Learning Along the Way

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here’s a story about how learning a lesson doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all.

Warning:  This Ain’t No Daddy/BabyGirl Story.


Learning Along the Way –

“I swear to you, Livie, Carl Davenport might be the most difficult human being I have ever had to work with in my life,” Ben said emphatically as he took the turnpike ticket from the machine and stepped on the gas.

“Is he worse than that Italian businessman in Chicago who wanted you to get the city to make special considerations for his chain of pizza shops?” Olivia asked, understanding how stressful Ben’s architect projects could be.

“Carl Davenport puts everyone to shame. Bar none,” Ben replied.  “He’s the kind of person that most see as a nightmare to have to work with, or worse, to have to work under.  The more you do for him and the more personal sacrifices you make, the more he demands from you and the less he respects what you’ve done.”

“He kinda sounds like your mother,” Olivia joked while lowering her chin to hide her smile.

Ben looked at her and smiled.  And then she laughed, instantly relieving him of the stressful thought of work.

“Oh, the many reasons why I love you,” Ben said, joining her in a laugh.  “You always know what to say to help me through whatever has me twisted in a knot.”

Last week couldn’t have ended soon enough, but sadly, Ben had to work straight through the weekend, finishing up some work that morning before he and Olivia jumped in their car and headed for the mountains near Piscataway. This week of relaxation couldn’t have come any quicker and he couldn’t have needed it any more so than he currently did.  Ben was a brilliant architect and the one person everyone contacted when needing his line of work in the Northeast.  He had traveled as far as San Francisco, though, for special requests.  He was quite successful, but that success came to him at a price.  It was one that took its toll on him, personally.

That’s why Olivia was not only the soul mate he needed, but also an unforeseen blessing in disguise.  She knew what to say and what to do to help him find a balance of emotions in himself.  Sometimes, she had to force him to do certain things that he really ought to be doing naturally, but he always listened to her without question.

“You know what, I think? I think you should take the mere thought of Mr. Davenport and shove him up your ass, where he belongs,” Olivia asked, unfastening her seat belt and scooting over closer to him.  “Leave him there for the rest of this week.  And then, whenever you want, you can take a shit on him.”

She unfastened his seatbelt and he looked down to see what she was about to do.

“Eyes on the road, Baby,” Olivia said with a sudden shift into a maternal voice. “You’re going to forget all about the Davenport Building project this week.  I don’t want to hear anything about it.  It will be there for to tinker with your little architect’s heart’s content when we get back.  Am I understood?”

”Yes,” Ben whispered, swallowing a lump in his throat as he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Yes, what?” Olivia asked with a stern but loving tone.

“Yes, Mommy,” he whispered faintly.

She leaned up, slinking herself along his side and placing her hands on either of his shoulders.

“Good Boy,” she whispered in his ear with a hot breath and teasing tone.  “And that’s all I want to hear from you for the rest of this week.”

The fingernails of her right hand began trailing down his neck, crawling towards his waist.

“I just love it when you listen to me.  And I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to know that I own your thoughts,” she said with a breathy tone as her right hand made its way down over his jeans, between his legs. “Regardless of whichever head you try to use.”

She bit his earlobe as she patted the jeans between his legs.

“Try not to wet yourself, little benny,” she teased with a soft giggle.  “And the speed limit is 65 miles per hour.  Try not to get a speeding ticket.”

“Yes, Mommy,” he whispered, feeling his frustrations of the week-that-was drifting to the back of his thoughts.

“That’s my Big Boy,” she said, unbuttoning his jeans and lowering his zipper.  “I’m so glad that I’ve got such a big strong man like you to meet my needs.”

Her whispered words were echoing in his mind and his heart began to beat just a bit faster at her advances as her fingertips gripped the waistband of his underwear, lowering it to allow her hand to slip inside.  Her fingernails danced down his shaft and her elegant touch brought stiffness to his condition.

“Mmm. Who’s gonna be my Big Ben this week?  Hmm?” she moaned in his ear.  “Well, it can’t be you.  No, you need a Mommy.  So you can’t be my Big Ben.  But I’ll take care of you.  Little boys like you need that.  Don’t you?”

Her fingers gripped around the girth of his growing stiffness.  And she giggled softly in his ear.

“How adorable.  Are you trying to be a Big Boy for me?  Hmmm?” she teased him.  “Mommy doesn’t want her little benny to try to do anything.  All you need to do is listen and obey.  And then … what is it you’re supposed to say after that?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Ben whispered with a bit of a fuss arriving.

“I’m very proud of you, baby.  Mommy just loves having you wrapped around her fingers.  You’re such a good little boy for me,” Olivia taunted.  “And good little boys are rewarded for their good behavior.”

Olivia shifted herself off his side and knelt close to his right thigh, beginning to stroke his erection with a pace that shown her trademarked slow burn.

“Eyes on the road, Baby.  Be a good boy for Mommy,” she said before gathering her lips and lowering a stream of saliva onto his tip.

