Why So Excited?

The Traveling BabyGirlFrom the book:

The Adventures of The Traveling BabyGirl
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here is a little story about what happens when you believe in something bigger than yourself … your dreams.


Why So Excited? Part One

Penny did her able best to keep her excitement under control, but as they stepped into the elevator, she knew she had about another 30 seconds of self-control left.  Elliot was aware of this and had his digital camera ready to capture the forthcoming images of her first gushing outburst.  She held his left hand in between both of her palms, squeezing for dear life as she nursed on her pacifier with such fervency that she might’ve ripped the rubber nipple in her mouth right off of the pacifier if she hadn’t been careful.  She looked down at her soft black loafers, closing her eyes tightly to tap her heels together before opening her eyes again to make sure they were still in that elevator.  Her legs, wrapped in the white leggings Elliot had dressed her in when they got up that morning were shaking, but not for fear of anything – Rather for excitement.  She rocked her hips back and forth, swishing the short black and red pleated skirt at her waist as she looked down at the cartoon character on her pink baby-t.  Closing her eyes again, she began to bounce up and down.  Oh, if this elevator would just move faster, she’d be able to sprint her waddling diapered bottom out and into the beginning of a dream that finally come true.  But she knew that before anything else could happen, she would need to be changed.  Her diaper was drenched and had swollen itself to capacity.  From the moment they entered this Dream Villa hotel, she had been wetting herself with an unremitting steady stream, helpless to stop the flow. 

She could hardly be blamed for her excitement.  But what was it that had her so thrilled and electrified she was beyond self-control?

Elliot had taken Penny to Florida, to Orlando – more precisely.  He had purchased the 3-Day “Magic Your Way” Disney vacation package, complete with a hotel room in one of the princess-themed suites in the middle of Magic Kingdom.  And with a little heart so excited to finally get to go to the one place in the entire universe where a little girl could be a little girl, Penny had already done the necessary math.  They had 3 days only to visit 4 parks.  3 days only.  That was: 72 hours or 4,320 minutes or 259,200 seconds, no matter which way you looked at it.  This was serious business that would require some serious planning and now that they were there, there wasn’t a moment to waste.

The elevator doors finally opened and she heard the familiar music playing in the hallway.  Pulling Elliot out of the elevator, she began to hop up and down but found herself quite weighted down.  Her waddle had never been wider and she crinkled more loudly than she could ever recall.  But maybe that wasn’t really the case.  Her head had been buzzing with such overwhelming joy, she might well have lost control of some of her senses along with her bladder.  And as they walked the hallway down to their room, Penny was certain that if Elliot hadn’t dressed her in those white leggings, her drenched diaper would be at her ankles already.  Approaching the hotel room door, she wondered if he knew to dress her in them. 

But contemplations like that left her mind quickly as Elliot slid the room key into the door handle, unlocking it and opening a world to her.  Taking one small waddled step after another, she crept into the hotel room, her opening jaw barely capable of holding the pacifier between her lips.  Her eyes grew wide with sight of the underwater-themed room.  It seemed larger than life and had Penny’s favorite mermaid, Ariel, all over the place – on the wallpaper, on the bed sheets, on the pillows, on the dresser drawers, on the chairs, the table the floor, the ceiling.   She spun in circles, trying to take in all that she could see.  Oh, did Penny feel small.  And oh, did she love how this magical room made her feel.

The walls displayed the wisping shades of blue as they displayed a current of underwater activity, from smiling fish and turtles to winking and seemingly-waving mermaids.  The lamps on the night stands were made of coral reef and on the desk was a computer that Penny was happy to see.  She would be able to get onto the park’s website and set up her dream vacation itinerary while tweeting to all her friends back in the Charm City of where she was and what she was doing.  Waddling into the middle of the room, she saw the lounging area at the far side by the windows.  This lounging area was surrounded with soft blue draping material that looked like wedding veils and inside those drapings was a round couch that set perfectly in front of a flat-screen television.  She walked over and pulled the drapings to side, looking at how everything was mermaid-themed in there as well, but with a more pinkish touch, from the color of the round couch to the soft fluffy carpet beneath her feet.  Stepping out of her loafers, she walked barefooted across the thick fluffy carpet, closing her eyes and spinning around in a circle again before plopping down on the couch.  Her drenched diaper squished the wetness around her bottom and she quickly stood up, waddling out of the lounge area and over to Elliot.

She raised her hands to the sky, wiggling her fingers and smiling at him as he lifted her favorite pink baby-t, the one with Minnie Mouse on the front of it, up and off her frame.  But no sooner did the shirt come off than her shiny object attention span was drawn to the two huge beds in the middle of the room.  Then, her eyes went to the closed bathroom door.  Elliot managed to unzip the back of her pleated skirt before she started waddling over to the bathroom, stepping out of the skirt along the way and tilting her head to the side in wonderment of what the bathroom might look like in such an amazing hotel room such as this.  Nursing her pacifier, she opened the bathroom door and walked in.

