As Sweet as Heaven (Part One of Two)

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Rock-A-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time
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here are a few sweet moments from the rest of Destiny’s Day One.


As Sweet as HeavenPart One

Destiny gently opened her eyes.  The soft beams of late afternoon shining on the ceiling above allowed her sight to peacefully adjust to light.  At first, her thoughts only went skin-deep as she felt the softness she was surrounded by – from the crib sheet beneath her to the comforter which covered her to the diaper around her waist that she still hadn’t wet.  The sense of touch was one which sometimes overpowered all the others and she knew that if all she could do was feel – not see or speak or smell or hear, she would have more to sense than she had ever before. 

Destiny believed that the greatest sense was touch because it connected with emotions more quickly than all the others.  It’s what made separation so difficult from the people and the things she loved the most.  She believed, when touched so deeply that the center of her heart was reached and affected, a person would be forever changed.

Her thoughts deepened as she shifted and wiggled slightly, stopping when she heard the crinkle of the diaper at her hips.  And the fresh memories of this day so far, Day One, filled her soul.  Lying in a crib, in nothing but a pink baby-t and a diaper, she felt safe and her surroundings kept that feel of security ever-present within her.  She turned her head to the left and saw Victor’s bed and then looked across the room at the closet.  Wrinkling her brow, she tried to remember how she got from that closet into the crib. 

The last thing she remembered, she was hiding in that closet as she and Victor played hide-n-go-seek.  Then in her peripheral, she saw her pacifier lying next to her head on the crib mattress.  And it all became clear because of one simple emotion … love.  Without needing to ask him, it was obvious that she had fallen asleep in the closet and when Victor found her, he picked her up and placed in her crib.  Nap time was going to follow hide-n-go-seek anyway, but Destiny jumped the gun a little.  And she smiled at how happy that memory had now made her.

Stretching her limbs, her mind journey into the present moment and even further into how happy she was, indeed.  She felt so wonderful, in fact, that she could hardly keep from screaming out loud how joyful she was.  But she figured there would be no way that her Daddy would know the difference between the kind of happiness he had placed inside her and a shriek for help.  Besides, she was in such a state of comfort ease, she couldn’t have mustered the energy to unsettle the bliss she was enveloped in.

Destiny blinked a few times, taking in the scents of the shampoo Victor had used to wash her hair and the powder on her body.  She arched her back, grinning from ear to ear.  The thoughts, the sensations and the ambiance of the stories of her time in his care – it all was as Sweet as Heaven.   

Suddenly, Victor appeared at the bedroom door and filled her irises with visions that heightened the cloud castle she had built in her mind.  Her heart began to beat with a pace that made her wiggle all about, yet she remained on her back.  The kindness in his eyes came into focus as he walked up to her crib and lowered the side of the crib.  She had so much that she wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the words needed to express how he made her feel about herself.  She would’ve babbled the silliest of noises until her throat ran dry if she could’ve curtailed the influx of emotions his presence had placed in her – perhaps just long enough to say I love you, Daddy.  But the gaze they shared with each other spoke more deeply than words could go.

He placed his fingertips on her forehead and lightly drew them down her face, noticing her pacifier had fallen from her lips.  He picked the pacifier up and pulled out the bottom hem of his shirt to wipe the drool that had trickled out of the corner of her mouth.  She was mesmerized by him and as she parted her lips without being asked as he slipped the rubber nipple of her pacifier back in her mouth.  He trailed his fingertips down her neck and under the comforter.  His touch melted her as his hand traveled down to her belly and them to the waistband of her diaper.  She parted her legs without being asked as he slipped his left thumb under the elastic edging at her thigh.  Being given a diaper check was something new which seemed like she had known it forever.  And she not only had come to adore its reawakening within her, but she also craved it for the littleness it fluttered inside her and the innocence it showed that she truly had.

In his hands, her heart would be safe and her emotions would find their meanings.  He patted her diapered front, a sentiment that not only endeared her to the dynamic they possessed, but also pulled at the heart strings of a growing submission she was learning to freely accept.  Victor knew how to touch her and melt her in more ways than she knew about herself.  But she was learning.  And he was more patient than anyone she had ever known. 

Destiny always believed herself to be a social butterfly that began in a cocoon.  Once she felt comfortable enough to spread her wings and allow the sun to dry them, she would soar to the clouds, perhaps visiting that castle in her mind she kept adding details to with each experience and chapter of her life and lifetime.

Victor placed one hand behind her neck and leaned towards her, sliding his other forearm up her spine.  Sitting her up, he kissed her forehead and pressed her against him.  She wrapped her arms around him with as much willpower of movement as she had left.  She was a pile of mush in his arms and it was all his fault.  How helpless she seemed, how touched her heart was, how in love she felt with him … And how happy it all made her feel to let her guard down, open her heart and know now that she would never regret the decision. 

In her mind, the option to turn back didn’t exist.  If something was important enough to pursue, she believed the heart was never fooled into traveling down a pathway that it didn’t belong on, even if it didn’t seem right in any other way.  With Victor, she had embraced her thoughts, her senses and her emotions, placing them all in a dream she had pursued.  Only insecurity would make her second-guess her heart’s decision.  And every opportunity he got, he showed her love could make a fool of you … but only if you didn’t listen to it when you needed to.

Destiny was a very good listener.  Feeling the warmth on her back, Victor reached down to the hem of her pink baby-t and lifted it off her frame as she reached her hands to the sky.  Then, he picked her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.  Turning to leave the bedroom, he paused as they both took in their reflection in the mirror over his dresser.

She smiled warmly behind her pacifier.  There he was – her Victor, her beloved Daddy – holding her and tending to her heart with a touch showed her, for him, it was natural.  And there she was – his Destiny, his precious BabyGirl, affected by his treatment and not only stripped down to just her diaper, but also stripped down to the bare essentials of any girl’s self-esteem … purpose and know where she truly belonged.

Being carried out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the living room, she could smell the wonderful scent in the air of food being fried.  Oh my, did her taste buds come alive.  When they got to the living room, she saw the reclining chair had been placed close to the kitchen entryway, situated so she could see the TV as well as the kitchen.  The chair had been covered with her pink blanket and sitting next to the chair on a small table was a baby bottle, filled with apple juice.  Setting her down in the chair, she instantly curled up into a ball as he bundled the ends of the pink blanket around her.  Picking up the bottle, he slipped his pinky inside the handle of her pacifier, removing it from her lips as he replaced it with the nipple of the bottle.

Taking the bottle in both her hands, she drew in the first mouthful of cool apple juice, swallowing it.  He stroked the bangs of her golden locks out of her face, tucking them behind her ears as she nestled up against the back of the reclining chair so she could see into the kitchen.  He needed to finish dinner and though she would be without his touch for a few minutes, she would have endless memories to live through once again.

“Good afternoon, BabyGirl,” he whispered, kissing the side her face before he stood up and returned to the kitchen.

Oh, his voice – that timbre that could echo in her ears long after he had made the sound.  It journeyed to her core, making her tingle all over and melting her just a little bit more.  Her thoughts, her sight, her sense of touch – all blended into one disposition that held more meaning than all the dreaming in her little world.  It was comforting to live in her head when she had no other choice, but it was rewarding to know that she lived for the next moment he would make her dreams come alive.  And that felt as Sweet as Heaven.

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