lot, but it was Taz who showed her that hard work sometimes yielded results that were otherwise unattainable. Even though her parents were paying for her schooling, she was no more entitled than him. Instead of shrugging this off with arrogance, it made her think and it changed her approach to life.

They got to know one another and began dating. They quickly found out that they were a perfectly compatible couple. A year later, Kaitlin opened up to him about her less-than-vanilla interests. Taz was immediately intrigued, still not sold on the idea, but certainly willing to learn about it. So one night, they sat up in her dorm room and she helped him peruse the internet, learning all about: “The Daddy’s Girl Fetish”, “ABDL”, “Age Play”, “Role Playing”, “Submission and Domination” and a plethora of other quirky interests that always made Kaitlin blush when she thought about them.

Taz took the thermometer out of her mouth, reading its temperature to be 100.5 degrees as he folded down the front of her diaper, making her pout softly.

“You are just as fussy as the first time I did this to you,” Taz said, sliding the diaper out from underneath her and walking across the hall into the bathroom.

He was right.

After that night of having researched the dynamic of an age play relationship, Taz sprang into action – keeping her in his dorm room for an entire weekend and “Daddying” the daylights out of her – from diapers to bottles to cuddling to feedings and stories. Oh, could he tell amazing stories, making them up off the top of his head. He would also get massive amounts of mashed potatoes from the cafeteria for her dinners. And she would sit on his bed, eating the mashed potatoes with her fingers – wearing nothing but a bib and her diaper. In fact, she wore nothing but a diaper that whole weekend – save for the quick trips they took out to get food and for a short time when she would return to her dorm room to take a shower each day. And though she was in Fantasy Heaven the whole time, she fussed about it. It just seemed natural to do so and it drove her thoughts into further submission to know that he was in charge.

Taz returned from the bathroom with a small basin of water and a wash cloth. Setting the basin on the edge of the bed, he slid his arms up underneath her back – then sitting her up slowly and as gently as possible. She felt helplessly limp in his hands and her skin emitted such heat as if she was burning from within. She breathed softly, the congestion in her chest making her inhales audible. Dipping the wash cloth in the basin water, he placed it at the back of her neck – holding her against him as he took the wash cloth down her spine. The heat passed through the cloth, making him worry. She was very sick and a temperature as high as hers was nothing to take lightly.

Then he eased her back down onto the bed, watching her cough into a fuss.

“I wish you’d let me take you to the doctor,” Taz said softly, dipping the wash cloth in the basin water again and gently cleaning her face with it. “All of this sickness pain would be gone so much quicker if you’d just take a little medication for it. A Tylenol, even.”

Kaitlin closed her eyes and laughed softly, but not softly enough to prevent yet another series of coughs.

“I’m a girl,” Kaitlin whispered with a raspy voice. “Things hurt sometimes. That’s life. It doesn’t mean that drugging myself up is the only way to feel better.”

Taz brought the wash cloth down the front of her body, the heat emitting off the front of her frame with a pinkish hue to her skin – making it seem warmer than her back. He bathed every inch of her body, doing all he could to cooler her down. But even as he finished, he could see little beads of sweat re-forming on her forehead. And, going to the kitchen to get her something to eat, he decided that, for the first time in their stay in that apartment (and for the first time in their relationship for that matter), he was going to force her to do something she really needed to do, but refused to. The trick was: to find some way to still allow her to make the decision herself.

When Taz graduated, he remained within the area, getting an apartment. The next year, when Kaitlin graduated, she moved in with him and the rest was history.

Taz returned to the bedroom a few minutes later with a glass of lemon-lime Gatorade and a small plate with two pieces of toast on it. He set the glass and the plate on the night stand by the side of the bed and then walked over to the closet – opening it and reaching for a box on the top shelf.

Kaitlin smiled. She knew that toast would lead to bananas, rice and apple sauce … the B.R.A.T. diet, perfect for a sick little girl who was fussy. Reaching over to the small plate, she saw two pills sitting on top of the toast … ibuprofen.

Frowning, she looked back over at Taz who had set the box on the floor and opened it. Then, without any more ado, she picked up the pills and put them in her mouth – taking a few swallows from the glass of Gatorade. Ripping off a big piece of toast, she stuffed her mouth full – not really hungry, but not having the strength to battle with him on it.

“That’s a good girl,” Taz said with a soft voice, Kaitlin’s attention being drawn back to him.

