When Her Feet Never Touched The Ground

Johnny - FrontJohnny and the Princess

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A His and Her Perspective romance about a love which their yesterdays could only imagine.


“When Her Feet Never Touched The Ground”

The scent of her hair and her skin filled his mind with so many thoughts.  How he loved her, how lusted for her, how he longed for her happiness – to see it in her eyes, hear it in her laughter, to know she was happy.  His heart pounded as he held her in his arms.

Thoughts of the Princess often stopped Johnny in his tracks and robbed him of his composure.  His time with her had been enriching and fulfilling.  He had never met anyone who could change the way he viewed life and love and his purpose in all of it just simply by being herself.  And she had managed to do that to him while being on the edge of his life.  Or what seemed like the edge.  But that edge would soon be a thing of the past.  Moving in together would take everything beyond where it had been and help it to arrive where it always needed to be.

But in the present, thoughts of her effect on him were secondary as he just reveled in what she felt like in his arms.  Damn, he loved her.  Words couldn’t do that feeling justice.  Thoughts couldn’t either.  He held her tight and patted her diapered bottom, a gesture that kicked the Daddy twinge in his soul into high gear.  His heart beat heavily behind his rib cage and she placed her hand on his chest to feel it.

He walked in and shut the front door.  He’d get his bags later from the car.   Her feet hadn’t touched the ground since he picked her up.  She put her head on his shoulder, remaining clung to him ever-so-tightly.    Her actions made him feel needed and he shared the sentiment.

It felt so good to be her Daddy, to enable her to feel little and to see her treasure that feeling.  She was someone so filled with affection and love and a need to be treated with the same kind of love she displayed, it wasn’t hard for him to call her “Princess”.  It was hard for him to adequately say what she meant to him.

So he relied on his actions, his kindness, his care of her to speak from the depths of his heart when he couldn’t find the words.

He didn’t always know how everything would get taken care of, and this concerned him greatly – as well it should because she depended on him to figure those things out.  But he knew, whether they were rich or poor, they would always have each other.  And so long as they both still loved each other and wanted to spend life together, their world would go on turning.

He carried her into the living room and she instantly became excited and starting pointing to the videos on the rack by the TV.  She mumbled incoherently behind her pacifier and continued to do so as if she believed he understood her.

“Okay, okay.  Slow down,” he said as he removed her pacifier from between her lips.  “Now, what did you want to show Daddy?”

She took a moment to allow her excitedness to settle a little and then went on to explain how she went on a treasure hunt to find all these Disney videos all over the place, spread them out on the rug, return them to their right cases, and organize them on the rack by title.

She was so pleased with herself and her smile was adorable.  He couldn’t help but kiss her on the forehead, just for being so wonderful.

She pointed to the rack on the other side of the TV.  He carried her over to it and she explained the stack of coloring books sitting on it were mostly finished and she needed more.  He smiled, knowing she was politely suggesting he buy her more.  But the coloring books, numbering upwards of 30 or 40, were all arranged by the color of their covers, in the order of the rainbow.  The top of the stack was dark red and the bottom of the stack was dark purple.

But every single coloring book in between was not only organized by color but by shade.  The subtlest of difference between two shades of green she had taken into account.  The stack was quite carefully color-coded and it was clear she had put some serious time into making it so.

It was truly impressive.  He patted her diapered bottom, showing his praise for how tidy and extremely well-organized she had made the videos and coloring books.

“You put a lot of time into doing this and I am very impressed, Princess.  Good girl,” he said as she wrapped her legs very tightly around his hips and squeezed.

She kept pressing inward on his hip and he supported her diapered bottom with his hands as she kept pushing her center into him.

She asked for a drink, showing where she had left her sippy cup in the kitchen, but her eyes read to mean that there was something else which she wanted quenched first.  The insinuation was all it took to connect her want with his own.  But he played the game accordingly.

“And what would my BabyGirl like to drink?” he asked as the lust in her eyes grew with fervency.

Her breathy reply of “juice” propelled him forward as he carried her over to the island counter.  The moment of littleness had left her and she was looking to made to grow up.

He scooped up the blanket from the couch and carried her towards the island counter in the kitchen, keeping as slow of a pace as he could while feeling her nails sinking into his back to spurn his pace forward.

