Her Dirty Knight in Shining Armor

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Gratification: Volume Two
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here is a little story about the needs she wanted, the wants she needed and a little pink plastic potty to call her throne.


Her Dirty Knight in Shining Armor – 

Skylar strolled through the park, practically bursting at the seams with excitement.  Holding hands with Blake, her feet were skipping steps, just as her heart was skipping beats.  And though, she felt the need to pinch herself, she didn’t want to, for fear she would find the end of a dream that seemed quite real.  But as she would learn over the next few days, need and want were different things – though one could always lead to the next, easily … very easily.

“Are you sure about this?  I mean, are you absolutely sure?” Blake asked, squeezing her hand a few times as they strolled along, Skylar smiling sweetly at his concerns for caution.

She may have been a diaper girl, but she was still a Big Girl, capable of handle things like an adult and capable of making decisions that were tough.  Still, it touched her that he fussed over her so.  But it wasn’t just his unnecessary concerns that endeared him to her.  No, there were a great many things about him that she loved.

He was tall.  He was handsome.  And when she hugged him, she disappeared inside his arms, the kind of embrace that drew her inside his coat as she clung to him so tightly he could’ve zipped up the front of it with her inside.  He had this wonderful smell she just couldn’t breathe in enough of.  She swore she could smell him everywhere she went, as if the scent deliberately lingered about – just so she would never get him off her mind.  His hands were huge and she felt so small when she locked fingers with him, her wiles igniting as she hoped what they say about a guy with big hands was true.  How could it not be true?

Blake wasn’t just a giant, compared to her.  He was a gentle giant when he needed to be and a little rougher when he wanted to be.  And it seemed he had it figured out.  He had a lot of things figured out that she was hoping he might show her.  Maybe this little weekend together would show her more than she could handle.  Maybe she wouldn’t want to leave at the end.  Maybe she wouldn’t even be able to leave at the end.  Maybe she ought to pinch herself, after all, before the Princess dreams started up and led her down a pathway that would begin with pretty yellow bricks, but as usual, wouldn’t even have tiny cobblestones for her to walk on before long.

Blake was definitely the Daddy-type.  She could see it in him clearly, in his mannerisms, in his personality and not just because she read it on his profile.  He seemed to have a regular way of life about him, balanced between his kinky nature and his place in the vanilla world.  A lot of people online didn’t have that balance, some leaning too far into their off-the-beaten-path ventures and some staying too close to the beaten path to be able to explore.  But Blake had both figured out and it put a confidence in his posture, making him quite attractive.

Skylar was so many things, not the least of which being a diaper girl.  She didn’t necessarily relate to the whole baby thing, but it certainly had its moments of interest for her.  But a guy that could look at her and melt her with a single gaze would always make her a sucker for love.  And in her online lurking, she really hadn’t found too many guys who could be so chivalrous while thinking so dirty.  But Blake was certainly her dirty knight in shining armor.

In her searches and explorations, she had uncovered quite a bit of eye-opening and heart-pounding discoveries, making her curiosities too strong to ignore.  That’s what made her dig into forums for more information.  And it was through those specific thread replies she discovered Blake.  She had no idea what he looked like, but read everything he wrote, over and over again, until she had it memorized.  And if he could type his thoughts so clearly, this meant he had a mind she both wanted and needed to get to know.  Surely, he would have the answers to so many questions that had begun piling up inside her heart.

When she finally contacted him, she was overjoyed to find out he only lived an hour and a half away.  She was also quite happy to see he was a really good-looking guy, so good looking that she got wet at first sight of his gaze (though she could never bring herself to tell him that, at least not until she knew he felt the same way when looking at her.)

“You still haven’t answered my question, Skylar,” Blake said, taking a seat on the small stone wall that lined the walkway through the park.  “Are you absolutely sure, diaper girl?”

He took both of her hands and made her face him, Skylar lowering her chin and swaying the skirt of her casual dress back-n-forth.  She had spent a few evenings with him before as they went out to dinner and simply hung out at his apartment, but this meet-up felt like a first date to her because it was very much the beginning of a lot of new things.  So cautious about making another good impression, she did more research online, this time looking for advice on what to wear on a first date.  And from the plethora of online counsel, she wore her hair down, dressing in a simple casual dress that wasn’t too vampy or flirtatious or trendy, wearing a soft tan color, a modest amount of perfume, opting out of the fashion of high heels for the comfort of ankle socks -n- white tennis shoes and even being conservative with her make-up.  She felt a little dressed down, to be honest with herself, but she did in fact feel more comfortable – being a captive of her desires, not her outfit.

“Yes,” she finally answered him, whispering with sweetness.

It was growing later that Friday evening and knowing that she had the weekend free from work, he asked her to spend it with him.  Accepting the invitation, she then confessed how curious she had become about more things she had seen online than she could remember.  And she asked him to help her explore her curiosities.  This led to a long phone conversation a few days prior when she tried to put to words what she was interested in trying out. 

Being a diaper girl gave her little feelings sometimes.  And just wearing a diaper under her dress gave her tingles in all the right places – especially at moments like the present, when he made her sit on his lap, facing him.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles at the small of his back.  Blake was one of many fish in the sea for sure, but he was the one who had bitten down on her fishing line and she wasn’t going to throw him back into the water.  No way was she letting him go.  And now, a weekend of simple, yet complex pleasures awaited her.  But what she didn’t know was that this simple weekend would turn into five days of want and need.

She had gotten off work at 4pm early that day and went home, getting a bite to eat and taking a shower, shaving everything but her head and dolling up in that casual dress, flouncy and fun.  She diapered up, as any diaper girl would, slipped into her tennis shoes and drove the hour and a half to him.  He met her at a parking garage a few blocks from his apartment and they strolled through the center of town for a little while.

“Okay, first things first,” Blake said, reaching around to her lower back and forcing her up close to him.  “You told me that you’re interested in knowing what a lack of control feels like, right?”

“Yeah,” Skylar said, her heart pounding now as they were finally starting to delve into what the weekend would hold.  “Control of my mind, my emotions … my … body.”

She tingled all over at the sound of the admittance escaping her lips, quite grateful he was willing to talk about it all so thoroughly before they did anything.  Communication was paramount, especially when venturing into the unknown … unknown for her at least.

“Why do you want to feel powerless?” Blake asked.

“Because I’ve never tried it before, but I think about it all the time now,” Skylar stated, pausing before she made the greatest admittance of all, perhaps.  “This may sound a bit … forward, but is it ever sexual for you?  I mean, do you ever get aroused by any of this?  Sort of like, I don’t know, I just.  I wanna be pushed to the limits with everything … and maybe beyond some of those limits.”

“So, it’s something that is sexual for you, but something that isn’t just sexual and you want it all … no holds barred, just so long as you don’t exceed a limit you can’t handle,” Blake said, clarifying her words.

Skylar smiled, her little heart pounding harder now as he had just summarized her babbled ramblings perfectly.  Not only did he have clarity of thought, but he also actually listened to her.  Oh, this was getting better and better.

“So, is the sky the limit for Skylar?” Blake asked, patting the back of her diapered bottom through her dress.

“Yeah.  Absolutely everything is fair game,” she whispered softly, smiling at how much she enjoyed when he patted her bottom like that.  “Except for knives.  No knives and no cutting … Oh and no needles … And no electricity.”

“Okay.  We won’t do those things,” Blake said, smiling brightly at how cute her expressions were.

“But absolutely everything else is okay,” Skylar said, excitedly.

“So you want to feel the lack of control – mentally and physically, but you don’t want any permanent marks or damaged thoughts,” Blake said, clarifying again.