Seeing the cloth diaper in his hands, she gave the brightest smile she could as little tummyflies began to flutter in her belly. And though her body dealt with temperature and sickness, her little heart was feeling just fine – so much so that she could feel the slightest of tingles … in all the right places.

“Now … I know that you don’t like the cloth kind,” Taz said, a syrupy tone rippling through his voice. “But they’ll keep you a little cooler than the other ones – ventilation for a hot BabyGirl who is burning up.”

Taz parted her legs and placed the cloth diaper between her thighs on the mattress. She was so affected that she fidgeted.

“How cute you are,” Taz said with sweetness as he powdered the inside of the diaper instead of making her curl her legs up.

Kaitlin lifted her hips slightly and he slid the diaper underneath her bottom. She sighed softly, feeling the cool powder on her skin and the gentle feel of the cloth. Placing the safety pin between his teeth, he tossed the plastic pants up over his shoulder as he took powder to her front – from hip to hip and then down between her legs. She sighed again at how gentle his fingertips were and at the thought that, if she had been feeling better and had the strength, that moment would’ve gone instantly sexual for both of them.

He brought the front of the diaper up and then folded the side length over top of it, taking the pin from his teeth, opening it and carefully working its point through the flaps of cloth just below her navel. But he didn’t fasten the cloth diaper snuggly – instead leaving it loose for her to wiggle around in and hopefully for air to flow through. Feeding her feet through the holes of the plastic pants, he scooched them up her legs and over the diaper. And in doing so, the plastic pants trapped air –ballooning into a puff.

Kaitlin laughed herself into another series of coughs, then laughing harder as she watched him placed his hands on the front of the plastic pants – pushing down gently to force the air out.

“No mushrooms?” Kaitlin asked, taking another swig from the glass of Gatorade.

“No mushrooms,” Taz replied. “Mushrooms are only good for helping Alice find Wonderland.”

And that was when the idea came to him.

Just as the ibuprofen would hopefully help to break her fever and move her in the direction of getting better, Taz decided that the time between now and her returned health would need a distraction that just might help the time pass more quickly for her.

“Okay,” he said, holding another Kleenex to her nose as she blew. “You need to get more rest, but I’m going to tell you a fairy tale until you go to sleep. And I’m going to keep telling you fairy tales all weekend long until your flu is gone.”
Kaitlin smiled as much as her fevered condition would allow her as he covered her with a thin sheet and sat next to her on the bed. She turned over onto her tummy, the only appropriate position for a BabyGirl to fall asleep in. Taz turned her pillow over to the cool side and she brought her head to rest on it, looking up at him with glimmers of happiness that were too bogged down with sickness to pour out of her. But he could see her health was attainable. It would just take time for the flu to pass through her. Until then, he would nurse her back to health – with care, with deeds and with fairy tales.

“But I’m not going to tell the regular old fairy tales,” Taz said, a twinkle of creativity crossing over his irises. “I think maybe these fairy tales could stand to be … twisted a bit … and tangled together.”

“Can you make them … a little naughty, too?” Kaitlin whispered.
Her eyes twinkled with another glimmer of healthiness that told him she was going to be paying attention, in more ways than one. He winked at her, his creative juices now flowing.

“This is the story of Little Red’s Ride,” Taz began, twisting Little Red Riding Hood in his head already. “Once Upon A Time, there was a magical countryside in the middle of nowhere with a magical forest in it that created all the fairy tales of the world. In the magical countryside, the girls wore short dresses and most often kept their hair in pigtails.”

Kaitlin smiled more widely, knowing that Taz was going to make these fairy tales the kind of stories that would turn into dreams, once she fell asleep. Nestling down, she listened intently.

One such girl in a short dress was Little Red, a sweetheart who lived on the far end of the countryside with her beloved Jack. Little Red had red curly hair and when traveling to visit her grandmother, always wore a red cape with a red hood. She loved red apples and red roses. Her cheeks were always rosy and every time she visited her grandmother, she always came back with red candy.

One day, Little Red kissed her beloved Jack goodbye as she traveled into the magical forest to visit with her grandmother and to bring her red apples so she could make apple pie. But along the way, the well-beaten path that Little Red normally traveled seemed to change a little. And suddenly she wasn’t sure if she was headed in the right direction or not. How silly was this? Little Red traveled to her grandmother’s house every single time someone read her fairy tale. She had made this trip more times than she could remember. She could make this trip with her eyes closed. Never once had she gotten lost before. How could she suddenly not know where she was?

