How to Write a Love Letter

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here is a story about the completion of want. 

Take a walk on the wild side as a college schoolgirl goes straight to the head of her class.


“How to Write a Love Letter”

Katie finished writing the tenth sentence on the tiny chalkboard on the wall.  She set the chalk back on the ledge and slapped her hands together twice, clapping the residue from her fingertips as she stepped back to look at her work.

She smiled warmly, but with a sly upward turn to the corners of her mouth.  Everything had worked out exactly as she wanted it to.  And she stood in the middle of her professor’s office – exactly where she wanted to be.

Her professor was an extremely attractive guy, with a clean-shaven, well-kept look.  He was the right mixture of charm and success.  The laws of attraction took hold and beginning on the second day of classes, she always sat in the front row, center seat – dressed head to toe as the schoolgirl dream she hoped that passed through his mind at night.

In reality, practically every female student wanted him in a way that she only whispered to her pillow at night.  Katie was one of many admirers, but at present, she was the only one standing in his office.  And before she tucked her tail between her legs from rejection, she would have her turn to woo the sexy writing teacher with her prose.

The advanced composition class he taught met three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:10 – 2:30 pm.  And it was her final class each of those days.

She was called to his office on this particular Friday afternoon for a simple infraction of repeated tardiness – or so he said.  Oh my, how she enjoyed being late.  Her tardiness was deliberate, in order to get his attention. 

She would average being ten minutes late, so her entrance would stop him from teaching and make him watch her as she took graceful steps to her seat.  Each day, she would add a new little touch to her schoolgirl look.  From that perfect make-up to those braided pigtails to the right color of checkered skirt (yanked just a bit higher each try) to the earrings to the partially unbutton dress shirt, her schoolgirl outfit was primed to take her straight to head of his class.

Today’s touches included white stocking and a pink checkered skirt, a last minute purchase that morning.

Standing in his office, Katie folded her hands behind her back, perusing the books on the shelves and trying not to think of him too much before he got there.

The weekly assignment was always to submit a paper to him after each Friday’s class, demonstrating some of the writing techniques they had discussed in class that week.  In this particular week, she had submitted her paper to him after the Wednesday calls, hoping it would produce the meet she wanted.

She took the opportunity to use what she learned in writing him a letter – straight from the heart.  And she held nothing back.

This was her first semester in college and as a new freshman, she was becoming engrossed in the freedoms she had never known before now.  Dorm life was eye-opening and so were the weekend parties.  But Katie always walked a straight line when it came to class work.  She took everything seriously and pursued what she wanted with a passion. 

That’s why the day she first walked into his class, she fell seriously in love with him.  And that’s why she did all that she needed to in order to wind up in his office today.

She sat down in the cushioned chair behind his desk, taking a moment to sit crossed-legged before parting her thighs and stretching her legs out to rest her ankles on the edge of the desk.

This meeting wasn’t about academics, but rather the completion of an urge she simply couldn’t control anymore and didn’t want to.  And if the lust in her heart was anything like what he could feel for her, then all the competition she went through to get here would’ve been well worth the effort.

All she needed to do was invest in the wiles which fueled her passion to begin with. 

She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, leaving just enough of a glimpse of her cleavage and the lacey edges of her white bra to make him want to see more.  Feeling the backside of her legs, she checked to make certain she hadn’t missed any hairs.

In her purse, she had every possible thing needed for every possible direction her time with him may have gone.  She pealed her pink skirt up, pulling out the waistband of her white cotton panties, to make certain of her smoothness all over.

Her tiny fingertips reached inside her panties and crossed over a peach she had taken quite some time.  Heaving her chest and arching her lower back, she traced the outer lips of her labia, teasing her waking arousal before concentrating on her hood.  She leaned her head back against the cushion chair as she closed her eyes and let out the first many small whimpers of enjoyment.

Yeah it was a lot of work being a girl, but it was worth it all.  She was a girl and he was a guy she liked. 

Her imagination ran wild.  And she saw herself as his lover, his soul mate, his wife … even his BabyGirl (but that would be a revelation of the future, not of the moment.)

And they way that she saw it, there was only one thing that stood between the present and the life to follow … she simply needed to tell him how she felt.

