Stealing the Cowboys

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50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night

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here is a story about getting out of someone what you put into them.


Stealing the Cowboys

She sat Indian-leg style on the rug, staring up at the flickering images of the TV.  Her mind was already lost in a world her Daddy had created for her. She thought back to how she never used to have patience and at one point, could never have sat there as he watched her from the couch behind.  What he was doing, what he was thinking, what was about to happen was always too much for her little heart to wait to find out.  But that was in a time when she had more to realize about herself than she knew.

Fantasy seeking had produced answers and more than just fulfilling dreams, it had given her a pathway, a trail to follow with each heartbeat.  In hindsight, ‘following’ truly wasn’t the hard part.  Submission was natural for her.  What she had to learn was how to accept the pace that her Daddy set for her.  With enough attempts to do so, she had finally gotten it right.  And what she found out was that patience was truly a virtue after all.

Perhaps this is why she didn’t turn over the piece of paper her Daddy placed in front of her on the rug.  She wanted to see what was written on the other side so badly that her mind had begun to fill out the words he had written without even seeing them.  But he had pressed in on the paper so heavily that she could see clearly the paper had a list of ten words on it.

Her heart pounded with excitement.  That piece of paper held the fantasies of this night and she tingled with nervousness and arousal as she squinted her eyes, trying to make out the words from the impressions on the backside of the paper.  Still, she couldn’t read them.  And it was patience that kept curiosity from killing the cat.  Little did she realize just then, the fantasies of this night would not only be physical, but would strike at a lot of things which were instinctual. 

She reached up to her neck, once again feeling the black leather of her collar and the small metal hoops which dangled down from the sides.  She stared at the back of that piece of paper, feeling the nakedness of the lower half of her body and twitching at the visions of imagination her mind was planting in her conscience.

But nothing made her tingle quite like her Daddy’s touch and as he knelt behind her, he placed his hands on her shoulder, kissing the top of her head – her hair parted for her pigtails.  She placed her palms up, lying her forearms and hands flat on her thighs – just as her Daddy had shown her.  His arms wrapped around her and she closed her eyes, swooning in the reality of the moment and the thoughts of fantasies-yet-to-come.  But he gripped didn’t take to the same patience she had been taught to have.  His left hand traveled upwards to her neck, checking the tightness of her collar.  His right hand traveled down the front of her jersey and onto the smoothness between her legs.

She nibbled her lower lip, taking in the feel of his palm across the naked labia and the words of admiration being whispered in her ear.  It was those specific words like Good Girl that melted into her more than any other.  When she knew that her Daddy was proud of her, her shoulders straight up and her esteem lifted her chin – because then, she wasn’t just a girl, she wasn’t just a good girl, but she was His good girl.  And feeling his ownership of her was intoxicating to a demeanor which once cowered behind insecurity, and on occasion – suffered through the danger of relapse.  But he would coax her, put regard back into her feathers and, naturally, she would follow.

“Turn the paper over, BabyGirl,” her Daddy whispered, watching her reach out and flip the paper over on the carpet.

Her eyes grew as wide and her heart began to pound.  Instantly, her pulse began racing with the rush of blood in her veins.  Her skin coursed over with goose bumps and she tightened her lips, concentrating on controlling her breathing as she read from the list.

“What does it say?” her Daddy asked as he stood and walked back to the couch.

Her eyes remained fixated on the new list of ten fantasies in front of her.  And right then, she knew that past Monday nights, normally consumed with football, would be combined on this night with a reason for her to watch the game with him.  Actually, there were ten reasons and she swallowed the lump in her throat, licking her lips before opening her mouth to speak.

Hummingbird …… Best Friend …… Curiosity …… Zebra Stripes ……,” she spoke, softly and slowly, before pausing to allow her imagination to calm down.  “Bee Stings …… Naked …… Jewelry …… Threshold.”

“And?” her Daddy asked from the couch.

Banana Split …… and The Arch,” she said as her mind drifted back to that first Saturday night when he handed her a twenty dollar bill to take into the gas station to pay for their gas. 

