Drama in Diapers

Drama in DiapersTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book

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here is a little story about the dynamic on different levels and what happens when it all takes place under the same roof.


Drama in Diapers

November 1st

“And here it is,” Reece said, unlocking his apartment door and opening it.

Sidney stepped inside, taking in her first impression of where he lived, of the place she would now call home and of all the necessary changes she could tell needed to be made right away if a girl was going to be expected to survive in such a place.

The kitchen was connected to the eating area which was connected to the living room.  To the side was a short hallway that led back to a bedroom on the left and a bathroom on the right.  She immediately walked into the bathroom, opening the front doors of the cabinet under the sink.  Then she opened the medicine cabinet behind the mirror – stepping back, folding her arms and taking in how much room she had to work with.  These were the two hiding places for those accessories that she wanted to keep private but also easily accessible.  And everything had to fit behind those little doors.

“An’ I won’t leave no hair in the sink, Adrian,” Reece said, giving his best Rocky Balboa impersonation.

Sidney looked over at him and smiled at his ability to make her want to laugh, even when he wasn’t really funny.  Playing the game, she put her right foot in the sink and looked back at him again.

“And I won’t leave hair in the sink, either,” Sidney said with a coy yet playful tone, followed by a wink and another adorable smile as only she could make.

Reece stood there for a moment, not sure how to respond, but soon coming up with the appropriate comeback.

“You’re a keeper … Marry me,” Reece said, preventing the giveaway smile from forming on his face as she burst into laughter.

“Is there anything I can help you find?” Reece asked with curiousness, seeing she had opened all the cabinet doors above and below the sink.

“No,” Sidney said, sashaying her hips over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck as she draped herself over his front.  “I was just getting an idea of how much room I had.”

She lifted herself up on tippy toes and kissed him, smiling brightly and beautifully.

“I am going to jam all these cabinets full with make-up, concealer, blush, mascara, nail files, moisturizer, nail polish remover, facial cleanser,” she said, laughing along the way as he lowered his chin and shook his head while closing his eyes, waiting for where her list was headed.  “Six different shampoos and conditioners, Midol, Tylenol, tampons, maxi pads, razors, shaving gels, creams, lotions …”

Then she stopped making her list as she looked down into the lower right corners of her eyes.

“Is that all?” Reece asked, egging her on.

“I’m thinking,” she said with a sweet voice, bouncing on her toes as she tried to quickly come up with more girly things to feminize the bathroom with.  “Oh!  And I’ going to bring in some smelly stuff that will make this whole place smell like a flower garden.”

“I’m not surprised. Someone told me that girls lay roses,” Reece responded, breaking Sidney into laughter yet again as they heard a knock at their front door.

“Hello?” they heard a female voice say from out in the main room.  “Reece?”

“Yeah, in the bathroom,” Reece called out.

“Is she here?” a different female voice asked.  “Let’s meet her.”

Sidney’s playfulness dropped as she returned to the soles of her feet, her shoulders shrinking up as she focused on the importance of first impressions.  Being grounded was more important at the moment than being in the clouds.  There would be time for showing other sides later on.  But before she could do any of that kind of revealing, she had to know if those two female voices came from girls who would become her friends or her competition.

Reece stepped out of the bathroom, into the hallway – extending his hand to her and prepared to present her to his neighbors.  This only made her trepidation worse, but Sidney wasn’t upset with him for not knowing what she was going through just then.  There was no realistic way he could’ve possibly thought like a girl.

Guys had it so easy.  They didn’t ever have to walk into a social setting and immediately scan the room for every other guy within view – just to know what they were up against and just to feel comfortable within their own skin.  Guys didn’t silently compare the clothes they were wearing with what the other guys in the room were wearing.  They didn’t get irritated when another guy had nicer looking hair or had a cheerier disposition – indicative of that guy already having found comfort in the situation.

Maybe it all seemed crazy to think of the mental and emotional preparation a girl had to go through, just to be able to take one simple step out of the bathroom and into view of perfect strangers.  But then again, she knew the two girls who owned those sweet voices were going through similar concerns as she – just not as much and not as intense since neither of them were the new girl.  Sidney also knew that her fear would divide its severity by four, the moment she walked out of that bathroom.  And in a split second, the worst of it all would be over.  But she stood there, paralyzed to move at all.

Seeing her duress, Reece lowered his chin slightly and squinted his eyes slightly as he spoke with that deep, relaxing timbre that had become the voice in her mind when she needed comfort.

“Princess,” Reece said, calmly and slowly – his power coming out but remaining restrained.  “I’d like you to meet a few people who changed my life.  It’ll be okay.”

“Is she nervous?” one of the female voices asked, sympathetically.

“No,” Reece said with a smile.  “She just taking one final look at the bathroom before she gives it a girl’s touch.”

“Ooo,” the second female voice said.  “I like her already.”

Sidney smiled, hearing the praise of that girl and, following yet another impulse, she reached out and took hold of Reece’s hand.  Stepping out of the bathroom, she faced the four people that were standing at the door.  Initially, she didn’t see anything about them that seemed out-of-the-ordinary – though she knew that all four of them had kinky secrets of their own.  But for the first time in her life, an introduction didn’t come at the expense of her comfort.  Quite to the contrary, she found comfort in meeting them.  And she Reece to thank for it. 

My, oh my, how she loved him.  And the reasons why kept presenting themselves.  What guy could possibly know how to calm a girl’s nerves without even knowing how it felt to be a girl?  His efforts weren’t perfect, but they worked.  And that was all that mattered.  Reece had spent time listening to her and learning why every one of her heart beats happened.  And that was why she initially fell in love with him.  But the past two months had led to this day and to learning what it would feel like to wake up next to the one she loved.  But sentimentality was only good when it did make her live inside her head.  There would be time for gushing thoughts later on.  For now, there were two couples she wanted to meet.

“Sidney,” Reece said.  “I’d like you to meet Van and Violet.  And Dallas and Dixie.”

Violet extended her hand to Sidney first, an indication of her out-going nature that, at the time, Sidney could have no way of knowing.  Nor could Sidney have possibly know that Violet was hiding quite a bit more than kinky secrets.

“Hi Sidney. I’m Violet,” she said with a cheery voice that was honestly intended to make Sidney feel welcome.

Violet wore dark shades of black and deep purple, her dark hair being straight and long.  Her eyebrows were sculpted to an arcing perfection.  Her make-up was flawless and her dark blue eyes were accentuated by the black eyeliner and dark eye shadow around them.  She definitely fit the bill of having darker interests as Reece said she had.  But there was more darkness to her than met the eye.  Violet had so many layers to herself she covered up that peeling her down to her center not only seemed impossible but had never been tried by anyone in her life – not even the tall guy standing next to her.

“I’m Evander, but everyone seems to think it’s quicker and easier to call me Van,” the guy to Violet’s right said in his usual jocular manner that always prodded at someone else.  “I own this building.”

Van was a long-haired tall guy of six feet.  His hair color and clothing matched Violet’s dark shades.  And from first view, they seemed to be complimenting partners for one another.  She could clearly see that he was a dominant individual, too – having said hi, made a joke and then telling her that he was the landlord.  Van was someone who needed to not only feel like he was in control, but actually needed to be in control as well.  His posture was straight and he stood with a purpose.  Violet stood slightly behind his left side, her shoulders slightly raised, her chin slightly lowered and her submission to him slightly obvious.  And as much as there were so many things to get to know about them, the first thought that came to Sidney’s mind was how she would feel – if in a relationship where the presence of Reece made her feel, what she perceived to be, inferiority to him.

But even if that truly was the case and truly was the feeling, Violet seemed quite taken in by Van.  And she seemed very happy, almost like living in his shadow made her feel complete, not wanting to be his trophy so much as she wanted to be his possession.

“My turn!” the other girl exclaimed, walking up to Sidney and wrapping her arms around her in what became a full-breasted hug.  “My name is Dixie and I live above you!”

Dixie had a bubbliness to her that was endearing, unassuming and genuine.  Sidney’s first impression of her was that she was one of those girls who wanted to be everyone’s friend, who never wanted to be around unpleasantness and wanted to make everyone happy by being her super-cheery self.

Dixie had a medium shade of brunette hair, long and straight, like Violet’s hair.  Her eyebrows were sculpted with such a similarity to Violet’s eyebrows and her make-up was so similar as well that Sidney deduced these two girls either went to the same salon or had given each other makeovers, continuing to touch each other up as needed.  And once again, while there were probably a million other important things that Sidney wanted to know about Dixie, her first thought beyond the first impression was how she would look with the common hair style, eyebrow sculpture and make-up of the group – when Dixie and Violet finally convinced her to allow them to her their girly third.

Dixie wore the cutest of flouncy dresses, softened more so with light pastel colors.  Her feet were bare, showing the matching polish shade of her toenails to her fingernails.  She had such a sweet personality that she seemed incapable of being anywhere but in the clouds.  And it was obvious that Dallas, her loving partner and probable Daddy as well, kept her grounded.

 “Alright, BabyGirl,” the tall guy behind her said to Dixie as he patted her bottom, making a telling thud noise.  “Let Sidney up for air.”

Dixie broke the full-breasted hug and stepped back, grinning ear-to-ear with an innocent happiness that she had just made a new friend. 

“Hello, Sidney.  My name is Dallas and I hope we’ll try not to be too noisy upstairs,” Dallas said with a calm voice, the kindness in his tone and eyes being more tell-alls that, with his reference to Dixie as BabyGirl, made clearer still what dynamic meant to them.

