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The Mommy Grats:  Boy Toy 4

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here is a little story about a cuck in a crib and where Mommy was headed that night.

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.
The Cuck –

Joey lied peacefully on his back, staring up at the ceiling above with his fingers curled into soft fists and placed on either side of his head on the pillow.  His legs lied flat and his knees were bowed outward.  He hadn’t moved from the position he was in since Misty had finished changing his diaper.  And with a bottom that was still stinging a little from the spanking she just gave him for having wet himself right before she was about to get in the shower, he nursed on his pacifier for comfort – though the tears in his eyes kept streaming anyway.

He wasn’t sad for having been spanked or for having upset his wife.  In reality, he wasn’t really upset at all.  He was just overcome with a lot of emotions and needed a release.  Misty often said that he was a unique husband in that he actually showed his emotions as opposed to keeping them bottled inside.  But Joey and Misty were a unique husband-n-wife in other ways, too.  He was also her baby and she was his Mommy.  The act of roleplaying these parts had long since been viewed as such.  It was now a part of their lives, having filled their voids while also having created new ones. 

And perhaps that was the main reason why Joey lied in his crib in their bedroom, in nothing but his diaper – while crying softly.  Misty, his beloved partner of life, was in the bathroom, preparing for her date that night – one that added the role of being Misty’s cuckold to his repertoire of titles.  But that was just the beginning of this story …

He could hear the shower turning off and Misty stepping out of it.  She grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off.  But from the position of the crib, strategically placed to be able to see into the adjoining bathroom when the door was left open, Joey could only see a bathroom mirror that was completely fogged up.  Misty passed in front of the door, however, with one towel warped around her torso and another one she was wrapping her hair in.  She didn’t look out at him, presumably still because she was angry that he had drenched himself right before she started getting ready for her date.

“If you don’t stop your sniffling, Joey, I’m gonna come back out there and really give you something to cry about,” Misty said, stopping at the bathroom doorway to give him and ultimatum to hush.  “Do you realize how long it’s been since I’ve been fucked so hard that I scream with pleasure?  No, I guess you wouldn’t realize how long it’s been since that happened.  In the entire 5 years that we’ve been married, you’ve never once given me an orgasm that was even remotely close to being satisfying.  You definitely belong in that diaper with that little pencil dick of yours.”

Joey closed his eyes, biting down on the rubber nipple of his pacifier to prevent from making any more noise, but he cried harder than before at the scolding comments of his inadequacy as a husband, as a man, as a human – she made it seem.  But as he cried, his streaming tears glistening from the light that cascaded from the bathroom into the dark bedroom, Misty softened a little.

“Joey, I’m sorry,” Misty said, taking the towel off her torso and wiping the fog off the bathroom mirror.  “Look at Mommy in the mirror as she gets ready.”

Joey turned his head, watching his wife shake her naked bottom at him as she began to put foundation on her face.  She was helpless flirt and even when he was upset, could always make him smile – even laugh sometimes.  Then she walked out into bedroom and over to his crib, leaning on the side railing and shaking her shoulders to make her breasts jiggle.  He laughed again, muffled as it was by the pacifier in his mouth.

“No more tears, baby,” Misty said, lowering the side railing of the crib as she wiped the tear streams off his cheeks.  “It’ll be okay.  And I’m sorry that I get so mean about things sometimes.  You take very good care of me and we live comfortably.  I just get so frustrated sometimes that I have to leave home to find good sex and that my husband can’t give it to me.”

Joey looked up at her, his eyes filled with apologies.  But there was nothing he could do about it and, in all honesty, it really wasn’t his fault.  But blame seemed pointless to place, even though Misty would snap at him, sometimes.

“Sit up,” Misty said, helping him to sit up as she moved his pillow and sat behind him – then leaning him back on her as she cradled his head and took the pacifier out of his mouth.  “I want you to understand that even though you  can’t please me sexually, I still love you like no other.  And I am very happy to be your wife.”

She turned his head in towards her body and directed his mouth onto her right nipple.  Joey closed his eyes and began to nurse from her breast.

A portion of the way they found to compensate for their sexual incompatibility was to find other things that could make each other feel good.  But it was how they met and how their marriage began that fueled their bond to one another.

