The Doubt of Fears & The Pursuit of Passions

20Every step she had taken was always a gamble, from college to career to love to life.  But what she learned along the way was that her doubts were showing what she needed to pay more attention to, her fears were showing the next obstacle she needed to overcome, her pursuits were showing the journeys she needed to take & her passions were showing the destination she wanted to reach.

When she finally put it all together she realized that all she needed to keep in mind were two pieces of advice that came from her own thoughts:

  • Doubt your fears.
  • Pursue your passions.
Her boyfriend didn’t seem like the Daddy-type, but she doubted her fear that he would reject her if she revealed the littleness of her heart.  So she told him.

Now, she held his hand as he led her forward every time she needed to take another step.  By opening up to him, they now pursued their passions together.


25 “Priceless Moments”

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