Guess the Fetish

Guess the FetishTaken from:

The ABDL MedFet Book 3

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here is a little story about a girl, a guy and a game of guessing that had been a lifetime in the making.


The “Guess the Fetish” Game

Elizabeth pushed the pedestrian cross walk button, taking her heels off to rub her feet.  And in the time that she waited for the intersection lights to change, her head spun with thoughts that made her swoon, thoughts of Luke and thoughts of how good he made her feel.  And she wasn’t even there yet.  She was still en route to him but always grateful that she never drove to his place.  The walks gave her time to balance her excitement, jumbled and overwhelming as it always was.  But how could she be blamed for having fallen in love with him?  And how could she be blamed for having fallen deeply in love with him?

Luke brought out more than just the best in her.  He brought out everything within her that she had been unable to reach herself.

Elizabeth was a Catholic school girl and she had been so all her life.  Her upbringing was strict and unaccepting.  And even though she was taught to walk a straight line, she kept her dreams inside her heart – unable to reach them now as she finally had a chance in college.  And that was where Luke came into play.

Luke was a third-year med student at the Orenthal Garrison School of Medicine, a college within the UCLA community of education.  He was quite driven in his studies, but also in his passions.  Elizabeth could see his determination to succeed but she could also see his ability to not miss out on all the fun along the way.  In other words, he had balance.  And because of this, he excelled straight to the top of his class while never missing a frat party or an opportunity to make his life even more interesting.  And that was where Elizabeth came into play.

She was attending an all-girls school a few miles from his college and it was merely by chance that they had even met.  One night in a bar a few blocks from his frat house, Luke and Elizabeth made eye contact … and that was all it took to begin something that would change the rest of their lives.

The light turned green and Elizabeth crossed the street, opting to go bare-foot the rest of the way since these ridiculous heels weren’t making it easy to navigate the broken sidewalks of an old college town.  But the heels matched her outfit and clothing had become something that she could finally explore.  There were no more dress rules she had to follow in college and as a matter of fact, the day after she graduated from high school, she and a dozen other girls had a schoolgirl skirt bonfire, cheering as they watched flames grow higher.

Taking the long way around his campus, gave her the opportunity to explore what she wanted without getting sucked into the crowd.  College had definitely been an eye-opening experience for her and one that was long overdue.  All her life, she kept every one of her mannerisms in check – so as to appease teachers, parents and everyone else who kept telling her who she was supposed to be, how she was supposed to act.  But as Elizabeth found out, when you cage an animal, sometimes that animal gets angry – doing anything to get out.

Elizabeth got into college with a full-ride scholarship and did so with her grades.  She loved her parents, but felt she owed them nothing.  And the upbringing she received from them she felt she had paid back by not having rebelled with the entrance of college freedom in her life as she had seen so many of her friends do.  But this didn’t mean that Elizabeth had any intentions of not finding herself.  She was coming of age and had years to make up for.  But she resigned herself to doing so behind closed doors.

Luke’s driven personality encouraged her to reveal the one secret she kept closest and most dear to her heart – a growing need for something more in her life.  The need to was learn, at long last, who she was – without being directed to be someone she knew she wasn’t.  Presently, she knew she wanted the physical pleasures of life and she had a head full of fantasies that she never dreamed she would ever have the chance to let out.  But she knew there was more to life than being tied down and driven to summiting climax.  However, perhaps the first step she would take would be one that was long overdue.

Luke suggested that she what she might enjoy was a little spice in her life and perhaps a few fetishes to sift through.  Initially, she jumped online, adhering to the bookworm instinct that had always served her well.  But before long, she had stopped making the online searches, opting to live life instead of studying it.

So she turned to Luke, asking him to show her the spices of life.  And with each visit, he did just that, making her guess the fetish before she experienced it and do all of this … behind his closed bedroom door.  It was no wonder that she had fallen in love with him.  Since the moment she met him, her life had not only opened up but it had also shown her so many things about herself that had always been there.

And when he sent her a simple text that afternoon, she jumped into the tightest black dress she had, touched up her hair and make-up to be at its flirtiest best and immediately began walking to his place.

Getting to the frat house he had called home for the past three years, she looked up to the fourth floor window at the front – his bedroom.  Then looking down at her phone, she read his text again.  “Come help me study tonight.” it said.  With a skip to her step she raced up to the front door and walked right in, waving to the frat brothers on the first floor who knew her well at this point and who knew why she was there.

Walking up the first flight of stairs, she thought about how they had courted each other in the past six months, how he was always a chivalrous knight to her and how she remained a stately lady in waiting … until they closed his bedroom door.  And not even the lingering smell in that frat house of sweaty boys could ruin what she had started with Luke.

Walking up the second flight of stairs, she started nibbling the inside of her lower lip as to not mess up her lipstick.  And with each step, she began to make a list of possibilities of what that night’s fetish would be.  They played the Guess the Fetish game until she got it right and he hadn’t once given her a get-out-of-jail-free card.  And by not being allowed to cheat, she was learning the first set of rules in her life that actually opened doors for her before she willingly closed them.

Walking up the third flight of stairs, she suddenly stopped, seeing Luke sitting on the top step, smoking a cigarette as he waited for her.