Though there were moments of silent awkwardness to follow, Sidney was occupied with thoughts of what it would feel – if in a relationship where the presence of Reece made her feel bubbly, like Dixie and, dare she think it, pampered – for its double-meaning.

Much like Violet to Van, Dixie not only seemed happy, but seemed to feel complete with Dallas – just from an opposite way from the dark couple.  Dixie stood in front of her Daddy and he wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to be his possession, but rather, wanting to be princess.

And it was that title, princess, that led Sidney’s thoughts back to the text messages she received from Reece, just moments before they met face-to-face in that center campus courtyard a month ago.  It seemed like years had passed since then.  But in all the time she remained wrapped in her affection for her new-found Reece, she never once thought of what his interests were. 

Was Reece dark like Van and Violet?  Or was Reece pure-n-innocent, like Dallas and Dixie?  And did their names have to start with the same letter in order for a happily-ever-after to be realized, like the neighboring couples before them?  If Van and Violet lived dark on the first floor and if Dallas and Dixie lived pure on the third floor, did this mean that Reece and Sidney were to spilt the difference on the second floor? 

There were far too many questions to answer just then and it all seemed out of place to focus in on the non-vanilla aspects of life without getting to know the rest.  But then again, the two couples standing before her had seemed to find a way to balance it ll out so that every side of themselves, vanilla and chocolate, would find a place in their worlds and everyday lives.  Maybe there was something to that.

“Alright, guys,” Dallas said, speaking up to break the silence.  “Where’s the truck?”

“Come on, girls,” Violet whispered to Dixie and Sidney, taking both of their hands and leading them out of the apartment.  “Let’s go be good little wife-types and make dinner for everyone.”

Sidney smiled and snorted with laughter at the comment as she watched Van and Dallas follow Reece out to his SUV to unload it.  Maybe they didn’t realize the immense task they were about to undertake.  Violet took the girls downstairs to her apartment, for a little grilling of food, prodding for information and gossiping about whatever their little hearts desired.

Sidney walked into Van and Violet’s first floor apartment, walking over to the front window and hiding behind the drawn curtain as she peeked out at the guys.  All three of them standing there with their hands on their hips, they stared into the back of the SUV at the tightly packed belongings, Van even shaking his head in disbelief.  Smiling, Sidney blushed a little.  But then tilting her head to the side slightly, she noticed something about the guys that she hadn’t picked up on when she met them upstairs just a minute ago.  They all were basically the same height, Reece being the shortest by only an inch or two.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw Dixie and Violet at the kitchen counter already beginning to make dinner.  And the two of them were the same height.  Sidney stood up and straightened her shoulders, walking over to them and standing next to Dixie.  Sidney was the same height as them, too.  Beginning to make comparisons like this, left and right, she jumped into their conversation – wanting to be a part of this sisterhood.

“So what can I do to help?” Sidney asked, seeing Violet chopping up vegetables for a massive salad and seeing Dixie layering the inside of the largest Stromboli imaginable with meat and cheese before closing the dough around it.

“Nothing, sweetie,” Violet said, moving her vegetables and the salad bowl to the island table, Dixie following after her with the Stromboli dough ball.  “Have a seat.  Tell us about yourself.”

Sidney walked around to the other side of the island table and sat on one of the stools, watching Dixie coat the outside of the Stromboli with olive oil as Violet got two wine glasses down from the rack and a bottle of merlot.  Sidney looked strangely at the wine glasses, only numbering two.

“I don’t drink any alcohol,” Dixie said, easing Sidney’s unasked concern.  “When I was young my father was always drunk.  So I don’t drink it now.  And neither does Daddy.”

Just then, the front door of the apartment building opened as the guys walked by and up the stairs with the first of many armloads of belongings.

Daddy?” Sidney asked Dixie, wanting to get straight to the meaning of that label without wanting to make it obvious that she was doing so.

“Sweetie,” Violet said, pouring both of the glasses full and sliding one of them in front of Sidney.  “You don’t have to be coy about things.”

Sidney smiled, picking up her wine glasses and lowering her chin for another sweet blush across her cheeks.

“Hey,” Violet said, reaching over and placing the tips of her fingers under Sidney’s chin to raise her eyes – just as Reece had done to her that first day in the courtyard.  “Don’t ever let it embarrass you.  I can see it in your eyes just as clear as I can see it in Dixie’s eyes.  And believe me; I twinkle with it, too.  Just in a different way.”

“How about we tell you about us first?” Dixie suggested, sensing that Sidney was having trouble feeling comfortable.

The guy strolled back down the stairs and out to the SUV for the second load.

“By the looks of it, we’re going to have some time anyway before the three stooges get done moving you in,” Violet said, looking at the stromboli.  “I think it’s ready to go.  Preheat the oven for now.”

“So, my name is Dixie,” Dixie said, walking back from the oven and sitting down at the island table.  “I’m a criminal justice major and I’m minoring in sociology.”

“Really?”  Sidney asked with sudden excited interest.  “Sociology is my major!  Did you have to take Mr. Dickson’s class?”

“Yep, next semester,” Dixie replied. “What kind of a teacher is he?”

“Boring, very boring,” Sidney replied.  “My best advice is to sit as far away from him in the lecture hall and bring a cup of coffee and a good book to stay awake and have something to entertain yourself with.  All you need to do is show up for class and agree with everything he says.  You’ll pass easily, but you won’t learn much.”

“Wow,” Violet said.  “Does this guy teach any other classes?”

“No,” Sidney laughed.  “He shouldn’t even be teaching at all anymore.  I’m sorry, Dixie.  I interrupted you.”

“Oh, no,no,no,no,no,” Dixie said, beginning to talk quickly as she always did when she finally got comfortable with someone.  “I’m fine.  But I wanted to ask you why you chose sociology as your major.”

“Oh my … because I had to pick something?”  Sidney replied, then drinking from her glass. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do and the decision suddenly had to be made and everyone was pressuring me to choose something.”

“Okay, enough with the small talk.  We like you, Sidney.  And what Dixie and I are dying to ask you is…,” Violet said, cutting to chase as was truly a part of her personality.  “… How did you and Reece meet?”

Sidney took down the rest of the contents of her glass of wine and set it on the table top.  Violet immediately refilled it.

“And keep in mind:  I stand before you in a collar and Dixie is wearing a diaper right now,” Violet said, looking at the lower hem of the back of the flouncy dress Dixie was wearing.  “… which by the sag, probably needs to be changed before dinner.”

It was time for Dixie to be shy, lowering her chin and blushing a deep shade of red.  Sidney reached out and touched Dixie’s forearm in a supportive gesture.  She knew what it felt like to be embarrassed, even if she couldn’t put it words yet.  Taking in a deep chest-full of air, Sidney sighed and then responded.

“Reece and I met on a dirty website,” Sidney admitted.

“”Dirty?” Violet asked in whisper while leaning in for the juicy gossip she hoped would follow.

The boys walked through the front door of the apartment building, carrying the next load of belongings up to Reece and Sidney’s apartment.

“Yeah, like … a fetish website,” Sidney answered with a whisper.

“Oh,” Violet said.  “That’s not dirty.  It’s kinky.”

“I like kinky,” Dixie said softly, leaning forward and joining the girl huddle.

“Sometimes you like dirty, too,” Violet said, reaching behind Dixie and patting her diapered behind.

“I’m getting the sense about you two that …,” Sidney began, stopping in her thoughts as the boys came down the stairwell and stopped at the first floor apartment door to look in.

“Oh, no,” Van said, looking back at Dallas.  “They’re whispering.  We’re in a lot of trouble.”

Violet and Dixie rolled their eyes as they boys headed back outside again.  Then they laughed.  This was getting better and better by the minute.

“Let me get right to it,” Violet said.  “Dixie is rarely ever alone.  And on days when Dallas has to run back home for family reasons, she’ll come spend the day with me.  So basically, I’m babysitting her.  Now, back to this site where you met Reece …”

Violet, for how she cowered to Van, certainly knew how to control this conversation and the moment, wanting all the details that Sidney was avoiding saying.  Sidney, however, might’ve been up for the challenge.

“What are all these paintings you have hanging up everywhere?’’ Sidney asked Violet, smiling with a slyness that made clear she knew what Violet was trying to do.

But Violet didn’t joust back, instead, shrinking back herself – as if Sidney had touched on a sensitive subject or one that harbored something similar.

“Every painting you see here was painted by Violet,” Dixie said, speaking for the dark angel of the room.

“Really?” Sidney asked with honesty, taking a closer look at the canvases she had only glanced at, up to that point. 

Some of the paintings depicted girls sitting in solitude – in castles, in bedrooms, on porches.  And other paintings depicted girls surrounding with so many people and so much attention that her image was blurred – perhaps a visual representation of how these girls couldn’t process everything that was going on around her.

And if at that moment, Sidney understood how all the paintings were actually depicting girls who felt isolated, no matter what the situation they were in, she might well have been able to prevent the drama that would consume the entire ABDL apartment inside of a few short months.  But Sidney had only just met Violet and though she prided herself on being a good judge of character, Sidney was no mind-reader.  Still, the paintings were quite impressively painted, regardless of their hidden meanings.

“Violet you should find an art gallery and put these paintings in it,” Sidney said with seriousness in her tone.

