Popcorn & Stilettos

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here is a story about getting all that you want, only to realize it was far more than you could handle.  Now, the one hope you can cling to is that your memories will be as gratifying as what actually happened.

Popcorn & Stilettos

Unissa sat on the subway, looking up at the map of the Metro orange line.  One stop to go.  Thank God!  For as much as she had become comfortable and ingratiated with Boston, the subways were still a little scary for her.  She was a far simpler girl who came from a far simpler place and becoming overwhelmed was as easy as breathing.

Unissa was a foreign exchange student from Lithuania who had worked her way and made it to Harvard University in Boston.  She resided in Straus Hall, a freshmen dormitory.  But she wasn’t a freshman.  The credits she was able to transfer made her a junior by count and she should’ve been living in Harvard’s housing system like all the other upperclassmen, but because she was a late registrant for the semester, she had to take what they had available.  Thankfully, she got a private dorm room as consolation.

Unissa was an exceedingly brilliant girl, but she had spent her whole life somewhere that didn’t allow her to question anything.  America had taken care of that.  Her short time in Boston had opened her up and she was going hog-wild.  From drinking to dressing far less conservatively to so many other new things, she was exploring every little nuance she had and even some she knew nothing about until the internet showed her.  As she discovered, her shades numbered far higher than 50 and most were from fetishes she had told no one about.  Back in Lithuania, she wouldn’t dare let on that she liked any of these things.  That would equal a judgmental shrewdness from friends and family that would probably have destroyed her self-esteem.

Back home, the internet was sketchy at best for a good signal and there was no way she could search for what truly turned her crank.  But in her dorm room, she explored the depths of everything that she had always wanted to know about the free world’s quirks and oddities.  From bondage to discipline to role playing to mind games, she was a sponge for everything she had always craved to explore.  But nothing would equal the results she found about age play and night after night her reflections of the stories she read, the online communities she had found, the pictures she had seen and videos she had watched – turned into fantasies.  After that, it was only a matter of time before Unissa took her online explorations and brought them into real life.

Getting off the subway at the Chinatown Station, Unissa quickly made her way out of the catacombs, back up to the surface of the city.  It seemed kinda crazy to travel so far just to see a movie, but the theater on Church Street at Massachusetts Avenue would’ve been ideal to get to from Harvard Square.  But it had closed and Unissa decided she would never fully break free of her home life until she explored the city.   

It was Friday night and though she had made a few friends already at Harvard, she didn’t really know anyone closely yet.  As her explorations online taught her more and more, the concept of humiliation began to intrigue her.  And that intrigue became fantasy.  And those fantasies became obsession.  On this night, Unissa decided it was time to stop living inside her head and to start living for real.

Age play seemed to hold a lot of things that interested her.  She liked the submission factor but also the trinkets.  First she bought the pacifier, then she bought the stuffed animals, then some rather cute alternatives from the lingerie section at the mall near campus.  Finally, she braved it and bought the diapers.  Thank God they arrived in an unmarked box.  She would’ve been mortified if the people at the campus mail center found out they were diapers. She dressed as a baby when in her dorm room, slept as such, but never took it out of her dorm room.  She couldn’t conceive of it … until tonight’s break-through.

Her walk was quick and getting to the theater on Tremont Street, she crossed the parking lot, heading towards the movie theater entrance.  It was comfortable weather that evening.  So he had dressed in a short skirt and a long t-shirt, but her quest for fantasy she knew would put her somewhat close to danger.  Perhaps that’s what made it even more tantalizing.  And perhaps that was the reason why she diapered herself before she left her dorm room.  Walking across that parking lot, she could hear the crinkle from underneath her skirt.  It was suddenly the nosiest thing around her.  Before, the subway train, the close-packed crowd and the sounds of the city streets had drowned out everything else.  And as she approached people getting out of their cars, she tingled all over.  The thrill had arrived, placing flutterflies in her tummy as her mind began to play tricks on her.  She was certain anyone who even gave her a passing glance knew she was wearing a diaper.  If the crinkle didn’t give it away, she was certain her blushing face would.