“You know those things will kill you, Luke,” Elizabeth said, placing her hand on the railing and slowing her climb to include a few more feminine wiles since he was now in sight.

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,” Luke said, quoting Shakespeare, his newfound hobby since he was fulfilling a general education requirement of literary arts by taking a class about Shakespeare’s works.

He extinguished the cigarette in an ashtray before reaching out to her.  But Elizabeth didn’t reach her hand out to him.  Instead, she kept her steps graceful, slow and even, walking up to him and aiming her strides to allow his out-reaching palm to pass under the low hem of her skirt and directly onto her smooth-shaven center.  Raising an eyebrow, she grinned a devilish gaze at him, gently rocking her hips so his palm felt every bit of her smoothness.

The course of true love never did run smooth,” he said, quoting the bard again.  “But I think William Shakespeare was ahead of his time.”

Luke stood up, but kept his hand under her dress.

“If he were alive today and if he had met you, his writings would’ve found a whole new level of passion,” Luke said, returning the gaze and making her wet beneath his palm.

“No collar this time?” Elizabeth asked, prodding for clues about the mystery fetish-to-come.

“No collars,” Luke said with a smile, patting her gently between her legs.

Catching her gasp before she made it, she followed him down the 4th floor hallway to his room at the end of the hall, eyeing up his hair, how he carried himself, his scent and remembering that look in his eyes when he touched her.  It was needless for her to think anything other than the fact that she was head-over-heels in love with him – even if her heels were in her hands and not on her feet.

He opened his bedroom door, welcoming her in.  And as she looked around, she could see that he had made a few minor changes to it – the rearranging of books on his shelves, the tidiness of the clothing in his closet and a few other suggestions she had made.  And while none of those things were truly important, the fact that he had made those changes told her that he listened and that what she said mattered to him.  Though they were trivial actions, they meant the world to Elizabeth, pulling at her heart strings as her eyes welled up with tears.

“Don’t cry, Lizzy,” Luke said as she turned to face him.  “I’ll be gently with you.”

“So, doctor,” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes as she returned to the game.  “What test do you need help studying for?”

“All of them,” Luke said, handing her a white hospital gown with little pink flowers in its design.  “The term’s in the middle.  I need a little help with understanding female anatomy.”

He motioned for her to walk into the bathroom and she smiled, enjoying this little battle of hard to get, along with thought of undressing in front of him.  And oh, how good it felt to be seen as something other than a naïve schoolgirl – even if that’s what he would eventually return her to.  And as she slipped that little black dress up and off her frame, Luke dove back into the bard again.

Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love,” Luke said, taking in the sight of her hourglass, present only of skin but her little black bra.  “For it is when with kindness that her beauty intoxicates.”

Fetish was incredible.  It spoke not only of the look, but of the meaning.  And Elizabeth knew that meaning was what had been absent from her life … until she met Luke.

“Guess the fetish?” he asked, leaning up against the bathroom entryway.

“Strip Teasing?” she asked, reaching both hands behind her back to unfasten her bra strap.

“No,” Luke said, smiling as he eyed up her beauty.

“Hmm,” she said softly, lowering the shoulder straps and allow the bra to drop to her forearms.  “Milking?”

“Suckling?” she asked softly, walking up to him and handing him the hospital gown as she turned around.

“No,” Luke answered softly, both of them look at each other’s reflections in the bathroom mirror as he unfolded the hospital gown and helped her into it, tying the strings at her back as she held her hair out of the way.  “I need to ask you a few questions.  Come with me.”

Elizabeth followed him out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom, standing in the middle of the room as instructed, folding her hands in front of her and awaiting him.  Luke brought a stool up and placed it a few feet in front of her, taking a seat and looking down at a clipboard in his hands.

Elizabeth smiled, lowering her chin.  She knew what he was going to ask her.

“What’s your height?” Luke asked, readying his pen to write.

“5 feet, 6 inches,” Elizabeth answered, closing her eyes and fully biting into her lower lip, with no regard for her lipstick this time.

She was hoping he wouldn’t ask the next likely question.

“And what is your weight?” Luke asked, keeping a monotone quality to his voice.

“ …………. 127,” Elizabeth answered, hesitantly.

“Bra size?” Luke asked with raised eyebrows.

“36B,” Elizabeth answered.

“Are you sexually active?” Luke asked, skipping way ahead in the usual question progression for a physical.

“Only once,” she admitted, her eyes beginning to twinkle with a bit of fantasy as her voice softened.  “But I enjoyed it a lot.  And I wanna do it again … and again and again.”

“Sex with a woman?” Luke asked.

“If I knew she wanted me for more than my good looks,” Elizabeth answered with a playful grin.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” Luke asked more directly, looking up at her.

“No,” Elizabeth answered, gazing lust back at him.

Women speak two languages – one of which is verbal,” Luke answered, quoting a little more Shakespeare as he motioned for her to take a seat on the stool as he stood up.

Elizabeth walked over to the stool and sat down.  Hard to get was getting hard to play.  And she understood clearly how every guy must’ve felt who tried to hit on her in high school, especially how those who she ignored must’ve felt.

“Do you masturbate?” Luke whispered in question, beginning to slowly circle around her.