He gasped, tensing himself back into the seat and leaning his head back to concentrate on driving.  Olivia smiled with delight of autonomy as she rolled her saliva around his tip with her fingers.  His twitches kept the grin on her face bright and growing.  And though he twitched at the sensations she was producing within him, he waited … patiently and hoping she would direct him onward.  It was such a sense of power and she soaked the moment in.  He exhaled softly and while continuing to trip every sensor she could find on his stiffness, she remembered the breath that started them both on a journey she never thought she would take:

The night Ben confided in her his interest in submission and in age play was the night that redefined their relationship.  It could’ve been their end and Olivia could’ve left him in utter disgust, but she could see how difficult it was for him to make the admittance and if she had rejected him, she never would’ve known how much she craved age play as well.  The dynamic that was created that night, in a single trembling breath, changed both of their lives.  And within a short amount of exploration, Olivia went from being curious to being obsessed with the power she not only held over him but that he always wanted to give to her.  His submission and her dominance transformed their sexuality.  He was helpless to resist her charge.  And he obeyed her without question.  And the deeper they explore into this exchange, the more she craved the power she never knew she wielded over him.

Still enjoying the patience he showed and the control he had given her, she decided that the teasing was over, for now at least.  But there would be plenty more.  All she really needed to see was that he was learning.  There would always a difference between what he wanted and what he had earned.  Maybe she wouldn’t tell him, just yet, which was the present case.   And while loosening her grip around his girth, she bent her head down and touched the tip of her tongue to his head, swirling it around, before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around his tip.  He inhaled deeply as she tightened her lips as drew his length up into her mouth, stroking his base and pressing in on his underside vein with that slow burn he had learned was the guide he needed.

In his heart, he knew that Olivia was the one and only soul in this world who would ever understand why he was had kept his secret for so long and why he suddenly decided to tell her.  It was a matter of absolute trust that had to exist and Olivia never forgot the courage he had to find to reveal to her all that dwelled in his heart.  It was the driving force that began the transformation of their relationship and it was still the same driving force that enabled them to grow together.  It was also the reason that power had become intoxicating for her, not just for the control but for the need they both had to see that power from either side of it.

Sliding his length further into the confines of her mouth, she began to do what only she knew how to do for him.  It was a small task to perform but one that didn’t necessarily refer to his size.  She would never tell him that, at least not until she wanted him rock hard and ready to explode.  But her control of his size only sweetened the taste of a lot of things, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Swirling her tongue around his girth, she delighted in seeing his right foot ease off the accelerator and begin to slowly depress the brake.  A toll both was ahead, a simple stop on their trip that she intended to make anything but simple for him.  Keeping her tongue working on him, she waited until the car stopped to really start the performance and as they slowed to a crawl on the road, she drew as much saliva into her mouth as she quickly could.  Then as the car came to stop, she gripped his base tightly, connecting the top of her fist to her lips and stroke him hard as she pressed her tongue to his underside vein, bulging with ache for relief at this point.

Swirling her saliva around his girth, she bobbed her head up and down, moaning ever-so-slightly to start but growing in volume as Ben handed the toll money to the attendant in the booth.  Though she couldn’t see the attendant’s reaction, she imagined it to be a wide-eyed stare at the spectacle in front of him.  There was another bit of control to making Ben sit straight back in defense against her treatment of him as well as his face being visible while the back of her head remained safely anonymous.

“Can I have a receipt, please?” Ben asked the attendant with a shaky voice.

Oh, Olivia swelled with her own arousal and with another strain of satisfaction that she owned him in every conceivable way.  Working on him as hard as she could, she tried her abled best to drive him upward to the point of no return.  To her aid, this booth attendant might have been the slowest worker in the world.  And it really didn’t take much longer before Olivia felt his girth thicken inside her mouth and between her fingers – a sign that his eruption was near-at-hand. 

Exploding was an intense experience for him anyway, but doing so as an involuntary-but-temporary exhibitionist fueled the climb and he grunted, tensing up his groin as best he could to prevent it from happening.  But with one solid slap of his balls from her right hand, he obeyed, easing himself into as much of a relax as possible as his seeds shot out and coated the back of her throat.  Her moans became quite audible and she added the fake-noises of her own arriving orgasm to sweeten the memory for her and increase the humiliation for him.

Gretchen, one of Olivia’s girlfriends, had once remarked that there wasn’t an ounce of manhood left in Ben for the treatment he received from her and that he was more than whipped.  While Olivia certainly admitted that he had lost his spine, she would often say, if not show, that whenever she wanted, she could produce at least eight ounce of manhood from him.  Swallowing for the sixth time, she pressed inward on his underside vein once more and slid up with her tongue as she drew the rest of his seeds.  The attendant finally handed him the receipt and he sped off as she removed him from her mouth, but kept teasing his dwindling stiffness as she took the receipt from his hand.

“Mama’s very impressed,” Olivia said with a satisfied timbre as she gazed up at him while lightly patting his balls.  “That was your only freebie, Baby.  You’re gonna earn the rest from this point on.”

Oh, what a week she had planned for him and not even the solitude of a cabin in northeast PA would keep him from all the new lessons he would be learning along the way.

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