The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Sunday

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At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Sunday

Sunday began a bit earlier for me than Saturday and it required an even quicker wake-up.  Jumping in the shower and racing down to grab a bagel and cup of coffee from the Continental Breakfast in the front lobby, I headed back to the convention area, walking into Classroom A to see something that I was quite excited to hear would be happening at CAPCon this year. 

Mako & Spacey were going to do one of their Big Little Podcasts.  And the topic was going to be about Leadership in the Ageplay Community.  There was a buzz in the room, though most were still trying to wake up from the short night of sleep.  And with a mountain of memories already from the weekend, CAPCon was about go live.  It was quite exciting and after Mako looked at me, he pointed to the chair at the end of the table of guests.  It was then that I remembered that I was going to be on the Podcast.

Sitting down, I quickly began to chow down on the bagel and chug the coffee in an attempt to get my Bass 3 morning voice to raise up at least an octave to a decibel that could be understood. 

The Podcast was an amazing opportunity to share in the experience of CAPCon, but also to speak of a topic that none of us on that panel were truly comfortable labeling ourselves as … Leaders.  But as I sat there, listening to questions and comments from the audience of CAPCon-ers, I remembered a conversation I accidentally eaves-dropped in on late Saturday night between Mako and one of the panelists:

That panelist said:  “I’d love to be on the podcast, Mako, but I don’t know if I’m someone who should be on a show about leadership.”

Mako’s response was immediate:  “The fact that you think you shouldn’t be on a show about leadership is the very reason why you on it.”

I could tell you all about what we discussed on that podcast, but I’d much rather that you’d listen to it:

The Big Little Podcast –The CAPCon Episode

The unique thing about where CAPCon is held is that there are quite a few restaurants within walking distance.  And what was even better was that one restaurant had this enormous salad bar.  Oh my Blue Heaven, do I love salad.  When I was young, my parents never had any struggle at all to get me to eat my vegetables.  It was trying to get me to eat other things that drove them crazy!

Lunch that Sunday was at that glorious salad bar place where I got the chance to sit down and catch up some more with a couple I met at CAPCon 2012.  And I was glad to sit with them and just chat.  We really didn’t have a chance to do so otherwise up to that point.  One of the neat things about The CapCon Experience is the instant connection you have with people.  When in any of those restaurants throughout that weekend, we would see other attendees and wave, as if we had known each other for a long time.

The afternoon was spent in the open area as ball pit diving and massive group hugs got to be extreme.  I recall hearing someone who was pinned inside a 20-person hug say:  “There are like eight hands on my butt!”  The thought that went through my head was:  Now, there’s something you don’t hear every day!

CAPCon, in many ways, is unusual for a non-vanilla convention.  And though I only jokingly pick on those who cling dearly to the darker interests like extreme butt-whoopins, I am very happy that events like CAPCon exist and continue to grow each year.

On the podcast I stated that for those who enjoy ABDL as well as other BDSM kinks, there are thousands of opportunities and events to go to each year.  But for those who are endeared to the pure and innocent, there’s only CAPCon.

Unusual or not, CAPCon is extremely important in that it’s an opportunity for people to step forward and be known.  And it’s in an environment that is not only inviting and nurturing, but it’s not intimidating.

Early that afternoon, we had the closing circle and Riley Kilo led the charge, asking people to summarize their individual CAPCon Experience in one word.  Many people shouted out things like Wonderful, Friendship, Home, Family.  And then we all said goodbye, but we knew that next year CAPCon would live on and even more people would be there to shout out similar words.

The tear-down was just as quick and easy as the set-up and after packing our vehicles full, we took the rest of the day and relaxed, joining the other ABDL-ers who were staying there for Sunday night.  That evening we watched:  How to Train Your Dragon and then Despicable Me in one of the attendee’s rooms.

I wish I could summarize The CAPCon Experience in one word and be able to fully encompass all that it had been, all that it meant and all that it will continue to be, but I’m a bit long winded.  LOL  Just one word will never do.

 Hmm.  CAPCon:   Family, Acceptance, Journey, Destination, Friends, Love, Comfort, BALLPIT (It’s one word if you don’t put the space in between), Innocence, Happiness, Belong, Blessed.

And if you’ve actually read the whole way through this posting to the end, I cannot encourage you enough to attend CAPCon 2014.  The family grows and waits for you.

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