Both were married once before, Joey having been married to a woman who divorced him when they found out he was impotent and Misty having been divorced when she lost the ability to start a family from injuries she sustained in a car accident.  What they had in common when they met one another was how their exes rejected them, once a physical ailment would prevent having a family in the future.

Needless to say, these rejections struck at heart strings, putting them both into depression and making them hate themselves.  This was the starting point for Joey and Misty when they met one another.  And though their physical conditions would never change, they were able to help each other find happiness again.

“Bite down,” Misty said with a forceful tone, Joey then sinking his teeth into her nipple.  “That’s my little titty boy.  At long last, you can make me feel something.”

His biting was erotic, for both of them.  For Misty, her sore nipple would be a reminder all night of physical pain and emotional pain, reminding her that she had to leave home to pleasure but also reminding her that she needed to come home for love.

Part of the way that Joey was able to deal with impotence was the have it thrown in his face.  And by Misty reminding him of it, he was able to derive a little pleasure, albeit a mind-fucking one.  So whenever she jested him, he got stiff.  It was just that, sometimes she went a little too far.  She recognized it when she did this, but she didn’t stop.  Instead, she steered her insults in a direction that would make his mind detach from the shame he always felt.

“Maybe you’d understand a little better how I feel if we switched roles,” Misty said, rubbing the growing bulge on the front of his diaper.  “Yeah, maybe that would work for us.  If my hubby can’t please me with his little chubby, then maybe my hubby should just become a girl, hmm?”

Joey whimpered and fidgeted as she kept biting into her nipple and nursing from her breast.  The thought of being so insufficient as a man that his wife would make him a woman was erotic beyond belief to him.

“I think this is a very good idea, don’t you?” Misty said, smiling at how his face had shrunk up into a pout.  “Yeah, I’ll play the part of hubby and you play the part of obedient wife and I’ll slide a limp noodle into you bottom every night – so you know how it feels to feel nothing at all.”

Joey’s cock kept growing and stiffening as his wife filled his head with crazy thoughts.  He kept biting into her nipple, giving her a bit of pain that fueled her comments.  Misty liked the feeling of pain.  Whereas in her previous marriage, pain was not only something that was displeasing, but every time she felt any pain at all as she physically recovered from the car accident, she was reminded of how her ex-husband hurt her just as well when she co no longer reproduce.

But nowadays, pain was a good thing and it gave her good thoughts and Joey was the kind of guy that could allow her to be a little cruel when she needed to be cruel to get a harsh emotion out of her system.  It was times like that Misty said she needed to be a necessary bitch.  And she loved Joey for allowing her to show a less-than-pleasant side of herself.

“I really need to get back to the bathroom if I’m going to be on time tonight,” Misty said, tapping the back of his neck – an indication that he was to release her nipple from between his teeth.

Sitting him up, she then stood up out of the crib and lied him back down, then returning to rubbing the bulge on the front of his diaper.

“You wouldn’t want Mommy to be late for her date tonight, would you?” she asked as she returned the pacifier to his mouth.

Joey shook his head no.  After all, it was his idea that she go out on dates with other men to find sex that would be fulfilling of her womanly needs.  And though it made him ache with a pain of his own to think of his wife being made to orgasm by some other guy who would pump her full of his seeds, Joey also didn’t want Misty to be deprived of sexual satisfaction – just because his ex-wife had screwed his head up so badly that he lost all esteem … and therefore, the ability to perform in bed as she needed him to.  It wasn’t that he didn’t have enough equipment to get the job done.  It was that her car accident injuries had also robbed her of sensitivity between her legs.  And because of this, it would take ten inches of length and two inches of girth to stretch her out enough to begin to feel anything good at all.

With a twinkle of evilness in her irises, she knelt down and leaned in to whisper in his ear as she kept rubbing the front of his diaper.

“Joey,” she whispered with a breathy quality that made it seem like she was having an orgasm as she spoke, right then and there.  “I wish you could know how good Gunner makes me feel when he fucks me.”

Joey closed his eyes as she pinned his wrists together above his head.  He knew she was going to tell him about Gunner, her well-endowed boyfriend – the one she was about to doll herself up for tonight.

“Don’t make me tie you down, diaper boy,” Misty whispered with an ugly tone, as if to suggest that he was about to ruin her fantasies of thought by not listening to her.