“Yes,” she whispered, a twinge of sensation coming from his slow circling.

“How often?” he asked in a deep voice, while standing behind her.

“Every chance I get,” she answered honestly, ignoring the impulses to arouse but not the impulses to flirt.  “And every time I think of you.”

“What’s your diet like?” Luke asked, a playful tone of mischief on his breath.

“I swallow,” Elizabeth said bluntly and with a breathy tone, but Luke still didn’t take the bait.

“Do you smoke, drink or do drugs?” Luke asked, returning to a professional tone.

“You are my only addiction,” Elizabeth, continuing down her path of arousal.

“Are you physically active?  Sports and such?” Luke asked, walking in front of her and seeing the lust burning in her beautiful irises.

“No, but I’m quite flexible,” she answered, looking up at him with a growing sadness, like a little puppy who was being denied time on her master’s lap.

“And how would you describe your mental health?” Luke asked, deepening his tone.

“I’m completely nuts and all my exes will confirm this,” Elizabeth admitted, doing her best to avoid the impulse of dropping to her knees in front of him.

“Do you take medication, whether prescription or non-prescription?” Luke asked with a burning lust now growing in his eyes.

“No,” Elizabeth answered with a soft tone.  “… unless you wanna drug me up with some.”

Luke lifted the hospital gown up to her waist and had her lean back a little.

“What was the date that your last period started?” he asked, her face turning red as she felt him gently parted the outer lips of her labia with his thumb and pointer finger.

“Two weeks ago,” she whispered so softly she was almost inaudible.

“The date of your last OB/Gyn Exam?” he asked, no longer looking down between her legs but now into her eyes as his fingers traced the outer lips of her labia.

“Eight months ago,” she whispered with choppy breath for the tingles she was feeling.

“And do you use tampons or pads?” he asked, her face turning beet red as he continued to stimulate her swell and wetness.

This was unusual pillow talk, but then again, all that Elizabeth knew she had learned from him.

“Tampons hurt,” Elizabeth answered, weakly.

“That could be a condition of tightness,” Luke said, a new smile forming on his face as she blushed an even deeper shade of red.  “Are you a heavy bleeder?”

“Sometimes,” Elizabeth answered, her voice shaky from having been taken out of her comfort zone.

“Bowel movements?” Luke asked, standing back up and returning his attention to the clipboard.

“Yes, but people still say I’m full of it,” Elizabeth answered, trying to recover from embarrassment with more humor.

“Describe them,” Luke said, keeping a serious tone.

“They’re ….,” Elizabeth answered, searching for anything to say at that moment.  “ …. Smelly?”

“How often?” Luke asked.

“Every time.  It smells every time,” Elizabeth answered.

“How often do you have a bowel movement?” Luke asked more specifically.

“Every day, I guess,” Elizabeth answered, her discomfort having turned to amusement.  “And I wipe afterwards.”

“It sounds like you’re not sure about that,” Luke said, tapping her lower back.  “Stand for me.”

Elizabeth stood up and after he slid the stool away, she turned to him and walked into him, smashing her chest up against his front.

“Feel free to check how good of a job I did,” she said, gazing up at him with a new strain of lust in her irises.

But he didn’t check, instead covering one of her eyes with his left hand while shining a tiny pen light in the other.

“Hold your arms straight out at your sides,” he said while covering her other eyes and repeating the eye exam.

She held her arms straight out, winking at him.  He pushed down on her left bicep and then on her right.  She tottered either way as he did so.  Then he took hold of her right wrist, placing two fingers across it as he laid right palm flat to her sternum – looking at his wrist watch.

“You have a strong heart beat,” Luke commented.

“When it has a reason to beat strongly, yes,” Elizabeth whispered.

“Do you have asthma?” he asked, leading her over to his desk and having her place both of her palms flat on the desk top.

“Only when you take my breath away,” Elizabeth said softly.

“Are you normally 98.6 degrees in body temperature?” Luke asked, standing behind her.

“Except when you get me hot and bothered,” Elizabeth answered even more softly.

“So you say,” Luke replied, searching for another quote from the bard.  “But talking isn’t doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are not deeds.”

And without another sweet word spoke or another second waited, she felt the cool tip of a thermometer as it parted her rosebud, Luke making its pathway an easier one by spreading her bottom cheeks apart.  Elizabeth froze in place, whimpering uncontrollably as the thermometer went further inside her bottom.

“Shhhhhhhhhh,” Luke shushed her, untying all the strings at her back and pressing himself against her back, his hands wandering around to her front.  “We wouldn’t to alarm anyone but ourselves by making too much noise.  Now, guess the fetish?”

“Rape?” Elizabeth asked with a hopeful tone.

“No,” Luke whispered in her ear with hot breath.  “I couldn’t force myself on you.  I’d much rather hear you beg for it.”

His wandering hands went up onto her chest, groping her mounds with a mixture of harshness and caress.

“You have small breasts for your frame, Lizzy,” Luke whispered, his words making her tingle instead of tearing her down.  “And they’re perfect … exactly as they are.”

