The “Streaks” of Sunrise

Roller PennyFrom the book:

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is Penny & Elliot’s trip across the “boards”.


The “Streaks” of Sunrise

Penny threw her hands to the sky, trying to keep the sun out of her eyes while also keeping the skating helmet from falling off her head.  Elliot slid the light green elbow pads down each of her arms and then tended to the loose helmet strap under her chin.

“There we go,” he said, tightening the strap to the helmet before standing to his feet.  “Now, let me get a look at you to make sure you’re all together right.”

It was 6am on Sunday morning and the two of them had risen quite early, taking down a few English muffins to hold them over until breakfast.  The reason they got up so early?  It was to do a little activity which they just might get in a little trouble for.

Penny had been itching to try out the inline skates Elliot bought her a month ago and now, while sitting on the end of the boardwalk, she was finally going to get the opportunity.

She rested her hands behind her, looking up at him while squinting from the sunrise behind him.  Her knees and elbows had safety pads on them and her head was covered with the matching green safety helmet – now strapped in tightly.  She wore a skin-tight pink t-shirt.

Elliot wanted to dress her in the pink bike shorts he bought her to go with the skates and he wanted to put her hair in braided pigtails.  But Penny wanted to feel the wind in her hair and on her legs.  So she wore her hair down and a free-flowing light purple skirt covered her diaper.

He knelt down, tying the pink shoelaces on her white skates.  She kept playing with the purple wheels on the bottom of them until he was down.  Then he took her hands and up to her feet she jumped, smiling brightly behind the light-purple pacifier between her tiny lips.

“Okay … down to the pier and back,” he said, kneeling down once more to tie the shoelaces of his skates.

Penny took the pacifier out of her mouth.

“See ya there, Daddy,” she said before putting the pacifier back in her mouth, tapping him on the top of his helmet and taking off down the boardwalk.

Penny took off and got up to speed, gliding along while joining her hands behind her back – just as she had seen the speed skaters do in the Olympics.  Sunrise was in full effect and the brightening golden rays touched down on the boards beneath her skates, the buildings to her right and the beach sands to her left.  The ocean gleamed with ripples of diamond-kissed light and the early morning breeze rushed across her frame and through her hair.

She turned around, beginning to skate backwards while looking for Elliot.  But there was still no sight of him.  So she turned back around and took off again, taking in the streaks of buildings and shops along her way with the waddle-worthy strides she made through her crinkles.

She felt alive and she felt free.  Oh, what a glorious moment it was.  Her life had just gotten better and better in the past year.  She kept the dream of her heart and just like Cinderella, tried on a new pair of shoes.  And when she did, the world opened up to greet her – starting with Elliot.

She stopped suddenly, seeing the Purple Tortoise bar to her right.  She slowly skated over to it and peeked in the darkened windows.  It was at this bar that she met Elliot last summer.

She closed her eyes and twirled around in circles, remembering the first sight of him and how he seemed to bring with him a aura of confidence.  Her first conversation with him was just as easy as the one they had this morning when they woke up.  In a year’s time, he hadn’t changed who he was, nor who he showed himself to be that first night.  He was a rock and her stability.  She knew he would never change.  He was who he was.  And that was what she needed – someone who wouldn’t change, but instead grow with her.

She slowly skated along the edge of the stores, listening to the crinkle of her diaper.  She felt little and that felt wonderful.  She passed a kite shop, an art gallery display, a glass trinket and jewelry boutique, the Sun ‘N Fun Beachwear shop and the ever-famous Smasher’s Fries stand.

She knelt down to retie her one shoelace, remembering how she first told Elliot of her little secret.

It was the last night of their time in the BeachTown last summer and they had taken a long walk out to the edge of the pier.  Sitting on the edge of the dock, dipping her feet into the water, she nervously opened up her heart to him and it was his genuine, daddy-like response which told that every moment to follow would be all right.

Suddenly, a gush of wind flew up behind her.  Elliot appeared, flipped the back of her skirt up and patted her diapered bottom.

“Try to keep up, Baby,” he said before taking off down the boardwalk.

Penny smiled playfully behind her pacifier before standing up and skating after her Daddy, crinkling along the way.

She caught up with him quickly, being the far-superior skater – though she could never tell her Daddy that.  And while trying to pass him, she kept getting cut off as he would skate in front of her advance.

After a few minutes of trying to get past him, she gave up and grabbed hold of the small backpack around his shoulders. She stopped skating and tried to bring him to a halt as well, but couldn’t for the size he had over her.  So, she held on and went along for the ride, giggling and beginning to direct him where to go.