“Exactly!” she said with enthusiasm, bouncing up-n-down slightly on his lap, crinkling with happiness at how he truly, truly got it.

“Okay,” he said with a bright smile again.  “We’ll go slowly to start.”

“No. Let’s go fast, right away.  Let’s go … wild,” Skylar said quickly.  “I have wants.  I have needs.  And I’ll do whatever I must to get them both.”

Blake gazed at her, her irises glistening with the signs of electricity she already had inside her.  She was so sincere about her desires to explore, yet so innocent.  And what Blake didn’t realize yet was that the feeling inside his chest was the same as what she was feeling, too.  They were falling in love with each other.  Skylar’s adamancy to venture into the unknown with him was an indication that she had found the right guy.  And it was he who had fueled her curiosities to a fevered-pitch, too strong and intense for her to ignore.

“Tell me what you need,” Blake said, tucking her locks behind her ears.

Tell him what she needed?  Was he serious?  How could she possibly answer that question with any modesty at the moment?  What she needed was to be tied down, made to really pay attention to him and to become a mess inside as he whispered all the right dirty things into her ear.  She needed her defenses to be brought down, her walls to crumble and to be rebuilt from within, only then to be ravaged physically until she was so exhausted that she could hardly move, so affected that the only utterances of words she could say would be the remnants of bothered, breathy begging.

How could she possibly summarize all of that to him?

“I don’t know what I need,” Skylar said, frowning at her cowardice.

“Okay,” Blake said, placing his hands at the back of her neck and sliding his fingers up into her hair – beginning to massage her scalp.  “Tell me what you think you need.”

Skylar closed her eyes, feeling his fingertips working into the muscles at the back of her neck and ears.  Losing her equilibrium slightly at the massage, she wavered, rocking forward-n-back erratically until he tightened his hands’ wrap around the back of her head.

“Tell Daddy what you think you need, Skylar,” Blake whispered with a softening tone, his timbre traveling straight to the center of her soul and quieting every other noise in the park so all she could hear was her own heart beat and the pulse of his through his fingertips.

“I need to be shown why I don’t always have to fight to get what I want,” Skylar whispered, her tone heavy with breath as the massage sent pings of sensation across her entire scalp.  “I need to be taken places where insecurity could never lead me.  And I need to walk a very straight line for once in my life.”

“And now tell me what you think you want,” Blake whispered, releasing her neck from his hands and easing her down to lie on his chest.

Skylar turned her head to the side and rested it on his sternum, listening to his heart beat as her arms wrapped around his torso.

“I want…,” she began, then catching herself before starting to cry – quickly swallowing a lump in her throat.

Whenever she spoke of want, she always got a strange dosage of guilt, as if she viewed herself as being greedy.  It was always unsettling to her, but she couldn’t help but also feel that she had the right to want things – like everybody else.

“I want to feel amazing, inside and out,” Skylar said, her breath turning to a gasp as she felt both of his hands reach up the back of her dress – his left hand rubbing the middle of her back.

“You want more than that.  You have lots of desires,” Blake whispered, his right hand patting her diapered bottom.  “Now be a good girl for me and tell me all of the things you think you want.”

Skylar closed her eyes, passion beginning to well up inside her – her hips gently beginning to rock on his lap.

“I want to be a part of your world,” Skylar whispered softly, shyly.  “A small part, but still the only part that matters to you, the only part that never leaves you, the only part you ache for and the only part you care enough about to make perfect – as you need me to be … as you want me to be.  And when you are satisfied that I have become everything you want me to be, I want you to take me and tear me open on the inside until I am limp and broken … and all yours.”

“You see what happens when you speak from the heart?” Blake asked, rhetorically.  “And it is that honesty that I want you to keep this weekend.”

They stood up and crossed through the rest of the park, Skylar clinging to his side with a feeling as if she no longer had the ability to survive without him.  She felt like she had just divulged her reason for living.  And all that seemed to matter to her suddenly was not letting him go.

“This weekend, the days will include what you need.   Need always comes first,” Blake said as they turned onto his street, walking up the sidewalk to his apartment building.  “Each night, you’ll get what you want, but you’ll have to earn it throughout the day.”

Blake lived in a 4-story townhouse that had been converted into a 4-floor apartment building.  The front door led to a staircase that climbed to each floor.  As they walked into the building, Skylar looked up, never having really taken time to notice anything beyond the first flight of stairs.  Blake lived on the second floor.  So she had no reason to look anywhere else in the building.  Skylar had been there before, but her past visits weren’t quite like what this one would hopefully be.

Blake took out his keys, unlocking the door and leading her in.  Oh, her head was spinning with so many thoughts that she couldn’t think straight on any of them.  That really didn’t matter, either.  Being in a buzz was just fine with her … so long as it was with him.

He wasn’t a neat freak, but he also wasn’t a slob.  So the apartment was inviting and it looked the same as the last time she was there, from the second floor front window view of the street to the nook kitchen and the tiny hallway that led to his bedroom.  The only new addition was a painting of two people kissing in the rain under a red umbrella.  But it was drawn in a strange way.  It hung at the end of the hallway, next to his bedroom door.  But from the front room, its unusual style caught her attention.

“Is that one of those stereogram pictures?” Skylar asked, kicking her tennis shoes off and slowly walking towards the painting, stopping in the middle of the hallway to get a better look at it.

“Is that what?” Blake asked from the kitchen.

“A stereogram,” she repeated.  “You know, one of those pictures that, if you stare at it long enough, you’re able to see through it and to see other pictures.  They used to be popular years ago.”

“Oh, right,” Blake said, walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.  “That painting is a piece of abstract art.”

Skylar leaned back against him, tilting her head to the side and closing one eye.  She was certain there was something strange about that painting, something about it she just couldn’t quite place.

“What made you buy it?” Skylar asked, intrigued more and more by the painting – the longer she looked at it.  “It makes me think like he’s her knight in shining armor.  You know what I mean?  Sent there to keep her from harm.”

“Oh, I think it definitely speaks of safety … of care,” Blake whispered, his left hand reaching around to the front of her face and slipping the nipple of her pacifier between her lips.

Her eyes grew big-n-wide as he pushed the pacifier into place, lowering the zipper at the back of her dress.

“It shows two people huddling close to one another, under the protection of an umbrella as rain pours down around them,” Blake whispered unclasping the hook-n-eye at the back of her neck.  “It’s cold and they feel the chill, but somehow … under that little red umbrella, they are warm because of each other.”

Blake drew the shoulders of the dress down Skylar’s arms.  The dress fell to her elbows-n-waist and then to the floor around her ankles.  His fingers went to the strap at her back, unfastening it and lowering the bra straps off her shoulders, the bra falling from her to the floor.  She closed her eyes, nursing slowly on the pacifier as she felt his hands beginning to wander on the front of her.  She reached back, her hands clasping at the thighs of his pants, balling up the material into her fists.

“He seems so strong and she seems so weak in that painting,” Blake said, his hands wandering up onto her chest, Skylar arching her back and heaving herself into his palms.  “But the truth is: they are neither weak nor strong … when apart.  But together, they are perfect.”

He took hold of her hands, pulling them off his pants and directing her fingers to his waist – to his belt buckle.

“Take my belt off,” Blake whispered, his fingertips pinching her nipples.

Skylar whimpered at the pain, but feverishly worked at his buckle, pulling back the tongue and sliding it out of the prong-n-frame, then working the length of leather free from inside his waist loops.

“That’s a good girl,” Blake whispered, holding her back against his chest.  “Now fold the belt in half and hold it in both of your hands.”