Joey settled him as she began to breathe heavily into his ear, softly moaning as she continued.

“First, he strips me naked, tearing my clothes off me and slapping my face until I stop fighting him.  Then he bends me over his kitchen table and holds my wrists behind me as he tans my ass with his leather belt,” Misty whispered with heavier moans.  “Oh, Joey, Gunner makes me so wet when he man-handles me.  I wish you could do that to me.  You wouldn’t even need to get that little tinker toy out between your legs.  If I don’t see your pathetic little pee pee, then I won’t laugh at it.”

Misty began to smack the front of his diaper, harder and harder with each slap, but he didn’t fidget and he felt no pain by her hitting him.  He was wearing a really thick diaper and he had protection on, in that regard.  But the fantasy of it was that he felt no pain between his legs because he really didn’t have much between his legs to be hurt.

“I knew I found the right guy to fuck me when he told me his name … Gunner,” Misty whispered with a deeper tone.  “I knew right away that with a name like that – his cum would feel like bullets when he drove his thick, hard, throbbing dick inside my tight, wet little pussy.”

Joey’s hips began to rock with her rubs to his diapered front.  The visions and thoughts of another man railing her did a number on his mind.  He was her diapered breadwinner and also her little cuckold.  She always told him about what she expected to be the events of each date before she left.  And then when she came home, she would fill him in on what happened differently that she hadn’t expected.  And Joey would lie there, listening to what had been done to her and how she finally felt good.  Her sexual escapade recaps always served as the best bedtime stories from Mommy that he could’ve hoped for.

“Mommy knows what she likes and Mommy knows what makes her feel like a woman and Mommy knows who to call to get as much as she can handle.  And where you fail, my Gunner man succeeds,” Misty whispered, releasing his wrists and standing up as she walked over to the dresser, opening the top drawer and taking a few things out before walking back over to him at crib side.  “But Mommy refuses to leave for the night before she has taken care of her little boy.”

In her left hand were two sets of handcuffs that she used to cuff his wrists to the head of the crib.  In her right hand was the special cock ring that she ordered for him – the one that vibrated.  Joey nursed rapidly on his pacifier and fidgeted all over the place when he saw it.

“Aww, did my little hubby get excited when he saw his cock ring, hmm?” she said with syrupy delight, laughing at how flushed his face had become with color.  “Yes, Mommy knows what her little cucky likes.”

She twisted the cock ring and it began to vibrate.  Then she pulled the front of his diaper out and she reached inside and slid the ring down his length, then forcefully working each of his balls through the ring as well – one at a time.  Joey moaned into his pacifier and began shuddering as well.  The vibrations traveled from his base to his tip and everywhere in between.

“You’re so easy to please, but also so easy to fool,” Misty said with a smile as she twisted the cock ring up to its highest vibration setting, making Joey tremble even more so as she giggled at him before kissing him on the forehead, patting him on his diapered front, raising the side of the crib and returning to the bathroom to get ready for her date.

Misty walked up to the bathroom mirror and took the towel off her now just-dampened hair.  Her beautiful, long blonde locks came down in clumps.  While the clumps weren’t so pretty, she would blow them dry and give them that silky-smooth straightness that Joey always ran his hands through.  In the mirror’s reflection, she could see Joey back in the bedroom, lying in his crib and fidgeting like crazy.

Looking back at herself in that mirror, Misty smiled – first on the inside, knowing that though he presently was enjoying the stimulation from that vibrating cock ring, it was really she that he wanted.  He wanted her more than anything else he had ever wanted in life.  He wanted her exactly as she was: aged, incapable of getting pregnant and incapable of feeling enjoyment through sex.  Despite her broken condition, he still wanted her.  He still loved her.  He still got hard because of her, because of her scent, because of her treatment of him, because of who she actually was, not because of who she wished she was.  He loved her when she was being promiscuous.  He loved her when she was being a necessary bitch.  He loved her always.

Then she smiled on the outside, her face growing warm with color as she began to apply her make-up while listening to him whimper and twitch as a simple little vibrating toy warmed him up.  It would be a long time until he reached his orgasm and part of the enjoyment she got from it was watching him helplessly succumb to it.  Taking the blow dryer to her hair, she began to pin it up in a fashion as to keep it out of her face but still allow it to flow its length down her back.  When having sex she loved to be able to look up at her lover without having to brush her bangs out of the way.