Nearing the front doors, Unissa saw two girls get out of a BMW.  She folded her arms in front of her, draping over her forearms the sweater she had brought all in case the theater got a bit too nipply for her.  Both of the girls were dressed to the nines, each wearing a little black dress with matching black stilettos.  They yapped away like gossiping, but suddenly stopped talking to eye up the peculiarly shy behavior of Unissa.  Shyness seemed n more peculiar to Unissa than going to a movie theater in stilettos, but she was judging anyone.  That would make her a bit hypocritical.  To each their own.  It seemed like the respectful thing to do.

Presently, however, above and beyond respect was need.  And Unissa needed to get into that theater before her heart began pounding any faster.  She picked up her pace, being able to walk much quicker in sneakers than they would be able to do in heels.  But the faster Unissa strode to the front door, the louder she crinkled and adding duress to the moment, the waist of her short skirt had ridden up her hips slightly.  No sooner did she get into the theater lobby than she yanked down on the bottom hem of her skirt.  Paranoia kept telling her that her diapered bottom was showing.  But she moved into the ticket line as quickly as she could and took a moment to calm down.

Thankfully, a few other people had gotten in line behind her, putting a comfortable distance between her and the stiletto girls.  But she kept looking back at them, seeing that they were yapping so loudly anymore.  Instead, they were whispering to one another, both looking at her as they did so.  In Unissa’s mind, she was convinced that they were talking about her.  Maybe they knew her already.  Maybe it wasn’t a diaper under her skirt that they were nearly laughing about.  Maybe they sat behind her the lecture hall.  Maybe that’s all it was.  Unissa moved forward with the line, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t walking into danger that she couldn’t handle. 

Buying her ticket, all seemed well and she began to eye up a bucket of popcorn at the refreshment stand.  The stilettos girls became a distant memory and she returned back to her fantasy, ordering a small tub of popcorn and a Diet Coke.  Unissa was lactose-intolerant but she told them to load the popcorn up with butter anyway.  From the snide American remarks she found online, she was under the impression that it wasn’t real butter they used – therefore no lactose, no worry.

Getting her tub of popcorn, she picked up her soda and headed to the entrance stand of the theater hallways.  Little pings of excitement began to fill her and she felt as if she had the naughty secret of all.  The possibility that someone may not just see her diaper but also might know the reason why was intoxicating to her senses.  Handing her ticket to the attendant, she headed down the hallway to the left.  Theater room #7 was her destination.  But as she walked that hallway, she realized that when she yanked up her skirt waist, she also yanked the diaper up a bit too much and every step since then had made her little diaper wedgie a bit worse.  And it was now to the point that her bottom cheeks were being spread apart by the invading diaper.

She walked to the side of the hallway and stood behind one of the enormous promotional cardboard advertisements of forthcoming movies.  Thinking she out of sight, she took her soda and tub of popcorn in her left arm as she reach back under her skirt and stuck her fingers inside the elastic edging of the right side of her diaper.  Slowly working the wedgie out, she closed her eyes at the relief.  But when she opened her eyes, both of the stiletto girls were staring at her.

She took her hand out of the back of her diaper and out from underneath the back of her skirt, then freezing in horror.  Both girls were grinning ear to ear, and they had devilishly-conniving looks in their eyes.  Unissa’s heart began pounding again and a different kind of fluttering developed in her tummy.  She was having trouble breathing and her throat seemed to suddenly run dry.  She was lost for the ability to speak and her face made clear that she had been discovered.  With raised eyebrows, the stiletto girls turned and headed on their way.

Unissa leaned up against the wall behind her as dizziness would prevent her from walking for a moment or two.  That was more intense than she had ever fantasized.  There was no way she would know what they saw or if they pieced together enough to continue what was a thoroughly embarrassing silent interrogation.  Unissa could feel her body emitting heat, almost as if a fever had just broken inside her. 

She watched the stiletto girls walk to the end of the hallway and turn left down the next one.  Unissa hadn’t just avoided them in the parking lot because she was wearing a diaper.  Those two girls also represented competition.  They were dressed to impress and turn heads.  And their elegance in walk and composure welcomed attention.  Unissa felt under-dressed when near them and she was trying to avoid attention, in a senses.  What she wanted was the thrill in the danger of being discovered.  She didn’t actually want the discover itself.  And besides, they were so beautiful, there was no way that Unissa could’ve competed with them.