Flipping the light switch on, her eyes grew big and wide at the sight of sink basin.  It was shaped like half an enormous seashell, complete with the ripple design on its contour.  The faucet handles were little yellow starfish with smiling faces and winking eyes.  The bathroom mirror was lined with a border of more seashells and starfish as well as orange seahorses, smiling red crabs and little gray whales shooting water up out of their blowholes.  The towels and washcloths were lined up and displayed on the rod with little caricatures of Ariel sewn on their fronts.  The shower curtain was so busy with sea life, it looked like it came right from the middle of the ocean.  The bathtub was shaped like half a seashell with bubble jets waiting to be turned on.

Penny truly didn’t know how to react to this wonderful magical place Elliot had taken her to, but she was instantly swept up in the magic that any little girl would be consumed by when visiting Orlando.  Waddling back out of the bathroom in an aimless, wandering daze, she began to think of all the fun-to-come at the parks.  What would she do first?  And what would the first thing be that her little heart would leap for joy at the sight of?  Her imagination was too overwhelming to wrap her thoughts around and as her swollen diaper’s wetness had started to cool off between her legs, she waddled her crinkly toosh back over to Elliot to see he had begun to unpack their luggage.  Looking at the second bed, her eyes became teary with happiness to see that he had been thinking of her.  The first bit of luggage he unpacked was the suitcase she had stuffed with everything he would need to create her play pen on the second bed – from stuffed animals to coloring books to Barbie dolls to her beaded jewelry kit.  The second bed was lined with all the baby blankets, he had could fit into that suitcase, forming little walls that she had learned to stay inside of when her Daddy said it was play pen time. 

Her mind regressed into littleness in defense against unraveling because she was so excited for the park, yet so touched by the moment that her heart had begun to beat just a bit too heavily for her to handle.

“Do you need to poop?” Elliot asked with that Daddy Voice he always used when he recognized the littleness glazing over her irises.

She shook her head no and regressed even further into shyness as she knew it was time to get her diaper changed. Her chin lowered slightly and her shoulders shrunk up as she lifted her hands.  Up into his arms she went as he carried her over to play pen bed.  Easing her down gently, he kept one hand behind the small of her back and the other behind her neck until she came to rest on the mattress.  Turning her head to the side she saw her waiting diaper as well as the powder and wipes he would use on her.  Then his fingers wrapped around the waist of her white leggings, pulling them down to her ankles as she began to tingling inside with tummyflies that made BabyGirl more than just a name he called her, but also – the only mindset she could truly handle just then and for a lifetime.

She looked up at her wonderful Daddy and smiled brightly at him behind her pacifier.  Just the sight of his face would make her happy – whether it was her first sight of him after a nap or in the morning, or if it was that first sight of him getting out of the car when he final came home from work, Elliot filled her with a love that not only included a place for her littleness, but embraced it in a manner that only a Daddy would know how to do.  He handed her a small baby bottle of apple juice – one of the short ones that he always gave her when they had a schedule to keep but when he still wanted to see her drink some fluids before they left.  She reached up and took the bottle in both of her hands as the pacifier fell from her lips to take in the rubber nipple of the bottle instead.  Elliot unfastened her diaper tapes and lowered the front of her swollen wet diaper.

“That’s my little angel,” Elliot whispered with a syrupy tone in his timbre and a warm smile on his face.

Penny would often fuss at the sudden rush of cool air between her legs when he changed her, but she was learning how not to fuss at such things, knowing that her Daddy would make her comfortable more quickly if she was a good girl for him and didn’t fidget.

“Up go the toes,” he said with playfulness as he lowered the front of her diaper while lifting her legs and bottom up into the air.  “You’re such a good baby for your Daddy.  Yes, you are.  Yes, you are.  And Daddy is so, so very proud of his little diaper girl.”

She melted at his words while drinking from her baby bottle, gushing with a red blush to her cheeks as her Daddy gushed over her.  His hands were as gentle and as loving as his words and from wiping her bottom clean to that gentle caress of powder, she melted deeper and deeper into that mattress, guided by her Daddy’s kindness and the never-ending need within her little heart to be his BabyGirl forever.  Sliding the new diaper underneath her, he lowered her bottom into the new softness and eased her legs apart as he folded the front up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips.  And as he walked over to the dresser to pick out what she would wear, she basked in that initial feel of being newly-enveloped in all the right places by softness. 

As she kept nursing from the bottle, her eyes wandered up to the ceiling, dazzled with the same underwater theme of the rest of the room.  And it was then that she knew for sure – whoever had designed this amazing room must have had a little daughter at home.  The ceiling area above both beds had built-in night lights, each with a different shape from the deep sea.

With a need to get her moving but still with patience to allow her to daydream, Elliot gently patted her newly-diapered bottom.  She startled from her ceiling stare and took hold of his hands as he sat her up and slipped her feet into a pair of white ankle socks followed by a pair of white sneakers that he immediately double-knotted the laces of before tapping her on her diapered bottom again.  Picking her pacifier up and putting it back in her mouth, she smiled as lifted her bottom up for him to reach under for “the snug-tug” – a quick yanking upwards on the back of her diaper that further ensured the diaper was wrapped around her as tightly as possible.  This was something Elliot often did before they went out-n-about. 