And as she folded the belt, Blake turned her around to face back towards the front room – still holding her firmly against him.  Their bodies were silhouetted by the darkness at the middle of the hallway, but the light bleeding in through the front window shown the last glimmers of daylight.

“Now comes the want and need,” Blake whispered.  “I want you to walk over to the front door and lock it.  I want you to do this, but you … you need to do it.”

At first, Skylar didn’t understand why he was beginning to walk her so slowly back out of the hallway towards the front room, but when her body stepped back into the light, she suddenly realized how naked she was, save for her diaper … and her ankle socks.

“Be strong, Skyler, if only for a little while,” Blake said, patting the back of her diapered bottom and gently pushing her forward.

Skylar looked down at the hardwood floor, sliding her socked feet along as slowly as she could.  She didn’t want to make a sound because suddenly, there were other things in that apartment building that mattered to her, presently and namely, those who lived beneath her on the first floor.

“Walk on the balls of your feet, on your toes, baby,” Blake instructed, Skylar raising up onto the balls of her feet and taking small steps forward.

She kept balance a lot more easily than she would’ve thought – the result of practice in high heels.

“That’s a good girl,” Blake said, watching Skylar crinkle her shuffle across the front room.  “Both locks.”

Skylar got over to the door and clenched hold of the leather belt with her left hand as she reached out to the door with her right hand, feeding the lock with the chain through its slot and then turning the dead bolt.  She turned around and looked back at Blake, both hands clenching the leather belt again, her lips nursing on the nipple of her pacifier and her eyes traveling in-n-out of the moment.  She felt weak, but also strong.

“You are such a good little girl for your Daddy,” Blake whispered with such a syrupy-sweet tone that she melted.  “Now I want you to close the front curtain.  Show Daddy how much you need to do it.”

Raising up on the balls of her feet again, Skylar began to crinkle her tiny steps towards the front window, every inch of the familiar apartment becoming anew to her as she waddle along.

“You don’t need shoes.  You don’t need clothing,” Blake said, watching her innocently step into the light from the front window, becoming visible to those on the street below – should they happen to look up.  “None of those things will keep you warm in a rainstorm.  But you know very well what will keep you warm.”

Daddy.  The thought flooded into her mind with a quickness that made clear why he said her needs would always come before her wants.  Though she wanted her Daddy, she had to first realize why she needed him.

“Good girl.  Very good,” Blake said, watching her reach over and pull on the strings, drawing the curtain closed and returning her frame to a silhouette.  “Now … crawl back to Daddy.”

Skylar’s heart pounded as she trembled to a kneel, and then to her hands-n-knees, shuffling along the floor with a louder crinkle than ever.  Her worry went back to what those in the first floor apartment were hearing.  They had to be able to hear everything and this had to be why Blake only whispered when speaking.

“That’s my baby,” Blake whispered, kneeling down in front of her and retucking her locks behind her ears before taking her face in his hands and kissing her forehead.  “Now, cross your feet, spread your knees and sit back.”

She crossed her ankles and parted her thighs, sitting back on her haunches.  Blake walked behind her, straightening her shoulders and her back, taking the leather belt from her hands, placing her forearms on her thighs and turning her palms up.

“A good girl sits on the floor or on my lap,” Blake whispered, sliding the leather belt through his hands before grabbing it at either end and cracking it.  “Never on furniture … ever.”

Skylar instinctively lowered her chin, her eyes looking to the floor as the surface of her skin began to tingle – then showing goose bumps.  But she wasn’t cold nor did she get chilly – not even her toes when he removed her ankle socks.

“Learning to be obedient is easy, if you really listen.  And it’s getting beyond that word of obedient that makes the difference,” Blake said, lightly dragging the belt across her naked back.  “If you are obedient, you are praised.  Being a good girl is what I want you to do.”

Need.  The thought rippled into her mind as he summoned her to follow him, making his way back through the hallway.  She crawled after him, back and into the bedroom.

“Up,” Blake said, patting the mattress of his bed as he turned the small lamp on at the nightstand.

Skyler climbed up onto the bed, crawling to the center and looking at the headboard.  That’s when she froze in place, in her kneel.  Attached to either post of the headboard were wrist cuffs.  Her heart pounded heavily now.  This was it.  This was the first real test of limits.

“Kneel up,” Blake whispered, taking the belt to the back of her diapered bottom and making her rise up on her knees.

She reached forward and put her hands on the top of the headboard.  Her mind was spinning.  Excitement mixed with trepidation and she felt herself nearing a loss of breath.

“Relax yourself, baby,” Blake said, taking her left wrist and sliding it into the wrist cuff.  “There is no amount of hysterics that will get you out of this.”

Walking around to the other side of the bed, he took hold of her right wrist, sliding it into the other wrists cuff and directing her to grab hold of the top of the headboard.

“Sometimes, new things frighten us,” Blake said, tapping the insides of her thighs to get her to spread her legs apart slightly before leaning in to whisper in her ear.  “And Daddy knows that this is something you dream about.  It’s not just about need for you.”

Skylar closed her eyes.  He was right.  She wanted this as much as she needed it.  But thoughts paled in comparison to action.  It was one thing to think about it while lying in bed at night.  It was a completely different thing to be tied to that bed, incapable of thinking of anything.

“You’ll eventually resist obedience and when you do,” Blake said, taking hold of the waist of the diaper at her hips.  “… Daddy will need to readjust your attitude.”

He slid the back of her diaper down to the underside of her bottom, rolling it down and tucking it so it pushed both of her cheeks up slightly.  Lightly dragging the belt across her exposed bottom, he crawled up behind her.

“What you want and what you need are separate things and though you probably can’t put it to words right now, you clearly see the difference, don’t you?” Blake whispered in her ear, Skylar whimpering behind her pacifier and frantically nodding to his question in the hopes that she wouldn’t feel that belt.

But Blake climbed off the bed and drew the leather belt through his hands.  This was going to happen and in absolutel fear, her eyes welled up with tears.  Normally a clear indication of sadness, her tears confused her mind that much more as she felt a wetness and a swell forming between her legs.  Arousal loomed.

“Relax your body,” Blake whispered, placing his left hand on the middle of her back as he raised his right hand and the belt up in the air.  “Don’t tighten your muscles.  Listen to Daddy and be a good girl.”

Blake brought the belt down squarely across the center of both of her bottom cheeks.  Skylar seized up every muscle, from the back of her knees and all the way up to her shoulders.  It really didn’t hurt, but certainly jolted her.  He kept the belt pressed against her cheeks, gently rubbing it up-n-down to tease the sensitivity out of her skin.

But when he took the belt away from her bottom, winding his right arm up again, she felt a cool rush of air, followed by a sting on her surface, followed by the second strike of the belt.  Skylar squealed into her pacifier, trying not to make noise or bounce any squeakiness on the bed – though the second sting made her want to shake her legs to help dissipate the pain.

The third strike landed and she squealed yet again, squatting down to hide her bottom from him as she tugged at the wrist cuffs.  The pain on the surface of her bottom numbed but the sting had suddenly moved inward – as if it were digging into her muscles.

“Kneel back up,” Blake said calmly, but Skylar resisted, keeping her haunches squatted away from his next strike.  “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …”

Then before another second went by, Skylar felt the leather of his belt as it struck squarely across the center of the bottom of her feet.  She whimpered to tears, quickly kneeling back up from the sting that now traveled up-n-down the nerve endings on her soles.

She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks as she felt the fourth offering of the belt, landing with more force than the first three.  Then the fifth strike of the belt, smacking her so hard that she tipped forward, her hands squeezing the top of the headboard to keep her from crashing into it.  And though she was a sobbing, whimpering mess, she quieted herself quickly – preparing for the next strike.