Recognizing that she could be crushed in a single instant with a single breath of air, she knew that the first impression needed to be lasting.  And as the office door opened, she leaped up onto his desk, sitting up and stretching her legs out.

It was the fantasy she dreamed and the fantasy she had merely to begin making the rest of her life.  The power needed was in her hands and in her heart.

Every little advancement in life or good fortune Katie had found came from a bit of hard work and determination –made harder, from time to time, by the natural competition she often encountered from other girls.

She accepted that life would always make her work harder than others to get those things which many rarely had to lift a finger to acquire.  But she had long since gotten over the hurt of that.  Instead, she channeled that hurt into determination.

That’s why she basked in the victory she had all ready won by being in her professor’s office.  And sitting on the top of his desk as he entered the room, she was ready to let her wiles do the talking.  She would not feel guilty for having won the competitions of life nor would she feel bad for what she had to do to get where she was now.

Her professor shut the door behind him and stopped dead in his tracks, seeing her sprawled out on his desk with crossed legs, a heaving chest and a twinkle in her eye which showed the lust in her thoughts.

“We need to talk, Katie,” her professor said with that voice she not only heard in class each day, but in her dreams each night.

“Kitty,” Katie corrected him.  “I like to go by Kitty.”

“And why is that?” he asked, trying to maintain a defense against her advances as he set the stack of papers in his hands on the edge of the desk.

Katie got up onto her hands and knees, crawling over to him while making tiny fists that stepped up on top of the stack of papers.  She stayed in that position, keeping a nose-to-nose closeness as she lifted her right eyebrow, in suggestiveness.

“Because kitties are cute,” she said with a tone which was soft but still filled with a yearning for his approval.  “And they make … very … loyal …… pets.”

“This certainly explains the paper you handed in on Wednesday,” he said with the first trace of approval.

“Did you like it?” she asked, following her impulses of arousal.

“You really know how to write a love letter,” he said, taking both sides of her head in his hands as he worked his fingertips around to the back of her scalp and began teasing her.  “I can make you better at it.  Would you like to know how, Kitty?”

“Teach me,” she whispered to him, her eyes showing her resistance to doing more without permission.

“Hop off the desk,” he said, helping her down to her feet and walking her over to the closet.

He opened the closet door and had her face the mirror on its backside.

“To write a love letter which will win the recipient over before he is done reading it, you must know yourself better than anyone else,” he said, reaching into the pocket of the coat hanging in the closet.  “And a cute name is merely the beginning.  If you’re going to be a teacher’s pet, you will need to dress more appropriately.”

From the coat, he took out a small black leather collar. 

“All pets need to be kept,” he whispered in her ear with a heavy tone as he slid the tip of the leather collar around her neck slowly, fastening it behind her head.

She looked in the mirror at the collar around her neck, touching it as he walked over to his desk to tidy up the desktop.  Her mind began to wander into a fantasy of what was to come.  Just having a collar around her throat had all ready begun mind games she hadn’t anticipated.  She was nervous and excited – both in the same thought.

Her professor sat on the far edge of his desk and motioned for her to walk over to him.  Instinctively, she lowered her chin and shyly walked to his side.

She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body into his chest.  The moment of realization had arrived.  He wrapped his arms around her, seeing the feeling overtake her.

“To know what all the right words are to put into a love letter, you have to know what you feel and you have to understand why you feel it,” he said, spinning her around and planting her back against his chest.

She could feel her heart pounding as his arms wrapped around her again.  Looking down at her chest, she watched his hands unbuttoning the top of her soft pink shirt.  His fingers traced her nipples through the shirt, pinching them at given moments when she was in the middle of a deep breath.

Closing her eyes, she re-entered the fantasy in her mind – seeing visions of their bodies entwined and feeling him penetrate her before they ever began.  And in her mind’s eye, it all was filled with such passion that lust must’ve simply been the vessel of the journey.

She lifted her hands to the ceiling as he took the pink shirt off her frame.  She felt his hands all over her body.  His touch was intoxicating and, mixed with her emotions, made her senses drunken with the mere thought of him.

He looked over to the lines she had written and smiled.

