Red Light, Green Light

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The Mommy Grats:  Boy Toy 4

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here is the first of a 4-part story about a woman named Mona and her little boy, Blue.

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.


Red Light, Green Light –

“Green Light!” Mona said with a high degree of playfulness and an even higher degree of growing-laughter.  “Oh my, look at you going at it.  Be careful, Blue.  Mommy wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Blue wasn’t really his name, but it’s the name Mona called … little boy Blue, as a matter of fact.  And every Friday even into the following afternoon, he was Mona’s little boy Blue, a good looking guy with a most curious mentality, if not obsession as well, for denial – his denial – and for torture, but torture of the mind.  And my, oh my, Mona knew how to torture him.

“Red Light!”  Mona exclaimed, beginning to laugh so hard at him that she covered her belly with her forearms to help with the pain of laughing.

Blue grunted in frustration, fighting hard to hold still at the red light.

“Awww,” Mona said softly, a smile lighting up her face.  “Look at you.  How adorable can you get, little boy?  I can see that frown on your face.  It’s really hard to stop, isn’t it?  Especially when it felt so, so good.  And all you want right now is for Mommy to change the light color.  All you wanna do is show Mommy what a good little boy Blue you are.  But Mommy has a different definition of good than you do, doesn’t she?  And from the looks of it, you have a different definition of hard than Mommy does.”

Mona was a professional dominatrix and Blue was one of her regular clients.  What had begun as sessions-for-money had grown into something that she enjoyed just as much as he did.  So, after a few weeks of these Friday night tortures, she made a different arrangement with him, getting him to stop in at her house mid-week to complete a list of chores, often just upkeep of the property but sometimes repairs of plumbing and whatever else might have arisen.  Needless to say, Mona was beginning to need him as much as he needed her.  But she had no intentions of letting him know that … at least not yet, anyway.

“Green Light!” she suddenly exclaimed, watching him grip himself tightly and begin to take advantage of the light change.  “Oh my, there you go again.  Faster, Blue.  Faster.  Faster.  You can do it.  Make Mommy proud.  I know your pee-pee is small and it doesn’t give you much to hold on to.  But you’re trying so hard to make it … hard.”

Mona began laughing again, a sweet bit of chuckling that always turned Blue’s face bright red.  There was nothing more embarrassing than being aroused, stiffened to a rock-hard condition while a girl laughed and disregarded the erection.  In essence, she was denying it and doing so deliberately.  And as Blue got harder and harder, she laughed harder, giving him that first little twinge of inadequacy and that first little sense of helplessness.

“Red Light!” she exclaimed, a devilish grin on her face as Blue clamped down around his stiffness and looked up at her as if she were the cruelest woman in the world.  “Oh my, you really are struggling to obey right now, aren’t you?  Poor thing.  Poor little thing.  Have you forgotten everything Mommy has taught you?  I know it feels good when you stroke yourself for Mommy, but you don’t call the shots … except maybe where your shot will land when you finally cum.”

Mona started laughing again, then crossing her legs the other way, a bit of visual tease for him to agonizing over having looked at.

But then again, we won’t have to worry about where your shot lands, will we?  Because you do not have my permission to cum,” Mona said, unbuttoning her blouse below her cleavage allowing her lacy red bra to spill out of her shirt.  “And what a shame it is.  To have such a sexy Mommy to cum for, but not having permission to. … Green Light!”

Blue returned to yanking up-n-down on erection with intent of reaching his climax before she cut him off again.  But to no avail.

“Red Light!”  Mona said, laughing again at the grunt and whimper he made whenever he had to clamp down on himself.  “Green Light! …… Red Light!  … Green Light! Red Light!”

Blue began to shake, tears welling up in his eyes as he knelt in the middle of her walk-in closet, gripping his stiffness for dear life.

“Oh, Blue,” Mona said with sudden pity in her voice.  “Are you gonna start crying for me?  Wow.  You really are a baby, aren’t you?  This isn’t a fetish at all for you.  I guess I’m not shocked.  I haven’t seen an ounce of manhood in you since the day we met.  And from where I’m sitting, you are exactly all you’ll ever be … my little boy Blue, squatting down in the middle of Mommy’s closet with both his hands inside his diaper.”

Blue looked up at her, the tears beginning to stream down his cheeks.

“But maybe Mommy was wrong.  Maybe those tears aren’t sad ones.  Maybe you’re laughing at yourself just as hard as Mommy is laughing at you.  Let’s find out,” Mona said, leaning forward, her chair at the entrance to the walk-in closet – six feet away from him.  “Pull your little pee pee out of your diaper.  That’s it.  Push the front of your diaper down and let Mommy see what you’ve been tugging at.”

Blue wiggled his hands back-n-forth, still gripping faithfully to his erection as he worked the front of his diaper down.