“I know. Right?” Dixie agreed.  “I’ve been saying that to her for more than a year now.”

“Did you ever consider selling them?” Sidney asked.

“Oh My God.  No.  I could never do that.  Each one of them is a piece of me, a piece of my heart …,” Violet answered quickly, then looking around the room at her artwork.  “… a piece of my mind.”

“Well, did you ever consider offering to paint other people?” Sidney asked as they boys came stumbling in through the front door yet again with another three arm-fulls of belongings.

“No one’s ever asked me to,” Violet said softly, lost in memories as she stared at the canvases on the walls.

“Would you make a painting of Reece and me?” Sidney asked with a whisper.

“Yes,” Violet whispered back.  “… if you tell me why you got on that kinky site.”

“Deal,” Sidney said, leaning forward across the table as Dixie and Violet leaned in as well.

The guys made their way back down the stairs, Van stopping at the apartment door and looking at the gossipy girl huddle again.

“…And his penis is so big and so long that sometimes I think he’s gonna rupture my spleen when he puts it inside me,” Violet said with a playful lewdness, knowing what Van’s reaction would be.

“Oh My God,” Van said, looking at Violet like she were crazy.

“Come on, Van,” Dallas said, grabbing Van and directing him out the front door before turning back and looking at Dixie.  “BabyGirl, listen to Daddy … Cover your ears.”

Dixie, nearly hysterical with laughter, did as her Daddy asked her to, covering both of her ears …… until Dallas walked out the front door – at which point, the girl huddle returned and tightened as Sidney made good on her end of the deal.

“I got on that site because I have a sexuality that isn’t normal,” Sidney said.

“Meaning what?” Violet asked, wanting more details and prodding for a specific reason.

“Meaning …,” Sidney said, pausing to blush again before she finally said it.  “I don’t want Reece to just have sex with my body.  I want him to have sex with my mind.  I want him to spin my thoughts in circles that make me dizzier by the second.  I want to struggle within myself to try to resist being a slave to the effect of his whispers, a captive to his aggressive potential.  I want to lie beneath him, knowing that, though he’s a gentleman and would never push me over the edge, that he could if he wanted to and I would have no way of stopping him.”

“You wanna be mind-fucked, in other words,” Violet said with a burning lust in her eyes.

“Yes, but I lean in two directions with the whole thing,” Sidney agreed and added.  “Sometimes, I want to pin to the bed and ravaged.  And other times, I want to be handled with such gentleness that I cry at how good it feels.”

“And what has Reece told you about Dixie and me?” Violet asked.

“That you are dark and Dixie is pure,” Sidney answered with no hesitation.

“Hold that thought,” Violet said, turning around, opening the oven door, sliding the stromboli in, shutting the door, setting the timer, taking hold of Dixie’s hand and heading for her bedroom.  “Follow us, Sidney.”

“Noooo,” Dixie fussed, waddling alongside Violet.  “I’m not that wet yet.”

“Dixie, honey.  It’s dribbling down your legs,” Violet said taking the waddling girl into the bedroom, Sidney following after with discomfort of the situation.  “Sidney, please shut the door.”

Sidney shut the door and walked over to the bed, sitting on its foot as she watched Violet lead Dixie over to the closet by the hand.  Violet opened the sliding closet doors and then open the top drawer of a tiny dresser inside it.  She took out a pacifier and plunked between Dixie’s pouting lips, then returning her attention to the contents of that top drawer as she gathered up several items in her free hand.  Dixie looked at Sidney, showing watery eyes that made clear how unhappy she was.  And for a bubbly girl who was filled with affection, this seemed like too sudden of a change in her personality for Sidney to rule out the possibility that something unpleasant was about to happen.

“Should I go back out to the kitchen and wait for you guys?” Sidney asked with a calm and pleasant tone, trying not to make it obvious how she was just as uncomfortable as Dixie seemed to be.

“No, sweetie.  Stay in here with us,” Violet said with a friendly yet commanding tone that had an almost song-like quality.  “It’ll be okay.”

Looking up from the top drawer to Dixie.

“Are you poopy, too?” Violet asked her as the fussy little girl surpassed all shades of pink and red, rushing headlong into shades of maroon.

Dixie lowered her chin so far it almost touched the nape of her neck.  Shaking her head no, she kept her eyes to the floor – too embarrassed to look up.  Sidney felt so bad for her, but couldn’t help the thought of wondering what Dixie must’ve been feeling.  Sidney couldn’t help but try to make it seem like she was okay with everything she was seeing – though she was uneasy about being in the room.  It would’ve been rude for her to actually have left and besides, the unwritten rule of pleasant encounters clearly stated that when an unpleasant moment arrived, it was to be ignored – all for the continuation of things remaining … pleasant.  But in the center of Sidney’s heart and at the center of every thought, she had the strangest desire to follow yet another impulse.

Violet closed the top drawer of the little dresser inside that closet, her free hand no longer free as she held between her fingers a diaper, a changing pad, a pack of wipes and a small bottle of baby powder.  Sidney’s heart began to flutter a little more than Dixie’s heart, it seemed.  This whole experience was new for Sidney, but Dixie had been the focal point of visitors before.

Violet set everything in her hand on one of the pillows, picking up the changing pad and unfolding it to spread it out on the comforter.  Directing Dixie between she and the bed, she helped the now-less-fussy little girl take a seat on the changing pa and the edge of the bed before placing her hands behind the girl’s lower back and her head to ease her down.  The moment Dixie lied flat, Violet flipped up the lower hem of the girl’s dress and unfastened the diaper tapes at the girl’s hips.

And instantly, Dixie stopped fidgeting, stopping fussing and settle herself, no longer with the struggle of discomfort.

“What just happened?” Sidney asked, seeing Dixie’s sudden peace of self.

“To be able to understand someone, you have to know two things about them,” Violet said, helping Dixie to scooch further into the center of the bed, her calves now resting on the edge of the bed and preventing her feet from reaching the floor.  “The first thing to learn is what she wants.  Isn’t that right, little girl?  Isn’t that right?”

Dixie’s eyes had gone glassy, her reaction to Violet’s now sweetly-cooing voice showing a slow regression of thought.  She nodded to Violet’s rhetorical question, her mouth nursing on the pacifier with a rhythm.

“Yesssssss,” Violet said, rubbing her hands across Dixie’s belly and then down the top of her thighs.  “When someone gets what they want, they tend to show more manners to the person who gave it to them.  Maybe hoping that they’ll get a little more of what they want or perhaps just calming down long enough to see that someone was listening to them and heard what their heart said.”

Sidney’s thoughts raced back to every time in the past two months when she found herself amazed that Reece had shown, in one way or another, that he had actually listened to what she was trying to say as opposed to just hearing the words she could find.

“What’s the second thing you need to know about someone?” Sidney asked, mesmerized by the control Violet held over Dixie.

“The second thing to learn about someone …,” Violet said, elegantly placing her fingers behind the waist band at the front of Dixie’s diaper before lowering it down between her legs and exposing the girl.  “… is what she needs.  And when a girl gets what she needs, she submits to everything else.”

“Why?” Sidney asked.

“Because everything else doesn’t matter,” Violet said, placing her hands behind Dixie’s knees and lifting her legs up, also lifting her bottom ever-so-slightly into the air.

Violet picked up the pack of wipes and the bottle of powder from the pillow, handing them to Sidney.  Seeing how drenched the inside of the girl’s diaper was, Sidney opened the little plastic lid of the pack of wipes and took one out, handing it to Violet.  And from the first touch of that cool wipe to her bottom, Dixie closed her eyes, her face relaxing as she felt the gentle caress of Violet’s care.

“How did you know she needed changed so badly?” Sidney asked, curious as to what this magical instinct was that Violet possessed.

“When this silly little girl begins to wiggle her legs, it means she has to pee,” Violet said with such a sweet voice that even Sidney felt tummyflies, listening to her.  “And when she stops wiggling her legs, it means she’s done.”

Still holding the girl’s legs-n-bottom up, she took a second wipe from Sidney, caressing Dixie’s front, from hip-to-hip and then down between her legs.  Sliding the drenched diaper to the side, Violet picked up the new diaper from the pillow and opened it effortlessly with one hand, as if she had done this many times before.  Placing the diaper flat on the changing pad beneath Dixie, Violet took the bottle of powder from Sidney.

“Dixie’s legs were wiggling as you made your confessions of passion, but then, she suddenly stopped wiggling,” Violet explained, taking the powder to Dixie’s bottom.  “But you weren’t done making those confessions, were you?”

“It would take me a lifetime to explain it fully,” Sidney admitted.

“A lifetime is what we’ve got,” Violet said, easing Dixie’s now-powdered bottom down into the inner softness of her new diaper.  “You wanna know what also helps in understanding someone, beyond the want and the need?”

“What?” Sidney asked, watching Dixie instinctively part her legs, an action that made Violet smile.

Pausing for the diapering, Violet turned to Sidney, placing a hand on her hip and giving Sidney a look of seriousness.

“Before you can understand someone, she has to understand herself,” Violet said sweetly.  “She has to take those things she wants and those things she needs.  And she has to put them together and find their meaning.”

Violet returned to powdering the BabyGirl on her bed, but she didn’t back off from the discussion with Sidney.

“So,” Violet began, making silly faces with Dixie before looking back to Sidney.  “The last thing you said was that you wanted to sometimes be handled so roughly that you felt ravaged and sometimes you wanted to be handled so gently that he made you cry.  Either way, what do you want to happen after that?  Or perhaps I should ask:  what do you need to happen after that?”

