The Point of No Return (Part Two of Two)

The surest path to loving someone else is to first love yourself.  But how do you convince someone to love themselves if they can no longer do it on their own?

If you were given one chance to pull someone back from the brink of their own collapse, what would you say to them?

Would you be strong enough to take a journey beyond yourself, to find her soul and bring her back?

Introducing the book:

Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part Two)

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Zeke learns of the journey he must make in order to bring Lily back from the threshold of her own destruction.


The Point of No Return Part Two

(Start with Part One)

Zeke followed after her and they entered into the trees, exiting into the edge of the CountrySide where Mr. Woody and Neph, two other dream elves, were waiting.

Zeke looked straight ahead to the Pearl Lake seeing Lily sitting at its edge.  He began to move towards her when Neph stopped him.

“Zeke, ye need te listen to me fer a moment, first,” Mr. Woody said.  “Aria explained te ye dat it’s yer soul mate connection which can bring LilyGirl back, yes?”

“Yes,” Zeke replied.

“Ye need te understand dat LilyGirl doesn’t know who she is anymore.  Her mind is on de edge of life an’ more fragile now den ever before,” Mr. Woody explained.

“Skip ahead to the part where you tell me what I need to do,” Zeke said impatiently.  “Do I need to go over there and remind her that she’s Lily?”

“Ye need te do more den dat.  Ye need te convince LilyGirl dat her illness is not her fault an’ her frailty will not prevent her from havin’ children,” Mr. Woody answered.  “If ye bring her back te life without first banishin’ de guilt from within her, yer LilyGirl won’t ever be de girl ye fell in love with.”

“So long as I bring her back, I will love her no matter who she becomes,” Zeke answered.

“Zeke, ye stubborn-headed mule.  Yer missin’ de point. Now sit down an’ shut up!” Mr. Woody yelled.

Zeke sat down.

“Let me explain dis te ye another way,” Mr. Woody said sternly.  “LilyGirl hates herself right now.  De ye want her te hate herself forever?”

“No,” Zeke said, beginning to realize how severe of a state Lily’s mind was in.

“Zeke,” Mr. Woody said, sitting next to him.  “Only ye can convince her te love herself again.  Only ye.  She needs ye te save her soul.  Anything less in unacceptable.  I’m sure ye agree.”

“I do,” Zeke answered solemnly.

“Now get over yer damn bull-headed thinkin’ before ye walk over der an’ kill yer soul mate,” Mr. Woody said coldly.  “Dis is de Point of No Return.”

Zeke sat in silence.

“Finally, yer listenin’ te me,” Mr. Woody continued.  “Now stand up an’ put yer emotions together.”

Zeke stood up and took in a deep breath.

“But Zeke, ye can’t reveal who ye are te her,” Mr. Woody added.

“Why not?” Zeke asked.

“Because she won’t believe ye.  An’ I don’t hev anymore advice te give ye,” Mr. Woody said, resting his chin on his hand.  “She doesn’t know who she is.  She hates herself.  She blames herself fer her illness an’ de only thing thet can change her mind about any of dis is a connection of souls dat only ye share with her.”

Zeke looked over at his BabyGirl, sitting next to the water’s edge and dragging her fingers through the water, making ripples in it.

“Go. Save her, Zeke,” Mr. Woody said as Zeke began to walk towards her. “Zeke.”

“Yes?” Zeke asked, turning back to Mr. Woody.

“Yer LilyGirl is pregnant,” Mr. Woody replied.

Zeke slowly turned back around and began walking towards Lily at the water’s edge, realizing that without her, his life would have no meaning.  Not only would he be saving her life, but their child’s life as well.

After Zeke began walking towards Lily, Neph turned to Mr. Woody.

“How is he going to save her, Uncle?” Neph asked.

“He doesn’t understand yet dat he can’t save.  Not in de way he’s gonna try,” Mr. Woody replied.  “Dis is all about givin’ him an opportunity te say goodbye te her.”

“If anyone can remove the confusion in Lily’s mind, it’s Zeke,” Aria said, embracing Neph’s chest.

“Why are ye so sure, Aria?” Mr. Woody asked her.

“Zeke isn’t perfect,” Aria responded, watching Zeke walking towards Lily.  “But it’s his imperfections that make all the difference.  He knows no limits.  And if he can’t save her, then he’ll join her – and wherever they’re headed, they’ll be together … For the Long Haul, as he would say.”

Aria placed her head on Neph’s chest as the three of them watched patiently.  It was all in Zeke’s hands at this point … The Point of No Return.

Kindle Nook Smashwords PDF EbookKoboGoogle Lulu Paperback CreateSpace Paperback


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