Bacon, Eggs & “Cheese!”

From the book:
The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is a snippet from Penny & Elliot’s “alone time” in the middle of it all.


Bacon, Eggs & “Cheese!”

Penny removed the pink pacifier from her mouth, setting it on the table in front of her.  Her pink summer dress and her matching pigtail holders made her the cutest lil girl in the restaurant.

For all her many different colored footed pajamas and her multitude of matching pacifiers and pigtail holders, she was happiest when wearing pink.  The same was true for her sun dresses.  And that morning, her happiness couldn’t have been clearer – in her eyes, in her composure and in her heart.

In the past two days, she had felt a wide range of emotions and had taken on several different moods – from being quiet to being rambunctious to being silly to being sassy.  Just then, she felt content and her abundance of happiness was a typical way to feel on a Monday morning.  But it was Monday morning and day three of their week of vacation.  It was time with Elliot, her beloved Daddy.  And that is what made all the difference.

She sat Indian-leg style in the booth, studying the breakfast menu hard.  Dumpty’s Family Diner always seemed like a neat place to eat, but she had never eaten there before.  That’s the main reason why she put in on the schedule for this week of vacation.  It was yet another new thing to try and she scrunched up her face, the typical look she had when making a decision.

Elliot just smiled at her from across the booth.  He was so in love with her, it may have been best labeled as obsession at this point.

Penny’s hair was almost dry from her morning bath and with the coming heat of the day; it probably wouldn’t be damp much longer.   At 9 am, the early morning coolness was still around, but the weather report called for a scorcher with a chance of thunderstorms throughout the day.

She smiled, turning the menu towards Elliot and bouncing up and down while pointing out what she wanted.

“You guys ready?” the server asked, returning for a fifth time to take their breakfast order.

“Yes we are,” Elliot said happily, smiling at the selection she had made.

“Okay, go for it,” the server said, readying her pen and pad.

“I would like the four egg omelet,” Elliot replied.

“And to drink?” she asked him.

“Coffee and a Coke,” Elliot replied.  “But put them in separate glasses.”

The server paused for a moment, looking at Elliot like he was crazy.  Penny snorted in laughter and quickly covered her face.  The server smiled at his joke, for as corny as it was.

“You sure you don’t want them together?” she asked back with a grin before turning to Penny.  “And how about you, Sweetie?  What are you gonna order?”

“The green eggs and ham!” Penny exclaimed with littleness.

The server looked at her with confusion.

“I don’t think we have that,” she said to Penny.

Penny took the menu from Elliot and showed the server the picture of what she wanted.

“Oh, you want the Irish Eggs and Canadian Bacon,” the server said looking at the picture.  “Yeah, that does make it look like green eggs and ham, doesn’t it?  It also comes with a cheese topping.  Your choices are American Cheese, Provolone or Swiss.”

Penny looked at Elliot, unsure of what the kind was that she liked.

“She would like the provolone,” Elliot answered for her.  “And I’m guessing she wants orange juice?”

Penny nodded enthusiastically.

“You got it,” the server said, taking their menus and heading back to the kitchen.

“So where are we headed after breakfast, Princess?”  Elliot asked her.

“The play park before it gets too hot,” Penny replied, picking up a crayon and flipping her placemat.

“Do you mean that tiny little park with the playground up on 56th street?” he asked as the server returned with his coffee and soda and her orange juice.

“Yep,” she exclaimed as she held the crayon up vertically in front of her.

Closing one eye, she focused in on his face before starting to draw his head.  Elliot smiled at the enormous ears she gave him.  He picked up her glasses of orange juice and poured it into her sippy cup, screwing the cap on tightly and placing it back on the table.

“And after the park?” he asked.

“Pirate Golf!” she stated, unreservedly.

“Oh …,” he replied.  “Is Little Little Red Riding Hood challenging Captain Jack Sparrow?”

Penny giggled, recalling the Halloween party they attended last fall.  It was one of his first visits to her.

A few minutes later, their breakfast was served and as she ate it, she looked down at the drawing of his face on that placemat.  She thought about the events of the past two days, of that psychic shoppe and that kitty by the green dumpster, the view from the top of the Ferris wheel, the sand castle, the boardwalk skating race, the silly bedtime story, the dancing game at the arcade and everything they had done so far.

Then she thought back to just early that morning.  His wake-up routine was always the most wonderful way to begin any day.  She missed it terribly when he wasn’t there.

That particular morning, she was awaked by the sounds of her diaper tapes being unfastened.  Stirring to, she received the nipple of her morning bottle.  Clutching it with both hands, she was babied into the new day.

He bathed her, diapered her and dressed her before they headed out to breakfast.  She was growing accustomed to his gentle treatment so much that she was beginning to function much better when he was around.  This may have explained her burst of energy since they arrived in the BeachTown two days ago.

After they both finished breakfast, he told her he would be right back, getting up and walking to the bathroom.  She sat contentedly, waiting for his return and reflecting with more thoughts of how much she loved him.

All was going well, until she spotted the blonde-haired lady and her two friends that had bumped into Penny at the rest stop.

Penny froze when she saw them and as they approached her, the poor girl began to wet her diaper.

The blonde-haired woman walked up to the edge of the table.  Penny looked up at her timidly, trying not to fidget as she wet herself.  With each passing moment, she felt better for how nervous she was.  She just hoped she wouldn’t wet herself so heavily that she leaked.

“Are you here by yourself, Sweetie?” the blonde asked.

“No,” Penny replied with a small voice.