“I don’t know,” Sidney admitted sadly.

“That’s what you need to learn about yourself,” Violet said, rolling up the wet diaper and taping it into a ball before beginning to fold up the front of Dixie’s new diaper and fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips.  “Upsy!”

Violet held out her hands and Dixie sat up, then standing to her feet and embracing Violet with a happiness that brought a smile back to her face and a seemingly limitless bounce to her disposition.  Then the timer sounded on the oven out in the kitchen.

“You wanna go check the stromboli?” Violet asked Dixie, the happy girl nodding enthusiastically before Violet turned her towards the bedroom door and gave her freshly diapered bottom a thud.  “Off ya go.  Please careful and use oven mitts!”

“I know that whatever it is that I want, I mean … what I need or whatever,” Sidney stammered, standing up from the foot of the bed.  “I don’t really like playing a role that’s someone other than me.”

“Then don’t play a role,” Violet said bluntly.  “If you don’t feel it, then you can’t live it.”

“Maybe I just want something that shows me the place where I belong,” Sidney said, walking over to the closet and looking at the top drawer of that little dresser as she nibbled her lower lip.  “I don’t know what I want or if I’ll ever find it.”

“Yes you do and yes you will,” Violet answered quickly.  “It’s just going to take longer to find it if you keep putting off looking for it.”

 “Are we done talking about penis in here yet?” they heard Van ask as the guys walked in, Sidney’s belongings migration now complete.

“Oh, Van!” Violet said loudly.  “How could I ever stop talking about your penis?  It’s all I talk about anymore!”

“You’re gonna get it, Violet, if you keep this up!” Van called back to her, their playful flirting in full force.

“Don’t make me promises you don’t intend to bruise!” Violet said, smiling as she reached behind Sidney and gave her bottom a little pat, too.  “Come on, sweetie.  It’s time to go find yourself.”

Violet extended her hand to her and Sidney took hold, being led back out the kitchen like a lost soul wanting desperately to be found.

The sound of plates and silverware being placed on the island table filled the kitchen as Dallas and Reece cleared an area in the middle of the table for Dixie to place the stromboli tray on.  Hot out of the oven, it steamed, watering everyone’s mouth with its sight and scent.  Sidney and Violet joined the others, all gathering around the table.

“So, Sidney,” Dallas said, getting three more wine glasses down.  “You’ve heard a lot about us and we’ve heard a lot about you.  Now, let’s find out how truth Reece spoke.”

Dallas grinned widely, pouring five glasses of the Merlot.  Sidney looked over at Reece, raising an eyebrow and smiling at him.

“And what, exactly, did Reece tell you about me?” Sidney asked, still giving him the eyebrow and smile.

“He said you took his breath away in a courtyard,” Dallas answered, getting down the spare sippy cup from the cupboards that Violet always kept for Dixie.  “And that each sight of you since then had stolen more breath from his chest than the one before.”

Sidney’s eyes watered a bit, her persona softening a little.

“I think he told us the truth,” Dallas said, getting the Hawaiian Punch container from the fridge and unscrewing the cap of Dixie’s sippy cup.  “And now that we’ve met you, we can see ourselves why you keep Reece breathless.”

“What would you like to know about us?” Van said as Violet began to cut the stromboli and serve the pieces to everyone plates.

“Umm,” Sidney said, trying to think of what to ask first while still being touched by the compliments Reece had paid her.  “What are … your college majors?”

Sidney bit her lower lip after she asked that question, hoping she didn’t sound generic in asking it.  She didn’t want to make herself seem disinterested in getting to know them.  But she had never met anyone before, aside from Reece, who lived their lives off-the-beaten-path.  Everything was still brand-new for her and she was trying desperately to not retreat back in fear.

“Well, like I said before, I’m no long in college,” Van answered, digging into his stromboli as Violet had served him first.  “But when I was in college. I took business as my major.”

“Do you own any other apartment buildings?” Sidney asked, thanking Violet for serving stromboli to her plate.

“No, this is the only one.  I’m not really interested in being a landlord,” Van answered, slicing a big piece of the stromboli and stuffing it into his mouth.

“His family has a hardware business and his parents are going to retire from running it, once he gets up to speed with taking over for them,” Violet said, taking Dixie plate, putting a smaller chunk of stromboli on it and handing it to Dallas.

“I only bought this building so this little girl would have a place to stay until she finishes up her business degree and can home with me,” Van said, smacking Violet’s bottom, her reaction being to close her eyes and softly moan for a second before serving stromboli to Reece and Dallas.

“Okay, I thought of a question I really want to ask but I don’t want to offend anyone by asking it,” Sidney said, cutting a tiny piece of the stromboli on her plate and quickly putting it in her mouth to buy herself a little time before speaking again.

“You’ll never know if you don’t ask,” Violet said with maternal truth as she put the last piece of stromboli on her plate and started fill the salad bowls with her vegetable mix.

“Okay …,” Sidney said after swallowing her food.  “How did you guys meet one another and all wind up living here?  I mean … you all know that Reece and I met online?  I that how you guys met, too?”

“It’s actually quite a bit of coincidence that brought us all here,” Dallas said, beginning to cut Dixie’s stromboli into tiny bite-sized piece.

Dixie, who had been kneeling up on her stool, finally took the oven mittens off her hands and began to bounce a little, crinkling out her excitement of the forthcoming plate of food.  Her reaction was as adorable as the sight of Dallas cutting her food.  Sidney smiled at how no silverware had been set by Dixie’s plate and her cup was a sippy cup, filled with punch. 

“Reece and I actually went to the same high school,” Dallas said, placing the plate in front of Dixie who happily picked up the pieces and started to munch on them.  “We knew each other but weren’t close friends.”

Dixie began to bounce up-n-down a bit more, a little bottom crinkling away.  She was so happily lost in the moment, she took adorable to a whole new level.

“Baby, sit properly and be a good girl,” Dallas whispered to her, patting Dixie’s diapered bottom once before she sat down on the stool.

But then Dixie’s legs couldn’t stop moving and she started kicking her feet under the island table.

Reece and Dallas both put a hand on either one of her knees, encouraging her to settle down without being mean about it at all.  Sidney gushed at how happy Dixie seemed and she gushed at the sight of Reece showing that he had a little of that Daddy-tude within him.

“So Dallas and I bumped into each other here at college, got to know one another and the discussion of a great many things began,” Reece stated.

“It was like we had never known each other,” Dallas said, laughing.  “In our first semester I had met Van online, just like you and Reece did.  And we remarked at how amazing it was that we all lived so close to another.  Dixie and I doubled dated with him and Violet a few weeks later.”

Van and Violet smiled, remembering that night.

“Right away, we realized that we all saw the spectrum of a unique dynamic, just from opposite ends,” Dallas recalled.  “Van had posted about looking for people to fill his apartment building.  Dixie and I jumped at the chance and here we are now.”

Sidney looked at Reece with confusion.

“They had a second floor apartment still available and Dallas gave my name to Van,” Reece answered her question before she ever asked it.  “And here you and I are now.”

“You’d be surprised how many people have a side to themselves that they don’t broadcast to the world,” Dallas remarked to Sidney.

“Why don’t they go out and meet others like them?” Sidney asked, honestly.

“Because they weren’t ready to find themselves yet,” Violet said, giving Sidney a wink as she placed a salad bowl by everyone’s plate.

And at long last, Violet was able to sit down to eat herself.  Sidney picked up on this, but it didn’t seem that anyone else had.

“Thank you for serving us, Violet,” Sidney said politely.

“You’re welcome,” Violet said back, an unexpected smile forming on her face.

“I’m a pre-law student,” Dallas added.

“Ahm a cwimunal duth-tuth mayjuh,” Dixie spoke up, mumbling with a full mouth.

“Criminal justice,” Reece whispered to Sidney.

“Reece, here is our future politician,” Van remarked, grinning slyly.

“I hope not,” Reece said back to Van.

“Well, what else will a political sciences degree get you?” Van jested with him.

“It will get me the right to show off a piece of paper that says I went to school to learn how to please people,” Reece said,

“Okay, no politics please,” Dallas asked with a bit of astern authority, an unusual tone for him.  “Reece, don’t bring up Reagan.  And Van, don’t bring up Clinton.”

“Thank you, Dallas,” Violet said, smiling, lowering her chin and bracing for what was to come.

And swiftly, Van cracked the underside of Violet’s bottom with his hand.  She closed her eyes, stuffed food in her mouth and let out a soft moan as her lips broadened to a bigger smile.  Apparently, Violet got something out of pain.  Sidney couldn’t imagine what it was, but it still intrigued her enough to finally spark the comment that would take the conversation in a direction different from simple pleasantries.

“So what does it feel like to live your fetishes?” Sidney finally asked boldly.

Everyone at the table smiled, knowing that Sidney had been itching to finally bring it up.

“I mean .. I don’t wanna sound obsessed by it.  It’s not really much of my life, but …,” Sidney said, running out words to explain herself for having asked the question.

“But …,” Violet began, pausing and then looking over at Van as if he were to have picked up on her cue.  “BUT …”

And swiftly, Van cracked her bottom with his hand again.

“You’d like to know what it all means, how it feels and everything else you see around this table, right?” Violet asked, being cautious as to not make Sidney feel bad, and quite to the contrary, to help Sidney find the justification for asking anything that she so clearly needed to find.

