The Big Little Podcast – Episode 77: “Ageplay Leadership”

BLP-LogoIf the names Mako & Spacey don’t ring a bell, it may be because you’re not matching up the names with the voices.

Now in the midst of the 3rd season of The Big Little Podcast, this duo of diaper-clad gents continue to do something of paramount importance.  Each week, they hold a podcast about ageplay and how various other aspects of life intertwine with it – from lifestyles to work to emotions.  Their podcasts show how being little isn’t all that uncommon and how life can be enhanced by the things we harbor in our hearts.

I had the good fortune of attending CAPCon 2013 and also being invited to sit in the panel for the CAPCon Podcast.  The topic was leadership within the community we know and are a part of.  While I didn’t know if I was a credible guest panelist for such a topic, I was honored to sit in and lend my thoughts.  

You can find the CAPCon podcast here.

There were 77 Big Little Podcast episodes as of the time that I wrote this blog posting and you can find them all here.

Two of which I will highlight for no particular reason I’ll ever admit to … 😉

Episode 12“Age Play, Blindness, and Diaper Buying Fun”
Episode 38“Making Ageplay Porn”

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