Waiting for the “Beginning”

From the book:

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is a moment of reflection before the “beginning”.


“Wait for it, BabyGirl.  Wait for it,” Elliot whispered into Penny’s ear.

She had become accustomed to hearing that phrase.  Patience was virtuous, but not always the easiest things for the little heart of a BabyGirl to comprehend.  But more often than not, when Elliot told her to wait, there was a good reason and one which she would see the brilliance of in short order.

It was 5:45 am.  Swaddled in her baby blanket, from head to toe, Penny sat between his legs, scooching her hips to find a comfortable sifting of the sand beneath her before leaning back on his chest.

Dawn was approaching and at any second, the first rays would appear on the distance horizon above the endless ocean in front of them.  The beach was an amazing place to be – whether it was for swimming in the ocean, building castles in the sands or just taking in the rays of the sun.

It could be active there or it could be completely quiet, like just then.  And as Elliot slipped the pacifier out of her lips with his pinky finger, touching the nipple of her morning bottle to her lower lip, Penny thought back on the recent memories as well as those from the not-so-distance past.

Last night was a rough night for her.  She was up and down the whole night.  Her stomach was just too upset and after a third diaper change in two hours, Elliot began to spoon feed her Pepto Bismol.  Oh, how she hated that stuff.

Yesterday had been a very trying and emotional day and her unsettled sleep was a simple result of that.  For as much as Elliot tried his best to comfort her and help her deal with the overload of emotions, Penny was a strong-willed soul and would be done with those emotions when she felt like it … not a moment sooner.

Perhaps the greatest real comfort that Elliot could provide her with was his understanding that she needed a longer amount of time to process how she felt. 

As she took in the first mouthful of apple juice and swallowed, she stared out at the horizon, still awaiting its own awakening of day, as her mind drifted back a few days.

She thought back to the yellow sunglasses Elliot bought her at the rest stop on their way down to the BeachTown last weekend.  It was at that rest stop she met the blonde-haired lady who, at the time, made her feel inferior.

Reflections on their inline skating on the boardwalk at dawn, the sand castle they built, the nights on the boardwalk and the psychic shop with that mysterious green dumpster behind it.

She smiled slightly while nursing the bottle as she remembered the charm of that little park he took her too and how, though it seemed neglected and forgotten, there were still adventures within it that were plain to see for anyone who took the time to pay attention. 

She remembered her record setting play at the pirate-themed mini golf course, how she made a daring rescue of Scraps the kitty in a late night thunder storm dash.

She ran her hand up and down the forearm  he had wrapped around her as she recalled how well he did on the My Little Pony test she gave him and how endearing the Gargola the Basement Monster story was he told.

She thought about the new book of dreams the psychic gave her, the kite flying (a particular triumph as Elliot had a tough time getting the kite together), the go kart racing where she outsmarted the Winky Man, the Banana Split Treat and that sling shot ride – to the moon and back it seemed.

Yesterday’s waterpark fun and Elliot’s afternoon pampering of her led to last night’s enigma which led to right now, on the beach – awaiting the sunrise of their final day in the BeachTown.

“Here it comes,” Elliot said, pointing to the sky, brightening slowly and the horizon, beginning to share the sun with the world again.

Penny realized, at that moment, how much they had done in their week at the BeachTown.  And the final day had just begun.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo


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