Getting her senses and footing back, she continued down the hallway seeing the ladies bathroom at the end of the hall and remembering where it was, just in case she needed it.  But a new strain of horror filled her as she looked up at the signs, seeing that theater room # 7 was to the left.  When she looked down that hallway to the left, she saw the stiletto girls walking into room #7.

Taking steady slow steps, Unissa made her way down the hall.  But suddenly, she relived what had just happened to her.  As the stiletto girls stood there and smirked at her, the experience was too much for her to handle and she got no thrill from it.  But now in reflection, she craved that sort of humiliation again.  Maybe not from those two again, but it was exactly what she had fantasized about after all.  And she walked into room #7, her tummyflies were fluttering a waltz inside her as she felt a slight tingle elsewhere.

Making her way up the side stairs of the stadium seating, Unissa froze again as she saw the stiletto girls sitting near the top.  Choosing a seat in the middle section, she settled down further.  Her crinkling was done and now she could relax.  Beginning to munch on her popcorn, she reached into her purse, fishing past her extra diaper and wipes to get her bottle of water as the movie began.  The events she had experienced on this night already would be more fuel for fantasy than she would need for some time to come.

As the movie moved to its mid-point, Unissa realized she had wasted her money of her ticket.  She hadn’t been paying attention to the movie at all.  Her mind was still back at that hallway encounter, reliving how it made her feel then and how her memories of it made her feel now.  But perhaps there wasn’t any real monetary value that could be placed on a feeling.  A month ago, she anxiously awaited the day she flew to America and began her junior year of college.  Now, she was basking in the education of things she was learning outside of the classroom and of experience which were certainly outside the box.

Shifting her hips, she placed the fingertips of her right hand over her mouth as she lightly burped.  Looking down at the tub, she marveled over how she had eaten all the popcorn.  Picking up her drink, she took her final sips of Sprite from the straw before her cup went empty.  Looking back up at the silver screen, she shifted her hips again, trying to work out the gas bubble in her belly.  But before long, what she believed to be a bubble became a cramp.  The cramp worsened and it was then that Unissa realized her humiliating experiences of that night might not have been finished just yet.

A cramp was nothing new to her and dealing with a little discomfort was something she was accustomed to, even when in public, but given the current circumstances, the pain wasn’t her concern.  How she would get out of that theater, make it back to the subway, ride the subway and get back to her dorm room before anything got worse was the task at hand.  And time was of the essence.  So, she gathered her things and stood up, bending over almost immediately and grimacing at the inability to stand up straight without being doubled over.

Then, the pain became identified.  It wasn’t what she thought it was, though the timing was right for it.  Fear struck her heart as she felt a small mess discharging from her rosebud.  She closed her eyes, trying to collect her emotions for a second as she clenched her bottom cheeks together with all her might.  But there was little use in trying to stop this.  And being bent over, her diapered bottom shown clearly to all the movie watchers seated behind her – which included the stiletto girls.  It was embarrassing being involuntarily bent over in pain, but even more embarrassing was that she couldn’t prevent her own mess from arriving as it pleased.

Looking to her left, she saw twenty sets of legs she would have to excuse herself past.  Looking to the right, she would have to excuse herself past another twenty sets of legs.  She directly in the middle and there was no easier way out.  She placed the sweater she had brought with her over the backside of her diaper and took one shuffled step to the left when another small amount discharged from her rosebud, followed by a small noise which mortified her dwindling esteem as a girl.  Clenching her bottom cheeks even harder, she returned to her seat’s edge, looking at the empty popcorn bucket at her feet.  It couldn’t have been the butter on the popcorn.  She did, in fact, have trouble with lactose, but even if that butter was real, it wouldn’t have happened like this.  She wasn’t completely intolerant of it.

