When Your Past Catches Up With You

From the book:

The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy
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here is a first perspective of a dream that came true, just not in the way expected.

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“When Your Past Catches Up With You”

(Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.)

I wake up.  It is daytime and I open my eyes, seeing you leaning over me.  I’m in a crib and you unfasten my diaper.

“Good Afternoon, Baby.  Did you have a good nap?” you ask quietly as I nod shyly.  “Did you poop in your diaper?”

You make me get out of the crib and crawl out of the bedroom out to the living room.  I can feel my bottom smashed up against my dirty diaper.

You tell me to lie on the blanket you’ve spread out in the middle of the floor.  I do so and then realize there are people sitting on the couches in the room.

From the left side to the right, I see:

Marisa – My very first girlfriend.  I was a junior and she was a freshman.

Denise – My second girlfriend from the spring of my junior year.  She was a sophomore.

Stacy – My first girlfriend from college.  She was two years older. We went to different colleges, but I drove to see her on the weekends.

Jamie – My second college girlfriend.  She was two years younger and went to a college about two hours away.

All four of them had broken up with me.

I hear the diaper tapes unfastening and am able to figure out the mess you are revealing to them just by watching the broad smiles that form on their faces.

You raise my legs and bottom in the air and begin to wipe me clean.  This is a tough challenge, but one that you approach with precision and detail.

I hear giggling from the other side of the room.  I look over to see Bella, short for Isabella.  She was my fiancée from 10 years ago.  She is overcome with laughter and can’t even sit up straight.

Tears stream out of my eyes as I toss my head back and forth looking at my past laughing at me.  Just before I begin crying, you insert a pacifier in my mouth, in the nick of time.

You slide a diaper underneath me and then powder my bottom heavily, allowing the scent to penetrate every inch of the air around me.  Then you lower my bottom and legs down onto the diaper.  I feel the coolness of the powder on my bottom and it is a welcomed relief from the burning sensation of the dirtiness just a few moments prior. 

“Open your legs,” you command with a pitch that I immediately cower to and obey.

Your voice always seems to have that effect on me.  My attention is drawn back to you as I part my thighs and reveal a limpness which in itself is embarrassing.

“I guess some things never change,” Bella says in her usual cold and sarcastic way.

“I don’t know, Bella.  Maybe all he ever needed was the right motivation,” you reply to her.  “Watch this.”

You grip my penis and begin pushing your thumbs into the underside, kneading it and putting pressure on the shaft.  I instantly become erect, not only because it feels good, but because my mind and body are in your control as well.

“And now watch me reap the benefits,” you say as you lift up your skirt and mount my erection with a heavy thud.

I wince at the jolt and sit up.

“Lie back down,” you state to me with a look of you’re gonna get it if you do that again in your eyes.

I return to the blanket, submissively, as you begin to slide up and down on me.   Our eyes never break contact and the longer it goes, the more dominance begins to form behind those irises that I have come to need and obey unconditionally.

And the more dominance you gain in your gaze, the more submission I acquire.  Soon my eyes and entire face are showing the effects of being “taken” exactly as you please, exactly as you want, and when you want.

“Come look at this,” you say, inviting everyone to crowd behind you.

Soon my entire past is standing behind you, watching me being subjugated by you.  Some lean in to see the trembling fear in my eyes as it mixes with a barrage of twitches.

Your pounces increase in speed and force.  A rash breaks out across your chest as you begin to breathe heavily.  You raise your eyes to the ceiling and your orgasm hits and you wail with an angered, writhing satisfaction that makes you growl as you look back down at me.  You are in control of everything and it is the power which feeds your own pleasure.

“Now,” you command bluntly as you stop pouncing and come to rest on my pelvic bone.

Forcing your weight down on me, you enable my orgasm, much smaller than yours, to begin.  My body twitches slightly as I softly whimper into my pacifier. 

My cum spews out of me into your womb. It is erratic and uneven, almost as if I don’t know what to do and out of fear, don’t want to do the wrong thing.  You smile a contented feminine grin as you soak in every bit of uncertainty in my face.

“That’s a good baby,” you say as you slowly rock back and forth, tripping the sensitive spots on my erection.

My past, still watching from above you, is silent.  Everyone is staring at my reaction to your power.

“Aren’t you worried he’ll get you pregnant?” Stacy asks.

You smirk as you reply to her simple question.

“He couldn’t get me pregnant if he wanted.  He’d have to be a man first.  And come on, ladies.  Look at him,” you say with satisfaction.  “And none of you will ever feel his cum inside you.  You’ll never know what it felt like to break him down.  And you’ll never know the satisfaction of pulling the best out of him whenever you want it.”

The room remains silent as my twitches continue.

“You see, that’s the real definition of power.  It’s not using it just to show you have it.  It’s knowing you have it and reminding him of it whenever you feel like using it,” you say, continuing to rock forward with me inside you as you watch me twitch beneath you.  “And all it took was a little coddling … a little time … a little charm … and a little pressure in the right places.”

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