“Pampering” Penny

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The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is a moment when Penny needed to know nothing mattered more than the heartbeat she possessed.


“Pampering” Penny

Penny waved her fingers in front of the kitty’s face and the kitty batted at her hand with its ever-playful personality.  Elliot signaled left out of the motel parking lot, heading to the nail salon up the street.  After the events of that morning, Penny needed a little extra attention and … “pampering”.

Looking over at Elliot, she recalled the reason why she felt so wonderful just then and what he had done to bring her back from a state of mind which unraveled her into hysterical crying and near-anxiety panic:

Penny clung to his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist and her face buried in the side of his neck as she sobbed uncontrollably.  Carrying her into the motel room, Elliot softly shushed her, bouncing her up and down until she quieted.

“It’s okay, BabyGirl,” he whispered softly.  “It’s over now.  Daddy’s right here and you don’t need to be scared anymore.”

That was an easier thing for him to say than it was for her to do.  The memory of standing over him and helplessly watching him try to perform a miracle just kept haunting her mind.

Holding her up with one arm, he grabbed her baby blanket and spread it out on the bed, easing her down onto it.  Her eyes were reddened from crying and the strain in her face told of the fear within her.

Quickly, he moved to the top dresser drawer, gathering the necessities and returning to her side.  Seeing the diaper in his hand, she instinctively drew her knees up while sniffling.  He scooped the kitty up and placed it beside her on the bed as he slid her bikini bottoms down and off her legs.

Reaching over, she began to pet the kitty’s head.  And as if it could sense her sadness, the kitty abandoned its playfulness, purring with the petting and brushing its soft hair up along her side.  The distraction of the kitty seemed to be working as he gently lifted her legs and bottom into the air, sliding the diaper underneath her and taking powder to her bottom.

His current goal wasn’t to caress the sadness out of her with a gentle diapering, but rather to get her ready for a nap as fast as he could. She was an emotional mess and sleep was needed more than anything else.

No sooner did he lower her bottom into the diaper and powder her front than he fastened that diaper around her and swaddle her in the blanket.  Picking her and the kitty up, he slipped his hand inside the blanket unfastening the strings of her bikini top and removing it from her frame.

Holding his right arm under her legs and bottom, he placed his left hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her nestled against his chest.  She placed the side of her face on his shoulder and sigh calmly for the first time in a while.  She was his naked BabyGirl once again, wearing nothing but her diaper and her engagement ring, wrapped up in a baby blanket with a purring kitty popping its head out.

It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.  Suddenly and overwhelming duress could do that to almost anyone, given the wrong circumstances.  And Penny was a girl who fell easy prey to many emotions all at once.

She would be okay for now, but there was more nurturing she would need after her nap.  Elliot sat on the couch and cradled her body against him.  Entering sleep, she frailly placed her hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat and knowing that it was the same as hers.

Hours later, Penny felt the blanket being wrapped around her and her body being lifted up.  She softly startled to and whimpered in confusion.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Elliot shushed her as he pressed her against his body and carried her out onto the balcony.

He sat on the balcony chair, cradling her across his lap and in his arms.  She blinked several times as the balcony shade of daylight ushered her back into the world.  Along with the warmth of the day, it was a gentle return.  Continue Reading ...

Gentle was exactly what she needed.  Feeling physically rested, she stretched her limbs as she yawned.  But still feeling emotionally drained, she clung to his kindness for the stability she lacked at that moment.

Her blinking eyes focused in on him – her ever-loving, ever-smiling Daddy.  Placing the fingertips of his right hand to her forehead, he lightly drew his fingers done her face.  She smiled slightly for still trying to wake up, but brightly for how he always made her feel with the simplest of pleasures and touches.

Taking her baby bottle in his hand, he slipped his right pinky finger into the handle of her pacifier, removing it from her mouth and touching the nipple of the bottle to her lower lip.

“Open,” he said gently as she parted her lips and took the nipple in her mouth.  “That’s a good girl.”

And with those simple words, Penny began to feel the tummyflies of littleness flutter their waltz inside her.  She didn’t need anything else – just her Daddy and her littleness.  With both in her heart, she began to find the peace that had been misplaced.

And the return of peace contented her to lay perfectly still, save for the gentle rocking of his arms and she nursed the apple juice from the bottle.  Fidgeting was a way of her littleness, especially when wearing a wet diaper, but just then – in his arms, she had no need to move at all.  Because moving just might take her out of such a wonderful place to be and to belong.

She lied frailly in his arms, gazing up at him while nursing from the bottle.  Perhaps she would never get beyond that feeling she got when she looked into his eyes.  She could see all the adventures they had gone on all ready and all the adventures yet to come.

He stood up slowly as she finished the bottle, taking it from her and returning the pacifier to her mouth.  Peeling the blanket off from around her, he carried her towards the bathroom while lighting bouncing her and patting her diapered bottom.  The bounces and movement were all that was needed to get those little girly burps out of her and all that was needed to get her giggling afterwards.

In the bathtub was the largest mound of bubbles she had ever seen.  Her eyes grew as wide as the bubbles were high.  She stared at the bubbles in amazement as he set her to her feet and unfastened her wet diaper.  She had been wetting herself a lot more, recently.  Elliot wasn’t concerned by this yet as he knew that she had been consuming a lot of fluids, for the heat of the past month.  But it would be something he’d be very watchful over in the days and weeks to come.

He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up into the air, setting her feet in the bubbles and warm water beneath.  She sat down in the bubbles and closed her eyes, leaning her head back and feeling the warmth of water as it swaddled her just like the baby blanket had.