But with no further time to contemplate the source of the problem, she felt another strand discharge from her rosebud, spreading side to side and beginning to fill upwards into the back of her diaper since she was seated and it had nowhere else to go.  Feeling the mess spreading as such, she placed her knees flat on the floor and lifted her bottom up, keeping herself doubled over as to not block anyone’s view behind her, but also to draw no attention to herself.  But more attention was on the way as she felt another strand release from her rosebud, beginning to fill out downward and puff her diaper out.  Now, there would be no way she could return to sitting without spreading the mess out to a degree that wouldn’t be easy to clean – even if she weren’t in public.

With slightly bent knees, she held her body at half-mast, leaning over and clenching her bottom cheeks to stop herself from filling her diaper any further.  Her eyes remained fixated on the dark space in front of her.  With no quick exit or probable way to get out of that theater absent of the stiletto girls’ viewing pleasure, she began doubting her foolish endeavor of the night.  There was a reason why people didn’t take risks like the one she had clearly ignored when she left her dorm earlier.  But all the regret in the world wouldn’t change anything now, nor would it help her find an end to this night of popcorn and stilettos.

She closed her eyes, allowing her welling tears to saturate the sides of her face as they rolled down her cheeks.  And even as her grief spent her emotions, it was made a bit worse still as the scent of her mess began to permeate the air around her.  Now, she had to leave that theater room.  Even though she was consumed by her own situation, she didn’t have the conceded nature to make her problems something that others needed to deal with.  So, she stood up and began to excuse herself past the legs to the left, forcing her body to remain upright as the pain in her stomach swelled.  And with each little step, she released just a bit more from her rosebud – sometimes adding the sound of gas, sometimes not.  Either way, she was mortified.

The scent filled the air all around her.  And as she walked carefully down the side stairs to the entrance level of the stadium seating area, she felt the mess in the back of her diaper spread side to side.  Instinctively, her strides became small and her steps became waddled.  It was natural to try to keep from making her physical condition worse.  There would be no way to make her emotional condition any better, unless she found a way to fix the whole problem before she started heading back to the subway.

But the solution came to her the moment she walked out into the theater hallway.  She felt kind of silly that she didn’t remember about the bathroom until just then.  But that was irrelevant and she bee-lined her messy waddle towards the bathroom with a new sense of hope.  All she needed to do was get into one of the bathroom stalls and she would then have the privacy and resources to tend to her mess as long as it took to get cleaned up.  The worst was over … or so she thought.

Making it to the door of the girls’ bathroom, she walked in and returned to a modesty of grace – just in case there was anyone inside.  But with the first bit of luck she had received in a while, the bathroom was empty.  She made her way to the stall at the far end and walked in it, locking the door and leaning her forehead against the back of it.  A few moments of relief from danger were needed.  If she had only locked the bathroom door as well, she might’ve been in the clear altogether, but her mind wasn’t focused on heading of potential problems in the near future.  Instead, she was understandably absorbed with the problems of the current, of the moment.

Smiling for the first time in what felt like hours, though only a few minutes, Unissa turned around and rested her back up against the door.  Taking in all that had happened, she sighed and set her sweater on top of the metal toilet paper dispenser.  At least she would have that moment of humiliation in the hallway behind that movie advertisement to fill her memories with a thrill she hardly realized would be more than she could handle in reality.  But the mortifying experience in the theater would be something she’d try to forget as soon as possible.  Luckily, the theater was dark and no one really got to see her face.  Her identity would be safe and with the exception of the stiletto girls, no one would ever know it was her.

While pausing to figure out the least messiest way to clean herself up, she felt the need to release again – this certainly being the end of what her bowels could humiliate her with.  And with no need to clean up before she was down, she relaxed her muscles and began pushing the rest out of her rosebud.

As if fate wasn’t quite done testing her yet, the bathroom door opened.  Spinning around to face the stall door, she placed one hand on either side wall and remained motionless as she finished making a mess of herself.  That bathroom no longer represented the safety of privacy she needed and as two gabbing voices filled the room, the worst sound she could’ve imagined just then was suddenly welcomed with them … the clicking of stiletto heels.

Unissa became gripped with fear and her bladder was next to release as she flooded the front of her diaper.  Trying not to make a single sound, she slowly sat down on the toilet and came to rest as her mess became worse.  But there wasn’t even time to feel disgusting.  There was nothing she could do and her imagination of fantasies turned into nightmares-come-true, just a bit shy of horror.