“That’s it?” Mona asked with another devilish grin.  “That’s all you have between your legs?  Well no wonder you like being my baby.  It’s because you know you can never be a man.  Green Light!”

Blue started stroking himself again, the crinkle of his diaper being much louder now as he began to rock his hips with the motion – a sign that his arms and wrists were beginning to tire.  Mona kept laughing at him, the sounds of her laughter ringing in his ears as he closed his eyes.  If he could’ve put to words what her teasing did to him, he might’ve been able to write out his own greatest fantasy.  Luckily, Mona wasn’t just writing it out for him, but she was also making him live it out.

It hardly seemed like Blue would ever find himself or what he wanted or what he dreamed.  He was one of thousands upon thousands of guys who felt the same way.  And the options were so limited by location and more so by the number of women who saw thing the same way he did – just from the opposite point of view.  Maybe he would never find the woman he was destined to meet.  Maybe it was impossible to fathom it could happen.  And perhaps that was why he contacted Mona on a domme/slave site.  Yes, she was a pro domme and no, it wouldn’t have anything to do with love for her.  But it did for him and though he would never put Mona in an uncomfortable situation, he loved her.  He would think about her throughout the week and fall even more in love with her every Friday night as she humiliated him and gave him the worst case of blue balls he had ever felt.

Kneeling in her walk-in closet, tugging away at an erection that couldn’t have gotten any stiffer without breaking skin, and wearing nothing more than a diaper she had dressed him in, Blue had actually found himself and had found the most difficult thing in this world to find – a place where he belonged and a place he never wanted to leave.

“Red Light!”  Mona said, delighting once again in how torturous it was to make him stop – yet every time, he faithfully obeyed.  “Green Light!  Red Light!”

Mona laughed, giving him lustful eyes afterwards and putting the tip of her left pointer finger between her ruby red lips.

“Don’t you wanna cum for Mommy, diaper boy?”  Mona asked, giggling at him with a deliciously decadent timbre.  “Or maybe you just can’t.  Maybe you’ll forever be destined to play with yourself but never reach anything that feels really good.”

Mona reached under her skirt up to her hips, sliding the matching red lacy panties to her knees and then down to her ankles.

“Green Light,” Mona said with a deep tone as she stood up, stepping out of the panties with her left foot, but leaving them around her right ankle and she slowly sauntered over to him.  “Faster.  Faster, Blue. That’s a good boy.  Yes, oh my.  Look at you go.   …  Red Light!”

Blue yanked at himself with a frantic pull, basking in how good it felt but knowing that, without her permission, he would have to clamp down on his tip, should he reach what Mona teasingly termed as The Spurting Stage.

Mona lifted up her right foot, the red panties still dangling from her ankle.  Touching her toes to her forehead, she wiggled her ankle, the panties swooshing across his face.

“Sniff them,” Mona whispered with a breathy, seductive tone.  “It’s clear you can’t do what Mommy wants you to do.  So Mommy will have to give you further incentive.  Sniff Mommy’s panties, diaper boy.”

Mona laughed again as he obeyed, sniffing her scent on the panties, his hands shaking to prevent the impulse to keeping playing with himself.

“Or maybe you like to wear them, instead.  Hmm?” Mona asked, giggling at him as he whimpered.  “Is that it?  Are you a little sissy?  I had no idea, but I’m glad to finally know what you like.”

She pushed on his forehead with her toes, making him lean back so far that he fell to his back, his knees unbending as he lied his legs flat.

“Oopsy-daisy,” Mona said, placing the panties across his face as she slipped them off her ankle and began to saunter around a slow walk around him.  “Sniff them, panty boy.  And  …  Green Light!”

Blue started yanking on himself again, watching Mona walk around to his feet, kicking them until he parted his legs, wider and wider until they formed a V.  She stood there, hiking her skirt up higher and higher, his head lifting to catch sight of the first view, should she hike up her skirt – just a little more.

Mona was an intoxicating, shapely woman with all her feminine wiles set to scorch any heart that any guy was foolishness enough to allow to get too close to her.  Blue was just one of her many boy toys, all of which who had been scorched by her charms.  She had a clientele that kept her in very good financial status, some of them being at the top of their fields of work and giving rise to belief that “sometimes those who give the orders throughout the week prefer to take them over the weekend”.  But she rotated those guys on Saturday night – a new one each week.  Blue, however, was her regular Friday night boy and the only client she didn’t take money from anymore. 

There was a reason for that, but she wasn’t yet ready to tell him what that reason was.

Mona stood at his feet, now recording his finest efforts and chuckling to herself.  If she only knew how much he loved her, how much he had grown from a simple fetish that was way off-the-beaten-path, how he wanted nothing more than to know that she loved him, too – maybe she would’ve found the one thing in her life that seemed unattainable to her … real emotion.

