What Penny Needed to Become A SnowBunny

Penny in a Big CoatFrom the book:

The Adventures of the SnowBunny BabyGirl

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here is a story about knowing where to look to find what you need.


What Penny Needed to Become a SnowBunny – 

Penny shuffled her pink boots across the pharmacy parking lot, wondering what it would be like to drag them through the snow again.  Winter had arrived once more, but there had been no snow yet this year.  So, in an effort to get Penny into the snow and indulge her snow bunny interests, Elliot planned a trip.  He figured if this year the snow wouldn’t come to them, then they would go to the snow.  But as with any trip, along the way, they learned of the things they forgot to pack.  The Pharmacy Store to the rescue.

Holding Elliot’s hand, Penny kept shuffling her waddled steps to the entrance. Dressed in her white footed pajamas, she looked down at Elliot’s coat – draped over her frame and hanging down to her knees.  It was a major oversight to have forgotten to bring her coat.  Maybe if it had been a bit colder in the Charm City, Elliot might’ve made her wear it.  But Penny rarely put on a snow coat before snow fell.  It just didn’t make sense to her to wear it before that.  As they entered the store, Elliot took the list of other forgotten items out of his pocket.  They certainly wouldn’t find her a snow coat at a pharmacy, but hopefully everything else would be there.

“Okay, Princess, we still have a few hours of driving yet.  So we need to stay on task here,” Elliot said in a business-like manner as he picked up a red basket from the stack at the entrance.

Penny nodded, rubbing her hands together and nursing on her pacifier with seriousness as she looked at the list.

“Okay, I’ll start at the top and you start at the bottom,” Elliot said as she leaned up on her tippy toes and took one finally at the list before darting off.

She knew what was written on the list and had it memorized.  After all, she was the one who wrote the list to begin with.  But what she realized while looking at the list was that it was incomplete.  Instead of wasting time telling him what else they needed, she decided she would simply go and gather all the missing list items.  It saved time and her Daddy did make clear that they needed to keep moving.

So, off to the toy aisle she went, keeping in mind that only the necessities should be selected.  Perusing up and down each side of the aisle, she thought it was quite thoughtful of the pharmacy to have a toy aisle.  In a sense, the toys were medicine for the soul, making little hearts happy everywhere.  But having spent just a minute in the toy aisle, her eyes grew big and her mind joined her heart in littleness.

Her perusing turned into a hop, a skip and a jump as she began crinkling a waddled sprint up and down the aisle.  Oh my blue Heaven, there were so many choices!  How could she possibly only select the necessities – those things she knew she would need for that weekend?  Plus, she had to keep in mind that the things she picked would need to be able to fit in with their snowy trip.  If she was going to accessorize, she would also need to match.  And she was sure her Daddy would agree on that.

The first necessary purchase was a new pacifier.  That one was easy to think of and just as easy to select.  But she never understood why the things she wanted were always hung so high in store aisles.  She rose up on her tippy toes and stretched her right arm up to the top hook that held the pacifier she needed.  It was perfect – being white and having little blue snowflake designs on it.  But getting to it proved a bit more difficult.  Elliot’s coat was so big that she couldn’t get her hand out of the sleeve and furthermore, it was just too high up.  She tried and tried to reach it, but eventually gave up, sitting on the floor Indian-leg style and crossing her arms in a pout.

Why did everything always have to be out of reach?  Oh, how frustrating compromise was sometimes.  She knelt up and selected one of the pacifiers on a lower hook, finding a misplaced white snowflake pacifier behind it.  She paused for a second and tilted her head to the side, taking a moment to process something she hadn’t thought of before.  When splitting up the list, her Daddy had said I’ll start at the top and you start at the bottom.  Suddenly necessity became more clear to her. 

She looked up at the top hook she couldn’t reach, seeing what she had wanted.  Then she looked at the pacifier in her hand which she had found on a lower hook could reach.  And then it dawned on her.  What she wanted was often out of reach, but if she focused in on what she needed, she would often find what she was looking for.

But enough with the philosophy!  She needed to keep moving.  Her Daddy had made that very clear.  Pacing up and down the aisle, she scanned the items on the lower shelves.  She had to make certain to not miss any of the necessary purchases.  Nursing on her pacifier with scrunched lips and purpose of decision in mind, she squinted her eyes and concentrated.  What else would she need?  This wasn’t just any trip.  She was ready to become a snow bunny and all the right amenities needed to be present.  Then the thought she was waiting for finally came to mind.  She would need more stuffies, but only stuffies that would be okay with snow.

She began sifting through the wire bin of pharmacy-sized stuffed animals, looking for the right ones.  First, she found a brown elk with a black nose and huge light brown antlers.  Perfect!  Next she found a snowbird with an orange beak.  Perfect again!  But there was a third snow animal that made sense to her.  She dug deep into the bin, still to no avail of finding a third stuffie.  Stepping back, she tucked the elk under her left arm and the snowbird under her right as she swayed her crinkling hips side-to-side.  Oh my, this was an important moment.  There was an important decision to be made right now.  Stuffies always came in threes!  Any BabyGirl knew that.  And what that meant was – there was a third stuffie in that bin, waiting to be picked up.  She just needed to find it.

She returned to the bin, sifting all the way to its bottom.  There just wasn’t anything in there that seemed like the third.  She was a Princess.  Her Daddy told her so. And all Princesses had animal friends.  Pocahontas had a raccoon and a hummingbird.  Ariel had a crab.  Mulan had a dragon.  Cinderella had the mice.  Jasmine had a tiger. But Penny wanted three and before she became Princess SnowBunny, she was going to find that third stuffie.  It was all about determination and if she put her little mind to it, she could get it done.  Her Daddy had told her that as well.

From turtles to whales to donkeys to elephants to every conceivable member of the animal kingdom, the bin wasn’t yielding the final animal to make Penny’s trio until she saw the white fuzzy little kitten which had been shushed to the side by all the other animals.  She picked the kitten up and brushed its fuzzy hair back.  It had light blue eyes, a pink nose and pinkness inside its ears.  No, it didn’t seem like a typical snow animal, but it was white like snow and for some reason, it just seemed to fit.

As proud as could be, she waddled her little diapered bottom back to her Daddy, carrying an elk, a snowbird and a white kitty along with her snowflake pacifier.  Elliot turned to face her and she held up her necessary purchases to him.  He smiled the immediate Daddy smile.  She had made selections of things she wanted.  But looking into her dazzling eyes, he could see the absolute innocence inside her heart.  It was then that he realized she hadn’t selected what she wanted.  The items in her arms were what she needed.  That’s where she kept all the things she needed – inside her arms – so they would remain close to her heart.  He held the red basket up and she placed the items in it.  Then she embraced him, wrapping her arms around him with a little girl’s hug and showing that she needed him, too. 

Taking the list from his hand, she made short work of finding everything on it, adding a pair of the cutest rainbow striped knee high socks she had ever seen.

Exiting the pharmacy, she looked up at the night time sky.  Evenings arrived quickly in the winter and the sun disappeared fast.  But the skies seemed to be simply too quiet for all to remain that way.  Little did she know, their trip would soon meet up with a heavy snow storm. Mt. SkiTop awaited them.  Buried in the Seven Mountains, Penny was looking forward to an incredible weekend of snow angels, slopes, tubing and whatever else this winter getaway could hold.  But whatever was to come, Penny was prepared and as they got back onto the interstate, she knew she had everything she needed to become a SnowBunny.

Now, about that need for a snow coat …

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