A pacifier between her lips and a nervous grin across her face were only the garnishes of a feeling of excitement that she had dreamt of, but never felt until that first night fantasy.  And each night sense, that feeling grew, taking on more emotions than just excitement, but never forgetting what the first time felt like.

A snapping of his fingers brought her mind back to the present moment and turned her head to look back at him. 

“Bring me your toy,” her Daddy said with a loving tone.

Her heart skipped a beat as she touched the collar on her neck again while looking over at the pink dildo sitting on the window ledge.  Was this what Best Friend meant on that list?  She got up on her hands and knees and crawled over to the window, reaching up for the pink toy.

“Uh, Uh, Uh …,” he said, correcting her.

She lowered her hand back to the ground and smiled, leaning in and picking up the toy with her teeth.  Happily, she crawled over to him at the couch and dropped the toy on his lap.  Placing her chin on his left thigh, she looked up at him and gave him the puppy dog eyes which seemed to go with the moment.  He reached behind her head and dragged his fingertips along the back of her scalp – a sensation she knew well, but now with a new circumstance to remember it with.

He patted the cushion next to him and she crawled around his legs, climbing up onto the couch.  Following his direction, she knelt up and he placed the pink toy in her right hand.

“Show Daddy where that toy goes,” he said with a syrupy-rich tone – a mixture of sugar and aggression.

She tingled and timidly lowered her chin as she obeyed her Daddy, pointing between her legs.  This was a fun game of seduction and one which she hoped would linger onward as the flickering images of the TV showed that the Monday night football game would soon begin.

“Put it there,” he said with a look in his eyes that fueled the beginning of her arousal.

The thought of being made to penetrate herself was as tantalizing now as every time before.  But her fingers could bring her no sensation or pleasure comparable to what his fingers could do to her and therefore, it would remain a game until her Daddy’s tease had run its course through her and broken her down.  In the past, she resisted being broken down.  Now, she welcomed it.

Rising up on her knees, she lifted up the bottom hem of her jersey and touched the tip of her pink toy to the outer lips of her labia, swirling it around to give her a few pre-game shudders.  She looked at the TV while arousing the soft tissues between her legs.  This wasn’t just any football game, but one which had a lot of meaning to him.  His beloved Steelers were hosting the Cowboys.

She looked back at him to see him staring her down.  His eyes never once went to the TV screen and while she knew she would never take the love of football out of him or the love of his team, she knew she could steal the Cowboys from him.  And beginning to slide the toy into her opening, the thought came to her that perhaps she could steal a little something else from him as well, in a few moments.

His irises burned into her and she gasped at the girth of the toy as she felt herself being spread apart on the inside.  Those first moments of the physical of penetration were what drew her attention to focus when he pinned her to the mattress and took place of the toy.  And locking gazes with him, the overwhelm of being opened within gave her a rise more than just a posture which straightened with the depth of that toy plunging into her.

She gasped again as the toy reached mid-way in and without will power to endure anything physical she whimpered at the sensation.  Her center had become swollen and wet.  And she craved the humiliation of not only doing this to herself for his viewing pleasure, but also for her inability to stop herself.  Even at moments when the intense was too much, she still obeyed him – without hesitation or second thought.

With half the toy yet to be inserted, he reached out and took hold of her right hand.  She stopped the penetration and tightened her canal around it before he ever instructed her to.  Her hips rocked back and forth as she tried to pull it up inside herself further – hoping motion would make this happen.

Her Daddy slowly shook his head no and he slipped the pointer finger of his right hand around the collar on her neck, slowly pulling head down to his lap.  She returned to a crawling position, but now placed head on his right thigh, turning her eyes back to the TV and the flickering images of a coin toss.

He petted her hair, running his fingers through the gathered locks of her pigtails.  She nuzzled her face up against the warmth of his pants and, following instinct, nonchalantly and furtively worked her way up to his zipper.  Pushing the front flap back with the tip of her nose, she clenched the pull of the zipper in her teeth and worked the slider down.  Her nose continued inward through the fly of his boxers as she opened her lips and allowed her tongue to find the tip of his erection.