“This is going on YouTube,” Mona whispered.  “So be a good boy and give all Mommy’s followers a good show.”

Mona then straddled her feet on either side of him and walked her way up his body, kneeling across his shoulder span and lowering the panties to only cover his mouth and she planted her mound on his nose.

“Red Light!” Mona whispered with heavy breathiness as she thrust her wet sweetness at his nostrils.  “Sniff, Blue.  Can’t you see hot wet you’ve made your Mommy?  Can’t you smell how good Mommy would taste?  Don’t you want to cum for your Mommy now?”

Blue slowly nodded, hoping that she was about to give him permission.  He stroked his length from tip to base and back up, trying so hard to be ready – should she give him the wink of approval.

“You wouldn’t want the world to see you come up short in the big moment, would you?” Mona asked, laying it on thick as she knew that he wouldn’t cum without her blessing.  “Does it turn you on to know that all your happiness, all your pleasure and your total purpose in life comes from me?  You’ve left everything in the hands of a woman whom you can’t stop thinking about and can’t stop dreaming about, but also … can’t have.”

Blue’s breathing became erratic, looking up at her as he absorbed every single word she said.  Mona smiled with that devilish grin again, reaching back behind her and cupping his balls in her hand, rolling them around.

“Is it too difficult to be a man?  Are you so spineless now that you can’t disobey me anymore, even if you had to?” Mona asked, seeing his eyes growing big-n-wide as he neared the arrival of his orgasm.

The wonderful sensations began to travel up his shaft, an indication that he only had a few seconds left.  And with a heavy grunt, he clamped down on the tip of his erection, preventing his seeds from exploding out of him and covering the back of her dress.  He looked up at her with pleading, desperate eyes – full of fear that she wasn’t going to allow him to cum.

“Beg me, panty boy,” Mona said, sliding her sweetness down to his chin to give him the chance to speak.

“Please,” he gasped from beneath her panties, still covering his mouth.

“What was that, Blue?  Mommy didn’t hear you,” Mona said, stuffing the panties into his mouth, his gag reflex forcing him to bite down on the panties.  “You’ll have to speak louder.”

Pleath,” he mumbled, his arms shaking as his fingers did all they could to hold his seeds inside his shaft.

Mona began to make tisking noises as she ran her fingers through his hair, still holding her phone at the perfect level to zoom in on his panicking eyes.

Then she shook her head no, patting his balls before covering them with the front of his diaper, leaving him to clench his erection in denial.  “Tonight was just a red light for you, little boy.”

He had felt the initial pings of pleasure, but without being allowed to erupt, he didn’t feel anything fully and completely and to a degree where satisfaction was achieved.

“Red Light!” Mona exclaimed standing up and stepping to his side.

Lying there on the middle of the floor in her walk-in closet, wearing nothing but a diaper, clamping down on his erection in plain view of her phone, twitching and holding her red panties between his teeth – Blue looked up at her with eyes that seemed to have lost their hope … instead being filled with the hopelessness of denial.

“I have lied in my bed and screamed to the ceiling, being ridden by men who knew what a woman wanted, but the only reason they knew is because I told them and they listened,” Moan said, kneeling alongside him to focus her phone in on his erection as it began to lose its stiffness.

Blue whimpered, feeling his need to spurt diminish.

“Take your hands away,” Mona said softly as she touched his left wrist.

Obediently, he released the tip of his erection and placed his hands on either side of his body.

“Oh, baby, how cute you are,” Mona said, snickering as she drew the front of his diaper up over his shrinking penis, covering it completely up to its head.  “Shall we tuck your little pee pee in for the night?”

Mona reached between his legs and patted his balls through the front of his diaper.

“Perhaps your little pee pee would like to hear a bedtime story,” Mona said, seeing it continue to shrink a bit more before the tiniest little dribble of cum spurted gently out of its tip – only traveling up is belly about an inch.  “Aww, you see?  You did cum for your Mommy after all.  How sweet of my little boy Blue.”

Mona pulled the front of his diaper the rest of the way up and them patted the outside of his thighs – her nonverbal communication for him to close his legs and get up on his hands-n-knees.  He obediently did so, crawling out of the walk-in closet, into her bedroom.  She followed along behind him, continuing to record his shameful crawl.

“It’s bed time for little boys,” Mona said with such a syrupy-thick tone that his tummy became flustered.  “Maybe you can be a man tomorrow.  Hmm?  Naw.  That’s not very likely, is it?  You’ll never be a man.  I wouldn’t allow it.  You’re perfect just as you are … my little boy Blue.”

As Blue crawled towards the crib, set alongside her bed, he felt his tip purge another tiny amount of seeds … the effect of Red Light, Green Light.

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