Then she sat back up, lifting her hands to the night-light ceiling as Elliot put her in a white baby-t.  To her feet she stood as he slipped her into the light blue dress he bought her especially for this trip – the one that resembled Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast.  Facing her to the mirror, he pulled her hair back into the Belle ponytail and tied it up with a light blue ribbon that matched her dress.  Taking her by the hand, Elliot led his diapered and waddling fiancée to the door, picking up her diaper bag, putting it over his shoulder and reaching for the door knob.

“Dah-dee,” Penny mumbled with a small voice behind her pacifier.

Elliot turned back to her, melting at how precious she looked and the innocence the up-gaze in her eyes revealed of her heart.

“Fank you,” she mumbled, hugging him and crawling up into his arms.

“You’re welcome,” Elliot whispered in her ear as he opened the door, checking to make sure he had everything they would need.  “Let’s get moving, Princess Penny.  Time is ticking away.”

She burped and then giggled.  Smiling while patting her back gently, he carried her out into the hallway and headed to the elevator for their day in the Magic Kingdom.

Penny looked out the window of the monorail, listening to the automated recording tell the story of how the late-Walt Disney bought this chunk of wasteland in Florida, to secretively turn it into a place where people would flock to get to.  But she was too overwhelmed with excitement to follow the story being told.  Her eyes passed over the small lake to the right of the monorail tracks, once enormous in size but now drained to nearly nothing.  All she could see was the front gate of the park, still far off in the distance but steadily growing larger as they approached it. 

Lacing the fingers of her left hand with those of his right hand, she looked up at her Daddy sitting next to her.  As a little girl, she always bounced up and down when a Disney commercial would play on the TV.  All her life, she wanted to go to this magical place where a little girl can be a little girl, a place where – when you wish upon a star, you’re dreams come true.

The front gate grew bigger and Penny realized that she was about to learn what it felt like when a dream came true.  She had spent such a long time dreaming about it she never paused to think of how it would make her feel.  Insanely excited seemed to be logical answer and she always accepted it as what would be welling up inside her.  But as the monorail pulled up just inside the front gate, passed the lines of people from the main parking lot (a perk of getting a room in a Disney hotel), Penny suddenly didn’t know how to feel.  Stepping off the monorail, she looked around, seeing the excitement in everyone else.  She looked at the gate in front of her, the ticket counters and the buzz of activity just behind the gate.  But she became frozen where she stood, almost like she had forgotten how to walk.  She wasn’t unhappy or fearful, but rather too excited to show it.  It hardly seemed possible to not show excitement, especially since every Disney character was waiting for her, waiting to hug her and show her what dreams can truly feel like.  But, for some reason, there was a piece of her dream that seemed missing – something that was supposed to put it all together and guide her, making her heart beat faster with each step.  But her little mind was so exhausted all ready that she couldn’t put her finger on what was missing.  Nursing on her pacifier, she went into a daze, trying desperately to think of what it was.  And then, it became clear to her what that missing piece was.

“Baby,” Penny heard Elliot’s Daddy Voice say as she turned her head slowly to him and gaze up into his warm and inviting eyes, taking his extended hand as the magic began inside her.

Her legs began to move and she couldn’t figure out how, each step accompanied with a waddle that seemed unmistakable and a crinkle which seemed louder than the all the noise in the park.  She clenched onto her Daddy’s hand, crushing herself up against his side as a littleness filled her mind and senses that seemed larger than life, just like her dream had always seemed.  That was it!  That was the missing piece of her dream.  She was sure of it.

She waddled alongside Elliot, feeling the excitement welling up inside her again, this time being free of all obstacles.  And the only thing that stood between them and her time for magic was a ticket booth.  She did her best to not fidget as they stood in line.  She wanted to be a good girl for him, but a need to bounce was welling up inside her along with the excitement.  And as they got closer and closer to the ticket window, her bounce got higher and higher. 

Elliot smiled at her, allowing her to be the little girl that she was.  He was actually excited to be there, too.  It was his dream to take her to this park, since the day he met her two summers ago.  And as he slid their two tickets across the counter to the teller, he set the diaper bag on the small table next to the booth.  Penny stopped bouncing as a park attendant unzipped the diaper bag, looking inside it.  She froze in place again, her eyes growing big and wide as the attendant looked at her.  From her peripheral vision, she could see the tip of her nose and the ever-moving pacifier she had forgotten she was nursing on.  The attendant looked at her strangely for a moment and if Penny hadn’t just flooded her diaper back in their hotel room a few minutes ago, she might well have done so just then.  She felt her bladder muscles release, but luckily she was empty. 