“This certainly has been an interesting night,” Unissa heard one of the ladies say.  “I expected to see a movie, but actually got a second show, too.  What do you think, Nancy?”

“I think there’s a third feature yet,” Unissa heard the other lady say.  “But the question is:  Will the third show be better than the first two?”

Nancy walked up to the first stall and pushed its door.  It swung open and slammed into the side wall leaving an echo of sound that made Unissa shake.  She drew up her knees and rested the heels of her sneakers on the edge of the toilet seat in an effort to hide.  Every little movement she made added that crinkling sound from her hips and the scent she needed to take care of was pungent all around her.

“But will this third show have a fairy tale ending or will it be a tragedy?” Nancy said while her stilettos clicked her steps to the second stall – moments before she pushed its door open and the slamming noise rang out again.

Hillary, leaning up against the sinks counter, let out an evil giggle.

“You are evil sometimes, Nancy,” Hillary said with the same small laugh.  “That’s what I love about you.”

Nancy’s heels clicked their way to the third stall, opening its door in the same fashion.  Unissa began to shake as Nancy neared ever-closer.

“My favorite kind of movies are the ones when you don’t know what’s going to happen next,”  Nancy continued as she clicked her way to the fourth stall door, swinging it open the same as the rest.  “And when you have no idea how the story will end.”

“Nancy, she’s no competition.  Why waste the energy on her?”  Hillary asked.  “She’ll probably go home and cry her eyes out and we’ll never see her again.”

“Until she decides to give it another try,” Nancy said coldly, clicking her heels along to the fifth stall, swinging the door open.  “When I go somewhere, I don’t want any head turned away when I enter the room.  And if there is something else in that room more interesting to look at than me … then I make certain to follow the lessons of the documentary films.”

She slinked along to the sixth stall, crashing its door open and shaking the wall on the left side of Unissa.  There were no further stalls to be opened, except for the one that Unissa was in.

“And what are the lessons of documentary films?” Hillary asked, beginning to click her stiletto heels as she walked over and joined Nancy in front of Unissa’s stall.

“Documentary films often follow animals and packs of animals in nature,”  Nancy said, speaking to the stall door between she and Unissa.  “The call of the wild is for the pack to kill those animals of their own who are dying or otherwise weaken the pack.”

“I suppose in this case it would definitely be a mercy killing,” Hillary said to the locked stall door with a tone as cold as the one Nancy used.

“Maybe you’re right Hillary,” Nancy replied.  “Maybe this one isn’t worth the effort.  By the smell in this bathroom, she’ll only be laughed at by anyone who is distracted enough to send attention her way.  Perhaps her favorite kinds of movies are comedies.  That way, she can always be the star.”

Then they stopped talking.  And the silence began to break Unissa down in a way more painful than their scornful words.  At least when they insulted her, she had something she could ignore.  It gave her conscience something to do.  But silence gave her conscience nothing to do other than think back on the last thing she heard.

Oh, did she hate these two heel-clicking bitches, but her hatred was mild compared to how much they had truly, deeply hurt her.

“There will be no sequel to this comedy,” Nancy said with her coldest tone yet as she and Hillary turned and headed for the bathroom door, their stiletto leaving an eerie echo of reminders that they had been there.  “Comedies that fail in their first attempt don’t ever return and they don’t ever make for franchises.  Nobody cared about them the first time.  And nobody wants to see them again.”

Then the bathroom door opened and closed, returning the bathroom to complete silence.  They were gone, but not without first throwing daggers that would remain inside Unissa’s heart long after this night had ended – should it ever end, it seemed.  She had never felt so absolutely destroyed as she did then, sitting in that bathroom stall and contemplating why she had allowed her fantasies to be ruined.  And the one thought that she couldn’t shake was that she had put herself in this sticky situation willingly.

She unfastened the tapes at her hips and squatted up, removing the diaper and tossing it to the floor in front of her.  Reaching into her purse, she took out the extra diaper, setting it on top of the sweater she placed on the metal toilet paper dispenser.  Then she took out the small pack of wipes and began a task of cleaning herself that was as embarrassing as it would’ve been had she been surrounded by every person in that theater.