Seeing that she had worked through the pain and had found focus on the other side of it, he lowered the belt and pulled the back of her diaper up and into place.  Sensing and hoping that the spanking was over, her body began to sweat as if a fever had suddenly just broken with her and though her bottom felt like it was on fire, she began to settle on the inside, suddenly able to relive the pain in her mind – a far lesser reminder of what it physically felt like as opposed to what it mentally felt like.

“When Daddy feels you need to be corrected, you … will … never … resist,” Blake said, calmly but sternly.

He climbed onto the bed, spooning the back of her kneeling body.

“Lesson learned, baby.  And that was what you needed.  Now …,” he whispered into her ear, his left arm wrapping around her front as his right hand traveled to her navel – then turning south.  “… what you want, you will always receive after you’ve learned what you needed.”

His right traveled inside the front of her diaper, his fingertips traveling over her hood and down to outer lips of her labia.  His palm pressed in on her clit as she whimpered again behind her pacifier – this time for a whole new reason.  His finger made gentle circles of the wetness between her legs as she pulled at the wrist cuffs again – for the same new reason.

“A good girl takes the discipline she receives and is grateful for how it makes her think,” Blake whispered, his fingers quickening their circles in her swell.

Skylar leaned her head back, resting it on his shoulder as she began to twitch, showing a moment of weakness for him and looking for that little red umbrella above them.

“A good girl also takes the pleasure she receives and is grateful for how it makes her feel,” Blake whispered with breathiness, Skylar rocking her hips and grinding her mound into his palm – wanting him to plunge his fingers inside her.

But he simply kept teasing her on the outside as her swell grew and her wetness began to drip into her diaper.  Her arousal increased, the spasms and shuddering indicating a nearing eruption.  Though it wouldn’t be an enormous orgasm, it would still feel wonderful and with the weekend only having just begun, there would be plenty of time to earn the want of penetration.

“Each day, your little baby-gasms will grow,” Blake whispered with a syrupy sweetness that made her whole body tingle with an intoxicating bit of humiliation.  “But what you truly want will only be given to you when you completely submit and at that point when you no longer have to think about it before doing it.”

The first little convulsion made her center clench, then release a satisfying little bit of pleasure as it rushed out of her core and washed over her frame.  She tugged at the wrist cuffs again, feeling the second wave of pleasure erupt, catching up to the first one and making her whimper softly, happily and slowly.

Then wave after wave poured out of her, each one growing in intensity and rippling through her with ease.  The release was wonderful as was the drain of her energy.  And when she began to slump from exhaustion, he took her wrists out of the cuffs and held her back against his chest, fingering her until she erupt fully.

And when she finally came, she reached back to his legs, grabbing the thighs of his pants into her fists as she bit down on the rubber nipple of her pacifier as long as she could.  But with oxygen becoming the most pressing need, she spit the pacifier out, took in a deep breath of air and moaned loudly as she gushed her climax – Blake removing his palm just in time.

His left hand wrapped around the front of her throat, keeping her pinned to his body and his right hand cupped her diaper between her legs as she gently rocked her hips to the afterglow.  She ballooned down slowly and as she descended, he eased her down on the mattress, Skylar eventually working her body to lie on his side, as his blanket.

The orgasm wasn’t a very big one, but it was intense and she hardly could imagine what the full ride was going to feel like once her needs were learned and her wants received.  And one blissful little spasm after another made her twitch as she settled down to sleep, lost in every little wonderful moment along the way.  When she was with him, there was no such thing as a bad moment – not when with her dirty knight in shining armor.



Blake and Skylar woke up at the exact same moment that next morning at 8 am, Skylar turning over onto her back and stretching her limbs.  Her arms traveled up under the pillows, her fingers flexing and stretching.  And as if all that was right in the world suddenly came to her aid, her left hand stumbled across the pacifier she had spit out last night.  Smiling at the find, she sat up, crossing her legs and delighting in the feel of a padded bottom for the soreness of her rear end.  Strangely, but then again not really strange at all, the soreness took her mind back to how last night ended, first with that spanking and then with those Friday fingers he used to send her towards a zenith of pleasure.  She closed her eyes, reliving the fresh memories in her mind, but quickly reopened her eyes when she felt Blake slide his left hand between her legs and under her diapered center.

“Good morning, baby,” Blake said, his voice groggy and deep.

He sat up and kissed her, then rubbing nose tips with her.  She smiled, holding up her pacifier.

“I found it,” Skylar laughed.

“Yes, you did,” he said, sharing a laugh with her.  “I truly thought it would be lost forever.”

Skylar crawled up on top of him, parting her knees at his waist as he sat up and rested his back against the headboard.

“How are you feeling otherwise?” he asked, reaching into the back of her diaper, Skylar smiling and straightening her shoulders.

“Still warm with memories,” Skylar said, coyly.  “And what’s my lesson of need today?”

“Oh, those kind of memories have just begun, baby,” Blake said, patting her bottom and encouraging her to get up.  “And your lessons of need are need-to-know.”

“And you’ll let me know when I need to know?” Skylar asked, standing to her feet and picking out the diaper wedgie in her bottom.

“Yes,” Blake said, getting up and walking over to his closet, taking down one of his button-down shirts and then taking her hand to lead her out to the kitchen.

He started making coffee and as she watched the coffee dripping into the pot, she was suddenly made aware that she had been awake for a good ten minutes by then, still not having had her nice, relaxing morning pee.  It was those few minutes at the start of each day where she could sit in peace on the toilet and fill in a few more blocks on her current crossword puzzle – then getting up and starting about her daily routine.

But standing there, watching that coffee pot fill up, her bladder reminded her of how her daily routine was a bit different suddenly.  Perhaps if she had just released right then and there, flooding her diaper and basking in the humiliation that would follow, she might well have not truly experienced the real lesson of need that her dirty knight in shining armor was brewing up, along with that coffee.

“Skylar, walk over to the front window and peak out through the curtain,” Blake instructed, pouring the first cup of coffee.

With a slight ache in her bladder, Skylar rose up on the balls of her feet, smiling at the silliness of the act and crinkling her steps over to the window.  She pulled back the edge of the curtain and looked out.

“What am I looking for?” Skylar asked.

“Just wait a moment,” Blake said, walking up behind her and handing her his cup of coffee.  “You’ll see it.”

“What’s it gonna be?” Skylar asked, sipping from his cup and then handing it back to him.

Skylar enjoyed one or two sips of coffee.  Anything more than that was too much caffeine for her.  So, she never got her own cup of coffee, no matter where they went.  She just simply sipped from his cup a little.

“And there it is,” Blake said as he and Skylar watched a lady walk out from the front door of the apartment building.

“Who is that?” Skylar asked, eyeing up the lady’s running attire and watching her do some light stretching.

“That’s the lady who lives downstairs,” Blake answered, then sipping from his cup.  “Every morning, she gets up and goes for a ten minute run around town.  She’s done so for years.”

“She sounds like a health nut,” Skylar said.

“Oh, my. No,” Blake said, laughing.  “She’s probably the polar opposite of that.  But she enjoys running.  And when she comes back from running, she gets ready and heads in to work, which for her, begins at 9am.”

“You sound like a gossipy people watcher,” Skylar laughed.

“Not really,” Blake said, laughing with her.

“And what shampoo does she use?” Skylar asked, laughing again.

“Um … Garnier Fructis,” Blake answered, facetiously.

“Oh, I’m sure she does,” Skylar said.  “So she’s going to run and then go to work today?”

“Yes, but she normally doesn’t go to work on Saturdays,” Blake answered, setting the coffee down and draping the button-down shirt over her shoulders.  “Today is different, however.  She’ll be moving soon and is pulling weekend shifts to make extra money for the move.”

