The Perfect Way to Start the Day – The Saga Option

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The Saga Option –

      Mack took something out of the nightstand drawer, but Emmie didn’t see what it was.  She honestly didn’t care just then.  She was mesmerized by him and by how he had taken a simple fantasy and made it reality for her.  Knowing that he cared like that was all it took for her to hand over her heart to him.  And since that glorious moment when she bonded with him, dynamic took on greater meaning.  Going through life with a passionate heart was an admirable quality.  And in that sense, Emmie was already an amazing girl.  But going through life with someone to share her passionate heart with made her amazingly happy.  That was Mack’s effect.  He was more than just an accepting person, but also – the Daddy she always wanted to wind up with.  Lying before him, with bent knees, this day would be her journey to find what existed beyond happy.  And she couldn’t have been more excited to be his BabyGirl for the trip and, if the fates allowed, for a lifetime.

As he unfastened the tapes at her hips, she nursed softly on her pacifier, feeling the cool rush of air across her warmed mound as he lowered the front of her soaked diaper.  She wasn’t embarrassed, ashamed or mortified.  Instead, her heart beat a little more heavily as his tender touch did the rest. Everything was absolutely perfect.  What a perfect way to start their Daddy-n-Me day.  He tapped her bottom and she rolled backwards a bit, lifting her lower half up off the mattress for him to slide her wet diaper away.  Unfolding the new diaper, he winked at her, filling her belly with those glorious tummyflies as he slid the new diaper into place beneath her.

And then the warm-up began.  She knew it right away.  From the moment he placed that first wipe to her bottom and caressed it across her cheeks, she knew she would be spending this day gushing over his care as much as he gushed over her.  It was one of those moments when they shared a thought – from different ends of the same emotion.  And for pampering that felt as good as this she would happily submit every time.  His hands had such power, but he didn’t wield that power.  His fingers had such reach, but he never overreached his stretch.  He was the perfect gentleman and the perfect Daddy for her.

And then came that glorious silky feeling of powder between his fingers as he worked his gentle touch across her bottom.  She was certain that there was no course in any school of higher learning that could teach a guy how to touch a girl in the manner she most passionately craved.  The guy either took the time to learn on his own how to touch her or he would never know.  Mack had taken that time.  He had definitely taken that time.  And his touch gave warm-up a second meaning.

It began as gently as he caressed, but within her core that slight tingle had awakened more than her mind inside her.  Part of the game of attraction was allowing him to take his time and to allow him to make it her time, too.  Lying there before him, naked and spread-eagled, she likely could’ve been penetrated and driven into a passionless orgasm – had he been the type of guy who skipped the kindling.  But he wasn’t like that and she knew that a lasting fire would need to begin small.  Details were of the essence and Mack never forgot the adjectives.

Placing his hands on the front of her shins, Mack eased her lower half down and her bottom into the freshness and softness of a new diaper.  He also unbent her knees, easing her legs flat to the mattress as well.  She lied there with parted thighs, content to do whatever he said and to accept whatever he did – whether he ravaged her body to the point of rawness or whether he enforced denial of pleasure within.  Either way would be fine to her, just so long as she remained by his side and in his care.

He took a wipe to her front, from hip to hip, continuing that same gentle glide and caressing touch.  She closed her eyes, took in a deep nose-full of air and gently whimpered her happiness.  And as her ecstasy grew, his fingers traveled the wipe down between her legs.  She lifted her hands from her sides and placed them delicately on top of his hand, whimpering again at how gently he now traced the outer lips of her labia.  She tingled, deep within and on the surface, but this was just a warm-up and there would further opportunity for sexual rise when the fire was burning strong.  Her impulses told her to force his fingers inside her, but her heart told her to enjoy the little details he had worked so diligently as to not overlook himself.  It wasn’t about an orgasm, not yet anyway.  Just his touch, for now.

And after a few minutes of the kind of caressing touch that only had one direction to go, Mack took the powder to her front, caressing it from hip to hip and then between her legs.

She was warmed up by the time he taped her into her diaper and picked her up to carry her out to breakfast.  Her legs wrapped around his waist.  Her arms wrapped around his neck and she placed her face on his shoulder, nursing from her pacifier living for the passion she felt.  It was the perfect way to start the day.

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