Hotel Humiliation (Part One of Two)

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here is a story about what it feels like to surpass the danger of discovery and to know that your greatest secret is about to be revealed to all who see you.

What would you do if stuck in a sticky situation?


Hotel Humiliation Part One

She wasn’t gonna make it much longer.  Her wonderful, glorious “weekend away” with her Daddy had begun, but it had been a long drive to get to the hotel and she had held her bladder … too long.

Standing at the hotel check-in, she leaned forward on the counter, able to pinch her thighs together and clench the right muscles from wetting herself right then and there.  But any sudden movement could be it and she would become a wet little girl.

Having had close calls before, she knew what to do to make it to the room before an accident happened.  But this was more than a pending close call.  It was desperation at its worst.

Added to the dilemma was that when she was with him, she was usually a bundle babbling, giggling littleness … in a diaper.  She was his BabyGirl and would assume that role so easily in his presence, but right now, she had to concentrate on getting to the room before embarrassing herself and her Daddy.

“Okay, you’re room is cleaned and prepared for you,” the lady behind the counter said, handing him the room key card.  “You’re on the sixth floor, room 635.  The main elevator behind you is broken.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  But you’ll have to take the hallway to the end for the other elevator or the stairs.  Enjoy your stay.”

This was just her luck.  Of course, the main elevator – which was only ten feet away, was broken.  If her bladder wasn’t ready to erupt, that elevator would’ve been working fine.  Now, she had to take careful steps down the entire first floor hallway just to catch the stupid elevator.

Thankfully, there was a bathroom down the hallway and she sighed softly, grabbing her suitcase and joining hands with her Daddy as they headed down towards the elevator on the other side of the moon.

As if she were being blessed by guardian angels see saw the sign to the women’s bathroom.  It was four doors down on the left.  Her nearing panic began to lessen as she took careful steps towards the bathroom. 

Her nearing panic returned as she saw the “Closed for Cleaning” sign attached to the door handle.  Was this a joke?  Some sort of cruel trick to get her to wet herself?

She began to get frustrated and then angry.  Being a girl wasn’t easy sometimes and all it took was the wrong set of circumstances to make her cry, not to mention that she really couldn’t hold her bladder for long.  This road trip may have been a world record for her.

She stopped in her tracks, pinching her thighs together.  Why? Why did this have to happen to her?  Why did the elevator have to be broken?  And why did they have to be cleaning the bathroom right now?

She began quickly exploring all the possibilities:

  • She could run to the elevator and then clench down again when she got there. 
  • She could take careful steps, smaller ones if needed. 
  • She could knock on any door in the hallway and beg them to allow her to use their bathroom.
  • She could use the men’s bathroom on the first floor.

But as quickly as she made a mental list, all the options were taken away:

  • Running to the elevator would get her there, but she was certain that she’d start peeing in her sprint.
  • She didn’t want to interrupt total strangers to ask to use a toilet that others she didn’t know probably all ready used.
  • The men’s bathroom was in the total opposite direction of where they were headed and it was just as far to that bathroom as it was to the elevator.

Her only option was to keep walking slowly to the elevator.

“Are you okay, Baby,” her Daddy asked as she lowered her chin and shook her head no. “What’s wrong?”

She stood silently, beginning to tremble from the urge to go.

“Princess, tell Daddy what’s wrong?” he asked, gently.

“I gotta pee,” she whispered, looking left and right to see if anyone was in earshot of their conversation.

“Can you hold it until we get to the room?” he asked, seeing her legs beginning to bow inward.

“I don’t think I can hold it another step,” she whispered with forming tears.

Her Daddy looked around for a moment and set his bag down, reaching inside it.

“No, Daddy.  Not here.  Someone will see us,” she whispered frantically.

He stood back up, holding a diaper stuffer in his hand.  He reached for the front of her jeans and she fussed.

“Noooooo,” she whispered as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he shushed her as he took her pacifier from his shirt pocket and placed it between her lips.  “Be a good girl for me.”

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Kindle or Kindle Unlimited


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