Rolling her tongue around it, she worked his stiffness out through the fly of his boxers and into the wet confines of her mouth.  Without waiting for directions, she reached both hands onto his lap and then around his erection.  Kneeling down further, her bottom stuck higher in the air, showing the half-inserted toy for his peripheral viewing pleasure.

She clenched her fingers around his girth and rolled her thumbs alongside his underside vein.  Her mouth watered with the taste of him and his length, being suctioned with her lips and swirled with her tongue, made for a shiver to travel down her spine.  She shuddered again, feeling the lips of her labia gathering more of her own wetness.

Fueled with a hungering want and an ever-increasing arousal, she clenched her teeth around the tip of his stiffness and lightly dragged them down the length of his shaft.  He placed his hand on the back of her head and guided her down onto his length, continuing until his tip reached the back of her throat.

“No nibbling,” he said, drumming his fingers back of her head.

Writhing under his control, she whimpered again, but never resisted him – not even when he reached back behind her and turned the pink toy on.  The vibrations shot through her core and as he gripped the back of the toy, his words melted any tension she had mounted.

“I want you to do exact as Daddy does,” he whispered as he slowly inserted the toy the rest of the way inside her.

She closed her eyes, whimpering for a slight moment as her pink toy parted the tightness of her canal, making its way until his palm came flat to the front of her peach. Following his instructions, she took his stiffness in her mouth further still until lips were tightly wrapped around his base.  She had gagged before from a deep throat, but was set on not wincing this time.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered with his Daddy Voice as he took the nub of her pink toy, sticking out ever-so-slightly from between the lips of her labia, and gently twirled it between his fingertips.  “It’s okay to make a little noise, Baby.  You don’t have to hold it in.”

She whimpered softly as he continued twirling the toy inside her.  The vibrations were joining in with that feel of penetration, sending a sensation out across her frame that felt like electricity.  It was evenly spread, dancing across her skin and coursing through her veins. For a short time, her legs began to shake – small tremors from the feeling.  But eventually, the back of her thighs went numb and had she needed to move her legs at all, she wouldn’t have been able to.  Still the wonderful energy coming out of her lingered through each moment that he held that vibrating toy inside her.

And then he slowly withdrew the toy from within her as she slowly removed his stiffness from her mouth, keeping her tongue pressed firmly on his underside vein.  She knew his sensitive areas and was already concentrating on them.  Cool air rushed across his wet skin as she could feel her juices beginning to roll down her inner thighs.  The sense of relief was amazing, but not nearly as writhing as her lust to be filled again and to take him back in her mouth. The vibrations diminished as he withdrew the toy completely from her canal, save from the tip which he kept at her opening – leaving her partially spread apart at the labia.

Then he turned the toy some more, allowing time for the vibrations to make her twitch.  This was the slow burn she craved but also ached to get through.  It was a delicate and delightful mixture of torture and urge, but every moment was pleasure.  And her mind raced along with the excitement.

He began to slide the toy back inside her canal and this time there was less physical resistance.  She was sopping wet and was a mess, but she followed her Daddy’s instructions and took his stiffness back between her lips, into her mouth.  The wetness on the toy re-entered her canal and chilled her for a moment as it had cooled in the open air, but with each incremental glide, the vibrations took her over, once more.

The toy penetrated her completely and he withdrew it right away with a quickness that made for a flurry of small spasm traveling out from her center, up her spine and down her numbing legs.  She withdrew his erection from her mouth and kept stroking a clenched hand on it, pressing in on his underside vein and trying to keep up with his directions.  But the sensations he was producing within her were becoming quite overwhelming and a struggle ensued to follow the pace he was setting.

She placed the side of her face on his thigh, resting her neck as she stroked him.  Weariness was nothing new for her and showing her weakness had been another virtue he had instilled in her.  She took pride in the moments when she excelled and also in the moments when she was able to recognize that she had met a limit.  As he slid the vibrating toy back into her throbbing center, she left out the first soft moan that she could no longer hold back.  Her need for release felt too good to keep inside.