“You’ve been working to get my attention for a while, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered with a small voice.

He looked down at the chair behind his desk and at the tiny purse she had brought with her.

“When you write a love letter to someone, you need to be prepared for the result from the recipient,” he whispered in her ear.  “Are you prepared?”

She nodded rapidly through her heavy breathing, praying that he wasn’t just toying with her as her arousal had built quickly.

“Show me,” he whispered.

Nervously, she opened her purse and dumped its contents on the seat of the chair.  Smiling at what he saw, he removed his tie and joined her wrists together with it at the small of her back.  Reaching to the seat, he picked up the tiny little vibrator, turning it on as he unfastened her white lacey bra.

Her shoulder straps were lowered to her elbows and she leaned her head back on his chest, closing her eyes as he touched the vibrator to her neck and slowly trailed it down the front of her.

As the vibrations passed over her navel, she swelled between her legs to full arousal, letting out a small breathy moan.  She prayed that his hand and that vibrator kept heading south.

“And if you’ve taken the time to put your emotions, your passion and your intentions into a love letter,” he whispered as he lifted the front of her pink skirt.  “Then you’ll reach the fantasies you use each night to fuel your drive.”

He pinched the tiny vibrator between his thumb and pointer finger as his hand found the top of her white cotton panties and traveled underneath it.

She moaned again, arching her back and heaving her chest out as far as she could, opening her canal for him.  He traced the outer lips of her labia with his fingertips, allowing the vibrator to touch her, ever-so-slightly.  The tease was on and working quite well.  She was ready to beg, but instead of swallowing the lump in her throat and finding the courage to beg, she found herself gasping for air as his fingers entered her canal.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” her professor asked suddenly.

She opened her eyes, staring out the window in fear before looking up to him with helplessness.

“Yes,” she said with a small, trembling voice, thinking perhaps her fantasy was about to come to a very un-Fairy Tale ending.

He stood up, turned her to face the desk and slowly slid the vibrator inside her peach.  She did her abled-best to keep her moans quiet, but kept staring down at the desk top. 

When standing at the closet door and watching him tidy up the desktop, just a minute ago, she thought he was bringing order to the papers she had scattered by sitting on the desk.

She could see now that he had cleared the center of his desk.  Fantasies flooded her thoughts again as she began rocking her hips and grinding her center into his palm.  Then he placed a hand on the middle of her back and began to bend her over.

Students were summoned to his office before.  On occasion, he would spank them, but Katie was there to be bent over his desk for a different reason. 

She thought back to how much his voice made her drip into her white cotton panties during class and how she would have to run back to her dorm room to change after his class.

She thought of other days when her time in his class made her so horny that she would run to the bathroom across the hall right as he ended class so she could sit in one of the stalls and play with herself.

It was needless to say that he was the only person she had fantasized about since she first stepped foot on campus that fall.

As she came to rest on the desk top, she voluntarily spread her feet apart.  She closed her eyes again, smiling as she heard him unfasten his belt and unzip his pants.  Her wiles had won again.  As she parted her lips within the smile, she suddenly felt the pacifier she always kept in her purse being placed in her mouth.

Leaning over on top of her, he whispered in her ear.

“Virgins cry rivers,” he whispered with a heavy breath as he flipped up the back of her pink skirt and lowered her panties to mid-thigh.

She nursed on her pacifier as a new moment of realization was about to be met.

His palm pressed up against her peach again, delicately pushing the vibrator in a bit more.  She clenched the end of the vibrator at her opening to prevent it from slipping inside her completely.  And as she remained tightened, the vibrations continued passing inside her and then back out.  She began rocking her hips, trying her best to grind her center into his palm without reaching the orgasm, not yet at least.

“A well-written love letter leaves no emotion unmentioned, but it does leave out a lot of the details,” he said with a lower tone of voice, one derived from setting a very calm mood before the storm. 

He kept his palm pressed against her center.  Her rocking hips had made the contact drive her further into an arousal which was building.  She seized up for just a moment, tightening all the muscles in her body and then released the tension, letting out a desperate whimper behind her pacifier as she shuddered.