Those few seconds spent between that attendant and she seemed like an eternity.  Tummyflies waltzed inside her belly and her face blushed to a deep shade of red.  Her legs froze up again and the only thing that could embarrass her even more at that moment would be a diaper check.  Her eyes grew even wider and she fussed quietly to herself that she had even had the thought as she felt Elliot’s hand reaching under the back of her dress and cupping her diapered bottom to check for that tell-tale warmth of a needed-change.  A tingle came over her whole body and goose bumps formed across her skin.  Every person that passed by her added just a bit more humiliation to her paranoia.  From within her little heart, made overly-excited by the park in front of her, Penny felt as if everybody knew her secret and as though they all saw her as nothing more than a baby.  Yet, no one reacted to her nor did anyone give her a second-glance, except for the attendant who now gave her an adoring smile as he zipped up her diaper bag and slid it back over to her Daddy. 

Elliot Put the strap of the bag over his shoulder and took a step forward only to turn back to Penny who was exchanging an adorable bye-bye wave with the attendant.  Then, she turned to her Daddy and waddled her diapered bottom into the park, her heart made little and melted, her dream made real and her world made just a bit smaller than it already was.

Elliot opened the map of the park he picked up at the ticket booth, seeing all the possibilities of where they could go first, but he knew that the only place Penny wanted to be was where she belonged – with the Princesses in FantasyLand.

Penny crinkled along, holding his hand and nursing her pacifier as she took in the size of all the monumental buildings they passed by, some seeming gothic with height and appeal.  And there Penny was: a little diaper girl in the middle of her dream – living the magic so had always seen on TV but had never experienced herself.  With aimless, wandering steps, Penny’s shiny object attention span tossed her eyes back and forth as she watched the bustling surroundings.  From street musicians to jugglers to park attendants trying to take pictures to the other guests, she toddled along in wonderment of all.

“Come on, baby.  The princesses are waiting to meet you,”  Elliot said with a syrupy-rich Daddy tone as he patted her diapered bottom through her dress – an action that melted her, drummed up more Tummyflies, made her feel like a baby and consumed the love in her little heart every time he did it.

And, my oh my, did it work for sure this time.  Penny felt herself regressing with each waddled footstep, getting more and more drawn into the magic.  There were so many places she had been when she suddenly felt little.  But each and every one of those places always contained a bit of danger Elliot kept her protected from.  This park, this wonderful, wonderful place that had only existed in her dreams, suddenly became real and made her feel more comfortable to be who she was inside than ever before.  Her little heart was beating so fast and she was doing all she could to keep her feet moving, but she was so enveloped by the enchantment of this place that she knew it would take a team of mules to drag her out of it.  She never wanted to leave.  She never wanted to stop feeling the way she suddenly did.  At long last, Penny could openly be the little girl she truly was and her greatest blessing of all was Elliot, the wonderful Daddy who slowed his own steps to accommodate her wonderment, who loved her no matter what  and who had nurtured her growth, albeit regression.

And the first stop they made on this amazing journey was at The Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, a salon in front of Cinderella’s castle that could transform you into a princess yourself.  They walked into the boutique to see a dozen smiling faces of identically dressed beauticians who were all fairy godmothers-in-training.  Elliot led Penny over to the chair she would sit in where three of the attendants would pamper her in the more usual ways.  Penny looked around the room, its wooden arched walls connecting to the tall ceiling with orange and sky blue Sashes that draped down to the mirrors.  A small rolling table was placed in front of her and one of the smiling godmothers-in-training began to give her a manicure, separating her fingers with little white, spongy cushions.  The second godmother-in-training talked to Penny about all the wonderful things that she would find in Cinderella’s castle and in all of FantasyLand.  The third godmother-in training adorned Penny’s smiling face with shimmering glitter make-up, being certain not to get any on the pacifier in the BabyGirl’s mouth.

What made penny even happier to see was how all three of the godmothers-in-training smiled with such endearing a real sweetness that penny didn’t have to hide her littleness in protection of herself.  She was so far gone as to babble yet and she wouldn’t be lifting up her dress to show them her diaper as she had done last summer at that late-night BeachTown party, but she was definitely happy and began to believe that the magic of this park was real.  They even gave Penny a princess-like hairstyle with a bun in the back that still allowed her locks to drape down to her shoulders, but the bun kept her hair off her neck and kept her cool.  The finishing touch was the tiara that placed carefully on her hair while walking her over to one of the big mirrors and having her hold her sponge-separate fingers up in the air until her nails dried as they taught her how to curtsey properly.  But they assured her that a princess would only ever need to curtsey to one person … her own Prince Charming, when she met him.

Walking over to the counter, they reunited her with Elliot as they removed the sponges from between her fingers and blew on her nail polish to ensure it was dry.  Elliot walked up to Penny and with a smile beaming brightly from behind the little diaper girl’s pacifier, she curtseyed to him.