“Where is she moving to?” Skylar asked, slipping her arms in the shirt and thinking twice about how wearing that shirt broke the no clothing policy he had set.

“I don’t know,” Blake answered as they watched the lady begin her run.  “All that she has said is that her ultimate happiness is out there somewhere and that she refuses to live life without finding it.”

“Now, that is a lady who knows what she wants,” Skylar stated, happy for the lady’s decision.

“Absolutely,” Blake said, turning her to face him.  “And here’s what you need:  Downstairs, inside the front door, there are mailboxes.  Do you remember seeing them?”

“Yeah,” Skylar answered, still not piecing together what he was about to ask her to do.

“Well, I haven’t gotten my mail from yesterday.  It simply slipped my mind,” Blake answered, leading her over to the front door and unlocking it.  “I’d like you to go down and get it for me.”

At first, Skylar was fine with the idea, but then it suddenly hit her as she looked down at her body.

“Like this?” Skylar asked, eyeing up the button down shirt and diaper she wore.

“No, not like that,” Blake said, taking the pacifier from her hand and slipping it between her lips.  “Like that.”

It took her a few more seconds to process that this little mail run was the first lesson of need for the day.  But as he opened the door, the realization of all that was to come finally connected the dots for her.

“There’s a combination lock you have to open to get the mail.  And the combination is…,” he said, whispering in it in her ear.  “A good girl will come back with the mail, no matter what.”

Closing her eyes, she nursed on her pacifier, quickly buttoning up the front of the shirt.

“Show Daddy what a good girl you are,” he whispered in her ear, patting the back of her diaper and gently pushing her forward.

Her heart began to pound and she wanted to shake the fear out of her body, wildly wiggling her arms-n-legs.  But she didn’t make such movements, stepping into the hallway and doing her best to keep hold of her breath.  She waddled up to the railing, the crinkle sounding like it was echoing up-n-down through all four floors of the stairwell.  She folded her arms, holding them tightly underneath her chest as she walked to the end of the stairs and looked down the single flight between her and that mail slot.  The thrill of this little lesson began to fill her senses, her mind and her soul. 

“Make Daddy proud,” he whispered.  “Show Daddy how obedient you are.”

She looked back over at Blake at the apartment door and smiled warmly behind her pacifier.  She was beginning to see how to get beyond that word of obedient to understand its meaning.  The thrill was on and she tingled all over.

“You’ve got less than ten minutes until the lady downstairs returns,” Blake reminded her.  “Go, diaper girl.”

He was right.  She needed to find focus and find it quickly.  And though anyone could’ve walked in that front door below her at any moment, she needed to be brave.  He was so right.  This truly was something she needed to do.  She wouldn’t just be proving it to him.  She would be proving it to herself as well.  But after taking three very crinkly steps down, she was suddenly reminded of how badly she needed to pee.  The distraction of fear had pushed that particular need beyond the possibility of a gentle stream.  She would flood herself and that diaper would overflow – which could make for a truly mortifying experience, should someone walk in and see her.

Everything else was quickly recoverable, from taking the pacifier out of her mouth if the situation called for it to allowing the button down shirt to make it look as though she was wearing a pair of panties underneath them by not moving and crinkling.  But long streams of pee, rolling down the insides of her thighs could never be cleaned up quickly enough, even if she didn’t make a puddle beneath her feet.  She stepped down to the fourth step, her crinkle echoing up-n-down the stairwell but masked, thankfully, by the creakiness of the wooden tread.  Still, her face blushed a soft shade of pink, the first sign of a bit of embarrassment but not enough to freeze her in place.  Her bladder’s urge and the time limit, however, would become a bit too much before long.  So, she made a quick decision, sprinting her crinkly steps down to the bottom and stopping suddenly to hope-n-pray that the noise hadn’t attracted any attention to her.

Standing up, she smiled at how no one seemed alerted, but then, taking one step towards the mailboxes, she froze in place – having to tighten her core to keep her bladder from releasing.  This wasn’t just a test of some random need.  It was one of surrender, of giving up control and of accepting what would happen.  But no human spirit was that easy to give up on.

Clenching her legs together, she hopped over to the mailboxes, realizing that her struggle was in direct opposition of what she wanted as well.  It was just simply impossible to let down her guard.  Life had made her keep it up.  She hopped over to the glass of the front door next to the mailboxes, leaning in towards it and looking down the street to see if the lady was nearing her return.  Though she was nowhere to be seen yet, time was of the essence.

She turned back to the mailboxes, hopping over in front of the second one and spinning the lock dial a few times.  Placing her fingers on it, she closed her eyes, trying to remember the combination he told her.  Her bladder was screaming for relief.  Desperation was fogging her thoughts.  Perhaps if she just peed a little bit, just enough to relieve a bit of the pressure – then she could focus more clearly.  But that was a risky decision.  Beginning to turn the lock dial, she thought of how the tiniest bit of relieving might open the flood gates.  And yes, she could run back upstairs to him and he could change her.  But she would be returning to him empty-handed.

A good girl will come back with the mail, no matter what.

His words rushed into her soul, fueling her with the need to make him proud, to allow this weekend to be everything she hoped it would.

The combination she entered didn’t work and pulling on the still-locked mail door, she whimpered a fuss into her pacifier.  This wasn’t easy and oh my goodness, did her bladder hurt!  Quickly, she entered the combination again, pulling on the door to find it still locked – only remembering then that she had forgotten to spin the dial initially.  A third attempt failed and a fourth attempt failed and her eyes welled with tears and she spun around, doubling over and clenching her core as tightly as she could, the ache in her bladder forcing the first few drops out of her.  Now, her legs were shaking and it took all that she had to hold in the rest.  Returning to Blake empty-handed seemed like the only choice she could make.  And maybe having failed the lesson would be a lesson in itself.  If the need to be learned truly had to do with accepting surrender, then accepting defeat might be a part of that.  A spanking would certainly follow, but after last night, she had developed a new liking to it.  Maybe failure would be pleasurable.  And presently, it seemed better than trying to prevent herself from leaking all over the floor.

No!  She was going to pass this little test.  She could do it.  All it would take was a little bit of determination and for her clenching ability to hold out, just a bit longer.  Turning back to the dial, she spun it quickly and then tried the combination yet again – to no avail.  Looking out the front door, she saw the first floor lady appear at the corner at the far end of the block.  Skylar squealed into her pacifier, looking up the flight of stairs and then spinning the lock dial again.  With trembling fingers, she spun the combination into the dial, pulling on the door but not opening it completely.

The door now remained partially opened, the lock re-latching itself partly.  She spun the dial again, holding the mail door open as much as it would allow.  Looking out the front door, she saw the lady walking up – just a few feet away.  Returning to the lock, she carefully entered the combination for the umpteenth time and then pulled the door open.  She reached in and grabbed the pile of mail, shutting the door with a clank.  The lady’s shadow appeared on the sidewalk right in front of the door.  Looking up the flight of stairs, Skylar knew she wouldn’t make it in time to not be seen.  Instead, she ran back behind the staircase, pushing a plastic bucket out of the way to squat down and face the wall – just in time before the first floor lady opened the front door and walked in.

The lady was still breathing a little heavy from her run and before going into her apartment to get ready for work, she opened her mailbox, closing it and getting out her key to unlocking her apartment door.  But then the lady turned her head, looking back at the little nook behind the first staircase and then walking back to it.

“Are you okay?” the lady asked, Skylar freezing in horror, her bladder releasing but not flooding as she was doubled over in a squat.