Elliot seemed to have a polarizing effect, enabling her to make an instant memory of anything they did together by making each thing they did something she couldn’t forget.

He picked up speed and she gripped his backpack tightly with her two tiny fists.  The wind rushed by as he made it to the end of the boardwalk and kept skating into the Pier End Carnival area.

It wasn’t open yet, but already had several maintenance crew members doing the daily safety checks on the rides.

Penny’s eyes grew enormously wide, seeing the Ferris wheel.  It looked as if it stretched all the way up into the clouds.  And it was huge, further making her feel little. 

The rock climbing wall seemed to go up just as high and she wondered how anyone would be brave enough to scale it with a simple harness and rope to keep them from falling.

The slingshot ride looked as though it would send you up so far into the sky that you could touch the clouds.

The wonders of the carnival were all around her and from one stand to another, one ride to another – she would definitely be putting it on their schedule for the week.

As he skated them out of the carnival area, he began to weave left and right, trying to get her to fall off her feet.  But he couldn’t do it.  Penny was that sure-footed on inline skates.  And it was she who actually taught him how to skate.  Prior to meeting her, Elliot had only ever worn skates once and he vowed he would never do it again.

He was wrong.

Penny looked across the boardwalk to the other big exhibit at that end of the pier – the Lil Kids’ Animal Zoo.  It was a makeshift set-up of fences and stalls that held the animals, beginning to rustle with the dawn light.  Llamas and other smaller animals were lined up in their cages, waiting breakfast from the keepers.  At the entrance, a sign read:  “See the World’s Smallest Horse”.

Penny made another mental note to put the animal zoo on their week’s schedule.  She so totally wanted to go over and pet the animals right then, helping the keepers to feed them, but she recalled getting in trouble back at the Baltimore Zoo in March when she did that very thing and got them kicked out of the place.  For being a little girl, her heart was quite big, especially for animals – whether real or stuffed.

Suddenly, Elliot came to a screeching halt and Penny had to jump up onto his back to prevent herself from fully crashing into him.  In front of them was at least a dozen seagulls who were enjoying the contents of a trashcan which had fallen over.

She was quite startled and from the shock, she began wetting herself, sliding down from the piggy-back and resting up against him for the tinkle.  She wrapped her arms around him from behind and rested the side of her face between his shoulder blades as she closed her eyes and released her muscles.  Her heart was still pounding, but it felt good to ‘let go’.

In more ways than one, she had become accustomed to accepting the things which she knew were too much for her.  Before she met Elliot, she would face each challenge with a strong backbone and battle to the end – sometimes winning, sometimes losing – but either way, showing she was strong.  Now, she abandoned that façade and just simply chose to be weak and be seen as such when something became too much to handle.

She recalled something he once said to her about strength and weakness:

“Everyone is strong and everyone is weak.  No one is exempt from this.  It’s easy to show your strengths, but not so easy to show when you’re weak.  Accept that you are both and you’ll be happy with the peace it brings.  Don’t hide your weaknesses.  Show them and you’ll find you’re stronger than you think.”

Penny opened her eyes and caught sight of the Psychic Shop on the corner of the boardwalk stores.  She lifted her head up and then stood up, waddling a few wet diaper strides towards the shop with her skates before stopping and tilting her head to the side. 

There was something familiar about the psychic shop as was there familiarity with the green dumpster behind it.  It was as if she had seen it somewhere before, perhaps in a dream – she just couldn’t remember.

They both stood there for a few minutes.  Penny stared at the Psychic Shop.  Elliot stared at the massive arcade.  And the seagull that had waddle up between them was looking at both of them as if there was something wrong with them.

“Hey!” yelled one of the maintenance workers from the carnival entrance.  “You wanna stay out of carnival area until we open please?”

Elliot waved his understanding to the worker and then skated over to Penny who was still staring at the Psychic Shop with a mesmerized trance.  He reached under her skirt and felt the seat of her diaper.

“Let’s get outta here and go get some breakfast,” Elliot whispered in her ear, snapping her out of the trance as she turned to face him.  “And I think some little girl needs a change.”

She nodded timidly.

“You know something?” Elliot asked her.  “Not even the streaks of sunrise can shine as brightly as the beauty you possess.”

She smiled sweetly behind her pacifier before pressing up against his side as they skated off the boardwalk, headed for The OceanSide Frying Pan.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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