The blonde and her two friends eyed up the diaper bag across the table in Elliot’s seat, the pink pacifier sitting on the table, the crayons strewn about, the drawing on Penny’s placemat, the half-full sippy cup, the pink summer dress Penny was wearing and the tiny puddle of pee forming in between Penny’s legs.

“You’re an odd one,” the one friend said to Penny, watching the poor girl pull down the lower hem of her dress and sit up with modesty.

“No,” the blonde replied.  “She’s not odd at all.  She’s adorable.”

The blonde suddenly had a kind tone to her.  But Penny still felt nervous, not trusting these three strange women who were decked out, at 9 am, with all the feminine wiles to control any man they came across.

Penny sat there in a pink summer dress and a still soaking diaper under a pair of short shorts with growing signs of her accident.  Needless to say, she didn’t feel like competition for them at all.  And this was why she couldn’t understand their approach to her as if she were competition.  The first time was at the rest stop and now this morning in this restaurant. 

It was as if they were waiting for her insecurities to set in so they could watch her breakdown in front of them.  Her mind was being made to regress and she couldn’t help herself.

“Who are you here with?” the blonde asked.

“My Daddy,” Penny answered innocently.

“Where is he?” the blonde asked with a sudden maternal quality.

Penny’s tummyflies appeared in her belly as the three femme faces sudden had taken on looks of adoration.

“The potty,” Penny answered honestly, pointing to the men’s room.

“And I bet he’s going to be proud when he comes back out as sees that you sat here and waited patiently for him … like a good girl,” the blonde said with kindness, but also with a touch of condescension.

Penny nodded in a small fashion, beginning to be taken in by the sweetness of their conversation.

“Are you always a good girl for him?” the blonde asked, starting to figure it out.

“Yes,” Penny answered proudly.  “And he is very proud of me.”

The femmes’ faces lit up with smiles that were genuine but also had a hint of delight in figuring out Penny’s little secret.

“Do you like pacifiers?” one of the blonde’s friends asked, pointing to the pink pacifier on the table.

“They keep me calm,” Penny answered, lowering her chin.

She started tinkling herself again.  Her tummy was a fluttered mess and she shifted in her seat, crinkling in the process.

The third woman covered her mouth to prevent showing the smile on her face.

“I bet you sleep with a pacifier in your mouth, don’t you?” the blonde asked.

“I can’t sleep without it,” Penny answered with innocence.

“What does your Daddy call you?” the blonde asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“…………….Princess,” Penny answered with hesitation.

“Are you his little girl?” the second woman asked with a wide smile.

“I’m his BabyGirl,” Penny replied, incapable of saying anything but the truth.

“Well, Princess BabyGirl, it was nice meeting you,” the blonde said, looking down at her folded hands on her lap.  “And I hope your marriage is a long and lasting one.”

Penny looked down at her engagement ring.

“Bye Bye,” the blonde said sweetly, directing the other two to follow her to the register.

Penny waved as they walked away and at that instant, Elliot walked out of the bathroom.  Seeing her waving, he waved back.

“You ready to go, Princess?” he asked, gathering her belongings from the table, picking up the diaper bag and helping Penny to stand.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered with littleness as she stood to her feet and waddled out the car alongside him.

They weren’t ten feet away from the front door when Elliot’s Daddy instincts kicked in and as they got to the car, he lifted the back of her dress, seeing the wet spot on the back of her short shorts.

Her heart began to pound as he opened the back door for her instead of the front passenger’s door.  He reached up to the steering wheel and started the car, turning on the air conditioning before standing back up out of the car and lowering the soaked shorts down her legs.

She stepped out of the shorts, knowing exactly what was about to happen.  She was filled with such littleness that she couldn’t fuss. 

“Be a good girl for Daddy,” he whispered in her ear as he embraced her, placed his right hand on her lower back and his left hand behind her neck.

His words, in their soft tone and with their gentle message, melted her senses as he eased her down onto the back seat.  He climbed into the back seat and shut the door behind him.

He bent her knees and reached inside her dress, unfastening her diaper tapes.  She began breathing a bit heavier and whimpered softly – her usual first response to being overwhelmed.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he said, placing the nipple of her pacifier between her lips before taking a new diaper out of the diaper bag.

Little did Elliot realize that her overwhelming reaction was due to a fear that the three femmes just might stroll by at any moment.  She would’ve tinkled herself again, had she not emptied her bladder back in the restaurant.

 He folded the front of her diaper down and took a wipe to her skin.  She closed her eyes and parted her thighs instinctively while relaxing into the backseat, feeling the coolness of the wipe on her skin.

“That a girl,” he said encouragingly as he lifted her bottom in the air slightly.  “Daddy is so proud of you.  You’re being such a goof little girl.”

Elliot’s voice always made every situation better and keeping her middle covered with the dress had set her at ease a bit more.  This was assurance.  And she knew that when she needed a touch of discretion to take the edge off her emotions, he would provide it.  It was as if he could read her mind.

He wiped her bottom clean and then came the powder – that sweet, sweet scent which had taken the place of perfume.

She felt the softness of her new diaper to her bottom as her mind softened in the process.  Opening her eyes, she glanced up at the window above her at the exact moment that the three femmes strolled by.  The tummyflies took hold of her again and she fell deeply into the comforts of littleness that she knew she could no longer live without.

He folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips before helping her to sit.  Kissing her on the forehead, he patted her freshly diapered bottom as she crawled into the front seat and getting into the driver’s seat, he drove away – headed to the tiny park on 56th Street.

Fresh with the emotions that always followed being changed, Penny was all BabyGirl and it didn’t feel like she would do anything but continue to regress for some time to come.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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