Shaking Tail Feathers

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The Adventures of the SnowBunny BabyGirl
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here is a story about shaking loose to settle down and dreaming while being wide awake.


Shaking Tail Feathers

Penny curled up in a ball, crossing her arms, drawing her knees to her chest and taking hold of her toes as she leaned back on the mattress. She closed her eyes and began to rock herself back and forth gently as she nursed on her pink pacifier.  Smiling, she spent the next few minutes – smelling the roses – as Elliot liked to call it when she settled herself and drifted off into her thoughts.  Sometimes Penny would do this for a few minutes.  Sometimes just for a few seconds.  It all depended on where she was and why she suddenly felt the need to remind herself that, though she was living a dream, she was still wide awake. 

Opening her eyes, she could see the same ceiling that was there just a moment ago.  The shower in the bathroom turned on and she could hear Elliot open the shower curtain to step in.  Raising an eyebrow, she nursed on her pacifier some more as a mischievous idea crossed her mind. 

In the past, she had pulled back the shower curtain and taken pictures of him naked.  Once, she pulled back the curtain and sat down with her Book of Dreams to draw a naked picture of her Daddy.  But the cruelest thing she had ever done to him was actually an accident.  She walked into the bathroom at home while he was taking a shower and saw that he had peed in the toilet but hadn’t flushed it.  Thinking she was being a good girl in helping, she pushed the toilet handle down.

Returning her thoughts to the moment, Penny sat up and giggled, remembering how Elliot screamed like a little girl when the temperature of the shower water suddenly changed.  Sticking her legs straight out, she covered her face while laughing at the memory of how they had to go out the morning to buy a new shower curtain because Elliot had torn the old one down trying to jump out of the shower.

Wiping away her tears of laughter, Penny sighed a bit, looking around at the quaint little room Elliot had booked for them.  Hotel rooms were fun, but there was something about the charm of a Bed & Breakfast lodge which Penny adored.  It left off the impression that the pace of life didn’t always have to be so rushed and that slower didn’t necessarily mean less productive.

Looking down at the diaper around her waist, she cupped her right hand between her legs, just like her Daddy did when he checked her.  Finishing yet another stream of pee, she sighed again behind her pacifier.  It had become second nature to find her own pace.  Looking back at the bathroom door, she was glad she had Elliot to take care of her and to keep her grounded when she got too excited because impulses of littleness had no ability to understand when control was needed.

And there in the middle of that bed, she waited patiently for her Daddy return.  She was a bit surprised that he had agreed to dress her in her pink Raiders jersey and those rainbow striped, knee-high socks he had bought her earlier that night.  It seemed like strange bed clothing and though it was bitter cold outside, the chill of the Seven Mountains around them didn’t make its way into that bedroom.  Her head was filled with thoughts of what this skiing trip would hold.  The weekend had just begun and she never knew which she enjoyed more – the thoughts of the events to come or the memories of them afterwards.  Whichever side of the experience she was on, Penny would always be contented to follow.

A sudden movement on the tiny balcony caught her peripheral and looking over at the glass balcony door, she saw that a tiny white bird had landed on the balcony railing.  Penny got up on her knees on the Bed and faced towards the balcony.  She tilted her head to the side, nursing her pacifier with curiousness at the little bird as it slowly walked along the balcony railing with precise steps from its little webbed feet.  Penny turned sideways on the bed and began to shuffle her knees as she mimicked the little bird’s movements.

The little bird straightened its posture and spread its tiny wings, as if stretching them. Penny arched her back, heaving her chest out and stretching her arms out at the side.  The wind picked up outside and the little bird jumped from the railing down to the concrete of the balcony.  Penny hopped off the end of the bed to the rug and crawled over the glass door.  The little bird now saw her and hopped up to the door.  They both took a moment to stare at each other, tilting their heads from side to side as if growing more curious about the other by the second.

Another gust of wind blew outside and the little white bird shuddered, ruffling its feathers for a moment.  Penny wiggled her shoulders and her crinkly hips as she imitated the bird again.   The bird hopped twice to one side and Penny followed, hopping on her hands and knees to the same side.  Then the bird hopped twice to the other side before walking up so close to the glass door that it could’ve tapped it with it beaked.  Penny hopped twice to the same side as the bird and crawled up to the glass so close that she could’ve touched it with the tip of her nose.

The bird lowered its head and Penny did the same.  Another gust of wind blew in and made the bird shake.  Penny did the same.  Then the bird opened its beak and let out a tiny caw.  Penny grinned behind her pacifier and giggled.  It seemed like the bird was having a good time, too.

Hopping back up onto the rail, the little bird turned around to see Penny hop back up onto the bed.  Spreading its wings, the bird watched Penny stick her arms straight out from her sides.  And then it took off into the wind-whipping air, soaring up and up before swooping down and making circles in the night time sky.  Penny watched it in wonderment of what it must feel like to be that free.  She threw her arms back out again and spun in circles on the bed until dizziness made her sit down.  When the bird returned to the rail, Penny got back up on her hands and knees.  And as another wind blew up behind the bird, it shook its tail feathers.  Penny wiggled her diapered bottom, shaking her imaginary tail feathers.  The bird walked the length of the rail with a proud strut and Penny did the same, standing up on the bed and strutting her stuff.

Then with one final motion, the bird took off into the night sky, flapping its little wings as broadly as it could.  Penny waved goodbye and sat down on the bed, watching the bird fly away until she could no longer see it.  She was filled with such a joyful happiness that she was almost bursting at the seams.  Taking a moment to collect her head from the dizziness, she returned to an Indian-Leg style just as Elliot walked out from the bathroom. 

Looking up at him, she wanted to smother him with every ounce of the happiness she now knew as life.  But realizing that he was tired and that bedtime had arrived, she decided she would wait to smother him in the morning.  With an ever-brightening glow about her, she watched him, picked up the baby bottle from the TV dresser.  Lying down on the mattress, she closed her eyes and tensed her frame, preparing for the ride.  Elliot reached for the bed covers beneath her and quickly yanked them out.  She squealed behind her pacifier with laughter as the quick motion slid her to the foot of the bed.

He got into bed and she crawled up next to him as he drew the covers back up over them.  Resting on her back, she reached up with to tiny hands and took the stuffed animal he had brought from their luggage.  Penny couldn’t sleep without a stuffie.  It was an inconceivable thought, otherwise.  But it wasn’t until he removed the pacifier from her lips, replacing it with the nipple of the bottle.  Lying on her back, instinct drew her knees up and Elliot placed a hand on the diaper between her legs.  She didn’t expect to be changed, at least not until 3 am, like usual. And as she began nursing, her attention was drawn to the stuffed animal in her hands.

He had given her the white snowbird stuffie and as she looked at it, her thoughts led back to that little bird she just played with.  For as different as she and the bird were, they had so much in common.  They were both curious creatures, cautious in life but brave at the same time.  They both enjoyed being silly and having fun.  They enjoyed making friends and sure knew how to shake their tail feathers.

Pressing that little white snowbird stuffed animal against her chest, she nestled alongside her Daddy and closed her eyes, continuing to swallow the warm milk.  Now, she was settled in.

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