“Right,” Sidney sighed, once again silently thanking Violet for understanding what she was trying to say and how she wanted her words to be taken.

“From the lighter side of the force,” Dallas said, sharing a jesting smile with Van before continuing.  “… it’s become such a way of life that we don’t really think about how it feels, just to know that the feeling is always there.  And it’s the constant presence of that feeling that takes it from being a fetish and turns it into a lifestyle.”

 “It also isn’t every single moment of every single day, but …,” Violet added, smiling as she waited for Van’s smack, then continuing.  “… in certain ways, it really is a part of everything we do.”

“And that sounds mighty dynamic,” Reece said.

“It is,” Dixie answered with a small voice.

Dinner was woofed down fairly quickly as everybody had waited until Sidney got there before eating.  But the evening, now growing a little later, moved to the living room of Van and Violet’s first floor apartment, Van stepping out onto their balcony as Violet distracted everyone away from what he was lighting up, especially keeping Dixie from seeing it.

“Maybe what would help to explain it best would be to tell you the difference between what Van and I do as opposed to what Dallas and Dixie,” Violet said, filling everyone’s glasses with Merlot as everybody got comfortable on the living room couches.  “Van and I are certainly dark.  But what that actually means is as individual as everyone is.  For me, dark is about being physically controlled by him.  I can’t tell you where my head goes when he ties down to the bed and takes his belt off.  What I can tell you is the crack of leather and the sting of a spanking stimulates me in a way that truly can’t be spoken – only felt.”

“Dixie and I are the opposite of that.  We are as pure as pure can be,” Dallas said, keeping Dixie from looking out onto the front porch at Van.  “But just as Violet submits to Van’s physical control, Dixie submits to my gentleness.  I could never put my hands on her in any way that was rough and the only quasi-spankings she receives are the swats she gets to the back of her diaper when she gets too fussy for her own good.”

Violet and Sidney smiled warmly at Dixie who had already blushed cherry apple red, then hiding her face in her Daddy’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her – patting her diapered bottom.  Moments when Dixie was being talked about were sometimes embarrassing, but none more so than when she was being talked about as if she wasn’t even in the room.

“So, is it safe to say that dark is sexual and pure is non-sexual?” Sidney asked, innocently.

“No,” Dallas, Dixie and Violet all said in unison.

“It’s sexual for all of us, though it doesn’t need it to be for you, if you don’t want it to be,” Violet said, taking a seat on a chair by the balcony doors.  “For me, when I feel him press him against me, my hands and feet tied restrained to the bed, I am thinking with nothing by lust and arousal as he parts me open.”

“You gotta be kidding me,” Van said, walking back in from the balcony in perfect time to hear her talking about his endowment again.

“What can I tell you, honey?” Violet asked with a grin.  “Whenever you’re away from me, whenever you’re outside, all I can do is sit here and think about the next time you’ll be inside … me.”

Van walked up to Violet, reached behind her head, yanking a fistful of her hair in his grip and pulled her head back to look at him.

“Don’t lose sleep over what works best for you, Sidney,” Van said, tightening his grip on Violet’s hair as she closed her eyes and softly moaned.  “I think you’re building this up to be a puzzle you’re trying to solve.  There is no wrong way to do it.  It’s just simply what you like.”

“And if you try something and don’t like it, then you refine your search until you know what it is that’s perfect for you,” Dallas said.

“Why don’t you try both?” Dixie added, suddenly lifting face out of her Daddy’s chest and turning around to sit on his lap.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Violet added, whimpering at Van’s ever-increasing hair pull, indicative of his state of drunkenness as well as his high.  “Try them separately and take from each what you like.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do to try either,” Sidney added.

“We’ll help you,” Dallas said.

“Yeah!” Dixie exclaimed, clapping her hands together excitedly and bouncing her crinkle up-n-down on her Daddy’s lap as if she had just been asked to host a makeover party.  “An’ Violet an’ me will tell you all da stuff dat you’ll need ta know dat only girls can tell you.”

Dallas, recognizing the grow-lateness of the night, stood up and Dixie ran over to Sidney, again embracing her new-friend as she knew what her Daddy was about to say.

“Sidney, it was a pleasure to meet you and if you need any help setting up the apartment, please don’t hesitate to ask us,” Dallas said.

“I don’t even wanna think about where I’m gonna put all my stuff until tomorrow sometime,” Sidney admitted, realizing that the multitude of boxes that had been brought in would predominantly be her responsibility to unpack.

“An’ I will help you a’morrow after classes,” Dixie said.

Dixie ran over and hugged Violet next, Violet giving her a warm returning hug and a pat.  Then Dixie ran back to her Daddy, crinkling out the rest of her second wind and knowing, when they got up to their apartment, that Dallas would expect her to start settling down.  Bed time was never a fussy time for Dixie.  It was, in fact, the happiest of routines each night.

 “But for now, it’s close to bed time for babies.  So Dixie and I will be saying good night,” Dallas said as he and Dixie headed to the front door and up the staircase to the apartment at the top.

Violet led Reece and Sidney to the front door as well, realizing that Van had downed a few too many glasses of Merlot and needed to sleep some of it off.

“When does your last class end tomorrow?” Violet asked Sidney.

“2pm,” Sidney said, hugging Violet and seeing Van taking his leather belt out of his pants loops.  “Have a good night, Violet.”

“I intend to,” Violet said, hearing Van fold his leather belt in half and crack it between his hands, a sound that put fantasies in her head.  “I can feel it already.”

Reece and Sidney made their way upstairs to their second floor apartment, Sidney asking Reece if it was, in fact, okay to unpack tomorrow.  Then, she got in the shower, think back on this, the first day of whatever was to come.  Having met and been accepted by Reece’s friends, especially by Violet and Dixie, made Sidney shake that new girl uncomfortable feeling rather quickly and with ease.  And her time in this second floor apartment, brief as it had been, seemed a lot different from the past month and the handful of nights she snuck into this building – not knowing the couple upstairs or downstairs.

Sidney slipped into her panties, an unfortunate necessity of the night and the only thing keeping her from sleeping naked.  It one of those girly problems she didn’t want to subject Reece to on the first night, but she had no choice in the matter.  It wasn’t like she could wave a magic wand and make the problem go away.  Wrapping her wet hair in a towel, she wandered over into the bedroom, seeing that Reece had unpacked all her clothing and put it into the dresser drawers, but had left all the drawers open so she would be able to find all her clothing easily tomorrow when she decided to reorganize it.

Reece wasn’t stupid and she was grateful that he had lent a hand.

Climbing into bed, she nestled next to him, using the left side of his body as her pillow.  As she laid the side of her head on his left shoulder and bicep, her usual place to lie her head, Reece turned off the lights.  They both were quite tired from the day, but still were wide awake for the excitement of finally being together.  And as had become routine, their first day together ended with a little pillow talk.  In the past, they would often do this on the phone, if they weren’t together at night.  And even though she had ended a few days in his bed already, this night felt like a beginning.

“So what do you think of this crazy kinky apartment?” Reece asked.

“I like it a lot,” Sidney whispered.  “I just hope everyone liked me.”

“Everyone loved you,” Reece whispered back, kissing her hairline.  “Especially Van, though that may have been hard to pick up on.”

“I’ll have to take your word on that one,” Sidney said, closing her eyes as the first little wave of serenity hit her.  “I couldn’t get a read on him at all.”

“He’s a strange duck,” Reece said with a soft laugh.  “But he and Violet are good matches for each other … most of the time, at least.”

“She is amazing,” Sidney whispered.  “How she handles Dixie and then how she relates to Van and how she is a wonderful hostess … I don’t think people realize how much she does for them.  I kinda worry that she might feel unappreciated.”

“You’ll find out a lot about Violet as you get to know her better, but she won’t tell you anything,” Reece whispered softly, his eyes start to droop to half-mast as well.

“Why’s that?” Sidney asked.

“Violet keeps everything to herself.  She doesn’t let on to what’s really happening,” Reece explained.  “It’s why she does such crazy thing and makes such bold statements.  She’s diverting attention away from issues … from …… drama.”

“Do you think she’d tell me if something was wrong?  I mean … after she got to know me for a while?” Sidney asked, lifting her head up an placing it on his sternum as she also like to listen to his heart beat when nearing sleep.

“I have no idea,” Reece said, Sidney opening her eyes and looking at him strangely – not having expected to hear him say that.  “I’m not a girl.  I don’t know when another female is trusted by a girl.  What does your heart tell you?”

Sidney laid her head back down on his chest and closed her eyes.

“My heart tells me that Violet is hurting,” Sidney whispered.

“Why is she hurting?” Reece asked, taking her hair out of the towel and beginning to feather it out.

“I don’t know,” Sidney admitted, nibbling her lower lip in concerning thought.  I just hope she can be happy.  I mean … really happy.”

Just then, the cracking sounds of leather rang up through the pipes of the house, making echoes in the walls.  A steady stream of belt strikes ensued, each one being followed with a moan from Violet – each moan getting louder and louder and louder.  Sidney trembled at the thought of what Pain Violet must’ve been feeling.  But when the spanking stopped and the mumbled moaning of another nature began, Sidney smiled, covering her mouth to prevent her laughter from eaves-dropping in on Van and Violet have sex downstairs.

But the longer Sidney listened, the more and more her thoughts went towards wandering what it would feel like as opposed to fearing what it would feel like.  And when they finally stopped, a whimpering of pain and pleasure came out of Violet as she ballooned down from the orgasm.