Turning the blow dryer off and setting it on the bathroom counter, she listened again for his whimpers – a delighted smile forming on her face as she heard that they had lessened.  He wasn’t nearly as noisy about it anymore.  Walking over to the door, she leaned up against the bathroom entryway, giving him a silhouette to look at.

“What’s the matter, Joey?” Misty teased.  “Did your little tinker tucker out on you?”

She laughed as she walked over to the closet and flung the doors open, knowing full well that he hadn’t gone soft between the legs.  Instead, he was harder than ever, but had quieted down to try to hold the orgasm in – his last bit of free will … or at least an attempt at it.  Misty knew what he wanted.  It was the same thing he always wanted – For her to walk back to the crib and finish him off.  And as always, she was going to make him wait as long as she could.

Sorting through the top drawer of the dresser in the closet, she picked up the matching hot red bra, panties and garters set that he had bought her for Valentine’s Day.  It was the perfect set for the events of this night.  And she looked very good when she dressed in it.  Moving quickly to get ready as time was running out, she slipped into the red panties and then the garters, pausing to feel the teeth marks in her nipple before putting the bra on.  Primping and fluffing her breasts, she sauntered out to the crib, placing her forearms along the top edge of the foot of the crib.  Placing her chin on her hands, she put a pouty face on.

“What’s the matter, little guy?  Can’t you even cum for Mommy anymore?” Misty asked, making him blush red as he fidgeted.  “Mommy intends to get her brains fucked out tonight.  It would be unfortunate if you didn’t get a little something before you went to sleep – especially since Mommy generously gave you a chance to cum in your pampers.”

She walked out from behind the foot of the bed to reveal the red lingerie.  Lowering the side of the crib, she took a step back to model it for him.  Joey whimpered into his pacifier, tears welling up in his eyes as his stiffness throbbed.

“Doesn’t Mommy look sexy?” Misty asked, giving him something to look at that might help him explode.

Joey nodded, looking at the lacy red set he had bought her.

“I know Gunner is going to love seeing me in this,” Misty said, running her hands from her belly up onto the cups of her bra, lifting her breasts higher.  “It feels incredible to wear such silky material.  And I know when Gunner puts his hands on it, he’s gonna mess it up.  And these panties will be stained with his cum after it rolls back out me when he’s finished.”

She looked at the front of his diaper, seeing the straining bulge, and smiled with a maternal glow.

“Aww, how adorable.  You’re trying so …… hard,” she said, laughing to herself as she returned to the bathroom.

Standing at the mirror again, she put her touch-ups on, giving detail to her eyes and putting on a matching red hot colored lipstick.  She sprayed a very sweet smelling perfume on her chest and returned to him at crib side again, passing by slowly as her scent filled the air around him.  She walked to the closet again and got out her favorite spring coat – the white one that went down to her knees.

Slipping into the coat and a matching pair of hot red heels, she picked up the container of baby wipes from the dresser and returned to his crib side once again.  When Joey saw that she had no intentions of putting a dress or any other clothing on before she left, his face turned as red as her panties.

“I guess you can’t do anything without Mommy, huh?” she said lowering the front of his diaper and tucking it under his sack as she took a wipe to his erection, cleaning the powder off – a deterrent of what she was about to do to him.  “So now, you’ll cum for Mommy or you’ll spend the rest of this night in agony that you didn’t spooge on yourself when Mommy gave you the chance.”

Joey smiled and wiggled as she held his stiffness straight up in the air, the pointer finger-n-thumb of her right hand holding his tip and the pointer finger -n-thumb of her left hand pushing his balls through the cock ring – one at a time.  Then she took hold of the cock ring and looked at him.  His eyes were practically begging her to make him erupt.  And it was that look, that helpless look that made her wet.

“I really ought to take this cock ring off and leave you sexually frustrated for being such a tiny dicked, pathetic husband,” Misty said with cruel sass, her face then softening to a smile.  “But if I did that, then how could I know for sure that Gunner’s cum was so much thicker and so much more than anything you could offer me?”