He placed the blanket on the island counter and set her down on it.  The relief from her scratches was welcomed but the lust in her eyes still dug into him and she refused to unlock her legs from around him.

Their lips met in a heated kiss which began smoldering her aggressions and turning her back into the sweet girl she was.  His mouth went to the side of neck and she breathed out a whimper at the sensation he was causing.  He put her pacifier in her mouth and continued caressing her skin with his lips, seeking to cause the reaction from within her again and again.

His mouth worked around to the front of her neck and then down to her belly and as he trailed his lips down her body, he began to lower her onto her back.  She was becoming more free of the aggression that fueled her moments earlier.  His own arousal built, but he knew that saving his own satisfaction for a later time would equal a sacrifice of his own which would add to his desire to see her explode on that counter top.

Her hips began to glide as his lips traveled south across her navel.  He grabbed at her hips, making them still just a moment before he seized the section of diaper between her legs and yanked it to the side, exposing the peach he would greet with the same oral caress as the rest of her.

He drew his tongue up her, tasting the juice she had asked for.  He kept his strokes slow and deliberate, as to allow her hope that she might be able to defend against the enjoyment which would come.

His approach remained as a slow burn, allowing her to wage the war of emotions and sensations in her mind.  When she arched her back, he knew she had succumbed to what would soon be all-encompassing for her.  Then he directed his tongue to her hood and worked her into a shuddering frenzy before she melted once more and came to rest on the counter, submitting to the twitches of aftershock until he finished with her.

He stood up and they shared a silent moment of completed eyes – hers from the orgasm she received and his from the enjoyment he provided.

He filled her Hello Kitty bottle with milk and heated it up before scooping her up inside the blanket beneath her.  Her frame was limp, but she still extended her arms up to him when he picked her up.  He could see her exhaustion in the way she draped around him now where as prior, she was tightly wrapping her body up against his.  She would go “adult” with her thoughts again after a while and so would he, but for now … it was on to a much softer, more tender treatment of her emotions.  He sat down on the couch and placed her gently on his lap, curling up into his cradle.

She lied before him with a contented smile behind her pacifier as the tension which had been building inside her had been suddenly and gloriously relieved.  Her limbs were relaxed and there was poise to her demeanor and breathing.  Her eyes beamed up at him with a love which spoke to him from every side of her personality.  She was in a state of bliss and seeing her feeling that way makes him feel very good inside.

He removed the pacifier from her mouth and placed the tip of the bottle to her lips.

“Open,” he said, softly and sweetly.

“Tell me about A’morrow,” he heard her whisper before she took in the nipple of the bottle.

A’morrow was her word for when they would live together.  She wanted to hear him talk of how it was going to be when she woke up next to him every morning and spent her life in his care.

“A’morrow will be exactly what we want it to be, Princess,” he started taking a moment to collect his emotions before continuing.  “It will be the beginning of Our world.  No one else’s.  We will set the rules.  We will dream it and then make it real.”

He traced the outline of her face as she stared up at him in wonderment.  It was almost as if she were in deep thought about something.  Normally, he would ask her what she was thinking about and she would share with him, but just then he didn’t want to disturb the little space she had found.

“You will always be the Princess of our world.  And I will always be your Daddy,” he said, calmly and quietly.  “And no matter what happens, A’morrow will always be exactly what we want it to be.”

They both had past relationships that ended painfully for them, it was one of the first things they discovered they had in common and it became a starting point for the bond between them.

The ending of anything could be just as bad as the beginning was good, and what they both had learned from their past encounters with love was that it was very easy to be hurt and hurt deeply, especially when the other person couldn’t feel the pain.

Neither of them wanted to feel that kind of pain again and they strove to include every little bit of each other in the relationship, making certain that love always triumphed over indecision, insecurity, long distance and whatever else came between them.

Had they always gotten everything right in their relationship?  Of course not.  But it seemed that they had gotten the most important things right and every moment of every day, were building off of the foundation they had created.

She finished the bottle and sat up so he could drum his fingers between her shoulder blades until she burped.  Then the pacifier returned to her lips and he lied back on the couch as she draped her frame down on top of him – her tummy on his chest as they both drifted off for a nap.

Her feet still hadn’t touched the ground.

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A His and Her Perspective romance about a love which their yesterdays could only imagine.


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