Helplessly, Skylar took the pacifier out of her mouth, turned around and looked up at the lady.

“What do you need?” the lady asked, Skylar’s mind twisting into a pretzel with the sound the word need ringing in her thoughts.

“I’m okay,” Skylar grimaced to say as her stream continued to drench her diaper.

“It’s okay, sweetheart.  Stand up.  Face me,” the lady said, kneeling down and helping the trembling Skylar to her feet.  “My name is Willie.  Well, it’s actually Willimina, but I go by Willie.  What’s your name?”

Skylar could see the genuine concern on the lady’s face and how she wanted to help.  But the more Skylar interacted with her, the more the lady might figure out about her.

“I’m Skylar,” she said.  “Nobody calls me Sky.  So I go by Skylar.”

Skylar smiled, trying to be cordial and pleasant – a tall feat to achieve, given the circumstances.  Holding the mail in her arms, she tried to straighten her posture as she blushed many shades of red, her diaper beginning to fill up.

“Are you Blake’s new girl?” Willie asked, looking at the button down shirt curiously.

“Yes,” Skylar said, a bit uneasy at the question being asked.  “Has he had a lot of girls like me here before?”

Fear entered Skylar’s heart that she was just another one of many, but Willie, sensing her concern, set her mind back at ease.

“No,” Willie answered with a smile of understanding.  “There has only ever been one other girl before.  And when she left him, Blake was an absolute mess because of it.”

“Really?” Skylar asked, feeling a little better about the situation but now having concern for a piece of Blake’s past that might still affect him.  “Did you know her?  I mean … Why did she leave?”

“Yes, I knew her,” Willie said softly, pausing to collect her thoughts and reflect.  “But she was destined to leave at some point.  She couldn’t ever stay happy.  She was one of those girls who always wanted something more than what she had.  And that’s sad because Blake is a wonderful guy.  Do you love him?”

“Yes,” Skylar said sweetly, her heart slowly opening to Willie as if they had become new friends.

“I can see it in your eyes,” Willie said, smiling brightly at her.  “Don’t ever forget that and don’t ever forget how he makes you feel and what he does for you.  Go, get back upstairs to him before your diaper starts leaking.”

Skylar’s face blushed her embarrassment to a deep red as she lowered her chin and waddled her crinkly, drenched diaper to the staircase.  She began to climb the steps, nibbling on her lip as if she felt another need – this need being to say what was in her heart.

“Willie?” Skylar said, turning around to face her.  “Hey, um, I wanted to say that sometimes the best thing we can do is look to the future.  We never know what wonderful things await us.  I wanted to wish you well on your journeys.  Wherever they take you, I hope you find happiness.”

Skylar returned to climbing the rest of the stairs.

“Skylar?” Willie said, Skylar turning around in the middle of the staircase to see tears in Willie’s eyes.  “Tell him I’m sorry.  He’s never heard me apologize to him.  It’s the two hardest words in the world to say sometimes.  Isn’t it?”

Willie sniffled, folding her arms across her belly, trying hard to contain her emotions but knowing she needed to say something.

“Tell him…,” Willie started, then stopping to wipe the new tears from her eyes before continuing.  “Tell him … I’m gonna try to do things a lot more differently from now on.  But tell him that, if I ever call him in the future, that he shouldn’t pick up the phone.  I’ll probably be vindictive.  I’ll probably try to hurt him.  And on that day, he should do for himself what he always did for me.”

“What?” Skylar asked, torn with sudden emotions herself.

“He should take care of himself for a change,” Willie said, trying to smile.  “It’s hard being passionate, especially when you can’t control it.  You know what I mean?”

“Yes,” Skylar said, her eyes welling up with tears too at this point.  “And the only defense against that kind of passion is a strong dose of compassion.  I’m sure Blake wants you to be happy, but probably not at his expense.”

The woman welled up with tears as Skylar walked the rest of the way up the stairs, opening the second floor apartment and returning to Blake.


Later that day –

Turning the shower water off, he spun her around and pressed her back up against his chest, wrapping his left arm around her front and pinning her arms at her sides – then leaning in to whisper a few hot, breathy thoughts.

“When I first met you, I could see such innocence inside you … at your core.  But in your heart, I could see fascination with other things – burning even brighter in your eyes,” he whispered, his right hand traveling down to her center.  “You will never give in … not until you realize that you have no choice.”

Slightly parting her thighs, she rocked her hips, working herself towards his palm.  The want inside her certainly felt like need, but she was sure her lessons of this day wouldn’t appeal to her lust – at least not in the way she wished he would touch her.  Instead, he teased the outside of her body, with no penetration.  If he had been wearing pants, she certainly would’ve grabbed at his thighs with her fists.  It was all she could do to keep from plunging her fingers inside herself.

Stepping out of the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and extended his hand to her to help her out of the tub.

“Come, baby,” he said, his voice sounding with a timbre of control.  “It’s time to learn another lesson.”

Skylar trembled as she took his hand and stepped out of the bathtub, dripping wet and her heart pounding with anticipation.  He grabbed another towel, but didn’t wrap it around her.  And he didn’t even dry her off as he led her out of the bathroom, across the hallway and into his bedroom.  He made her kneel, facing the window and placing her hands on the window sill as he pulled the venetian blinds up.  The brightness of the morning sun poured in, making her close her eyes.

Behind her, she could hear him opening his closet doors and pushing the clothing on hangers out of the way.  Then all went silent, save for that familiar crinkle she knew all too well.

“Part your knees, baby,” Blake said, unfolding the diaper as she spread her thighs, still in her kneel and still facing the window.

Her head began feeling the lesson before it had ever really started.  Was he going to spank her again?  Was he going to make her kneel there all day?  Was he going to inflict some other sort of pain?  But there would be no physical unpleasantness about this lesson, Blake kneeling down behind her and diapering her as she knelt.  Her body was still dripping wet as was her hair.  She was so confused.  How was she supposed to feel?  What was she supposed to do?

“I know you have questions right now,” Blake whispered, standing up.  “I can hear those questions in the way you’re breathing.”

Then he leaned forward looking at her face in the glass of the window.

“I can see those questions in your eyes,” Blake said, then whispering in her ear.  “And if I could see inside your head, I could probably find the source of these questions.  But the point isn’t to find the answers.”

Blake turned her around, motioning for her to go down on her hands-n-knees and then he snapped his fingers as he walked over to the closet.  She crawled over to him and onto the white towel he had placed on the ground inside the closet.  He had also shifted everything on the closet floor out of the way. 

Facing the closet wall she knelt again, burping a little as breakfast had been overly-filling.  She had never eaten so much fruit before in one sitting, or more appropriately stated, in one kneeling.  And now she felt bloated, fat – one of those girly feelings she would never make known to him … at least not this early in the relationship.

She assumed a kneeling position, crossing her feet as he slipped her ankles into a pair of joining cuffs.  She sat back on her diapered haunches, placing her palms up on her knees as he tied her forearms to her thighs with simple lengths of rawhide.  The ties were tight and the knots were doubled.  And she knew, then and there, that she wouldn’t be crawling away.  Would he be taking his belt to her back?  Would he lock her in that closet?  What was going to happen? 

“Still all the questions you think of,” Blake said, kneeling down behind her.  “We’ve got to get those silly questions out of your head so you can learn your lessons a little more easily.”

He reached into a bag inside the closet, taking out a pair of nipple clamps.

“And I think the best way to help my wet little girl find the focus she needs, is to get her attention in a slightly different way,” Blake said, pinching her left nipple with one of the clamps, Skylar whimpering helplessly at the pain.  “Sometimes, when a girl starts questioning everything a little too much, she finds herself incapable of stopping.”

