A Little Patience, A Little Waddle & A Pair of Bunny Ears

01Alice had been an absolute angel all night long.  The costume party was so much fun and she was the adoration of everyone in attendance.  Her Daddy, dressed as the Mad Hatter, knew that the bunny outfit hadn’t made his BabyGirl look adorable.  She was already that & so much more.  If anything, she made the outfit look adorable.

But it wasn’t the little pink dress or the poofy, ruffled diaper butt or the stockings or the wrist garters or the bunny ears that people would remember about her from that night.  It was how she had defied the lure of the rabbit hole and how she knew rabbit’s feet weren’t really lucky. 

Instead of crawling into darkness or wearing feet that could no longer run, Alice took careful steps with bunny feet that could take her where she wanted to go, instead of promising her luck or stopping at a hole with no known destination.

Alice knew she wanted to travel where the light led her and where her feet could carry her and though a little bunny girl, she could clearly see the wisdom of the tortoise’s pace.

And all it took was a little patience, a little waddle and a pair of bunny ears.


25 “Priceless Moments”

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