But luck and familiarity would return as Little Red recognized the little bridge that went over the little brook, just a short distance away from her grandmother’s house. But on the far side of the bridge was a big tree that had fallen over and was blocking the pathway.

Well now, this was really strange! No tree had ever fallen in these woods. It was magical. Nothing was ever supposed to go wrong there. Standing on the middle of the little bridge, she looked to her left and then she looked to her right. There was no other way to get around the fallen tree while keeping her feet dry. With a basket of apples and a desire still to see her grandmother that day, Little Red began to climb over the fallen tree. It certainly didn’t turn out to be as easy as she thought and she swore that the tree was growing in width as she tried to climb over it.

Thankfully, she did make it to the other side but when she stood up and dusted herself off, she found herself face-to-face with the Big Bad Wolf. Normally, this wolf waited for her to walk into her grandmother’s house, but this time, the wolf met her on the pathway. And there was something different about the beast she couldn’t quite put her finger on. His eyes looked different, too. They were beautiful deep blue in color, just like the eyes of her beloved Jack back home.

“Stay back. I know who you are,” Little Red said, taking a red apple out of the basket and holding it up to throw it at him in defense.

“And who am I?” the wolf asked, lightly snarling at her, but more so smiling.

“You’re the Big Bad Wolf,” Little Red said, emphatically.

“I am a Wolf, yes,” the wolf replied. “But all these years, you’ve believed me to be Big and Bad.”

“You are Big and Bad,” Little Red stated. “And you’ve hurt my grandmother.”

“Your grandmother is fine. And you know she’s fine,” the wolf said. “Why would you travel to see her so many times, if you truly believed she was gone?”
Little Red had no reply for a few seconds. Then she thought of the right response.

“But that doesn’t mean I should trust you,” Little Red said, boldly. “What purpose would you have in these woods, if not to eat fairy tale girls?”

“If I wanted to eat you, I would’ve done it already,” the wolf replied, just as boldly. “And I hope you can learn to trust me because you’re going to need to very soon.”

The wolf sat its hind quarters down before continuing.

“My purpose in being in these woods is to find you,” the wolf stated, taking his left back paw and trying to scratch an itch behind his left ear. “I’ve been sent to find you to tell you that Jack is hurt and he is in trouble.”

Little Red looked into the wolf’s deep blue eyes again, deciding if she was going to believe him. All of this could’ve been a trick. The wolf could’ve been lying, trying to get her to lower her guard. But if the wolf was telling the truth, then there was no time to waste and she would need to run back home quickly. When last she saw Jack, he was working in the fields behind their little house.

Cautiously, she inquired further.

“What happened to Jack?” she asked, skeptical of the wolf’s story.

“There’s no time for me to explain,” the wolf said. “Plus, we need to go to the house of the old widow of the woods. She is aware of Jack’s condition and has concocted a potion for him to drink.”

“The old widow of the woods?” Little Red asked. “Do you mean the witch of the woods?”

“She’s not a witch, Red,” the wolf replied. “She’s no more of a witch than I am Big and Bad.”

Little Red stood there, stunned. In every tale she had ever heard, the old lady in the woods was a witch who ate fairy tale girls. And the only other woman who lived in the woods was her grandmother.

“I don’t know about all of this,” Little Red said, taking a step back.

“Well, you’ll believe me when you get home to find Jack in trouble,” the wolf stated, bluntly. “And then you’ll wish you had believed me when you had the chance.”

Little Red began to nibble on her lower lip. What if the wolf was telling the truth? Knowing that she could’ve done something would remain within her little heart as regret for the rest of her fairy tale life.

“How far away is the widow’s house?” Little Red asked, still trying to get herself to believe the beast.

“It’s in the center of the forest,” the wolf said, lowering its two front paws and squatting down. “But if you climb on my back, I will run to her house as fast as I can.”

“I don’t think you can carry me,” Little Red said, trying to find a pleasant way to explain why there was no way she was going to climb on his back.

The wolf closed its eyes and magically grew in size.

“Well, look at that,” Little Red said with surprise. “You are Big, after all.”

“I know, but I don’t like to brag about it,” the wolf said quietly. “Red, we haven’t much time. If you want to save Jack, then climb on my back NOW and hold on tight!”

Little Red set her basket of red apples by the fallen tree and climbed onto the wolf’s back, gripping the hair at the scruff of its neck as the wolf took off in a sprint. They raced through the magical forest with blinding speed, the wolf jumping over all the brooks and brush with the greatest of ease. And as they began to near the center of the forest, the canopy of leaves in the treetops overhead began to thicken, allowing less daylight to trickle down and darkening their path ahead.