She began to slide the vibrating ring up-n-down the length of his shaft.  And Joey lost his mind, his hamstrings tightening as he lifted his hips, trying not to lose the arousal for how intense the vibrations were.

“Oh my, I bet that feels really good, huh?  Or then again, maybe it feels too good.  Is that it?” she asked, teasing his mind as she continued sliding the cock ring up-n-down his shaft, slowly … agonizingly slowly.  “Does it feel too good to show your wife that you’re a man?  To finally come through on something and to be good at it?”

Joey kept twitching, his embarrassment peaking before his orgasm even arrived.

“It would’ve been so much easier to just cum your pathetic little squirts inside your pamper, huh?” Misty asked, a playful smile forming on her face as she laughed at how enthusiastically he was nodding.  “But you can’t do anything right, can you?”

Joey shook his head no, making her laugh even harder.

“I bet you could even fuck up fucking up, couldn’t you?” Misty laughed as he nodded yes.

She began to erratically slide the ring up-n-down, stopping at different points as she tried to find the exact spot on his shaft that would make him gush.  And every time she stopped, he began to whimper as he would near the orgasm before she would deprive him of it.

“There’s not an ounce of manhood left in you,” Misty said, really beginning to enjoy the absolute control she had over him.  “I think I really sold out lucky here, didn’t I?  I married you and no longer had to struggle with bills and then you allowed me to freely release my emotions on you whenever I wanted to.  Then you told me you wanted me to go out and have sex so that your tiny little toothpick didn’t rob me of pleasure for the rest of life.”

Then she found his sweet spot, holding the cock ring in that very place as he fidgeted out of control.

“Aww, there ya go, little guy,” Misty said with adoring sweetness as the first little spurt made it to his tip.

She giggled at him as he struggle to keep himself together, but all it took was one more comment from her to bring him to explosion and right at the moment when his tears were ready to begin streaming for an inability to cum any more, she began to whisper to him.

“Joseph,” Misty said with as deep of a voice as she could make.  “I promise you that I will keep you in my thoughts as Gunner fucks my brains right out of my head tonight.  I’m even going to bring you a present home … his cum.  I’ll beg him to pump me so full that I can’t hold anymore.  And when I get home, I’ll allow you to eat me out as I lie down and relax on the bed, letting a steady stream of his thick seeds roll out of me.  And you will make certain that your wife’s pussy is sparkling clean.  And then, at long last, you will finally have done something right.”

As the last word left her lips, Joey erupted, making a cute little water fountain out of himself.  It was a hysterical sight that Misty laughed at for a few seconds before pinching off his tip, momentarily.

“Your ex-wife was a fool, just like my ex-husband.  I’ll drink to that,” Misty said, sliding the cock ring up and off his erection before wrapping her hot red lips around his tip, plunging his shaft into her mouth and sucking his load out in a few hefty, gulping swallows.

She sat up afterwards, pulling the front of his diaper back up into place and patting his diapered front as she lifted his head up and returned the pillow behind him.

“And now come those killer bees,” Misty said as his eyelids began to droop, his instantaneous tiredness setting in right after his orgasm – just like it always did.

Taking out her compact, she touched up her lipstick. Then she abruptly got ready to go.

“Well, Mommy needs to go.  So let’s get you ready for bed,” she said, then scrunching up her lips as she made a decision about something.  “I think I’m gonna leave you handcuffed.  That way, when I come home, I can straddle your face and drip right into your mouth.”

Then she lowered her garters, taking her red panties off and placing them on his pillow.

“There ya go, diaper boy,” Misty said, kissing him on the forehead.  “Now you can sniff Mommy’s scent all night long.  I wouldn’t be wearing those panties for very long anyway.”

She raised the side railing of his crib and gazed down at her cuckold husband one last time before leaving.

“Nightie, night, my sweet little prince,” Misty said before turning around and slowly sauntering across the bedroom to the door.

Joey watched her walk away, turning off the light before she exited the room, closing the door behind her.  And there he remained in the darkness – spent of his energy, diapered and handcuffed, lying in a crib and nursing his pacifier as he drifted off to sleep with visions of his wife and Gunner to accompany him into his dreams.

He was her little cuck for sure, but knew that when Misty’s night of sex ended, she would then be coming home for love.

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