They left the boutique, headed to the nearest ride and Penny had adopted a prouder, more majestic poise to her diapered waddles.  She still crinkled and Elliot still gushed at her, but she was beginning to feel the magic inside herself, instead of just experiencing it around her.  Ahead was a big top tent with a visible play area inside.  Penny looked up to Elliot for permission, her glistening irises rich with fantasy.  And he nodded as she sprinted her crinkle into the tent.  Elliot got the tickets for the ride accompanying this big top tent and joined her inside, sitting down on a nearby bench and also enjoying the air-condition inside the tent as he watched Princess Penny climbing up the nets and sliding down the slides.  His digital camera was in rapid-fire snapshot mode.  And then he sat there, smiling at her joyfulness with tears in his eyes.  He could see her shoulders relaxing and her pride increasing.  She had always been a girl eternally-gripped by insecurity.  But she had always found a way to wear that insecurity well.  At long last, she was free of it all and though he knew that each day had to end in order for the next one to begin, he truly didn’t want to ever leave that park either.  Smiling at his thoughts, he daydreamed about becoming insanely rich and building a house in the middle of that park so they could live there forever and so Penny could remain little just as long.

Hearing their ticket number being called out over the intercom inside the big top tent, he startled out of his daydreaming thoughts as he walked over to collect Penny from the play area.  It was truly a brilliant idea to allow people to sit in that air-conditioned tent, instead of standing in line – particularly since the ride outside the back of the tent was one that attracted the littleness in everybody who rode it.  Penny climbed up into Dumbo the Flying Elephant, taking a seat and strapping herself in as Elliot climbed in.  The ride took off and though the ride only went so high, in her heart she felt like she could touch the clouds.  She closed her eyes, lifting her freshly-polished nails to the sky as she envisioned herself in those commercials with the Dumbo ride.  Perhaps it was just two minutes long, but by the time the ride ended, she felt like she had lived a lifetime, soaring as high as her little imagination could take her.  There was an even greater excitement that filled her eyes as they climbed out of Dumbo the Elephant.  Penny kissed the metal Dumbo on the nose before grabbing her Daddy’s hand and sprinting her diapered waddle towards the next ride.

The line to this musical boat ride went much quicker because each set the boat could hold quite a few people.  The fearless Penny hopped down into the first row and shuffled her way over to the far side.  The proud Elliot followed her and they took their seats as others filled the boat.  And then they began to float into the cavern-like structure in front of them as the speakers on the boat crackled to life with sounds of a familiar song:

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears.  It’s a world of hope and a world of fears.  There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware.  It’s a small world after all.

And at that instant, the lights came up on either side of the room they floated into.  Hundreds of dimpled animatronic figures came to life and began waving.  This first room showed countryside theme from all over Europe.  Penny eyes widened and she stared at the figures in wonderment, humming the tune behind her pacifier.  For the first time in her life, she saw the world as being small, just like her.  Yet it hardly seemed to make sense if she thought of it like that.  But then, again, why not?  Every one of those figures represented real people – all of whom had people they loved and people who cared about them, just like Penny and her Daddy.

The second room showed more countryside scenes and animatronic figures, but this time from Russia and the Far East.  Some stood on snowy peaks.  Some stood on the Great Wall of China.  Some stood in little boats of their own, waving from the waters they were floating in.  The third room, showed scenes from Africa with figures standing in thick jungles with heavy leafy canopies, barren desserts with pyramids, growing metropolises and lengthy coast lines.  The fourth room showed little Eskimos and even penguins from The North Pole and Antarctica, all waving, smiling and singing the song.

The fifth room showed South America and North America, from the southernmost tips of Chile and Argentina to the northern most edges of Canada and everywhere in between.  The boat ride went through all seven continents and by the time it ended, Penny had a new perspective to think about.  She had always seen the world as an enormous place, and though she still saw it as enormous, it was no longer so big in her mind as to believe that the littleness in her heart was exclusive only to her.  Getting out of that boat, she was still excited, but now a bit consumed by her thoughts.  It felt really good to be small.  Sometimes, feeling small led to feeling inferior.  But holding her Daddy’s hand and waddling alongside him, she realized that not only was not inferior in his eyes – she was the most important little person in this great big world.

“Ya wanna get a snack?”  Elliot asked, seeing Gaston’s Tavern straight ahead.

She nodded, holding onto his hand and following him into the tiny village with cobblestone streets, but her mind had begun wandering about once again.  Elliot sat her on the ground and began to retie her shoelaces.  And while sitting there, Penny looked kept looking around, watching the older crowd that had filled this little village area.  After several people looked down at her and smiled as they passed by, she quickly closed her knees, remembering how Elliot had told her to always sit with modesty – even when it was tough to do so.

But little minds are always affected by little things and she began to question why those people were smiling at her.  They didn’t even know her.  They were strangers.  Were they smiling at her because she was dressed like Belle and dolled up like a princess?  Or were they smiling at her because she had a pacifier in her mouth and a twinkle of innocence in her eyes?  Or were they smiling because they could see up her dress? 