The truest of humiliation came from knowing that she was almost completely defeated and could do nothing about it.  But the truest of happiness came from knowing that the word almost would always remain in that thought.  From one wipe to the next, a sense of worth and esteem returned to her.  And a smile returned to her tear-stained face as she realized that her fantasy hadn’t been ruined or destroyed after all.


A noise from above startled her out of her reflections.  She looked up and peering over the top of the side wall were Hillary and Nancy, holding their stiletto heels in their hands.  Hillary was taking cell pictures of the unimaginable sight below.  Unissa looked up at them, unable to speak but also suddenly without fear.

“Don’t let us stop you.  Keep going,” Nancy said with a look in her eyes of the deliciously fun plot she was cooking up in her mind.

Unissa leaned over and rolled the messy diaper up, taping it into a ball.

“Now, unlock the door and walk over to the sink,” Nancy instructed as Hillary kept taking pictures. 

But Unissa didn’t move.  Instead, she looked up at Nancy with as the color ran out of her face.  She still wasn’t fearful.  She was simply numb.  And it seemed like she was detached from feeling anything.  Her reactions were fodder for more teasing, but she had been so drained of emotion that she had nothing left to feel.

“Let me rephrase myself:  Pick your things up NOW.  Get up and go to the sink NOW or I’ll have Hillary starting posting these pictures she’s taking online,” Nancy snapped with a bitchy tone as Unissa stood up, gathered her belongings and the balled-up diaper, heading for the sink.  “That’s a good girl.  Now sit on the counter, face towards us and lean back against the mirror.”

Unissa did as she was told, setting her belongings on the sink counter and sitting on the counter exactly as Nancy had described.

“Lift the front of your skirt,” Nancy said with a growing evil grin as Unissa took hold of the front hem of her skirt and lifted it.  “Spread your legs.”

Unissa parted her thighs as Hillary began taking more pictures.

“Careful, Nancy.  You’re gonna break this one permanently if you don’t watch it,” Hillary said, scrolling through the new images of blackmail on her phone.

“What makes you say that?” Nancy asked, walking up to the counter and fishing through Unissa’s purse.  “Damn.  She doesn’t have a vibrator with her.”

“Nancy, look at her.  Look at her eyes,” Hillary said.

They both stepped in front of Unissa who was still spread-eagled and exposed.  Her eyes had glazed over and she seemed lost in her thoughts.

“She’s detaching,” Hillary said, with a dropped jaw at how it easy it was to dismantle Unissa.

“Well, that wasn’t hard at all,” Nancy said, returning to Unissa’s purse and taking out Unissa’s cell phone.

“Lay down on the counter,” Hillary said to Unissa with sudden concern and kindness on her breath.  “It’s okay.”

Hillary put her arms around Unissa and lowered her onto her back.

“What are you doing, Hillary?” Nancy asked with a laugh as she called her cell phone from Unissa’s cell phone, saving Unissa’s number.

“Do you need these?” Hillary asked Unissa gently as she held up the extra diaper.

“She doesn’t need them at all,” Nancy replied as she walked up to the counter edge, looking down at Unissa.  “This is your fetish isn’t it?”

Unissa nodded mindlessly as she felt the tummy flies re-appearing in her tummy.  That familiar tingle crossed over her senses, but in a manner that was new to her.  Dizziness formed between her temples and her breathing suddenly picked up.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Hillary asked Nancy with a whisper just loud enough for Unissa to hear.

“Yep,” Nancy replied with an enormous grin.

“Legs up,” Hillary instructed as she unfolded the extra diaper and returned her attention to Unissa.  “That’s a good girl.”

Unissa lifted her legs and Hillary placed the diaper flat to the counter and slid it up underneath Unissa’s bottom before lowering her legs down.  It was all Hillary could do keep from breaking out into laughter.  There was no powder used nor caress enjoyed, but in a few moments, Unissa found herself being taped into the extra diaper and made to sit up.  She hopped down off the counter and was handed the balled-up diaper.  And then she was led to the bathroom door by Nancy as Hillary gathered her belongings and followed after them.

“We have a movie to finish seeing,” Nancy said, unlocking the bathroom door and opening it.  “But first, we need to make a little trip.”

