The Monopoly of a Dirty Mad Lib

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here is a little story about making a monopoly of things and talking dirty.


The Monopoly of a Dirty Mad Lib – 

In her lifetime, Chelsea had never lost a game of Monopoly and admittedly, was a bit of a tyrant when she played.

“I bet you’ll want to be the little doggy player piece, right?” Mason asked, placing his hands on her scalp and massaging her.  “And I bet you’ll want to be the banker as well, right?”

Stuffing the remainder of her lunch sandwich in her mouth, Chelsea smiled again, her brightest one of the day, as she learned how much he actually had remembered.  And all this time, she thought he hadn’t picked up on her sometimes-chattery ramblings.

“And I’m also willing to bet that you will want to start out with …,” Mason said, pausing to add a little dramatic effect.  “Illinois Avenue, Marvin Gardens and Pennsylvania Avenue.  Am I right?”

She nodded, now grinning from ear to ear.  Oh, how wonderful he was.  And oh, how she was gonna whoop his butt in Monopoly as soon as she got done chomping down on this last bite of sandwich.

No sooner did she stuff it in her mouth than she stood up, crinkling her diapered bottom in the most adorable little waddle over to that window sill and picking up the board game.  Mason put her glass of Dr. Pepper on the small table and picked up the lunch tray, carrying it out to the kitchen and getting himself a glass as he grabbed the two-liter from the fridge and headed back in.

And in a matter of two minutes, she had the board set up, all the property cards lined up perfectly, the chance and community chest cards sitting in their spots, his money and her money already divvied out, the dice sitting in the middle of the board and the little doggy and the race car sitting at the Go – awaiting him.

“I always let the other player go first,” Chelsea said, handing him the dice as she returned to her seat on the floor, between the front edge of the sofa and the small table.

“Well, that’s very kind of you,” Mason said, rolling the dice and taking a seat behind her on the sofa, filling his glass wit Dr. Pepper and setting the two-liter next to her on the floor.

“Don’t expect the kindness to last.  I have an undefeated championship to uphold here,” Chelsea said, quickly putting her pacifier in her mouth before she got in trouble for being sassy, but breaking out into laughter anyway.

Despite her competitive tone, she also had some fairly amazing luck, having collected the specific properties she wanted along with at least one property of every set – preventing Mason from the ability to put any houses or hotels on anything.  And she did this all inside of three trips around the board, then beginning to complete property sets and right away beginning to put up houses.  She didn’t mess around and was going for the jugular as quickly as possible.  And once the game was pretty much decided to be another successful defense for her, Mason began playing a different game with her.

“So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on YouTube?” Mason asked, Chelsea beginning to laugh right away.

They sometimes shared secrets about their weird habits – things that they obsessed over that would seem strange to others.

“Hmm,” Chelsea said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth.  “Have you ever seen the 2 Girls 1 Cup video?”

“Um, it doesn’t right a bell,” Mason answered, filling his glass again with more Dr. Pepper.  “What is it?”

“It’s a disgusting video you don’t need to see,” Chelsea answered, rolling the dice and moving her little doggy.  “But if you type in 2 Girls 1 Cup Reactions, you’ll see an endless stream of videos of people who are recorded as they sit in front of a computer and watch the 2 Girls 1 Cup video.  You don’t see the video, but you see them reacting to it.  And they are hysterical.”

“Am I able to get YouTube on my phone?” Mason asked, rolling the dice for his turn.

“Daddy!” Chelsea laughed.  “You can get anything on your phone!  You can even get the YouTube app.”

“The YouTube what?” Mason asked, Chelsea grunting, putting the pacifier in her mouth, picking up his phone and downloading the app for him.

Then she looked up at the board, seeing where his race car had landed.  And she smiled with the brightest grin of the day yet.  He had landed on Boardwalk, a property Chelsea owned.  And, along with Park Place, she had built up four houses on each, then replacing them with hotels.

“You owe me …,” she said, referencing the Boardwalk property card for the rent.  “$2000.  It has a hotel on it.”

“And you win the game,” he said, handing her the money he had left.

“Thank you,” Chelsea said proudly, taking the money from him, kneeling up and beginning to put the game away.  “So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on YouTube?”

Mason looked at the base of her diapered bottom, seeing the wet spot she had made.

“I once saw a guy trying to read a Mad Lib that his girlfriend had created,” Mason began, reaching for the small bag at the side of the sofa.  “It was a normal Mad Lib that his girlfriend had filled out with sexual answers.”

“Oh my,” Chelsea laughed, boxing up the game and sliding the small table back to its corner – then walking back to him, but freezing in her steps when she saw the diaper, wipes and powder in his hand.

“So as you were sleeping this morning, I did the most amazing thing,” Mason said, tapping on the floor in front of him as she walked over and lied down, her belly fluttering with tummyflies.  “I actually successfully got online on my cell phone, if you can believe that.  And I looked up dirty Mad Libs.”

Tapping her bottom, Mason watched her put the pacifier back in her mouth as she bent her legs, drawing her knees up to her chest.  Her face had turned beet red, not from the fact that she had wet her diaper, but that he had found out without asking her.  Oh, how littleness was once again knocking on the doorstep of her senses.

“So, I found a dirty Mad Lib and wrote it down, along with making a list of words for you to fill out,” he said, handing her a piece of paper and a pen as he unfastened the tapes of her diaper.

When he unfastened the tapes, Chelsea always got this weird feeling that she was incapable of moving until new tapes were fastened at her hips.  It enabled her to avoid the wigglies during a diaper change.  She looked at the paper, reading down through the word list she had to create as Mason unfolded her new diaper.

The first one asked for ‘A Crush’s name’.  Well, that was an easy one.  Her answer was DADDY, of course.

