A Sensual Slow Burn

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here’s a story about how it’s best to keep “Aces in their Paces”.

Warning:  This Ain’t No Daddy/BabyGirl Story.


(Begin with Learning Along the Way)

A Sensual Slow Burn –

For the next six days and five nights, they would be escaping the fast pace that their lives had suddenly become caught up in. 

This primarily had to do with Ben’s promotion.  His career was advancing quickly and it was doing so because of his merit of work.  But with his promotion, he was made to work harder for the increase in salary.  With his new responsibilities came larger projects with bigger budgets and clients that were unreasonably demanding.  Ben always kept his head about him when dealing these new people like Carl Davenport, but it was taking its toll on him.  And Olivia could tell this change in him immediately.  Not only was regression a side of his personality, but it had fast-become a necessity in his life.  Little by little, Olivia grew more into the Mommy role and when at home, Ben found the relief from stress he desperately required.

In just a span of two months, Ben had gone from having a secret and a job with possible upward mobility to having an exposed heart (not just to Olivia, but to her friends – Gretchen & Rachel) and a job with achieved upward mobility.  Now it was a matter of balancing his emotions and keeping his promotion.  Stress had become his life and he sought desperately to avoid.  As he pulled onto the dirt road that led into the mountainous woods and to their cabin for the week, Olivia turned up the Mommy mode just a bit more – bearing in mind that her words and her tone would need to comfort him with maternal love while also control him with gentle toughness.  And these days, Ben needed both sides of every emotion, more so now than ever before.

“Rachel and Gretchen will be up to join us in a few days,” Olivia said with a softened matter-of-factly tone.

Ben’s mind drifted back to the temptation Rachel put him through when she took him to the mall a few weeks back.  He would find out later that night that he was being tested for loyalty by Olivia.  He never would’ve taken to Rachel’s advances anyway.  Ben was madly in love with Olivia and would never do anything to break the bond they had with each other.

“The girls know how rough things have been for you lately,” Olivia said, looking into the back seat at the luggage she had packed.  “That’s why they won’t be doing anything to upset my little benny this week.”

Ben swallowed the lump in his throat while at the same time – placing his hand on his belly to keep hold of the fluttering feeling that had stirred within him.  Whenever she called him little benny, a switch went on in his mind and regression began.  She never used that name casually and there was always purpose when it passed through her lips.  She placed her hand on his shoulder, delicately running her fingernails across to the back of his neck and then up into his hair as she twirled her fingers around.  Her eyes filled with that mixture of re-direction and fostering that always preceded her slow burn charge of his will power.

“Slow down, baby.  There are a few more things Mommy needs to tell you before we get to the cabin,” Olivia said with such an alluring and soothing tone that his stomach went from fluttered to weak.

He eased his foot off the accelerator slightly and brought the car to a slow crawl down the dirt road – a bit of a tangible metaphor to how he knew this week was going to pan out for him.  And though he wanted so badly to hear her just state it all straight out, he knew she was going to take her time with any and all explanations to follow.  She kept twirling her fingers through the back of his hair, sending those pleasant sensations up across his scalp.  He was fast-regressing into a submission that he never opposed.  It was opposite feel of the rest of his life and one that only Olivia could give him.  This was why he clung to her for protection, for security and for need of survival.  She had him wrapped around her fingers just as freely as her fingers glided through his hair.  And he knew he would always obey her without question or hesitation.

“While you worked so very hard as a big boy today, I packed your luggage for you,” Olivia began with a delighted flavor of meaning on her breath.  “Sometimes, it takes a woman’s touch to put everything where it belongs and to not forget anything that might be needed.  But for you, it takes more than a woman’s touch, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” Ben whispered out softly, feeling his senses coming alive for the first time in quite a few days.

“For you, it also takes … a Mommy’s touch,” Olivia said with maternal sweetness, keeping his head straight up as she saw his eyes swooning from the thoughts passing through his mind.  “This week, you don’t need to just relax a little.  You need to relax as a little.”

His body tingled all over and had he not been completely within her control, he might’ve fidgeted and squirmed.

“So Mommy packed every little thing that little benny could possibly need this week,” Olivia said as the cabin came into view at the end of the dirt road.  “But don’t you worry yourself at all.  Big Ben will be called on to … pop up and visit from time to time.”

She smiled herself into a giggle.  This was wonderful and relaxing fun for her.  It was through her enjoyment that she craved this dominance over him just as much as finding the bottom of a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  Ben pulled up alongside the dark wooden cabin and put the car in park, turning to her and embracing her.  She rose up slightly on her knees and placed his head against her chest.

“That’s a good boy,” she said with such a nurturing tone that he began to melt.  “It’s okay, baby.  Mommy’s here to take care of you.  Forget about everything else.  You won’t even be building things with blocks this week.  All that matters is that you lower your defenses and obey your Mommy’s never-ending love for you.  Mommy is all that matters now.”