And with that final thought, she shifted her hips, hearing the crinkle beneath her dress.  Putting together that those passers-by might’ve seen her diaper, she regressed considerably sitting there.  And as her Daddy helped her back up to her feet, he straightened her dress and dusted her off.  But her little mind was now consumed with such a need for dependence she could hardly keep her waddled steps moving forward.  Her movements became disconnected and instead of walking, she tottered as her mind went in and out of the moment.  Now, in the middle of this magic park where a little girl could be a little girl, Penny was journeying to a littler state yet.  And everyone she passed by filled her thoughts with imagination that her secret was in fact revealed, that everyone knew she had a love for being babied and that everyone saw her as a little baby.  She tingled all over with thoughts of being exposed in a helpless way.  And even her Daddy would make her feel little.

Walking into Gaston’s Tavern, she kept her aimless gazes to those around her.  And as Elliot found a booth for them, she felt her mind unraveling.  But for once, she wasn’t fearful.  She was in the safest place on Earth and her Daddy was there to take care of her.  Though she felt disconnected from the present, she knew Elliot would keep her safe.  Seeing she was acting distant, he sat her on his lap as he opened the menu and place it in the table in front of her.  Penny looked down at the pictures, feeling an appetite working up but remaining so little in the head that she fostered shyness with every moment. 

Trying to figure out what was going on in Penny’s head, he took her sippy cup out of the diaper bag and set it on the table.  But seeing the sippy cup drew her further into introvertedness.  If she could only speak just then she would explain to him how much she enjoyed the tingle going through her.  But without even knowing he was doing it, her Daddy was adding to a feeling she could only term as magic.  But on the outside, she looked like something was bothering her.  Sliding his hand under the front of her dress, he slid his finger under the elastic edging of her diaper at her left thigh.  He was subtle about it as always, but this time it had an effect on her that was intoxicating to her frail senses.  Her tummy hosted a full-waltz of fluttered feelings.  The tingle inside her came to the surface and just as she was about to drift into a full and helpless baby mode, the waitress walked up to take their order.

Penny looked up at the waitress, dressed in the period garb of Beauty & the Beast and she shared smiles as the waitress gushed at her.  There was no way Penny would be able to place an order.  She didn’t have the motor skills to do anything but giggle.  Thankfully, Elliot knew what to order for her and with an amazing quickness, their food arrived.  Elliot ordered a glass of lemonade only, but for penny, he ordered a glass of orange juice that he immediately poured into her sippy cup before she spilled the glass and an enormous cinnamon roll.

Her eyes grew wide at the sight of the roll on the plate in front of her and waiting just a minute for it to cool down she found herself being bibbed up by the waitress.  Oh, was Penny a pile of mush inside.  And she couldn’t be happier.  Setting her pacifier on the table, she dug both hands into the cinnamon roll, bringing up ten fingers of sticky goodness to lick.  And the shyness that had gripped up this now-sticky little diaper girl on his lap gave way as she once again found the openness to be who she was.  And nobody fussed.  Nobody stood in judgment or gave her a dirty look.  It didn’t take her more than five minutes to eat that cinnamon roll, but it did take Elliot about ten minutes to clean her up afterwards.  From her hands to her elbows and her nose to her chin, Penny looked as sweet as always … and now for yet another reason.

Taking the sippy cup of orange juice along with them, they moved onward, realizing that the only way to get through FantasyLand in a single day was to keep at it.  Penny whole-heartedly agreed with this mentality, knowing that there would be plenty of time to rest later on.  For the moment, there was another ride to the skies in her sights – The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  They were similar to the Dumbo ride, but these carts had controls and boldly taking the front seat, Penny sat in front of a lever that, as they ride began, she used to make them fly higher and then swoop down lower.  And for the first few passes, the controls were entertaining.  But then her shiny object attention needed something else to occupy her.  Luckily, below and all around the carpet ride was another small village, this one fashioned to look like it came straight from one of Aladdin’s movies, complete with a huge genie bottle in the center square with an emerging genie that made  all the Robin Williams statements that had become instant classic lines.

And while Aladdin owned a piece of her heart, she moved right on to The Magical Nook once they got off the carpet ride, too consumed by a desire to do it all to slow down.  But at The Magical Nook, she found the ability to slow down and enjoy her time in a different way – one that didn’t require her to be in the middle of the action, but rather just needed her to be there.  Standing at the entrance to the Nook, Penny saw two park workers who were dressed as characters she immediately recognized, Bess and Fira, two of Tinker Belle’s fairy friends.  Penny handed Elliot the sippy cup and he placed her pacifier back in her mouth before kissing the top of her forehead and giving her diapered bottom a pat of encouragement to go over to the fairies.

