Promises, Promises

Promises, PromisesFrom the book:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Yittlin Extreme
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here is a little story about what it first feel like when facing a promise met.


Promises, Promises

This was the day Piper had dreamt about, the day she had waited for – one where her Daddy would make good on a very important promise.  Dawn light was fast-approaching, and almost as if her soul knew it, she would wake up in a few minutes.  But while still resting peacefully, her subconscious prepared for what was to come.  Oh, if she had known then of all that this day would include and of how it would change the way she reasoned, the way her heart would beat and why, the way she looked at the world around her and the way she would see her Daddy from that day forward – she might well have awakened early, just so she would have a few more minutes to add to a daydream that was about to become more real than she could’ve ever fantasized.

Piper McCoy was very much a dreamer and someone who pursued the passions that fueled the REM of her night times.  When opportunities arose, she took them up – hoping for better than the best but being happy with what she received.  And it was because of this optimism that she found herself smiling many a’ night when she closed her eyes.  She found herself surrounded by people who loved her and people who cared about her.  Not all of them were family members and not all of them were strangers, but rather, they all were the people whom she chose to allow into her world – whether it was little or big.

Currently, she was resting on her tummy in a crib in a bedroom in a house in the mountains by a lake that was about to greet the first rays of sunshine of the new day.  But how she got there was the prequel to a story of a lifetime.

The lake house and the opportunity to be there hadn’t just magically appeared.  Her Daddy had searched for quite a while online to find it, making a connection with the house owner and bringing this day to reality.  On this crisp and clean morning, he would make good on a promise he had made to Piper a few months ago. 

No, Piper didn’t ask him to find a lake house they could retreat to for a day.  But what she had asked him, with a sweetness and innocence to her tone and from her heart, was to make everything perfect for one single day so that she could be with him as his Yittlin … to the Extreme.

She didn’t want to have a single adult thought, responsibility or sensation.  From the moment she awoke and until she finally fell asleep from exhaustion, she wanted nothing other than but to meekly follow a regression backwards – as far as her imagination would allow her to go until it was no longer imagination that kept her waddling about, but rather, instinct.

Last night, her Daddy picked her up at her apartment and off they drove, for hours it seemed until they pulled into the driveway of the lake house.  With bright moonlight, she could see the silhouette of a building that sat on the bank of a lake that shone only from the light above.  But she couldn’t make out detail and she wouldn’t see anything more clearly either as they approached the house.  With her eyes being covered by his hands, she walked forward, into the house, through the cool air of the different rooms up the stairs and into the bedroom.  And it was there that he turned on a light and caused more tummyflies to flutter in her belly than she had ever dreamed possible.

On the side of the room was a crib with a wooden frame, matching Strawberry Shortcake mattress sheets & comforter and a pillow that seemed larger than what she would need.  The crib was placed up against the lone window in that bedroom.  And through that window was the perfect, beautiful view of the moonlit surface of the lake behind the house.  Walking up to the crib, she place her tiny hands on the lowered side railing, feeling its sturdiness and running her hands across its stained oak wood.

And as she looked out the window, beginning to stare at the lightly-rippling illumination of the lake surface, she felt her Daddy beginning to undress her – removing the big girl clothing she wearing and stripping her soul to a state of helplessness as naked as her body.  But nakedness wasn’t something that made her feel truly vulnerable.  It was something that had become natural feeling of self.  Little girls were often naked in front of their Daddies, sometimes trying to remain that way as long as they could by running away from their Daddies and streaking through the house.

Her eyes went glassy and welled with tears at that moment, knowing then what the day at this lake house would be – his promise, made good.  And as he patted her naked bottom, encouraging her to climb up into the crib, he set her diaper bag at her side as she settled onto her back. 

First came her pacifier.  She looked up at him as he placed the rubber nipple to her lower lip.  His eyes were just as teary as hers were and that was moment when she knew that a case of Yittlin Extreme wasn’t just her fantasy, but it was also his fantasy to make it happen.