He clamped her right nipple, Skylar whimpering again at the pinch and tugging at her bound arms to try to free herself.

“But beyond those silly little questions lingers a solitary thought you can’t quite get out of your mind.  A thought that escapes your coyness with every breath from between your lips,” Blake whispered, placing an o-ring gag between her teeth before tying the gag’s straps at the back of her head, her lips covering the front of the gag with an adorable little pout to them.

She couldn’t close her mouth, but she could still making noise, whimpering yet again as his tying cinched down on her wet hair.

“Girls are not nearly as modest as they make themselves out to be,” Blake said, reaching into that bag again.  “All you can think about is … penetration.”

Skylar whimpered once more, her breathing becoming erratic as she saw the dildo in his hand.  Her mind filled with even more questions, but also with fantasies and fear.  She was a bound, dripping and trembling mess.  And as she eyed up that dildo, she cried tears – tears of both fear and desire.

“And I’m convinced that you won’t be able to get that thought of penetration out of your mind until it happens,” Blake said with a seductive growl.  “But you won’t feel the penetration you want until you learn your lessons.”

He reached into the bag again, taking out a roll of duct tape, Skylar whimper yet again.  It was clear where that dildo was going now.

“So how do we get the thought of penetration out of your mind before you ever get what you want?” Blake asked, a tone so syrupy-rich with tease that she felt new wetness between her legs.  “Practice, baby.  That’s how we do it.”

He placed the tip of the dildo inside the o-ring gag, Skylar’s whimpers becoming instantly muffled.  She looked up at him, with tears streaming from her eyes.

“Don’t cry, baby,” Blake said, petting her hair as it began to dry from the beams of sunshine that were now making their way across the room and into the closet.  “You’ll have all day to practice.”

Slowly, he began to slide the dildo into her mouth, her wet confines beginning to fill with its length.  She kept her eyes locked on him, trembling and trying not to hyperventilate.

“As I said before, there is no amount of fussing that will ever get you out of this or of any other lesson you need to learn,” Blake said, continuing to slide the dildo into her mouth – her whimpers turning into soft gagging noises as the tip of the dildo reached the back of her throat.  “Practice, baby.  Practice all day.  Nurse and nurse and nurse until you get it right … until you can do it without thinking up silly questions to confuse yourself.”

Blake pulled a length of duct tape from the roll, covering the front of the gag and the butt of the dildo.

“There will be a test afterwards to see if you need more practice tonight,” Blake said, kissing her forehead.  “And as you kneel in here today, you will have lots of time to organize your thoughts.”

She tilted her head up, closing her eyes and beginning to draw saliva into her mouth.  Oh, how arousing this was, how humiliating this was, and how she would finger herself to this memory, over and over and over again in the future.  But for the moment and for the present, she would find no physical pleasure from it, only the opportunity to allow her thoughts to unravel her, all by themselves.

“Be a good girl for your Daddy,” Blake whispered in her ear.  “Make Daddy proud of you.”

And with that, he stood up and left the bedroom.  Skylar suddenly found herself alone, in a manner different than she believed she would be.  And thoughts of what it would feel like to be kept all the time only fueled her swell that much more.  With every deep breath through her nose, she was reminded of him, making her begin to do a bit of practicing, as he had instructed.

Tightening her lips, she flattened her tongue along the underside of the dildo, moving her tongue along it as much as her nearly-gagged condition would allow.  But having that length and that girth in her mouth certainly allowed her mind to fantasize limitlessly, as did her bound position and the idle time she now possessed.  But with no ability to tease her own wetness or her growing swelling, her efforts were without the passions of her heart.  And her want separated from her need, though she kept dripping just the same.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to what seemed like hours, but she really had no idea how long she had been kneeling there.  Her body had dripped dry and her hair was only damp to the touch – the sunlight from the window across the bedroom having reach a height in the sky to shine on her.  The pinch of the clamps had numbed her nipples and though pain still lingered there, it was far more bearable than when at first.  Her kneel and seat on bent legs had numbed her lower legs.  The rawhide ties had made the touch to her fingertips feel deadened.  Her mouth and jaw ached from being propped open and filled.  And all these physical changes had brought about dizziness she couldn’t do anything with, being tied into a kneeling position.  With an inability to stretch, she had kept that bloated feeling since breakfast.

With nothing to draw from, physically, she turned to her thoughts, trying hard to figure out what she should be thinking – if making a list of questions was truly the wrong train of thought to have.  But before she pouted at all about her situation, boredom was side-stepped when she thought about Blake living in the same building as Willie.  And suddenly, she was refueled with desire to learn what surrender was really all about.  It wouldn’t be a lesson taught to her.  Instead, it would be one that she would teach to herself.  And it was when she stopped trying to figure out the definition of surrender that she finally learned what it meant:  Acceptance without thinking.

As if Blake knew she had made a breakthrough, he suddenly returned, removing the duct tape, the dildo and the o-ring gag from her mouth.  Skylar gasped for air.

“That’s a good girl,” Blake said, kneeling behind her, sliding his left hand up through her cleavage and onto the front of her throat – then leaning her head back and tilting her chin up.  “You didn’t once fuss, baby.  You didn’t break down.  You didn’t thrash or pass out.”

He tilted her head to the side, nibbling on her right ear lobe as she kept breathing heavy, still trying to recover her air.

“I think you’re a very good schoolgirl,” he whispered into her ear as he placed his right forearm up against her lower back.  “And if you keep learning your lessons so well, I’ll let you be the teacher’s pet.”

Skylar closed her eyes and smiled.  It felt so good to hear his accolades of her.  It was the reassurance that kept her trying harder, the certainty that crushed insecurity and the perfect distraction from what was in his right hand.

Still facing the closet wall, she couldn’t see him, but she heard a noise and felt vibrations at her lower back from his right forearm.  And then she felt the tip of it.  No, not his tip, but that rubber surface of a wand she would soon know the magic of … very, very well.

She gasped again, not for a lack of air this time, but when he touched the Hitachi wand to her lower back.  She whimpered softly, wanting to keep her lesson a secret from past competition below.  But as Blake drew the vibrating wand around her side and over her navel, she whimpered a bit louder.

“What does it mean to surrender?” Blake asked, passing the tip of the wand back-n-forth across the front waist line of her diaper.

“To accept,” Skylar whispered with fussiness, the vibrations traveling across the surface of her diaper and wrapping around her center – just enough to peak her urges and drive them forward with hopeful outcome.

“What does it mean to be strong?” he whispered in question, sliding the Hitachi wand down the front of the outside of her diaper and holding it at her base – the vibrations traveling up to her perineum.

“To know who you are and to like who you are,” Skylar said with breathiness through intermittent twitches, the vibrations giving her an intended rise.

The vibrations continued to cut through her, though they didn’t intensify at all.  In her mind, they did, however.  And it was her mind that needed surrender.

“What does it mean to be weak?” he whispered in question, pushing the wand inward and slowly dragging it up the front her diaper – pausing when he crossed over her hood.

She whimpered softly, leaning her head back on his shoulder as she tried to rock her hips to the sensations passing into her.  And then all at once, she seized and tried to lean forward, the first of many strong convulsions to come – before she would.

“To falter on your own.  To need direction,” she quickly said, her chest heaving outward as the arousal pushed her towards another convulsion.

“Tell me what you love about being a girl,” he whispered, pressing the wand inward so the vibrations traveled inside her.

“Being soft,” Skylar whispered, then biting her lower lip.

As he turned the wand to a higher setting, she cried out with a breathy moan before closing her lips to prevent any more noise from escaping her.