Penny excitedly waddled her sprint over to the fairies, grinning brightly behind her pacifier as they sprinkled magical dust on her head and pretended she was now the size of a fairy as they took her by the hand and led her into Pixie Hollow, every step of the way, keeping the magic alive in side her heart.  Penny’s attention went to every owl that came out of the trees to say hello, every pair of squirrels that chased one another and jumped from limb to limb at the top of the canopy.  But though she kept her eyes on the action in front of her, she heard the whispers that the fairies were making to each other about her.  And that one moment of this magical day could’ve ruined the whole vacation for poor little Penny, if the fairies had judged her.  But they didn’t.  In fact, their gossips were gushing statements of how cute she was for still using a pacifier and of how likely it was she was also wearing a diaper.  At the end of Pixie Hollow was Tinker Belle herself and after Penny gave her favorite fairy a hug, she waved bye-bye to Bess, Fira and all the others who had kept her magic alive.  She sprinted her diapered waddle back to Elliot, waiting for her near the exit.  All the fairies stood at the exit and gushed a little bit more at how sweet Penny was.

The little diaper girl had a spring to her step and though she was still a lil waddler, she had energy.  Seeing the Tomorrowland Arcade ahead, Elliot decided it was time for Penny to earn her wings, or in theme of where they were, it was time for his BabyGirl to ear her ears.  Walking her up to the prize counter, he asked her a simple question as she gazed up at all the amazing options.

“Which one do you want, baby?” Elliot asked with rhetorical nature.

She pointed to the mouse ear hat immediately, jumping up and down with excitement.  The mouse ears cost 2,500 tickets.  Elliot smiled at her, his little crinkling cutie who had found a little piece of happiness she had never known.  Turning his head, he eyed up the skee-ball lanes.  Lowering his chin, he went into battle mode as he made a slow path towards the first lane.  Buying her the mouse ears from any of the vendors throughout the park was the easier and more financially responsible way to do this.  But just buying the hat wouldn’t retain the memory of winning it.

Elliot inserted the first quarter and nine wooden balls rolled down the side of the lane.  The point of the game was to roll the wooden balls down the lane and get them to land into particular point-value cups.  The higher the points, the smaller the cup opening was.  And the smallest of all was worth 500 points.  Penny stood beside him and excitedly bounced on her toes as he released the first wooden ball that rolled perfectly down the center of the lane and landed in the 500 cup.  20 tickets came out of the ticket slot and Penny knelt down, sitting on the floor and gathering the tickets.

Elliot released the second wooden ball and it rolled just as perfectly as the first one did, landing in the 500 cup again.  Penny’s eyes grew wide when at least 50 tickets came out of the machine.  And she did her best to keep up with the tickets, counting them and folding them as they appeared out of the machine.

Elliot released the third wooden ball, but the roll wasn’t as smooth and when it hit the end of the lane and popped up in the air, headed towards the cups, it hit on the top of the 500 cup and bounced up in the air again before landing in the 500 cup.  Three in a row and the tickets began to pour out of the machine.

The fourth and fifth wooden balls also landed in the 500 cup and Penny was quickly become buried under the tickets as a crowd began to gather.  One of the spectators told Elliot that a perfect skee-ball game was worth 3000 tickets.  Elliot raised an eyebrow, thinking of how a perfect game would wind up being the better deal.  The price of the hat didn’t matter, but it would sure feel good to win the gamble that everyone took in an arcade.

He released the sixth wooden ball way too lightly and it barely made it to the end of the lane before hopping up and catching the bottom lip of the 500 cup before rolling into it.  The perfect game was still intact and Penny was moving at full-speed to gather the tickets as they came pouring out.  The seventh wooden ball landed in the 500 cup and so did the eight wooden ball.  By then, everyone in the Tomorrowland Arcade had gathered around and were cheering Elliot.  One of the arcade attendants came out to the floor with a ticket bucket to help Penny.  But all paused and got silent as Elliot released the ninth and final wooden ball.

Penny watched the ball rolling down the lane as if it were in slow motion.  She already had enough tickets.  So, getting the mouse ears was no longer important.  That final little ball rolling up the lane had the attention of everyone and kept it all – no matter how many shiny objects appeared as distractions.  The ball rolled to the end of the lane and hopped up off the edge, still spinning forward in the air as it hit the top edge of the 500 cup and bounced backwards, hitting the back edge of the 500 cup before bouncing forward and landing inside it for the perfect score.  The crowd cheered and the ticket machine spit out the rest of the tickets as it lit up with every single light it had and sounded off all of its bells and whistles.

The Minnie Mouse ears now belonged to Penny and  after she gave the remaining 500 tickets to another Daddy who was trying to win a stuffed animal for his little girl but wasn’t finding as much success as Elliot had found,  she put her mouse ears hat on, took hold of Elliot’s hand and journeyed onward.

There were so many memories this first day of magic had shown already and there was still so much more to do.  But there was one thing she wanted to do yet and then the day could end if it needed to.  But Penny, believing she was a mermaid herself, wanted to meet Ariel and in FantasyLand, Ariel could only be found in one place only … The Grotto, a cavern-like structure which held all the wonders under the sea.  And weaving through the tunnels to the main room in The Grotto, Penny found her favorite mermaid sitting on a stone with her tail in the small moat of water that separated her from the crowd that had gathered.  Penny ran straight up to the front and, seeing the littleness in the diaper girl’s eyes, Ariel asked Penny and several others if they would like to help her tell a fish story from under the sea.  Penny immediately nodded and she and the others hand-picked by Ariel followed the walkway around to Ariel.