Nancy led Unissa out into the theater hallway and handed her a ten dollar bill.  Unissa took the money and looked back at Nancy for instructions.

“I want a large bucket of popcorn with extra butter,” Nancy said, unzipping Unissa’s skirt and allowing it to fall to her ankles.  “Go fetch.  Or Hillary will make you the talk of Pinterest.”

Unissa stepped out of the skirt and began waddling her crinkled steps down the theater hallway.  It was then that her numbness wore off.  The sound her diaper was making rang deafeningly in her ears and as she turned the corner, heading towards the entrance stand at the end of the lobby.  And there was the same guy who tore her ticket.  Normally when an overwhelming feeling came upon her, she slowed her movement down, lowered her head and made her steps tiny.  But with the stiletto girls following her, Unissa found reason to keep moving.

“Check this out,” Hillary said, handing Nancy Unissa’s school I.D. as she kept her cell phone steady for the video she was taking.

“Unissa Markunas, Harvard Class of 2015,” Nancy said, just loud enough for Unissa to hear.

Turning the corner at the entrance stand, Unissa walked calmly but steadily as she made her way out into everyone’s view.  She was wearing a t-shirt, a diaper and her sneakers.  And getting in line at the refreshment stand, that all-encompassing fantasy of humiliation consumed her world.  She tingled all over and for as much as she wanted to run away from it, she remembered back to how much her memories of

“What if she gets kicked out of the theater?” Hillary whispered to Nancy.

“She won’t,” Nancy replied.  “But watch what’s about to happen to her.”

Unissa’s tummyflies were back to full-waltz as she stepped forward with the line.  She tingled from head to toe and knew that the longer she could hold out and keep control of herself now, the more gratifying this memory would be when she revisited it in the future.  And gratifying was what this whole thing had been about.

Oh, yes.  Unissa was definitely discovered.  She was eyed up by one and all.  Some smiled at her and some laughed at her.  But the ones she waited for were those who could only drop their jaw and stare in disbelief.  And as the red-hot attention she was receiving followed her all the way to the food counter, her shoulders suddenly straightened.  Her chin lifted up and she ordered the bucket of popcorn with no trouble. 

“I don’t get it,” Hillary said with shock.  “Why is she doing so well?”

“It’s because she no longer fears anything,” Nancy said, watching Unissa begin to smile at the drop jaws, flirt with the smilers and wave to the laughers. 

“And you’re happy with this?” Hillary asked with even more shock.

“Hillary, I can break down any girl I want to, whenever I want to.  But I’ve never been able to build one up,” Nancy said with a grin.  “When she was lying on that bathroom counter, I looked directly in her eyes and I saw something I had never seen in a girl before.”

“What?  What did you see?” Hillary asked as Unissa picked up the bucket of popcorn and waddle her crinkly steps back to them.

“I saw myself,” Nancy replied as Unissa walked up to them and handed the popcorn to her.

Unissa then stepped back, facing Hillary’s cellphone and curtseying as Hillary ended the video.  Hillary smiled as Nancy took hold of Unissa’s hand and they made their way back down the hallway to theater 7.  Hillary followed after them, taking one final picture of them from behind, holding hands.

They were such a sweet pair and Hillary smiled, catching up to them.  Nancy had made a habit of being vindictive to any girl she felt threatened by.  This had given her great self-confidence, but at the expense of many girls who had never paid her a single, solitary insult.  It was nice to see that, for once in her life, Nancy was capable of finding a vitality which actually made her happy.  Maybe it would last.  Maybe wouldn’t, but for now, her face was all aglow.  Unissa was on cloud nine, too, but she was still too overwhelmed to realize it. 

The movie awaited them and they made their way back into the theater.  Unissa had no idea where she was headed from this night, but she knew where she had been taken already.  And just then, the possibilities seemed as endless as she hoped her fantasies would be.   All it took to soften the wicked and enchant the dreamer was a little popcorn, two pairs of stilettos and a sticky situation.

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The Dark Age Play Box Sets

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If you’re a fan of the darker age play, I would also recommend reading:

The VoiceThe Voice A tale of horror, unavoidable consequences and possible redemption of self.

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