Her Big Pink Pony

Her Big Pink PonyI’ve lost track of the number of times that my little girl has asked:

“Daddy, does this mean I can have a pony?”

She often asks me this question when in the midst of a conversation that has nothing to do with a pony or a present of any kind.

Sometimes I’ll say things like:  “Princess, I just couldn’t get to sleep last night no matter what I tried.”  or  “Wow, there is one heck of a rainstorm coming down outside.”

And every time, her response is the same:

“Daddy, does this mean I can have a pony?”

My response back to her is always:  “Yes, Princess.  This means you can have a pony.”

How can anyone deny such a simple request?

I know I can’t deny her.  And every time she asked me that question, I was serious when I said yes.  And I knew the exact pony she was talking about.

Every time we go to the Big City, we always go to that enormous Toys-R-Us in the center of it all.  On the third floor of that toy store is a rack of enormous pony stuffies, including the pink one she always picks up and hugs when she’s there.

Recently, she told me that during her last visit to that store with some friends, she was heartbroken to see that they had taken those ponies away.  They must’ve known that those ponies were needed at the Toys-R-Us in Lancaster, PA.

I decided for her upcoming birthday, I was going to make good on that promise.

Yes. Princess.  You can have a pony.

If you’re reading this right after it is posted (9 a.m.), chances are she will already be hugging her big pink pony – exactly as she did last year in the picture above.

Happy Birthday, Princess.  Daddy loves you.

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