Withdrawing the toy from her again, he pressed downward, keeping the vibrations close to the sensitive areas he had knew well.  Her thumb kept pressing in on his underside vein.  The points of contact during sex were the areas they both kept in mind and before long; she mustered the strength to lift her head.  There was a completion to be felt and they both knew that they would get out of it what they put into it.

She quickly glanced over at the flickering images on the TV, seeing the game about to begin.  She closed her eyes and decided that it was time steal her cowboy.  She plunged him back in her mouth, shuddering at the increase of speeding he had built the toy’s penetration up to.

And she shuddered, she moaned again, causing vibrations to go into his erection.  Wrapping her lips around his girth, she vowed that the next time she removed him from her mouth, he would truly be stolen.

The vibrations inside her canal and traveling down his shaft, made her swell even more and drip even heavier.  His girth thickened between her lips, the initial sign that his orgasm was nearing.  Following his lead, her arousal peaked inside her and she did her best to rock her hips with his motions, but the back of her thigh, now completely numb from having knelt in that position, only allowed her to rock so much.  But she did all that she could, moaning into his shaft – and in the process, exciting herself along with him.

Then her eyes opened as she remembered the last thing he had said:  “It’s okay to make a little noise, Baby.  You don’t have to hold it in.”  And then she remembered the first word on the list of fantasies he had scribed on that piece of paper:  Hummingbird.

Putting it together, she moaned her pleasure out as her orgasm erupted.  Her legs shook and had it not been for the natural pacifier in her mouth, she would’ve screamed.  But only momentarily did she make any further noise as his orgasm erupted and his seeds exploded into her mouth – hitting the back of her throat with speed and forcing her to swallow him.

A new passion filled her as she clenched his shaft and stroked him with all the might her little fingers could muster.  She nursed on his offering and kept doing so until he was dry – save for the residual she was able to keep stroking out of him as she hit summit of her orgasm and ballooned down with him.

Her eyes went to half-mast as the initial exhaustion washed over in the temporary lull before her afterglow would begin.  She lifted her eyes to him and gave a lustful gaze of a single word as she smiled and swallowed one last time:  Stolen.

He slid to the side and eased her down onto the couch and onto her back.  He removed the vibrating toy from between her legs one last time and she gasped one more time before both of her hands traveled to her labia and stimulated her afterglow into full arrival. She lay there, twitching until the afterglow washed out across her entire body with that same electricity it began with.

Staring at the flickering images on the TV, she thought back to the instant memory made, but also to every time in the past when she felt so spent, she was speechless.  A moment to rest her eyes was needed and as the afterglow continued so did her need to nurse.  The back of her thighs slowly needled their way out of numbness, but still left her feeling temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.  But the muscles in her body continued the same motions of the experience and her mouth searched for new purpose.

Her lips tried to close around something which was no longer there.  Seeing her need, her Daddy placed the nipple of her pacifier to her bottom lip, feeding it into the front of her mouth in motion with her want.  Her voice returned and taking the soft rubber between her teeth, her moans of ecstasy returned to whimpers of innocence.

Her legs were lifted into the air and she heard a diaper being placed beneath her on the cushion of the couch.  The coolness of a wipe opened her eyes as she watched him cleaning the mess of wetness between her legs.  She continued nursing on her pacifier and watching him shift the numbness from her thighs into her senses.  It was his caress that made aftercare worth waiting for – whether it followed the spanking of her life or an orgasm she wouldn’t soon forget.

From the scent of powder in the air to the touch of his gentle fingertips to the crinkling noise of a diaper which always made for a fluttering waltz in her tummy, she was coaxed into the safety she had not only come to know, but had come to need.

The night of fantasies had only begun.  As he took a seat on the couch, lifting her up and placing her into the cradle of his arms, she reached up and touched his face.  Her fingertips traced his jawline.  She felt so small and so helpless, but neither would ever get the best of her.  That she would save for him.

50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night

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50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night



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