 Elliot watched from the back of the room, beaming with a happiness he hadn’t felt so deeply before.  The illusion of this park was present at all times, but he never thought that he himself would feel the magic.  Every little moment led right to the next one, seamlessly joined by a little girl whom he loved more than love itself.  Though he had only known her for two years, time before her seemed like a stretch of foggy memories.  It wasn’t until Penny wandered into his life that he found the direction to go.  And as she twirled a mermaid’s dance, he smiled, happy that the direction he was going was the same as her.

The fish story ended and Penny embraced Ariel, the actress portraying her returning the embrace and continuing to keep the magic alive.  And with a smile bigger than her face, Penny waddled back over to her Daddy and hugged him as well.  This day just kept getting better and she knew she would never forget a single moment of it.

Dinner approached and there was no finer place to eat, no finer place to end this first day of magic than in the one castle on Earth that could rival any in the clouds.  Walking back to the beginning of the Fantasyland area, they entered the banquet room of Cinderella’s Castle and found their seats at the Royal Table.  This banquet room was grandiose in size, with a high pointed ceiling, huge arches, wood beams, flags, stain glass windows and all the pomp-n-circumstance that any princess would require.  Penny felt small in this room and she tingled with that sensation over and over.  The chairs were plush thrones with high backs and intricate woodwork on the trims.  This was definitely a place for princesses.  And the menu was perfect, combining younger tastes and more grown-up ones.  Penny ordered chicken nuggets and crinkle-cut fries as well as a strawberry milkshake.  Elliot ordered the beef tenderloin and this time, Penny sat straight-n-tall as a bib was placed around her neck. 

She looked over at her Daddy and smiled brightly.  Everything had been perfect about this day, from the rides to the meals to the memories.  She couldn’t have asked for anything to have gone differently.  Not even the chocolate sampler trio for dessert.  Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate-covered strawberries were place in front of them, ensuring Penny’s sugar buzz or her sugar comatose – whichever followed.  And in true BabyGirl fashion, by the time they finished all the massive chocolaty goodness, Penny was good and chocolaty, from one ear to another.

As she stood up, the ever-unpredictable Penny burped, going straight into a giggle as she took hold of Elliot’s hand, being led to the family bathroom.  She was anything but compliant with him as he tried to wash her hands and face.  There was still so much fun to be had and making her clean-up difficult on her Daddy was a big part of it.  There were many things about Elliot that she loved, but his ability to have fun might’ve been at the top of her list, second only to that mysterious sixth sense he had in knowing when she needed changed.

After the chocolate clean-up battle was over, Elliot picked Penny up and laid her on the counter space next to the sink.  And with a simple flip-up of the lower hem of her dress, he unfastened her diaper tapes, settling the rambunctious Penny instantly.  He set the diaper bag on the far end of the counter and penny parted her legs instinctively, getting comfortable for the time she would spend on her back, looking up at him.  But no sooner did she get comfortable than the first of many yawns came from her.  Closing her eyes she yawned widely, receiving the nipple of her pacifier as the yawn ended.  That was when littleness took hold of her again, but this time to settle her down for the night.

She felt a bit of fussiness building within her, but didn’t feed from it.  A sudden slight tiredness and a stuffed belly had led to the end of her energy for this first day of magic.  And nursing softly on her pacifier, she whimpered her tiredness as Elliot folded down the front of her diaper, knowing that he would certainly need to change her again later that night when more than wetness was the issue.  He lifted her legs in the air and wiped her bottom clean before sliding her new diaper, one of the thick night time ones, underneath her before coating her backside with a heavy layer of baby powder.  A heavier layer often settled Penny down more so, in direction of sleep.

Easing her bottom down into the diaper and lowering her legs back to the counter top, he took a wipe to her front and she whimpered again, feeling his gentle touch as that strange tingle crossed her senses again.  Powdering her front just as heavily, he folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips and flipping the front of her dress back down before he lifted her up into his arms and carried her out of the bathroom.

With her eyelids drooping to half-mast, she rested the side of her face on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.  It was time to say bye-bye to the first day of magic.  And as Elliot slowly walked out of FantasyLand, headed back to the front gate to catch the monorail back to the Villa hotel,  the events of the day rolled through the remaining conscious thoughts of the little diaper girl’s mind.  Waiting all her life for this dream vacation had been worth the wait.  Had she been able to go on this vacation earlier in life she wouldn’t have met Elliot yet and it would’ve been much different.

But today was perfect and it was fit for a princess.  Penny felt like the luckiest little BabyGirl in the world on this day and she still had the rest of her life to look forward to – within the arms, cradle and care of her Daddy.

Two days remained in their vacation, plenty of time for more magic.

The Adventures of The Traveling BabyGirl

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The Adventures of Penny

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