Scraps the Kitty came galloping into the bathroom, jumping up on the toilet lid for a bird’s eye view of the Pampering of Penny.

Elliot’s gentle hands glided the washcloth along her skin as always and how Heavenly it felt, as always.  Pitchers of warm water drawn right from the tub faucet were poured onto her hair.  She sat up and leaned her head back, resting herself against his supporting arm behind her.  The trickling water made her scalp come alive with sensations.  And as his fingers worked the shampoo into her hair, a full scalp massage relaxed any remaining tension she had.

What kind of man would take such time to make her feel so good? And all he had to do was touch her heart with his words, her mind with his sentiments and her body with his hands.

Lifting her out of the tub, Elliot wrapped her in a towel before sitting on the toilet lid and setting her on his knee.  Scraps the Kitty made a quick jump up to the sink counter.  He took a second towel and turban-wrapped her hair.

What kind of a man knew how to do that?

He carried her out to the bed and laid her on it, opening the towel to allow her frame to air dry.  Content to lie there, she watched him shuffling from dresser drawer to dresser, trying to remember where he put everything when they arrived on Saturday.  Piece by piece, he put together her outfit and then he walked back into the bathroom.

Penny tilted her head to the side, nursing her pacifier as she raised an eyebrow at what he was doing in there, but when he returned, what he had in his hands was something she never dreamed he would do.

He carried her out to the bed and laid her on it, opening the towel to allow her frame to air dry. Content to lie there, she watched him shuffling from dresser drawer to dresser, trying to remember where he put everything when they arrived on Saturday. Piece by piece, he put together her outfit and then he walked back into the bathroom.

Penny tilted her head to the side, nursing her pacifier as she raised an eyebrow at what he was doing in there, but when he returned, what he had in his hands was something she never dreamed he would do.

In his left hand was a small basin of water and in his right hand was one of her pink razors and a can on Skintimate cream.  What kind of man would take the time to do the things that a girl hated to do?

At first, her answer to her own question was easy:  What kind of man?  One who was crazy.  But then she thought a second time about it.  She smiled warmly behind her pacifier as he raised her left leg, taking the cream to it.

He wasn’t crazy at all.  He may have been a bit too accommodating to her, but for how upset she was earlier, there may not have been such an approach as too much.

The kitty jumped up onto the bed – their ever-present watch guard.  Dipping its paw in the water in the basin, it shook the water off, assuming a safe distance away from further contact.

Elliot’s hands, always gentle with her, were just as gentle with a razor. And looking up at his concentrating face, she began staring at his jaw line.  At that moment, she realized that she had never seen him with much more than a bit of scruff on his face.  And she had never seen him with a single nick or scratch on his skin.

This was the added reassurance that settled her back into the mattress.  And it wasn’t littleness she felt as he made her legs as smooth as could be, but it sure was pampering, nonetheless.

Lowering her legs back to the bed, he parted her thighs and tended the same way between her legs.  That was when littleness kicked in.  The tummyflies fluttered away inside her as Elliot used the gentleness she absolutely needed for comfort.  In a short amount of careful time, she was as smooth … as a baby’s bottom.

Her legs went right back up as he slid her diaper underneath her.  And only he could turn a few fingertips of powder into a stream of sensations she craved.  Lowering her legs down, he took the powder to her front.  And it was just then that she realized – not only did she want to spend the rest of her life with him, but she would need to spend the rest of her life with him.  There was no other guy in the world who could top how he made her feel.

And that was the kind of man he was.

Fastening her diaper, he sat her up and she lifted her wiggling fingers to the sky as he slid that tiny pink dress over her head.  It was that tiny free flowing one at the mall she fussed over and begged him to buy her.  She hadn’t worn it yet … until now.  As he took her hair out of the towel and gently brushed it straight back, she looked at herself in the mirror above the dresser.

Oh my Heaven, wherever they were headed she was going to be the cutest like girl in a pink dress and … and a bow, as he gathered the locks her hair with the pink hair ribbon that accompanied the dress, tying it on the top of her head in the perfect bow.

He helped her to her feet and she wiggled a bit, allowing the dress to fall down around her frame in its flouncy manner.  He scooped up the kitty and her diaper bag.  She took his hand and crinkled alongside him to the door, where she stepped into her pink jelly sandals and followed him out to the car.

Pulling into the shopping mall, Penny saw the nail salon and smiled widely before her pacifier.  Its name was “Kitty’s Cuticles”. 

The day started with such high hopes of fun.  And though she found that fun, a near-tragedy derailed the experience.  Reacting quickly, Elliot took her back to the motel room and spent all afternoon coddling and catering to her frail condition for the trauma.

She scooped up the kitty, put her pacifier in her cleavage, got out of the car and took his hand as they made their way across the parking lot.  She felt like a little girl and this made her happy.  All who saw her seemed to adore the crinkly, pink girl with the glowing face. 

When they entered the nail salon, Elliot walked up to the front counter and stated Penny was there.  The lady told him they were ready.  Apparently, he had called and made an appointment for Penny as she slept that afternoon.

“Penny,” he said, taking her hands in his.  “I’m the only guy in this place right now.”

She snorted before biting her lip, knowing full well what he was about to ask.

“May I go to the music store while they pamper you?” he asked with sincerity.

Penny’s smile grew on her face.  For once, he was the adorable one in the moment.

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied as she stood to her tippy-toes and kissed his forehead before patting his bottom as he left.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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