His fingertips rolled her nipples, pinching them before pulling them.  And while she enjoyed the groping, her greatest passion was a bit south of his current target area.  He had made her wet once again and she had begun to swell with anticipation.  Elizabeth never knew what an orgasm could feel like until she learned how to build up to it properly.  And while her fingertips had brought her pleasure in the past, his fingertips brought her to climaxes she wouldn’t have reached on her own.

“Guess the fetish,” he whispered in her ear, his right hand traveling south, down her stomach as his left hand kept the pinch to her breast.

“Toys?” she asked, trying hard to control her breathing and her pounding heart.

“Oh, no,” he replied, right away.  “There will be nothing artificial about it.”

But her breathing was lost, becoming choppy as his fingertips reached her clit – continuing down to her labia as his palm drug across her hood, pressing in as his fingers traces the wet, swollen, soft tissues around her opening.  Oh, if she didn’t care about ruining her build she would’ve reached down between her legs, right then and there, grabbing his hand and jamming his fingers inside her peach.  But if she had done that, the orgasm wouldn’t have been taken from her.  She would’ve claimed it and lost the feel of helplessness.

“Guess the fetish,” Luke whispered his fingers circling the opening of her sweetness with deliberate and excruciating slowness.

“Breath play?” Elizabeth asked, hearing herself panting.

“You wouldn’t have any breath at all then.  No,” he whispered, standing her up and turning her around to face.

Instantly, she wrapped her arms around him, trembling slightly as the fingertips of his right hand teased her opening, but didn’t enter.  Reaching behind her, he pinched the anal thermometer and twirled it around while it still was inside her.  He continued to do so until it finally beeped a reading.

Elizabeth whimpered softly as he gently removed the thermometer, then clench the muscles of her bottom cheeks in reaction. 

“99.5,” Luke said, reading the thermometer digital with a sudden softness to his tone.  “You’re burning up, Lizzy.”

Elizabeth lowered her chin, her shoulders shrinking up as she pressed herself against him.

“One way to combat a fever that’s out of control is to sit in a tub of cold water,” Luke said, reaching for something behind her on the desk before he wrapped his arms around her, rocking her back-n-forth gently.  “Another way is to help the body do what it should be doing on its own anyway.”

And with that, he wrapped a simple length of black silk around her eyes, blindfolding her and leading her over to that little table he always kept next to the bedroom door.

“Climb up,” he said softly, patting her bottom as she felt for the edge of the table and then bent her knees to climb up onto it.  “Now lie down.”

Feeling the top of the table to make sure there was nothing on it, she lied down, turning over onto her back and feeling the coldness of the wood of the table as her hospital gown was not only untied but split open in the back anyway.

“Guess the fetish,” she heard Luke say a split second before a crinkling sound filled the air.

“Being a baby?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes,” Luke answered, raising her legs straight up in the air.  “But tonight will be a double feature.  Two fetishes for having helped me study.”

“What’s the other fetish?” she asked with breathless anticipation as she heard the crinkling noise become much louder – a noise she presumed was him unfolding a disposable diaper.

“It’s a mystery,” Luke said, leaning in and kissing her forehead.

And before she had a chance to question him, she felt a rubber nipple entering her mouth.  Submissively, she wrapped her lips around it and began nursing on it as she smiled brightly at the thought of having a pacifier in her mouth.

Her mind wandered in many wonderful directions as she tried to fathom what age play meant.  It was the necessary first bit of reasoning she had to go through before she first tried a new fetish.  And Luke’s instructions were always the same: Don’t ever act out the fetish.  Just simple react to it honestly.  Don’t try to play a role.  Just be yourself through it all.

She heard him unfolding the diaper and placing it flat to the table, spreading it out further.  Then he placed a hand to the back of her thigh and she reacted exactly as he said to, honestly and without need to pretend.  In other words, she helped him as he lifted her bottom ever-so-slightly off the table, slid the diaper underneath her and lowered her bottom onto its softness.

Initially, it just felt like very soft material.  But as he lowered legs back down, bending her knees and placing her feet flat to the table top, she began to feel those gathered elastic edgings as they began to grip the tops of her inner thighs.  He parted her legs and that was when her semi-nakedness began to take effect on her as if she were without a single thread of clothing at all.

“Tightness won’t always be there,” Luke said, patting the smoothness between her legs and sending ripples of tingles across her entire frame.  “Sex might hurt a little more to begin with but until you open up, the pain will do things to your mind you never thought possible.”

Then he took hold of the waist band of the front of the diaper, still lying flat to the table, and lifted it up, passing the crinkly softness between her thighs as the elastic edgings kept gathering until the diaper was flat across her center.  She took in a deep breath through her nose, whimpering as she felt the inner softness of the diaper, touching her sweetness.

But as if she were only to experience so much at a time, a knock came to the bedroom door.  And instead of telling the mystery knocker to come back at a later time, Luke not only answered the door, but he opened it.  Though he shielded Elizabeth behind the door, she was lying on that table top, wearing an untied white flowery hospital gown with a blindfold over her eyes and an unfastened diaper around her midsection.

Elizabeth didn’t move a muscle.  She didn’t even breathe.  And though she heard a familiar male voice, she couldn’t place a face to it.  Trying to discover the identity of the mystery man at the door, she distracted herself by trying to think of what the second mystery fetish of that night would be.