“That’s a good girl,” she remembered him saying with that deep timbre that always resonated throughout her as she parted her lips and took the pacifier in her mouth.

And instantaneously as she began nursing from the nipple, her regression had begun.  Sitting her up, he reached into the diaper bag and took out her soft white cotton nightie – the one he first bought for her months ago when they met and the one she still clung to with more heartfelt emotion than anything else.  No matter how tattered or worn it became, it was still the original and therefore, always took her back to that first moment of being Daddied by him.

As he slid the nightie onto her frame and eased her back down, a wonderful sensation washed over her as she melted into that crib mattress – first from the sight of Mr. Fluffly, her pink bunny stuffie she had left at his house when last she visited him.  Next, from the sound and sight of the diaper he took from the bag.

Oh, that crinkle, that softness, that thickness – it all not only seemed inviting, but also seemed a necessity anymore.  As he drew her knees up, he slid the diaper underneath her bottom, powder her in all the right places and taped her into a security that made her eyes begin to wander around the room – almost as if she was searching for stimulus to help her handle the sudden influx of regression that covered the forefront of her thoughts.

But being a Daddy who thought ahead, he took the prepared nighttime bottle of milk from the front pocket of her diaper bag, slipped his pinkie finger into the handle of her pacifier, plucked it out and placed the nipple of the bottle to her lower lip.  Innocently, she took the nipple in his mouth, watching his face light up with an adoration that only a Daddy could feel.  That very reaction warmed her heart as the milk began to warm her belly.

She lied there, limpened and submissive.  And he sat on the edge of the crib, holding bottle as she nursed from it and wiping away the milk drool with a small cloth as it occasionally ran out of the corners of her mouth.  His voice, deep as always, was still soft as he encouraged her to drink it all, praising her with each little gulp she made.  And by the time she began drawing air in from the bottle’s emptiness, she had been coaxed into a state of being that looked to him for direction and support for everything.  That was some white-hot attention he was giving her and it was the one thought that would usher her into her dreams of that night – save for a quick thought about Deidra.

Helping her to turn over onto her tummy and place the side of her head on the pillow so she could watch the moonlight-drenched ripples of the lake until she fell asleep, her Daddy began to rub her back between her shoulder blades as he covered her with the Strawberry Shortcake comforter.  And looking out to the lake, her quick thought came and went:

Oh, if McGee could see me now.

The passing thought sent a new ripple of tummyflies into her belly as she burped a few times.  Deidra McGee was her best friend, one of those BFF deals with the connection of some many things that a lifetime of friendship seemed imminent.  But neither of them called the other by their first name.  It wasn’t Piper and Deidra, but rather, McCoy and McGee.  Regardless of what she was called, McGee was the only other living soul who knew anything about Piper’s fetish turned passion turned instinct.

It wasn’t easy to tell her best friend of the one secret she protected more dearly than anything else, but Piper relished in finding out that not only did McGee not reject her for this, but McGee told her that she had suspected something of this nature for quite some time – basing her assumptions on Piper’s speech patterns, mannerism and behavior at certain moments.

McGee already knew of the relationship that Piper had with Rod.  She had even met him several times but had no idea, until that Piper didn’t call him Rod, but instead, Daddy.  With a heart of openness, Piper told McGee of how she pursued her Daddy online, of how she yearned for littleness to the extreme, of how she finally told him this and of how he had set up a special trip to a lake house that coming weekend.

And now, here Piper was in that weekend – lying in that crib, in her nightie and diaper, nursing on her pacifier as her Daddy patted her diapered bottom while she finally drifted off into dreamland.


The light of dawn broke over the horizon of the mountains in the distance behind the lake, first sending the illumination across the mountainside, across the lake and through the window onto Piper’s body.  The back of her eyelids filled with orangish color and she took in a full chest of air through nose, nursing on her pacifier after a soft whimper.

Yittlin Extreme was about to begin.

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