“Tell me what you think about when you finger yourself,” he whispered, placing the tip of the wand just inside the front waist band of her diaper, then reaching into that same bag of tricks for another piece of rawhide.

And with that rawhide he tied her thighs together.

“I think about my fantasies,” Skylar whimpered, stopping in mid-sentence as Blake began to slide the wand inside the front of her diaper – bring its tip to rest over her hood.

And when she took in a deep breath, Blake plunged the rubber nipple of her pacifier into her mouth, just in time to muffle her sound.  He placed his fingertips at the back of her neck and slid them up into her hair, gripping her locks with his fists and dragging her out of the closet to the floor by the foot of the bed.  He took a seat and watched her twitching.

“You’re still thinking about penetration, baby,” Blake said, smiling sweetly at her.  “I can still see it in your eyes, but it’s okay after all – because I can also see that you’ve accepted it isn’t going to happen until you’ve finished all your homework.”

Skylar looked up at him, helplessly nursing from her pacifier as her frame shook gently like a leaf in the wind.

“Aww, how cute.  The little baby is trying to hold back.  She’s trying to be a big girl,” Blake cooed at her, tummyflies fluttering all at once inside her.  “You’ll never be a big girl.”

She nursed more rapidly on her pacifier at his humiliating statement, lost somewhere between want and need at this point, and not knowing which direction to turn.

“Would a big girl twitch out an orgasm just because of a simple plastic toy with a little movement to it?” Blake asked with syrupy-sweet timbre, tears welling in Skylar’s eyes as she felt the muscles at her core contracting and releasing  – preparing for her to cum … if she could only allow it to happen.  “Would a big girl get horny at the sound of a crinkly diaper?  Or at the thought of being babied by a guy?  Or at the truth that she can’t cum without his permission?”

The vibrations were too strong for her to enjoy the orgasm fully, but it really didn’t matter at the moment.  He was doing enough fucking of her mind to make up for the overload between her legs.  She laid there helplessly, her muscles seizing and releasing but only drawing her nearer to the summit, as opposed to getting her there.  Getting fussy, she wrinkled her brow and tried rocking her hips to grind into the vibrating tip of the wand.  She wanted to cum so badly that she could already feel the penetration that wasn’t even there.  Blake kept cooing at her fussy cuteness as she kept blushing at the emotions overwhelming her as well.

Then at long last, her body seized up completely.  She bit down on the rubber nipple of her pacifier, whimpering loudly and awaiting the release of her muscles, but her body just simply tightened that much more.  Seeing her orgasm had finally arrived, Blake knelt down alongside her, untying her legs but keeping her forearms restrained to her thighs as her juices poured out, coating the inside of the front of her diaper and only adding to the intensity of the vibrations.

As she came for him, he gave her the one thing she wanted from him more than anything else (aside from penetration) … his praise.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered, watching her melt into the carpet and finally freeing her forearms as he gently removed the wand from inside her diaper.

But Skylar immediately plunged both of her hands inside her diaper in its place, embarrassed to have no control over herself, but not wanting the afterglow to get away.  Blake sat there and watched her teasing herself and it was only his presence there that kept her from plunging her fingers where they would do the most good for her, just then.  Her mind swooned as she already wanted to cum again.  She wanted to make him proud again. She wanted him, all of him.  Her balloon downward welcomed her into the mellowing end of afterglow and her mind began drifting into regression – the safest and gentlest place to go after reaching the summit of pleasure.

She remained there for a few minutes, resting her eyes, allowing her heartbeat to slow down and her pulse to reduce from an alarming quickness.  But before she calmed into sleepiness, Blake scooped her up, carrying her out to the front room.  She lied in the cradle of his arms, resting her frame against his body.  But she only enjoyed that comfort for a few moments before he sat her on his desk – which had been cleared off and positioned in the middle of the room.  The only thing sitting on that desk was a tiny little pink Hello Kitty potty … a plastic one.

Lowering her diaper to her ankles, he helped her to sit on the potty.  Oh, how humiliating this was, but at the same time, how it made her tingle all over.  Little did she know, even then, what the final exam of this day would entailed.

“You’ve told me that it’s easy to wet yourself in front of me,” Blake said, a smile growing on his face.  “But that it’s nearly impossible for you to make a mess.”

Skylar’s eyes grew big-n-wide as she quickly pieced together what the big conclusion would be to learning surrender.  It was the greatest challenge of all and the one that she knew she would never be able to give in on … or so she thought.

Blake walked over to the front window and drew open the curtains, the sunlight pouring in.  Then he took his belt off and placed it on the window sill, for her to see.  He walked to the back of the desk and pushed it forward – putting the completely naked Skylar in view of passers-by below on the street – should any of them happen to look up.

“Daddy will let you down off the table and off of your little pink potty, once you’ve been a good girl,” Blake said, Skylar leaning forward and wrapping her arms around her bent legs to cover her chest from view.  But when she did, her stomach doubled over – reminding her of how bloated she felt.  The discomfort became so great that she eventually had to sit up so straight to work the cramp out that her entire torso was in perfect view for anyone to see.

“You can’t help it, baby,” Blake whispered in her ear, planting seeds in her mind.  “It’s only a matter of time before you give in.  Why not just show Daddy what a good girl you are now?  If you do that, then I can put my belt back on and you can get down off the desk.”

Skylar’s eyes went straight to the belt sitting on the window sill.  Quickly she looked away and though she tried not to look at it any more, her thoughts kept it in mind.  There was a spanking ahead for her, but she had the ability to avoid it.  To avoid it, however, she had to use that little pink potty and finally surrender her dignity.

This wasn’t easy at all and the longer she kept up her defiant tantrum, the more likely it would be that she would be seen by someone.  But she couldn’t give in, not about this.  It was too much to surrender to and she may well have met one of her hard limits.  Despite the growing pain in her belly, she knew she could always just hop off the pink potty and run back to the bathroom.

Closing her eyes, she grimaced at the returning blood flow to her nipples, producing a bit of pain as powerful as when the clamps slowly numbed her.


Skylar looked back over her shoulder and down the hallway to see Blake locking the bathroom door.  Oh my, this changed everything.  Even if she didn’t use the pink potty, she would now have to squat somewhere in his apartment – losing the battle anyway.  Her mind couldn’t handle the moment and she regressed again, feeling her stomach turning and relaxing herself into the inevitable surrender.

Blake waited patiently as she turned beet-red with embarrassment, grunting a few times to get all the discomfort out.  And as he made her lean forward so he could take a wipe to her rosebud, she finally found her ultimate surrender.  Helping her step down off the table, he pulled her diaper back up into place around her waist.  Then he picked up the pink potty and took her hand as he led her back to the bathroom – unlocking the door and walking in with her.

He lifted the toilet seat and handed her the little pink potty.  She turned the little potty upside down and dumped it empty into the toilet water before flushing it.  Blake rinsed the little potty clean and set it alongside the toilet – the blushing BabyGirl standing there and waiting, embarrassed beyond the point that she could actually process it.

“Come on, baby,” Blake said, taking her by the hand and leading her back out to the front room, her eyes with a seemingly lost gaze.

He took her in his arms and lied down on the couch.  She came to rest on top of him, her eyes drooping.  It wasn’t her nap time yet, but it appeared she needed it to be – for all she had just gone through that morning.

“I’m very proud of you, Skylar,” Blake whispered sweetly, holding her against his chest and patting her diapered bottom.  “Sweet dreams, Princess.”

It would only take a few seconds before her eyelids closed from half-mast.  But in those fleeting moments before sleep began, she confirmed to herself that if she was his Princess – then he was most definitely her dirty knight in shining armor.

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