Ben remained collapsed against her for a few minutes, listening to her heart beat and the tune she gently hummed, feeling the warm from her body and taking in the scent of her perfume.  All that was stressful in his life seemed so far away.  Slowly, she guided him out of the car and directed him to do one final bit of manly work.  As he scooped up all their luggage, he followed her onto the porch and through the front door like a puppy dog. 

She walked around the cabin, turning on the lights as she pointed to their bedroom.  Ben carried the luggage into the bedroom and set it down at the foot of the bed, not even taking time to turn on the lights.  Seeing Olivia traveling from one room to the next, flipping up every light switch along the way, he figured he didn’t need to worry about lighting the bedroom.  Instead, he walked back out to the main room, instantly taking notice to the fireplace.  Perhaps there was one more bit of manly duty she would allow him to perform.

Taking the box of matches from the mantle above the fireplace, he knelt down, sliding the small metal screen away before picking up several logs of wood from the stack next to the fireplace and stacking them up in the hearth.  Striking a match on the side of the box, he lit the remaindered pieces of newspaper left by the last guests to this cabin.  He watched the splintered bark of the logs take flame before he stood up and turned around to get his first view of the cabin.

It had a quaint little set-up.  The main room attached openly to the kitchen and stretched across the front of the cabin, from end to end.  He walked up to the front window and looked out across the front porch, seeing traces of the surrounding woods from the newly-arriving moonlight.  There would definitely be a slower approach to everything this week, beyond the regression he would feel and Olivia’s nurturing slow burn.  Turning around, he saw the back of the cabin, split up into thirds, with the two bedroom separated by a bathroom in the middle.

Crackling and flickering flames drew his attention back to the fireplace and as he walked back over in front of it, he took noticed of the rustic animal skin throw rug on the floor.  Mesmerized by the charm of this place, he stared into the flames – lost in the moment.  Whereas Ben was normally a go-getter and jumped to things with a mover-n-shaker mentality, he suddenly found himself back in the subtle comfort of submission to her.

“It’s a lot calmer up here, baby,” Olivia said, walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around his middle.

Ben closed his eyes, basking in the soothing feel of her presence and of her touch.  Her hands traveled down to his belt, unfastening its tongue and sliding it out of his pants loops with that ever-present slow burn he cringed because of as much as he ached for.

“I want you to let everything go this week,” Olivia said with a low tone, folding the belt in half with her hands for him to see.

Then she tossed the belt across the room, kneeling down behind him and untying his shoe laces.  Tapping the back of his heels, she helped him step out of his shoes before tossing them across the room.  Then she wrapped her hands elegantly around his legs.  Slowly standing back up, she dug her nails into his pant legs just enough to keep him rigid.

“You’re going to be a verygoodlittle …… boy for me,” Olivia whispered into his ear with her breathiest tone yet before she took hold of the lower hem of his shirt and lifted it up off his body.  “That’s a good little boy.”

Her hands traveled around to his front, across his midriff and up to his chest.  A fevered-pitch of passion had begun within her, but one they both knew would not be satisfied on this night.  Olivia had a specific way she drew him into arousal and as she grew into her role of dominance over him, she learned that summits could have peaks that can’t be seen.  But they both had to want to see those peaks with a passion far greater and that came from something more powerful than a simple touch … rather … absence.  It always made the heart grow fonder and denial of urge within herself would make a zenith taller than any of the mountains that surrounded that cabin. 

“Playing with fire makes little boys like you wet the bed.  We can’t have that happening, can we?” Olivia asked with a whisper as she unbuttoned his pants and lowered his zipper.

Kneeling down behind him again, she took hold of the waistband of his pants and his underwear, lowering them both to his ankles before having him step out of them.

“Lie down,” Olivia said softly as Ben lowered to the animal skin rug.

She knelt alongside him and he took in the reflections the flames from the fireplace were making in her eyes.  She had already lowered her hair for bed and was wearing the black silk panties and matching black thigh-length Shirley satin silk robe he bought her a few weeks ago – an outfit she hadn’t worn once yet.

“I love staring down at you and I love when you’re naked,” Olivia said, running her hands up and down his body.  “It makes everything seem right and in its place.”

She reached back behind her to the small bag she had placed in front of the couch, sliding it forward to her side before opening.  And the moment he saw her take his diaper out of the bag, he shuddered and felt a stiffness growing between his legs.  She could read his mind through his actions instantly.  And as he struggled to determine if he should regress into littleness or prepare to be Big for her, Olivia became the mover-n-shaker.

“Aww, baby.  It’s okay,” she cooed, leaning forward and taking his pacifier from her cleavage.

She placed the rubber nipple of the pacifier to his lower lip as a maternal glow came over her face.

“Open,” she whispered, smiling as he parted his lips and took the nipple of the pacifier into his mouth.  “That’s a good boy.  You’re making Mommy very, very happy.”