Oh, yes.  Sidney definitely belonged in this apartment, even if she didn’t know what her place was yet.  Perhaps she belonged on the top floor.  Or perhaps she belonged on the bottom floor.  But wherever she found herself, she hoped it would still be right next to Reece.

January 12th

Christmas break had come and gone.  And everyone returned to the apartment building for the spring semester, picking up right where they left off in December – with playoff football on TV that occupied the guys all weekend long, every weekend.  Violet, Dixie and Sidney had grown tired of going out to see movies, going to the mall, having girly movie marathons upstairs in Dallas-n-Dixie’s apartment and generally being bored out of their minds.

And though there was trouble on the rise that would certainly effect Violet, if Sidney and Dixie didn’t convince her to do something about it before it was too late, Violet decided that if she couldn’t get Van and the boys away from the football, then she was going to bring the football to them – but on her terms.

“Follow my lead, girls,” Violet said to Dixie and Sidney as she walked out from the kitchen into the living room of Reece-n-Sidney’s second floor apartment.

They all had gathered at Reece-n-Sidney’s place to watch playoff football – an activity that bored the girls to death.  And though Sidney was happy that she was finally getting the chance to play hostess to the group, having prepared a mighty tasty and impressive spread of food – the remnants of which still setting on the coffee table, even she had met her limit of watching guys going out into the cold, just so they can kick a ball from one end of the field to the other.  It simply had to stop.

Violet folded her arms, surveying the scene of stupid guys.  Reece lounged on the couch, nearing sleep as Dallas and Van tossed a football back and forth across the living room.  This was ridiculous!  None were paying any attention to the game on the TV!

As Dallas lifted his arm and tossed the football back to Van, Violet stepped forward and intercepted the pass, her attempt to grab it out of the air causing a fumble as she couldn’t get control of the ball before it dropped.

“Nice catch, Babe,” Van said sarcastically.

Violet shot a glare in his direction, the growing tension between them having become evident in the two days since everyone had been back to the apartment.

“Do you guys have any idea how bored and neglected the girls and I feel?” Violet asked.

Van rolled his eyes at her.

“How about if Sidney, Dixie and me were to strip naked and have a threesome, right here in the middle of the room?” Violet asked.  “Would they make you turn away from the TV?”

Reece sat up and all three guys looked at her, paying attention to the point she was making as opposed to the proposition she had just made.

“Isn’t there anything we can do together, for just one afternoon maybe?” Violet asked, almost pleading.

“You’re right, Violet.  I’m sorry,” Reece said, standing up.

“Sit down, Reece,” Van said with a bit of attitude, Reece quietly returning to the couch.  “And don’t be sorry … because she’s not right.”

“Van, I don’t wanna fight about this,” Violet said with a little less sass to her tone.

“Ya coulda fooled me,” Van said with a monotone quality.  “Every Wednesday last semester, your bum guys would spend six hours sitting with you at those women’s health seminars in McGonigle Hall.”

“But do you see the difference, Van?” Violet asked.  “That was something we all did together.”

“We were the only three guys there!” Van said sharply.

“And we loved you for it,” Violet said softly.

Okay, fine,” Van said, turning the TV off and tossing the remote on the coffee table.  “What would you like for all of us to do together?”

“How about we do something fun?  Something we haven’t done before,” Violet asked, hoping others would make suggestions.

“I don’t even understand football,” Dixie said, waddling her crinkly bottom over to her Daddy and sitting down on his lap.  “Maybe if someone explains it to me, I might wanna watch it with you guys.”

And from the mouth of a babe came the answer.  Violet raised her right eyebrow as she cooked up a scheme in her mind.  Perhaps what they needed, as a group of friends, was to battle it out.  Maybe … a battle of the sexes.

“What time does the first game start tomorrow?” Violet asked.

“Well, tomorrow is Sunday.  So the first game will begin at 12:30 pm … Why?” Van asked.

“Then I’ll make a deal with you,” Violet said tossing the football to Van.

“What kind of deal?” Van asked, tossing the football back to her.

“The kind of deal that gives us all something to do together tomorrow morning AND gets you guys back on this couch before the first serve ever happens,” Violet said tossing the ball back to him and taking a step towards him.

“Before the first kickoff happens,” Van corrected as he tossed the ball back to her again.  “And what are we gonna do with you girls tomorrow morning?”

“We’re gonna play football,” Violet said, turning and throwing the ball to Sidney.

The room went silent.  But Van, Reece and Dallas began to smile.

“You mean you wanna actually play football with us?” Van asked rhetorically.

“Girls versus guys.  Tackle football, not touch football,” Violet said, the smirk on her face growing in size.  “And we’re gonna have prizes for the winners.”

“Really?” Van asked, looking over at Dallas and sharing a laugh with him.

“Is football hard to play?” Dixie asked innocently.

“No, Dixie.  But it can get rough,” Van said.  “That’s why girls stay on the sidelines and cheer.”

“Well, tomorrow those dainty little girls are gonna kick your asses,” Violet said, egging Van on.

“And what, pray tell, are these prizes you speak of that you three girls will be receiving after you win this football game?” Van asked getting a kick out of this whole idea.

“If the girls win,” Violet said, beginning to circle the inside of the couches and glancing at each of the guys as she passed them.  “Then the three of you will spend the rest of tomorrow … naked.”

Van covered his face, trying not to laugh out loud.

“And what will you do with us once we’re naked?” Van asked, now egging Violet on.  “You will have already kicked our asses in tackle football.”

“The three of you naked boys will be our manservants for the rest of the day,” Violet said, delighting in this as she made it up on the fly.  “What else will our naked loser boys do for us tomorrow, Sidney?”

“Full body massages, cook dinner and kneel at our feet, awaiting our next beckoning demand,” Sidney answered, walking up and standing next to Violet.

“And the three of you have to act out a bedtime story after you give all three of us girls bubble baths,” Dixie added.

“Which bedtime story, Princess?”  Dallas asked her.

“I haven’t decided yet, Daddy,” Dixie whispered to him with a little voice.

“Dixie, I don’t wanna burst your bubble bath, but …,” Van said to Dixie, then turning his attention back to Violet.  “This is a bit of wasted dreaming, isn’t it?  It really isn’t fair to put girls against guys?  The three of us could beat you girls with one arm tied behind each of our backs.”

“Deal,” Violet said quickly. 

“Huh?” Van asked.

“And it has to be your right arms tied behind your backs because that’s your dominant hand,” Violet said, Sidney then quickly whispering something in her ear.  “Except for Reece who is left handed and therefore will have his left hand tied behind his back.  Any other restrictions, you’d like to add?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is,” Van said standing up and opening a fresh beer.  “Dallas, do you have any of those super-thick diapers you put Dixie in for the night time?”

“Sure do,” Dallas said, knowing exactly what Van was thinking.  “And we can put some stuffers in them, too.”

“That’ll make it hard to run while wearing diapers,” Violet said.

“Exactly,” Van replied with a grin.

“Maybe we ought to write this all down,” Sidney suggested.

“I’ll write it down!” Dixie offered getting off her Daddy’s lap, crawling across the living room to her diaper bag where she took out a pack of crayons and a coloring book – then crawling over to the coffee table, opening the coloring book to the blank page at the back and getting out a pink crayon to write with.

“So what are the rules so far?” Dallas  asked.

“We will dress in thick diapers and stuffers,” Violet said.

“Ooo!  And we can get out magic markers and decorate the diapers tonight!” Dixie added, as she began to make a list.

“But if we’re wearing diapers, then the guys have to wear a pair of their girlfriend’s tightest jeans,” Violet said, folding her arms and smiling back at Van.  “AND … you must fasten the button at the waist.”

“I think the girls should wear short skirts over the diapers,” Reece added.

“And I think the girls should wear football jerseys,” Dallas added.

“But no bras,” Van added.  “And the girls will wear high heels.”

“If we’re wearing high heels, then the guys will be barefooted,” Violet said, matching him every step of the way.  “And we get to use a pink nerf football.”

“But wait a minute!” Dixie exclaimed.  “What do the guys get if they win?”

Everybody turned their heads to Van who chugged the last of the 12-pack of beers he had brought up.

When we win,” Van said with a sloppy tone before burping.  The three of you girls will get naked for us …… and then you will have a threesome orgy downstairs in our apartment.  We will video record it and might just put it up on YouTube.”

Violet rolled her eyes at Van before turning back to Dixie.

“Alright, BabyGirl,” Violet said.  “Read it from the top.”

“Okay,” Dixie said, standing up and clearing her throat as she prepared to give her report.  “The girls will wear football jerseys and short skirts and high heels and three of my night diapers with stuffer inside and we will be coloring the diapers tonight with magic markers.  And they will use a pink nerf football.”

Dixie smiled at how fun this was.

“Daddy, can I put this writing on the refrigerator when we go upstairs for nigh-nigh?” Dixie asked her Daddy with innocent sweetness.

“Yes, Princess,” Dallas whispered.  “Keep reading it.”

“Okay, I will,” Dixie whispered back to him, then standing tall once more before continuing to read the list of rules.  “The guys will wear the tightest jeans of their girlfriends and they have to fasten the button at the waists.  And they will also be barefooted.”

Dixie cleared her throat as she got to the good part.