In her mind, she heard Luke say:  “Guess the fetish.” 
And her mind answered, giving her every possibility to think about, from spanking to mind games to continued denial.  But there was something about each that just didn’t fit.  Understandably, she never would’ve contemplated age play – yet there she was, about to learn what it felt like to be little.  She might have thought herself into exhaustion over what she didn’t know, if she hadn’t heard the mystery guest at the door say her name.

“So, how’s it going with Elizabeth?” the mystery guest asked.

“Things are going well with her, Bo.  Thanks for asking,” Luke answered, not giving any further information.

“Didn’t I see her come in the house a little bit ago?” Bo asked.

Elizabeth’s heart started pounding.  Bo knew she was in the room.  He had to know.  And perhaps he was looking around the room, just then – trying to find Elizabeth’s whereabouts.  Thankfully, Luke was keeping Bo out of the room.  Or so Elizabeth hoped since she was blindfolded.

“Luke, didn’t I see her come in the house a little bit ago?” Bo asked, repeating the question.

Elizabeth squirmed on the inside and then fidgeted, wiggling on the table but then freezing in place as she heard the crinkling noises she just made.  Her heart began to beat just a little bit harder now.  Why wasn’t Luke answering Bo’s question?  But then again, did she really want Luke to answer it?  What could he have said?  “Why yes, Elizabeth is in this room right now and as a matter of fact, I have her lying on a table behind this very door.  She is wearing a diaper and hardly anything else.”  Elizabeth thought better of wanting Luke to answer, at least of wanting him to answer with the truth.  But on the other hand, did she really want him to hide her?  And how would it make her feel to know that the guy she was in love with didn’t want anyone to know about her?  Yes, keeping their kinkier sides private was fine, but Elizabeth wanted to take Luke home with her, to meet her parents, to show off to her girlfriends.

“Yes, Bo.  That was Elizabeth you saw coming in the house a little bit ago,” Luke replied, saying nothing further.

“And where is she know?” Bo asked, really beginning to prod.

“Bo,” Luke started, pausing just a moment to getting the wording right.  “Is this a sorority or a frat?”

“A frat,” Bo answered bluntly.

“Good,” Luke replied.  “Let’s keep it that way.”

“Well, wherever Elizabeth is right now, tell her that’s she found a really good guy and she should really do all that she can to hold onto him,” Bo said.  “Have a good time.”

“We intend to,” Luke said smiling, then quickly shutting the door and locking it before Bo even had a chance to reply.

 Elizabeth laughed, muffled a bit behind her pacifier.  And she kept laughing until she felt Luke’s finger push in on the pacifier, essentially muting her.

“The first thing you’ll learn about age play is that it has to be in your head before it can come out in your actions,”  Luke said softly, his hand reaching over to her right hip as he opened the noisy tapes and fastened the side flaps of her diaper together with them.  “And the same rules always apply.  Don’t pretend anything.  Don’t even pretend to know what to do … until you know what you want to do.”

His hands glided across the front of her diaper to the tapes at her left hips, opening them and fastening that side together in the same way.  But as she first wiggled around in her now-fastened diaper, she detected how loose it was and how he hadn’t made it snug.  That, in itself, should’ve been the first clue she picked up in discovering what the remaining mystery fetish was.  But she just simply didn’t piece it together … at least not yet.  Luke helped her sit up and hang her legs over the end of the table.  And then he suddenly took the hospital gown off her.  It was barely hanging onto her frame anyway, having been untied in the back already.

Instinct took over and Elizabeth folded her arms in front of her in the typical I’m uncomfortable position girls often used to end out a signal.  But sitting there on the edge of that table, blindfolded, pacified and fidgeting in a loose-fitting diaper, Elizabeth had clear reason to be uncomfortable.  And that would be the first thing Luke would fix before another second went by.

“Lower your arms, baby,” Luke said, his voice being gentle but now sounding distant – not in the sense of sentiment but in the sense of actual distance.

Elizabeth lifted her head, trying to figure out where he was at in the room.

“A BabyGirl doesn’t mind being naked in front of her Daddy,” Luke said, his voice now coming from the center of the room, as if he had returned to the stool where he asked her the physical exam questions.  “Lower your arms, baby.  Show Daddy those little boobies you’ve got.”

Elizabeth blushed, lowering her chin as she lowered her arms.

“That’s a good girl,” Luke voice said with heightened, syrupy sweetness.  “Now, carefully climb down from the table and get onto your hands-n-knees on the floor.”

Elizabeth placed both of her hands on the edge as she slid her diapered bottom off the table, placed her feet on the floor and got down into a crawling position.  That was when it first hit her.  Crawling, duh!

“Look up at Daddy,” Luke instructed, Elizabeth lifting her chin and looking in the direction where she could hear his voice – nursing gently on her pacifier as she heard a click.

Smiling behind the pacifier, she laughed.  He was taking pictures of her, certainly being the cutest ones that would become a part of his collection – A collection of pics he saved in a folder on his computer, naming that folder: The 50 Shades of Elizabeth.

“Now, crawl to Daddy’s voice,” Luke said.  “You can do it.”