His hand felt the wetness which now dripped from her and her rocking hips began gliding along his palm.  She whimpered again as the wetness began passing over his fingers and rolling down her inner thighs.

“You don’t want to spell out your passion completely.  There would be no journey to take together, no secrets to be revealed … and nothing to be explored,” he said, keeping the pressure between her legs and the sensations passing through her frame.

She began shaking and the muffled whimpers made clear that the building pleasure she was trying to resist was becoming too much to handle.  He watched as her twitches became more encompassing of all that she was.  Her blinking eyes stared at his desktop and she was moments away from begging.

And right before she lost her composure completely, he uncupped his hand from center, took hold of the end of the vibrator and slid it out of her peach with a deliberate slowness which made her seize up again, raise her head and moan with an open mouth.  The pacifier fell from her lips and she returned to the desktop, fishing for the pacifier with her tongue until the nipple was safely back between her teeth.  She clenched hold of it now, determined to not let it fall again.

He passed the vibrator up and down each side of the outer lips of her labia, sliding it along her swollen tissues easily.  The wetness of her arousal now had streaming trails which reached the insides of her knees.  

“Kitty, you have been a very good student.  And you have a gift for writing,” he said, trailing the vibrator around her right thigh and passing it across her tummy.  “But you need tutoring, young lady.”

He lined the vibrator up with her navel and slid it downward, coming to a stop over her hood where he pressed the vibrator in.  She collapsed to the desktop, her legs now incapable of standing.

“I want to see you in this office every day after class,” he said, placing the tip of his erection at the opening of her canal.  “And by the end of this semester, I promise that you’ll be the best writer you’ve ever been.”

She relaxed her center as much as she could, feeling the head of his erection entering her opening.  She closed her eyes, relishing that moment.

“We’ll work on your punctuation, your spelling,” he said, sliding himself into her canal with incremental rate as she whimpered softly.  “Yes, we’ll work on your grammar and choice of words.”

The sensations being placed into her hood by the vibrator and the feeling of being spread open on the inside from his stiffened penetration overwhelmed her thoughts.  But his speed was slow and constant, keeping her reactions under his control.  By the time, he was fully penetrated inside her, the tame of his touch only made her want to scream more for the wild.

“You will continue to sit in the front row of my class each day,” he said, withdrawing himself from within her slowly.  “And after class, we’ll discuss what you’ll wear for the next day.”

Beginning to feel the rhythm of his penetrations and following withdrawals, she reveled in the ecstasy of submission as she smiled at his comments of her appearance.

What his words were telling her was that he had noticed her, noticed the details she put into her look, the shifting of her hips, those times when she didn’t sit with crossed legs and the flashes she made for him.

Oh, if she had the courage at that moment, she would’ve told him then that she had an outfit back in her dorm room for every single fetish she kept in her heart.  She made the declaration to herself that before the Christmas break, he would seem them all.

And as new fantasies distracted her mind, her orgasm arrived.  She involuntarily tightened her canal around him, making his girth that much more overwhelming.  And as happily helpless as she could be, she came for him until completely exhausted.  Whimpers, moans, tears, exhilaration … all of it became a single, blissful reaction in an experience which now made her wildest fantasies seem tame.

And as his orgasm neared, he suddenly removed himself from inside her.  She looked back at him with confusion as to why he stopped.

“You have a future brighter than you can imagine, Kitty,” he said, sliding her panties back up into place.  “And nothing will be allowed that will prevent you from getting where you’re headed.

Putting his pants back together, he stood her up and lifted her into his arms, carrying her over to the seat on the other side of his desk before sitting down and placing her across his lap.  She nestled against him, cradled in his arms as she nursed from her pacifier and gazed up at him with a completion of want she now knew as need.

“There will come a time when you will write a love letter that reveals everything to the one you love,” he said to her tracing the contour of her jaw and the features of her face.  “And that will be the last love letter you will ever need to write.”

She smiled warmly behind her pacifier as she placed the side of her face on his chest.  Sex had been more wonderful than she could’ve possibly imagined.  And the afterglow had only just begun.

She looked over at the sentences on the chalkboard she had written and smiled at what they meant to her then as opposed to now.

The chalkboard read:  

“I keep secrets well.”

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