Little Heart at the Lost-n-Found

She bent her legs while resting easily on the little rug in the kitchen where her Daddy sometimes placed her when he was making lunch or dinner.

When on that rug, she was not to crawl off it until he told her to.

It was 9 am on a Saturday and she nursed on her morning bottle. What a wonderful, wonderful bath she had just received by his hands, and how calm her little heart was just then.

She could become lost so easily as his BabyGirl.  Lost in her thoughts, lost in her emotions, lost in the little world he created for her and kept her in.  Being his BabyGirl didn’t make her life perfect, but it sure felt like it was.  But she knew that a big piece of that perfect puzzle she found in him.

And each day, she became more aware of how the only thing her little heart ever had to do in order to be found was to get lost … in her Daddy.


25 “Nothing Buts”

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