Elizabeth move her right hand and her left knee forward, feeling the inner softness of the loose diaper as it tickled her smooth skin.  Then she moved her left hand and her right knee forward, feeling how she wasn’t crawling in a straight line.  More clicks could be heard coming from his cell phone as she crinkled along the floor, learning what a waddle felt like.

“Keep crawling, baby,” Luke said softly, his cell phone clicking away.  “You are soooo adorable.”

And with each crinkly waddled stride towards him, Elizabeth’s mind softened with the tone of his voice and of the words he spoke to her.  She tingled in all the right places, from sensations on her body to thoughts in her mind to sentiments in her heart.  And when she got to his feet, she grabbed hold of his shins, then his thighs as she crawled up onto his body and lap – not really knowing why she was doing it but simply following an impulse that felt right.  And when she got up onto his lap, he turned to face him, smashing her chest against him as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“That’s a good girl,” Luke whispered in her ear, rocking her back-n-forth slowly.  “Daddy is so proud of you.  You’re just a baby but you’re learning so much so quickly.”

And with each little statement of praise from him, Elizabeth slowed her mind, freeing it from the endless worries that plagued her.  And maybe for just a few brief moments on his lap, she was happy to be free from everything.  Age play, from a very basic and simple beginning thus far, seemed to speak directly to the center of her heart.  Perhaps this was the fetish she wanted.  But it was too early to call off the search.  Besides, there was another mystery fetish yet to come.

“Have you guessed the other fetish yet?” Luke asked softly, continuing to rock her back-n-forth gently.

Elizabeth shook her head no, enjoying the sweetness of the moment, the warmth rising up from his body and the tingles touching her in all those right places.  Luke stood up, putting his left forearm under her diapered bottom and holding her firmly.  Elizabeth crossed her ankles, locking them and squeezing her legs around his waist, doing the same with her wrists and arms around his neck as he carried her in the direction of his bathroom.

“I think, for once, we’ll forego the guessing game,” Luke said, carrying her over to the bathtub and sliding the curtain out of the way.

What was this?  A bathtub fetish?  Elizabeth tried to think back to what the bathtub looked like when she disrobed in the bathroom.  But all she could recall was that the shower curtain was drawn.  And as Luke set her feet down inside the tub, she moved her feet back-n-forth, feeling for anything that might be on the bottom.  She found nothing.

“Stand still, baby,” Luke said, smacking her diapered bottom and jolting her from the sting.  “Arms up.”

Arms up?  Why?  Elizabeth lifted her hands up as she heard him fumbling with something that sounded metal.  And then she felt her left wrist being clicked into a pair of hand cuffs, followed by her right wrists – the cuffs having been placed over the shower rod above.

Whatever the mystery fetish was, it was certainly getting kinkier by the minute.  Was it bondage?

Luke stepped inside the bathtub and stood behind her.  Was it sex in the shower?

Then he began tapping her inner thighs, making her spread her feet further and further apart.

“A BabyGirl always listens to her Daddy,” Luke said with a gentle yet focused voice, still standing behind her in the tub.  “A BabyGirl realizes that her Daddy knows what’s best for her and that her Daddy knows what she needs.”

Placing his right hand between her shoulder blades, he directed her to lean forward.  Oh yeah.  Sex in the Shower.  She was sure of it now.  Maybe that was why he only fastened the diaper loosely around her waist – so he could yank it to the side and … well, the rest would be self-explanatory.

And before she had another second to think about it, Luke did indeed take hold of the diaper and yank it the side, exposing all her sweet spots – from back to front.  But Elizabeth expected to feel a different kind of penetration than what she received.

Luke parted her bottom cheeks with the thumb and pointer finger of his right hand, a simple moment before a slippery piece of soft rubber tubing that entered her rosebud, not her peach.  She whimpered as she felt the tubing slide in a bit further.  It wasn’t a thick rubber tube.  So she hadn’t been parted open to a painful width.  But Elizabeth’s rosebud had only ever expelled exits and had never received entrances.  So any width would’ve been too much, in her mind, at least.

Luke reached around to her front, placing his right hand between her cleavage and standing her back up – pressing her back against his chest.  She heard a few strange clicks, ones different from those his phone made when taking pictures.  And with one swift motion he untied the simple length of black silk from around her head and in front of her eyes.  She blinked at the return of light as he fed the length of black silk through her pacifier handle, tying its end to the back of her head and preventing her from spitting the pacifier out.

Her eye sight slowly came back into focus and from their images in the mirror above the sink on the other side of the room, she took in sight of the red rubber enema bag that was hanging from the shower head.  Her eyes grew big and wide, but before she ever had a chance to whimper, she heard another click right before the coldest water she had ever felt began to rush through the rubber tube and into her bowels.

Jumping into a cold swimming pool or a cold lake was jolting to the outside of her body.  But cold water rushing into her internally was even more jolting.  She whimpered uncontrollably and fidgeted, but understood well how helpless she was to get away.  Without the use of her hands, she couldn’t yank that tube out of her rosebud.  And with Luke holding her inside his arms, she couldn’t get a running start for momentum to force the tube out.  She was defenseless and for as much as her initial panic had consumed her, she found a bit of pleasure in her helplessness and the pain.  But as her bowels continued filling, giving her that bloated feeling like she had eaten too much and suddenly felt fat, the pain was more of an ache for relief than for where to divert her thoughts.