Her praise, albeit a simple set of words, was more meaningful to him than anything else she could’ve said at that moment.  Tears welled up in his eyes and she could see how he was hurting inside.  Ben had worked so very hard to provide a comfortable life for them, but he needed to be taken care of, too – now more than normal and in a manner that didn’t require a whole lot of money, but rather a sensual slow burn that only Olivia understood.

“Spread your legs,” Olivia instructed, leaning back to her kneel and unfolding the diaper in her hands.

She smiled, nearly intoxicated by the display of control she had over him.  It was intoxicating because she could wield it whenever she wanted, but instead, it was intoxicating because she didn’t have to wield it.  He was completely submissive to her every command and gesture.  Thoughts of how true this was would often make her drip with desire.  But for tonight, at least, she wouldn’t indulge entirely in that yearning – maybe just enough to find something more powerful than a tender touch and something that went a whole lot deeper … purpose.

Sliding the diaper underneath him and easing his bottom down onto it, she picked up the bottle of baby powder and poured a liberal amount into her palm.  Olivia had grown out of being a sprinkler.  Instead, she was now a palmer.  It gave her a bit more control as he dusted him – whether she did so to work him up or just to make certain to cover all the nooks and crannies.  Ben breathed in deeper as he felt her hand gliding the powder across his front and between his legs.  Olivia smiled down at him, gushing inside at how truly adorable the expression on his face was and at how truly vulnerable he had made himself to her.

Drawing the front of his diaper up into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at his hips, she playful patted the front of his diaper before sliding back on the floor and leaning back against the front of the sofa.  

“Crawl to Mommy, baby,” Olivia said with a sweet tone, summoning him to her.

Ben turned over onto his tummy and got up onto his hands and knees, turning towards her.  Olivia placed her fingertips on the sides of her face, preparing to gush just a little bit more.  Placing one hand and knee forward at a time, he crinkled his crawl towards her, trying to keep the tummyflies from overwhelming him too soon.  As Olivia expected, her little guy, so beyond the label of cute, made her heart go pitter-patter as she took in the sight of him.  Crawling up onto her lap and turning over, she immediately wrapped him in her cradling arms.  And yes, she gushed again.

Rocking him back and forth, she could see him beginning to drift further away from all the stress of work and recent life.  He was trying so hard and she was so proud of him that, if necessary, she would’ve made him quit his job – opting to live a less-comfortable life, so long as he didn’t have to struggle anymore.  But staring into his eyes, she knew there were some places he would never go and some thoughts he would never entertain.  So, it was her charge and wanted responsibility to undo the damages he sustained from a demanding job career.

“I guess when we decide to have a baby, I’m going to have my hands full, huh?” Olivia said with a playful grin but also with a raised eyebrow of seriousness.

But the gaze of his eyes told her his mind was nowhere near such a conversation just then.

“Then again, having a baby would be doing the real thing, right?” Olivia said, plucking the pacifier from his lips and looking at the rubber nipple for a moment.  “Maybe the real thing is what you need, too.”

She took hold of the lapel of her silk robe and pulled it back to her shoulder as her left breast became bared before him.

“Yes,” Olivia said with a certainty to her smile as she placed her hand on the back of his head.  “Mommy is the real thing, isn’t she?”

She leaned over slightly and turned his head to the side, closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath through her nose as she felt his lips first touch her areola.  Then she felt his lips tighten just a bit before that initial bit of pressure drew at her nipple.  She swooned on the inside and her fingers of her left hand lightly gripped the hair on the back of his head.  With her right hand, she reach behind him to the small of his back, drawing him tighter into her cradle before her right hand traveled down onto his diapered bottom.

For once, Olivia became flustered with an onslaught of arriving emotions.  With the exception of the tremendous orgasms she had with him, he had never made her feel this good before and she struggled just to be able to place conscious thought to it.  Words merely spoken in her mind were jumbled and came out as nothing more than soft releases of breath as she rocked him back and forth.  Feeling him draw from her with more pressure, tears came to her eyes – certainly not for pain but for a reason she still couldn’t quite explain.  All she kept thinking and the only explanation she could wrap her senses around was that whatever emotion he had just unlocked from inside her not only felt good but it made her feel incredible.  It traveled deeper than touch could ever go and was more fulfilling than any summit she had reached.

Ben began to draw from her with an even greater bit of pressure yet, forcing her breast further into his mouth.  Rocking him back and forth slowly, smashing his head into her breast and patting his diapered bottom, she stared into the flickering flames of the fireplace, mesmerized by how the absence of pain must have been her mind redirecting those nerve-endings to send their signals elsewhere so she could focus in on a need she didn’t know she had … one of nurturing and caring but also that made clear how she was giving him life by controlling him. 

Staring into those flames, Olivia became entranced with how dominance had become natural and how taking care of him had grown into protecting him from a world that couldn’t understand a sensual slow burn.

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