“If the girls win, then the guys will take their clothes off and rub our bodies and make us nom-noms to eat and then give us bubble baths and act out a bedtime story that I get to choose but I still haven’t chosen what bedtime story yet,” Dixie stated, proudly.  “But if the guys win, then we girls will get naked and have an orgy in front of them that they will record and put online maybe.”

“And what time will this legendary game begin tomorrow morning?” Van asked.

“10 a.m.,” Violet said.

“10 a.m. it is,” Van replied.

January 13th

“Hike,” Van said, as Reece hiked the ball to him.

But instead of being ready to launch a long pass to Dallas or Reece who were running down the length of the courtyard at center campus, Van fell backwards, landing on his butt (as Violet had dug into her storage and found a pair of jeans she used to wear in junior high to make him wear for this football battle of the sexes).  And when he fell down, Violet jumped on top of him, planting her thickly-diapered mound in his face, a promise she made him when the game started – payback for having made the stipulation that the girls had to be diapered.

“I’m gonna tackle you like this so many times today, you’ll be tasting the baby powder as I am doing my diapered victory dance with the girls,” Violet said. Climbing off him and helping him to his feet.  “You’re gonna spend the rest of this day, kneeling in front of me, as naked as when you were born, with your face buried between my legs.”

What seemed like an easy win for the guys suddenly wasn’t so easy.  As per the rules, all three guys had their dominant hands tied behind their backs.  They wore the tightest pair of jeans their girlfriends could find in their collections and were bare foot.  The problem was that they could hardly move in the tight jeans and therefore could run fast.  The greater problem was that, though the girls had been given specific clothing to wear, their outfits were cute, not restrictive.  And besides, Dixie was accustomed to being diapered on a daily basis anyway and thusly, could sprint her crinkly waddle quite fast.

Dallas was keeping time on his wrist watch, starting and stopping the timer between and at the beginning of the plays.  The time of the game would be four quarters – each at the standard fifteen-minute length.  And with the pouncing, diapered mound tackle from Violet, the second quarter had come to an end. 

“It’s 11 am,” Dallas said as they all walked over to a bench at the side of the courtyard and collapsed.

The score was 35-7 and the girls were well on their way to being pampered by their guys as they held a 28 point lead and Violet had tackled Van 47 times in the first half.

The sad thing was:  the guys were actually trying to win, but couldn’t defend against the waddling sprinting girls who had discovered that when they threw the football, it was always intercepted by one of the guys.  But, if they lined up in a V-formation and ran the ball, the guys couldn’t catch them.  This was easier than taking candy from a baby.  And if Violet had remembered to bring her camera she likely would’ve taken a picture of their humiliated faces of Van, Reece and Dallas.  It wasn’t often she saw guys wearing the color pink, especially rare when the color pink they wore was on the cheeks of their faces.

“Okay, guys.  Huddle up.  We’re gonna need to change our game plan,” Van said.

“I should say so,” Violet said.  “Don’t bruise your knees in the second half, honey.  You’re gonna be spending a lot of time on them and I want you to have lots of stamina.”

“Hey, I saw the Chiefs blow a 28-point lead in the second half yesterday to lose the game!” Van called out to Violet as Dallas and Sidney huddled around him.  “Turnaround happen all the time, fair and square!”

Van knelt down and joined the huddle.

“Alright, guys we’re gonna have to cheat like Hell,” Van whispered.

“Absolutely,” Dallas agreed.

“I’m onboard, at this point,” Reece added.

“Stopping them from scoring should be easy since we now understand that Violet can only throw the ball like a girl,” Van said.  “We just simply need to blitz whoever tries to run with the ball, all three of us tackling her.”

“I can handle doing that,” Reece said.

“Me, too,” Dallas added.  “Take my word for it, their bottoms won’t get hurt at all with those diapers on.”

“So what we need to do is come up with 5 surprises they weren’t expecting, one for each touchdown we will need to win,” Van said, pausing to think of the tricks.  “Alright, boys.  Here’s what I’m thinking will work.”

“What do you think they’re talking about over there?” Sidney asked, sitting on the bench and relaxing until the game resumed.

“I’m sure their scratching their heads right now,” Violet said with a smile.  “And probably scratching other places on their body for how tight those jeans are.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Sidney said, laughing.  “I mean … what do you think guys talk about when girls aren’t around?”

“Everything they want to talk about when we actually are around and know they can’t,” Dixie added with a smile.

“I tell you what they don’t talk about,” Violet  said, beginning to slip back into her high heels as it seemed the boys were soon ready to start playing again.  “They don’t talk about our weight.  They don’t talk about how bloated we feel we look.  They don’t talk about the single strand of hair we can’t seem to get to stay in place.  They don’t talk about how awkward we seem to be moving.  They don’t talk about our blemishes that only we see.  They don’t talk about any of that stuff.”

“How do you know that?” Dixie asked, beginning to slip back into her high heels.

“Because they don’t take notice to those things, do they?  How many times have you thought to yourself: I wish he would notice this new thing I’ve done to myself just for him or I wish he would make me feel like he wants me in the room?  We don’t believe they take notice to us at all … not until they’re huddle in a group with their other guy friends.  Then, of course, they can’t stop talking about us, right?  … Wrong.  It doesn’t happen.  And we sit here, allowing our imaginations to get the best of us,” Violet said with a smile, standing up.  “Alright, babies.  Check your diaper tapes.  It’s time to play.  This is a win/win, whether the boys realize it or not.”

The third quarter started and the girls took to repeating what had worked so perfectly for them in the first half, but their V-shaped running patterns soon met the three-Daddy blitz and Violet soon found herself tackled to her tummy.  As she rose to her knees, Van patted her diapered bottom with a condescending comment to try harder.  But the second, third and fourth downs all resulted in the same blitzes and the girl turned the ball over to the guys.

Reece got down in the hiking position, squatting eye with Violet and upon hiking the ball back to Van, Reece reached under Violet’s skirt as she charged by him, yanking her diaper down to her ankles.  Dallas yanked Sidney’s diaper down to her ankles and blocked Dixie from charging in.  Van pulled down on the crotch of the tight jeans he was wearing and high-stepped his way down the length of the courtyard as fast as he could, scoring a touchdown and closing the point gap to 21.

A second set of downs proved to hold four more blitzes as the girls failed to score again and as the third quarter came to an end, the girls watched a fake hand-off turned into another hysterical sprint from Van as he scored again, the boys now 14 points down with just the fourth quarter left.

“Okay,” Sidney said as they lined up to receive the kick-off at the top of the final quarter.  “It’s time to start using these heels.”

 And when Sidney caught the ball, she began to step in the direction of the guys’ bare feet.  Making quite a bit of distance down the length of the courtyard, she put the girls into scoring position.  One more touchdown would likely end the game and put a comeback out of reach.  But once the guys figured out to tackle her from the sides, the girls’ drive was over.

The guys took over the ball and with a series of short passes, worked their way down the field, scoring easily as the high heels had begun to ache the girls’ feet.  With a score of 35-28, the girls again failed to convert their waddled sprints into points.  And once more, the boys drove down the field and tied the score, 35-35 – leaving just enough time on the clock for a final kickoff.  If the girls got the ball and were able to run it back for a touchdown they would win.  But if they were tackled, the game would end in a tie and all bets would be off.

Dallas knelt down at the far end of the courtyard, holding the ball as Reece lined up to kick it down to the girls.

“Sidney,” Violet said.  “They’re gonna kick the ball to you.”

“Okay,” Sidney said, preparing to catch the ball when it was kicked.

“Do you remember what you promised you would remember from our talk last night?” Violet asked.

“Yes,” Sidney said, looking over at Violet.

“Now is the time to understand what I was getting at,” Violet said.

Sidney thought back to their late night talk on the balconies and how Violet told her to remember the statement Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

The ball kicked off and traveled high in the air, landing in Sidney’s arms.  She immediately passed it over to Violet and started blocking for her as she ran for the end zone.  But Violet turned her direction and ran straight at the guys.  At first, Sidney didn’t understand what she was doing, but as Violet fumbled the ball, Sidney realized that Violet was letting the boys win.  In doing so, the girls were going to lose the game, but then again, not really. 

Dallas picked up the ball and Dixie jumped on his back to tackle him but he ran it back to the other end zone, piggy-backing Dixie along the way, scoring a touchdown as time expired and winning the game, 42-35. 

Banter began immediately and as they walked back to the apartment, the smile on Violet’s face never faded.  Yeah, the girls had lost, but it was truly a win-win after all.  The punishment for losing wasn’t really punishment at all.


“You know something?” Van said, leaning back on the bathroom sink.  “I think you were right, Violet.  We do need to do more things together as a group.”

“Here ya go,” Dallas said, walking into the bathroom and handing Van a beer.  “Take it easy on the alcohol tonight.  Okay, bud?”

“Are you kidding me?” Van said, holding his phone up and video recording the three girls in the shower.  “This is gonna be way more intoxicating than anything I could drink.”

Violet, Sidney and Dixie stood in a huddle under the shower head, naked from head to toe, as per the rules of having lost the battle of the sexes football game, and dripping wet from the shower.

“Is everybody clean?” Van asked, an enormous grin filling his face.

“Yes,” the three girls said quietly.

“I couldn’t understand what you said,” Van stated, holding his phone still to record.  “How about you step out of the shower?”

The three girls stepped out of the shower, staying shoulder to shoulder in a straight line, keeping their chins lowered so their faces wouldn’t appear on this video and all three of them doing their absolute best to make it look like they felt miserable.