She whimpered, more and more, as she looked over at the red bag, watching it decrease its swell.  It had only been a few seconds since it started, right?  Or had it been a few minutes already?  She could no longer tell for the pain.  Her head spun something fierce and his steady mind-melting whispers only ensured that her buckling knees would remain that way.  Oh, this was intense, actually too intense for her to truly appreciate as it happened, but as with other tried fetish, sometimes the greatest moments came from the memories those fetishes made.

Luke held her chin up, forcing her to look at the mirror across the room as he whispered instructions of how she was to feel, stretching her ability to reason on her own.  He was drilling the idea of regression into her without saying that word and he was making it seem like she had no other choice.  With the growing need to relieve herself, so similar to her worst memories of desperation when standing in an endless line to use the ladies restroom, and while absorbing the messages of mind-fucking whispers, just as intense as those sensations that made her feet prance with a crinkly wiggle, Elizabeth welled up with tears.  And beginning to grow accustomed to how red her face could get, she thought ahead to how quickly she would move to that toilet once the enema was done and her wrists uncuffed.

But she knew there would be no privacy when she sat down to relieve herself.  Sometimes, the privacy of bathroom stalls wasn’t enough for her.  She had no idea what it would feel like to sit there and have the guy she loved watch her make noises as she grunted out her embarrassment.  But the thought of such a scenario kept that tingle within her.  It was a mixture of desire to try it and need to avoid it that captivated her current pain.

Luke reached over to the red rubber enema bag, gripping it and squeezing out its inner remains.  Elizabeth squealed with discomfort, marching in place as the ice cold water kept rushing into her.  It seemed never-ending, made bearable only by Luke’s constant praises of how much of a good girl she was being, of how obedient she was and of how proud she was making him.  Perhaps if he hadn’t praised her so heavily, she might well have fallen to pieces inside already.  But even as she thought of collapse, Luke had readied words for her from the bard that seemed to fit the bill, yet again.

Women may fall when there’s no strength in men,” he whispered as she looked down at her legs to see that he was, in fact, completely holding her up at that point.

In a last attempt to regain control of the doubling-over pain inside her, she placed her soles flat to the tub bottom and stood up, leaning back on him still but locking her knees nevertheless to try to stay standing on her own.  But as his left hand reached behind the elastic edging, into the back of her diaper, her greatest prancing squeal yet was experienced.  And as he gently tugged the rubber tube out of her rosebud, she clenched every external sphincter muscle she had control of and her mind worked with her, contracting every internal sphincter muscle she otherwise would’ve had no control of as the greatest battle of desperation she had ever felt began inside her.

Luke uncuffed her wrists and untied the length of black silk from around her head, knowing she would keep the pacifier in her mouth as it would be the only soothing physical comfort she would know.  He stepped out of the bathtub and took hold of her right hand, helping her do the same.  She kept her clench tight as she crinkled a shuffling of her feet over alongside the sink as he washed his hands.  And when he dried them, he turned to her and embraced her.  She wrapped her arms around him, still holding her clench, but realizing that her stamina wouldn’t last forever.  And though toilet was just a few feet away, she didn’t make a dash for it, somehow not having the will power to do it – not without his approval first.  It was a sense of dependency she had never felt before and one that she didn’t want to spoil by breaking out of the submissiveness that had made every tried-fetish such a wonderful experience for her in past visits with him.  But it was what Luke said to her next that would set age play and the enema bag apart from all other encounters that most would consider off-the-beaten-path.

“BabyGirls don’t use the big potty.  And neither will you,” Luke said gently but still firmly as she looked up at him with eyes big and wide.  “However, there is a little girl’s potty on the floor on the other side of my bed.”

Luke walked out of the bathroom and lied down on his bed, taking out his cell phone and relaxing.

“And if you can make it to that little girl’s potty, you can use it,” Luke explained, prepping his phone for more pics.

Elizabeth nursed on her pacifier, first looking over to the toilet in the bathroom and then looking out into the bedroom.  It only seemed like a few quick steps to get to that little plastic pink potty on the other side of his bed, maybe 10 or 15 steps … that would be all.  But having been weak in the knees and with a clench that was iron-clad, those steps would be 10 or 15 opportunities for her to not make it there in time.  Suddenly, the diaper around her waist and between her legs, only loosely fastened to her, seemed like the most likely place she would be make it to in time.  Luckily, she wouldn’t have to take a single step to make it there.  But the thought of it was more humiliating than she could handle.  And the reality of it actually happening would’ve been more mortifying than she could possibly even thinking of.  And as she stood there, clenching her sphincter and smashing her thighs together to point where her thigh gap was no longer existent, she blushed at her predicament.  No matter whether she got to the little girl’s potty or just gave up and soiled herself in her diaper right there, Luke, this amazing guy whom she had fallen helplessly in love with, would be watching.

