The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Saturday

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At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Saturday

Saturday morning opened with more classes and  the open play area was busy with a bunch of littles who had the time of their lives … or at least, that’s what I was told had happened on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t actually there.  LOL  I, myself, was fast asleep still up in my room and it wouldn’t be until the afternoon that I would wake up.  Surprisingly, I had made it through two days without the usual constant stream of Turkey Hill Iced Tea I consume.  Waking up is usually a quick thing for me.  But without the iced tea, it can take a bit longer.  With a bit of Mt. Dew from the bar downstairs, I built up my energy and went into the convention space to see ABDL-ers everywhere, enjoying the experience of simply “being”.  And as I made my way to Classroom B for another story time reading, I thought back to the words of a gentleman from New Jersey I had befriended a few years prior. 

His name was Glenn and he was the creator of many munches in the Jersey state, but also the founder of the east coast version of CAPCon.  Our convention in April 2011 in New Jersey was called NELICon.  And with the same drive in our hearts as existed in the Midwest, we held an ABDL convention with a 4-word theme that also was present at CAPCon:  “Littles – We Do Exist”.

A lot of times, it takes courage to come to terms and accept the feel and need for ageplay.  But with conventions like CAPCon, it has become possible to do so much more than just accept your littleness.  With the ability to meet people who also share the bond with you, you’re able to embrace how you feel instead of just come to terms with it.

Sitting down in Classroom B to read a few more stories, I saw people embracing who they were.  And there were no restrictions, no limits, nothing.  Within that room, there were straight people, gay people, bisexual people, some that dressed and acted and felt as the opposite gender, some who were members of TNG, some who were old enough to have been retired.  And no one thought anything of differences because everyone could see what we all had in common … a simple belief and understanding that, just like New Jersey Glenn had once stated … We Do Exist.

Insecurity had given way to Assurance.  Uncertainty had given way to Assertion.  Reasons why we ‘couldn’t’ had given way to reason why we ‘could’.  And with a few convention rooms at a hotel near Chi-Town, everyone was discovering possibilities of all that could be.

Saturday afternoon hosted a tea party in one of the classrooms, Nerf World War II in the open play area with darts that landed in the ball pit and flew into the vendors’ area.  As with every moment of that weekend, there were many things going on and always several options of what you could do.  I really can’t say enough that if you couldn’t find something to do for a single second at CAPCon, it might’ve been because you had forgotten to open your eyes – which, if a dart was flying at you, might well have been a good thing to close, at least for a few seconds to duck out of the way.

The Vendors’ Area was always open, from some naughty outfits to some naughty toys to videos to Kandi jewelry to pacifiers to ABDL outfits – lots of which could be custom-made.  All made and sold by ABDL-ers, one vendor who would win a certain pageant that night:

ABGussy Studios
Madame Wiladina’s Boutique
Never Grown Up

And, of course, the nearly-legendary events of Saturday Night at CAPCon did not disappoint.  After dinner, The Little Miss and Little Mister CAPCon Pageant was held in the open area.  Being a theater guy myself, I was truly taken in by the talent performances.  I saw one person take out a violin and drop jaws with what he played and one person do an interpretive dance that made the audience click their fingers to the beat.  One person did a hilarious rap.  One did a heart-felt rendition of “I Won’t Grow Up”.  One belted “I Dreamed A Dream” for the center of her soul.  There wasn’t a single performance that didn’t impress and I am grateful I didn’t sit on the panel of judges who had to decide the winners.  Everyone who competed in that pageant did the one thing that I respect above and beyond anything else in performance and the world of theater.  They all walked up there (okay, some were waddling) and each contestant left it all on the stage.

After all the contestant had performed, the judges went into Classroom A to deliberate over some most difficult decisions.  But in the performance area, not a moment was wasted.  The raffle winners were drawn.  And from books to website memberships to paddles to plastic pants to pacifiers to so much more, people found they would be going home with more than they brought, beyond the memories.

But my, oh my.  Talk of goodbyes was still too far off to talk about.  Following the raffle and the announcement of Little Miss & Little Mister CAPCon 2013, a guitar jamming and hula-hooping session broke out in Classroom B, the open play area re-commenced with activity and Riley Kilo made final preparations for her meditation class.  The feel of family had shown once again how CAPCon was its home.

After Riley’s meditation class, the convention space closed down and all headed upstairs to the after-parties.  I now I headed right back to the barbecue sandwich room, but from Mako-n-Spacey’s hangout to more cartoon movies to another round of late late-night lashes with an impressive selection of floggers and such, Saturday came to an end, showing that not only did we exist and not only were we family, but we would only be limited by time.  Every second counted.  Every memory built off the last one and we reflected as we enjoyed the time we had with each other.

And there was still Sunday to look forward to.  CAPCon had more to offer and the following morning, the convention space would welcome a new activity to its impressive and ever-growing repertoire.

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