Peeling the front of her wet diaper down and laying it flat on the floor, he took a wipe to her front.  The second word choice was asking for ‘A verb’ and her answer was BOUNCE.

Mason began to wipe between her legs, moving backwards to wipe her slightly-elevated bottom, Chelsea mindlessly whimpering as she looked at the third word choice.  It asked for ‘A favorite room in the house’ and having just been touched on one of her girl parts, her answer became BEDROOM.

Mason tossed the wipes into her wet diaper and slid it away as she made her fourth word choice.  It asked for ‘A plural noun’ and raising an eyebrow, she wrote down PANTIES.  He placed her new diaper flat to the floor and slid its back up to the waistline at her lumbar.  The fifth word choice asked for ‘A body part’ – to which she wrote BOOBIES!

Smelling that sweet scent in the air and feeling its silkiness, Chelsea whimpered softly as he caressed a heavy layer of baby powder across her bottom.  She couldn’t explain why, but his gentle touch along with that sweet scent always gave her tingles in the right places.  The sixth word choice asked for ‘A piece of furniture’ – to which she wrote KITCHEN COUNTER.

Mason lowered her powdered bottom into the inner softness of her diaper and she closed her eyes for a moment, basking in the glorious feel of the thickness and how much better it was than a Depends diaper.  The seventh word choice asked for ‘An adjective’ and she answered with ITCHY.  The eight word choice asked for ‘An adverb’ and after pausing to figure out what an adverb was, she wrote GENTLY.

Mason parted her thighs and wiped her front again.  The ninth word choice asked for “A number’.  She couldn’t decide what number to write.  So she made one up … LEVENTY BILLION.  As he began to powder her front, from hip-to-hip, with another heavy coating, she answered the next word choice, asking for “A time”, with MIDNIGHT.

But as he touched powder between her legs, she closed her eyes again, wanting to grab his hand and force his fingers inside her.  The sexuality of all this was beginning to grow within her to a point that she soon couldn’t ignore anymore.  For the time being, she found the right distraction with word choice eleven, asking for ‘Plural body parts’, but her arousal gave her a silly answer of MORE BOOBIES!

Mason took hold of the front of her diaper and pulled up slightly, making the elastic edgings at the top of her inner thighs stretch a bit.  The 12th word choice asked for ‘The name of a musician’ and Chelsea wrote the name of the first singer who came to mind … LADY GAGA.  Mason folded the front of her diaper up to her hips.  And Chelsea answered the next word choice, asking for ‘A food’ with her craziest answer yet … SWEET ONION CHICKEN TERIYAKI SUBWAY SUB.

As he began to fasten the diaper tapes at her hips, she got serious about finishing the word choices, quickly answering the last two.  The 14th one asked for ‘A brand of shoes, plural’ – to which she wrote BABY PHAT SHOES.  And the final word choice asked for another number – to which she answered LEVENTY BILLION AND ONE.

Mason patted her freshly powdered, freshly diaper bottom and she lifted up her hips.  He reached underneath her, grabbing at the waist line at her lumbar and yanking upward to snug her fit.

“Wuh’s muh phone?” she mumbled behind her pacifier.

Mason reached behind him on the sofa, picking it up and handing it to her as she gave him the completed word choice paper and crawled over in front of him, readying her cell phone for him to read the story.

“Start it with Once Upon A Time,” Chelsea said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth and sitting up to record him with her cell phone as she listened to the story she created.

“Okay,” Mason said holding both pieces of paper, one with her words and one with the story.  “Once upon a time, you were suddenly feeling frisky so you asked … DADDY if he wanted to BOUNCE in the BEDROOM with you.”

Chelsea laughed out loud, zooming in on his smirking reaction.

“Normally, you use this room to store your vast collection of PANTIES,” he said as Chelsea laughed harder.  “But this time you felt like switching things up.”

“This is so much fun!” Chelsea said, trying to hold her phone still for the video.

“We oughta call it 1 Girl 1 Diaper Change,” Mason said.

“Keep reading, keep reading!” Chelsea insisted.

“You just knew he was ready to go when he propped his …,” Mason said, stopping to catch himself from laughing before continuing.  “when he propped his …  BOOBIES up on the KITCHEN COUNTER and gave you his ITCHY bedroom eyes.”

Chelsea howled with laughter, a much-needed and much-welcomed return to happiness.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna pee myself,” Chelsea said through tears of laughter.

“After GENTLY going at it for  … LEVENTY BILLION minutes,” Mason continued, looking at Chelsea strangely for what LEVENTY BILLION meant, Chelsea now laughing so hard she couldn’t make any noise.  “… you both climaxed at the exact same time: MIDNIGHT.  But then you looked deep into each other’s MORE BOOBIES and knew exactly what the other one wanted: one more round.”

Chelsea’s face was streaming with tears from laughing.

“So you put on LADY GAGA’s greatest hits, lit a few SWEET ONION CHICKEN TERIYAKI SUBWAY SUB-scented candles and knocked BABY PHAT SHOES,”  Mason said, folding the papers up.  “…for LEVENTY BILLION AND ONE more hours! … THE END!”

Chelsea applauded, turned off the phone and crawled up onto the sofa, taking the papers from him and laughing as she read them again.

“I’m gonna go do some dishes, Princess,” Mason said, kissing the top of her head as he got up.

“Daddy, I’ll do the dishes,” Chelsea said.  “You made lunch.”

“You get the dishes next time,” Mason said sweetly, kneeling down in front of her, taking the pacifier from her hand and returning it between her lips.  “Right now, I want you to keep smiling.  And I would be the happiest Daddy in the world if, when I came back, I saw fresh tears of laughter running down your cheeks.  Deal?”

“Deal,” Chelsea mumbled behind her pacifier with a bright, cheeky smile.

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