Making a decision for need to stop clenching her insides, Elizabeth took a small step forward with her right foot and then another small step forward with her left foot.  All seemed well, yet she hadn’t made much progress forward as she learned how a diaper made her waddle.  And with an adorable look of frustration and growing-desperation, not only on her face but in her body language, she bowed her legs and gave up trying to walk with the grace of a big girl.  But she only made it to the threshold of the bathroom entryway before she grabbed the casing and re-clenched her muscles in sudden greater despondency.  Walking, or in her current case, waddling used some of those muscles that she needed to clench.  And what this meant was there was no likely way she would be able to get over to that little girl’s potty, able to pull down a diaper that was still clean.

But as she stood, cling to the entryway and trying to figure how to make the next step without accident, she didn’t quite realize yet that she had made her last step.  The pain in her rear end increased to a point that she could no longer physically hold back and, lowering her chin, she released her bowels for a split second to let some of the need and pressure out.  When she did so, her rosebud made a noise as she felt a small amount of the mess empty into the back of her diaper. 

Elizabeth turned shades of crimson as she looked back up at Luke with pleading eyes of help, only to see that bright light at the back of his phone illuminate before the sound of a click capture her humiliation.  Her emotions began to give way as another release was necessary and her body made another noise, doubling her shade of red in the kind of blush she didn’t apply with a make-up applicator.  Any girl needed privacy when taking care of those things that weren’t supposed to be attention-getters.  But Luke lied on his bed, watching her go through the emotions of a loss of privacy.  And there was nothing she could to stop it, nor was there anything she could do to go back and erase the memory – from her mind but more importantly from his mind.

The next bit of release dropped her to her knees and came out with a noise rush of humiliation as she felt the back of her diaper puff out.  Her eyes were glassy with tears and she felt a chill of sweat break out across her forehead – almost like it felt when a fever finally broke.  The sense of relief felt so wonderful, though the results of that relief felt less pleasant.  And as her little female mind raced to find a headspace to direct her into for protection from the overwhelming embarrassment she felt, the quiet moments between the noises she made began to convince her to accept what was to come.  And as her conscience detached itself from the present moment, she began to see things a bit differently.  Perhaps the greatest piece of the age play puzzle was just that … acceptance.  And maybe, just maybe the regression he was instilling in her back in that bathtub was the train of thought that would lead her in the right direction now.

With no face left to save, she released her sphincter completely, whimpering as the enema emptied itself from within her just as completely.  Thankfully, it was more liquid than anything else but she could feel the mess as well.  And as she strangely basked in the relief she finally felt, he summoned her to his bedside.  Releasing her Kung-Fu grip of the bathroom entryway, she dropped to her hands-n-knees, crinkling her sagging waddle over to his feet.  Rising up on her knees, she embraced him as he leaned back and lifted her up on top of him, patting her messy bottom but pulling her forward just a little so that her sweetness remained sweet.

Love is supposed to start with bells ringing and go downhill from there. But it was the opposite for me. There’s an intense connection between us, and as we stayed together, the bells rang louder,” Luke said at a very strange moment to quote Shakespeare and be romantic.

But as she thought about it, she realized that there would never be any moment in her life where she would consider herself to be any less appealing than she was at that moment.  And if he could finally confess his love for her at the worst moment of her life, than he must’ve been telling the truth.

Though she still blushed shades of red, she was touched on the inside in a manner she hadn’t expected.  Luke reached down and cupped the front of her diapered peach, shifting her upward a bit more to keep her free from the mess.  The look in his eyes made clear that there was one more bit of humiliation left yet to do.  And she knew it would be the best humiliation of all.  As he pressed his palm into the front of her diaper, she wrapped her arms around his chest and obeyed his silent commands.  She didn’t need to guess the fetish this time and as she rocked her hips, grinding her mound into the front of her diaper and his pressing palm, she began to whimper for a whole different reason.

Each bit of movement drove her arousal upward as did his encouragement for her to “Show Daddy what a good girl can do”.  And as she rocked her way towards the summit, she whimpered again, fussing along the way – only to be settled by him.  Sexuality had always been the foremost fantasy for Elizabeth, a girl who had been strict-forced to deny her urges all her life.  But no longer.

She pounded herself into his palm, moaning at how good it felt to just open up and let out whatever would come out.  And every thrust along the way, Luke coaxed her submissiveness to a fevered-pitch of frenzy.  She was practically growling when she felt the first ripple of pleasure pour out of her core.  But she paused from noise for him to quote the bard one last time.

The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite,” Luke said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth.  “Scream, Lizzy.  Scream as loud as you can and cum for me until your urges are spent and your voice is lost.”

And being happily submissive, Lizzy obeyed him, emptying out every ounce of her sexual longings as she made herself hoarse. 

Collapsing on his chest in exhaustion, she heaved for air as she ballooned down through the zenith of spasm in her afterglow.  She felt dirty, in more ways than one and she couldn’t have been happier.

A knock came to the door, but Elizabeth paid it no attention, keeping her eyes closed and her hips rocking gently so that her afterglow would be prolonged.

“Is everything okay, Luke?” Bo asked from behind the locked door.

“Everything is just fine, Bo?” Luke answered, smiling at the sight of Elizabeth enjoying herself.

“I heard screaming,” Bo said, prodding with nosiness again.

“So did I,” Luke replied.

“I guess you found Elizabeth then, huh?” Bo asked.

“Yeah,” Luke replied, petting Elizabeth’s hair.  “And I think she finally found herself, too.”

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