“Now, one more time … nice and loud and clearn,” Van said as Reece walked into the bathroom with three bath towels.  “Is everybody clean?”

“Yes!” the three girls exclaimed.

“Turn around,” Van instructed, the three girls turning around and facing away from the video.  “Bend over and touch your toes and stay in that position until I tell you otherwise.”

Violet was now grinning widely, trying her able best to not break out into laughter.  They were being given an inspection on how clean they were.  Sidney, standing the middle, kept thinking back to the end of the football game and how she was certainly that Violet deliberately fumbled that ball.  Dixie, on the left, began to hum the tune to Head-n-Shoulders, Knees-n-Toes as the three of them bent over and touched their toes.

“Well, Dallas.  You’re the expert on this,” Van said.  “Are they clean?”

Dallas smiled covering his eyes for a moment.

“Hi, Daddy!” Dixie said to Dallas, waving to him as she was bent over.  “You’re upside down right now.  Did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t know that, but thank you for telling me, BabyGirl,” Dallas said to Dixie.

“You’re welcome,” Dixie said cheerfully.

“They’re clean, Van, but I really think you ought to give Violet’s bottom a break from all the spankings so she can heal fully,” Dallas said, making reference to the multi-colored bruises on Violet’s bottom as well as the calloused look to skin that otherwise should’ve looked smooth.

“Towel boy!” Van called out, Reece handing a towel to him and Dallas and all three of them walking up to their female counterparts, putting the towels over the girls’ heads and rubbing their hair for a few seconds.  “And … release!”

The guys took the towels off the girls heads, having taken the drips out of their hair but still leaving them wet.

“Is everything ready in the living room, Reece?” Van asked.

“Yes it is,” Reece answered, sharing a wink and a smile with Sidney.

“And march! 2, 3, 4…,” Van said as the naked and dripping girls formed a single file line and walked out to the living room.

Violet rolled her eyes to see that her living room had been defiled and transformed into a man cave.  The sofa bed had been pulled out and set up with the mattress from their bedroom placed on top.  The two oversized arm chairs and small sofa had been set up to receive viewers, each complete with its own ice bucket of drinks and bowls of snacks.  Dallas’s video recorder had been set up on the island table and upon a click from his remote had begun to record.

“Up onto the mattress and onto your knees, girls,” Van said as he and the guys took their seats.  “We expect a good show, girls.  Don’t disappoint.”

Violet Knelt in the center, Dixie and Sidney looking at her and all three of them trying their best to not make obvious how turned on they were.  Oh, my.  If the boys knew all the little secrets that their girls held, there might be a cosmic rip in the space-time continuum.  Violet was hopping that Van wouldn’t make a mess of himself in front of everyone.  But, throwing caution to the wind, Violet reached down between Dixie’s legs and cupped the BabyGirl’s smoothness, gently caressing her outside.

Sidney followed a lustful impulse and leaned in for a passionate, open-mouthed kiss with Violet.  Their tongues touched and tried to wraparound each other as the sense of doing something naughty seemed to melt away.  Naughty or not, it felt very good and very natural, just like when they kissed in the bathroom.

Sidney’s lips traveled down the side of Violet’s neck, then to her sternum, then to her cleavage and Violet leaned back, coming to rest on the mattress.  Sidney continued to work her kisses down the front of of Violet’s body, moving swiftly south.  Placing her hands on the back of both of the girls’ heads, Violet directed Sidney’s trek and guided Dixie to lie alongside her, Dixie taking Violet left breast in her hands – wrapping her lips gently around the nipple and beginning to nurse.

Violet relaxed into the mattress feeling Sidney’s soft lips passing over her clit, her tongue parting the lips of the labia.  Closing her eyes, Violet gasped a deep breath of air, heaving her chest up and whimpering a small cry.  For as repressed as Violet’s sexuality had been all of her life, she certainly knew what she was doing.  It wasn’t about eating her into a quick climax.  It was about making certain that every little bit of Violet was included and nothing went untouched, or in this case, unlicked.

Sidney made long passes with the tip of her tongue, circling the labia and touching two fingertips to Violet’s perineum.  Occasional kisses from her lips made Violet shudder, but it was Sidney’s gentleness that was making Violet swoon.  She was accustomed to Van’s rough touch, his harsh treatment and his aggression to tear her apart from the inside.  So Sidney’s softer stroke was a caressing change, welcomed – though Violet would never admit how much she wanted relief from being a rag doll.

Dixie kept nursing on Violet’s breast, taking more-n-more of the areola in her mouth.  She had the same mindset that Violet needed to be taken care of, for once.  Violet ran her fingers through the wet hair on the back of both of the girls’ heads, lightly dragging her fingertip cross their scalps as Sidney slid a finger inside Violet’s canal.  And then a second finger.

“Deeper,” Violet whispered, her chest heaving and her back arching as Dixie took more of the breast in her mouth and Sidney slid both fingers all way inside her.

Violet was suddenly too proud to show her building arousal, wanting to be seen as strong, should Van decide to put the video up online.  But her orgasm was building so quickly that she had little hope of holding on to her modesty much longer.

“Van,” Violet struggled to say through the start of her twitches.  “Please go get the toys.”

Van got up and walked back to the bedroom, getting into the top dresser drawer and taking out the two naughty toys Violet had purchased, one for Dixie and one for Sidney.  When he returned to the room.  He tossed the toys onto Dallas and Reece’s laps.  They were brand new and had to be assembled, batteries and all.  Dallas and Reece worked quickly, Dallas finishing his first and tossing the pink vibrating toy to Violet.

It was no larger than a tube of lipstick and with Dixie clinging to the left side of her body, Violet reached down behind the BabyGirl, turning the little pink vibrator on and sliding it in between her legs.  Dixie whimpered softly, still nursing on Violet’s breast as she wrapped her legs around Violet’s left thigh.

“Shhhh,” Violet whispered into Dixie’s ear, the girl beginning to rock her hips and grind her mound into Violet’s thigh.  “Slow down, Baby.  Give your Daddy a good show.”

Dixie’s mind softened, a blend of thoughts of Dallas as well as the lustful feelings she had always had for Violet since the day they met.  Settling herself, she planted her mound on the side of Violet’s thigh again, pressing in and gently sliding up-n-down.

“Your Daddy is going to be so proud of you, Dixie,” Violet whispered into her ear.  “And he loves you.  You are his little BabyGirl.  And the only thing that should ever matter is making him proud of you.”

Reece finally got the batteries inside the little plastic egg and walked the egg over to the bed, handing the little remote to Violet.

“Kneel up,” Violet said to Sidney who was still buried between Violet’s legs.

Sidney rose up on her knees, arching her back downwards to keep her neck angle between Violet’s, her tongue and fingers increasing Violet’s wetness, swell and arousal.  Reece inserted the smooth plastic egg between Sidney’s legs and then returned to his seat, having the best view possible since Sidney was now kneeling.

With a simple press of the remote button, Violet watched Sidney begin to tremble, her licks become erratic as she had to stop to whimper and then gasp for air.  The little plastic egg inside her had begun vibrating and Sidney was fast-climbing to reach the height of Violet’s arousal. 

Violet clicked the remote button four times in a row, increasing the vibration to level five.  Sidney tightened the muscles in her legs, trying to keep herself from collapsing flat.  Her whimpers got much louder and her breathing became more erratic than ever.  She wanted to reach back between her legs and rub out the wonderful feeling that was quickly building inside her.  But she didn’t want Violet to lose the orgasm that was forthcoming for her, too.

So, Sidney struggled forward, keeping herself in a kneel and focusing all her energy on eating Violet into oblivion.  But Violet clicked the remote button two more times, increasing the vibrations to level seven and making Sidney tremble more so still.

It wouldn’t be much longer now than any of the three girls could hold out.  The whole point of this threesome was to give their Daddy’s a show that would never forget.  But the effects of fingering, eating, toys and the completion of repressed sexual feelings was building the need to climax.

“You’re being such a good girl, Sidney,” Violet said to her as the kneeling girl shuddered and felt a new stream wetness at her opening beginning to roll down her inner thighs.

She was making a mess of herself and the vibrating egg inside her was forcing everything towards the ravenous and unremitting urge to succumb to the belief that thought she loved Reece, there was something about Violet that she loved as well.

Two more clicks of the remote button put the egg’s vibrations at the maximum level.  Sidney’s legs gave out and she collapsed, crawling up to Violet and hooking her fingers inside the opening of Violet’s canal, finding the ridges of Violet’s top wall and stroking them until she found Violet’s g-spot.

All three girls seized as their arousal peaked, making them climb to the summit together and from the zenith of quivering sensations, they climbed into each other’s arms, the vibrating toys being removed as they all ballooned down together in an afterglow that would feel unlike any other in their lives before.

They would lay there for quite some time, each girl teasing herself and drawing the afterglow out as the sensations of pleasure had washed out over all three of their bodies.

Sidney opened her eyes, looking over at Violet and realizing why Violet had fumbled that football at the end of the game.  The real touchdown had taken place on that mattress.  And for as much as horny, naked girls making out was a part of every guy’s fantasy, it was even more fantastic when it actually happened.

She had enjoyed being eye candy for Reece and welcomed the opportunity to do it again … and again … and again.  But for the time being, a little gentle fingering would help this fairy tale find its happy ever after.

“And here endeth the show,” Van said, turning the video camera off.

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