The Perfect Way to Start the Day – The Yittlin Option

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The Yittlin Option –

     Emmie turned to mush on the inside, lying on the bed and watching him take out everything he would need to change her.  Placing his hand on the area of diaper between her legs, he waited patiently until she finished peeing.  And my, oh my, did she feel little already.  All it took was the sight of him and a few words, spoken with that deep, groggy morning voice he was swallowing with coffee.  Emmie was hopelessly in love with him and it warmed her senses to know that she could be exactly who she was in front of him.  She didn’t have to dress to impress or mock a modesty she didn’t really understand or even carry herself in an unnatural way to get his attention.  Mack’s attention and care of her was already there, as if his thoughts were a half a step ahead of hers.  She liked that part a lot.  And she loved him a lot, too.  Smiling brightly behind her pacifier, she bent her elbows, resting her forearms on either side of her head and cupping her fingers into light balls as he placed everything needed to change her in the middle of the bed.

“That’s a good girl,” he said with a syrupy-thick Daddy voice, keeping that look of silliness in his eyes he knew touched her funny bone every time.

She fidgeted and wiggled, a happily helpless captive of a growing-littleness inside her heart.  But when he unfastened the tapes of her diaper, she stopped moving altogether. When Mack unfastened her diaper tapes, this was a sign that she needed to cooperate with him to get changed.  But patience was his virtue, not hers.  And he understood this.  Folding down the front of her soaked diaper, he immediately took a wipe to her skin.

“Some little girl wet herself a lot,” Mack said with playfulness.  “But that’s okay, baby.  This is why Daddy keeps you in a diaper where you belong.”

Oh, he just kept pouring it on.  It was like he knew what to do to cause the tummyfly waltz inside her.  And being told that, not only did she belong in a diaper but also that she would be kept in one was all the fuel necessary to start melting her completely.

Drawing her legs up he slid the wet diaper away from beneath her, taking another wipe to her bottom.  For as chilling as they were every time to her warmed skin, the wiping was a wonderful experience.  And nothing made her a messier pile of goo inside than having her legs held up, completely exposed and vulnerable as her girl parts were cleaned.  Well, there was actually one thing that could make her a messier pile of goo than that – and that’s one thing’s name was Mack or Daddy as she always called him.  Staring up at the ceiling above, she swooned in the feel of the moment and the start of this day.

“You’re being such a good girl,” he cooed at as she heard the rustling of her new diaper being unfolded and placed flat beneath her.   “Daddy is so proud of you.”

His praise always went straight to her little heart.  And for once in her life, she was doing everything right.  She wasn’t being ridiculed or made to feel like she ought to be questioning herself.  It was acceptance of that nature that drew her heart close to him quickly and the rest of her to shortly follow thereafter.  A sense of littleness was always her reward when she stopped trying to do something that would happen naturally if she simply followed the lead of her heart.  It was that loss of control that enabled her mind to regress the same.  Nursing on her pacifier aimlessly, she gazed up at her Daddy with a dreaminess in her eyes that was just as aimless.   

You’re such a sweet little baby,” whispered, taking powder to her behind.  “You can’t help yourself.”

These were the kind of mind melts that she gushed over – when she was convinced that her place in this world was within his care and she truly fit in nowhere else more perfectly.  And as he lowered her powdered bottom into the soft confines of her new diaper, she began to return to that sense of security that existed when she was wrapped at the waist with a crinkly reminder of how her world would remain as little on the outside as she was on the inside.  Those things in life that were constant and unchanging (unless she needed to be) were the things her little heart clung to the most.  Mack was constant and she loved so deeply that she was fast-forgetting what life was like before him.

“Be a good girl for Daddy.  Show Daddy how well you listen,” he said, tapping her inner thighs as she instinctively parted them.  “Daddy loves you for being so wonderful.”

His praise ripple through her head and her heart again as he powdered her front.  And then with a wonderful return to that enveloped feeling she clung to as a constant, she lifted her arms up to him, giving him the gimme, gimme hands until he picked her into his arms, patting her freshly powdered and diapered bottom.  She wrapped herself around him, clinging to more of the constants in her life that she loved as he carried her out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the living room.  She was all yittlin inside and it was the perfect way to start the day.

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