Arriving at the widow’s house, the wolf came to a screeching halt, taking a moment to catch its breath as Little Red climbed down off its back. She looked ahead to the house two see two girls running out of it.   The one girl stopped and looked directly at Little Red, almost as if she wanted to tell Little Red something. But the other grabbed her arm, while yelling out: “No, Gretel! Come on!” Then the two girls took off, running away into the forest.

“Gretel?” Little Red thought, making her way to the front door of the little house. “Was that the Gretel that I used to play with when I was even more little? And what was her brother’s name?”

Shrugging it off, she opened the front door and walked in – to find the old widow lying dead on the floor, next to a huge black kettle of boiling water.

“Mr. Wolf!” Little Red exclaimed as she ran inside and over to the kettle, looking into the water and seeing a vision of Jack being strangled by, what looked like, a large green plant.

Jack appeared to be struggling to breathe, but still fighting strongly.

“Oh, Jack,” Little Red said, tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m right here, Red,” she heard Jack’s voice say.

Looking up from the water, she saw Jack standing in the door way, his beautiful deep blue eyes never looking as captivating as they did just then. Without a moment to spare, he walked over to her and she ran into his arms.

“I thought you were hurt,” Little Red whimpered through tears. “I saw it in the water in this kettle.”

“Don’t believe everything you see,” Jack stated calmly as she turned around and looked at the water again, seeing that it wasn’t really Jack standing behind her – but instead, the wolf who had transformed himself to look like Jack.

“You’re not my beloved Jack,” Little Red said, sadly. “You’re just the wolf.”

“That’s right. I am,” the wolf said. “But you need me as much as I need you.”

The wolf walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Who is Little Red without the Big Bad Wolf?” the wolf asked, sniffing her hair as his paws wrapped around her from behind. “What a tender fairy tale girl you are.”

Little Red’s little heart trembled and pounded at the same time. She could feel his aggression, hearing his heavy breathing. Feeling more little than usual, she began to tingle in all the right places – as if the magical forest had placed her in a trance.

“Oh, Mr. Wolf,” she whispered with fussiness as she stared down into his wolf reflection in the kettle water while reaching up to his left ear. “What big ears you have!”

“All the better to hear you with, my Little Red,” the wolf replied, growling softly at how good it felt to be scratched behind the ear.

He pressed his paws against the sides of her breasts, smashing them inwards and feeling how endowed she was.

“And what big paws you have,” Little Red whispered, a fidgety arousal building within her.

“All the better to feel you with,” the wolf gently growled into her ear as his left paw traveled down her frame, lifting up the front of her short dress and beginning to scratch his way up her left inner thigh.

“And what big eyes you have,” Little Red said, a poutiness for lust coming through in her softened, bothered tone as she reached up and touched his eyelids.

“All the better to see you with,” the wolf said, closing his eyes as she dribbled her fingertips down his snout.

“And what a big mouth you have,” Little Red fussed as the wolf’s paw ventured up between her legs, teasing her arousal further.

“All the better to … eat … you with,” the wolf said softly.

“Will you be gentle with me?” Little Red asked, beginning to twitch from his furry touch to her labia.

“No,” the wolf growled softly.

“Will you treat me like a princess?” Little Red asked, her fussiness at a fevered pitch.

“No,” the wolf growled, just a bit louder.

“Will you ravage me senseless?” Little Red asked, her breathing becoming erratic as she began to rock her hips and grind her mound into his furry paw.

“Yes,” the wolf growled, more loudly still.

“And will you pin me down as you only think of your own pleasure?” Little Red asked, her lower lip jutting out in pouty and lustful want.

“YES!” the wolf growled loudly, Little Red reaching up to his snout with her other hand.

She wrapped all her fingers around his snout and clenched down. The wolf looked down into the surface of the kettle water, seeing the twinkle in the reflection of Little Red’s eyes.

“I’m not that kind of fairy tale girl,” Little Red said, before leaning forward and hoisting him up over her back, forcing him into the kettle of boiling water.
But much to her surprise, he didn’t remain in the kettle, splashing around in agony. Instead, the kettle of water consumed the wolf and he disappeared. The image on the surface of the water returned to that of Jack being strangled by a large green plant.

“Oh my beloved Jack,” Little Red said, turning to leave the little house in the middle of the magical forest.  “I’m on the way.”

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy TalesABDL BedTime StoriesThe Tangled Fairy Tales

KindleNook PDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

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