The Yellow Sunglasses

Taken from the book:
The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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Penny returns, shedding her footed pajamas in exchange for a bikini.  It’s summertime and the BeachTown awaits.


The Yellow Sunglasses

Penny placed her feet on Elliot’s dashboard; wiggling the pink toenails she just finished painting before they left.  She looked over at Elliot and he winked at her.  Shifting her yellow pacifier to the side of her mouth, she smiled.

Oh, what a wonderful week this was going to be: Seven days in the BeachTown where they met – all the sand, boardwalk strolling, tanning and memories she could make in that time.

“You know, some little girl is gonna bite through her pacifier nipple if she keeps chewing on it like that,” Elliot said with the same syrupy tone she had known and come to love in the past year of her life.

It was July of last summer when Penny bumped into Elliot at that BeachTown.  They spent a short amount of time together in that week, but that was all it took for attraction to turn into something more.  Penny found herself so taken in by him that her heart opened up and she told him of the lone secret she had kept from everyone her entire life.

It was a leap of faith she had taken in trusting that he would understand and still accept her.  But never, in her wildest dreams, did she believe he would embrace her secret and make it his own as well. 

It took a lot for her to reveal the lil girl in her heart, but thinking back on it now, she couldn’t imagine what the past year of her life would’ve been without him, nor could she imagine what her future would’ve been like had he not been introduced into her world.

She was ready for the beach and ready for a full week with him – no interruptions, no family emergencies and nothing to hold back the chance at some much needed Daddy-n-Me time. Sitting up on her knees, she lowered the passenger’s visor, checking her pigtails and her make-up.  Her chosen color of the day was yellow, from the pigtail holders to her pacifier to her tiny yellow bikini top with the red poke-a-dots.  Even her jelly sandals were yellow, but also had multi-colored starfish on them.

She looked absolutely adorable and the glow on her face showed how happy she was.

Pulling off the busy highway, Elliot headed for the rest stop.  His bladder couldn’t hold out any longer and a chance to stretch as well would be good for both of them.

He no sooner put the car in park and turned the engine off then Penny started crawling out of the car over top of his lap.  Getting out of the car quickly, he called to her.

“Penny?” he called to her as he signaled for her to return to the car.

She tilted her head to the side as she watched him reach into the back seat.  Wondering what the holdup was about, she bounced back to him.  Penny was truly a bundle of energy at the moment.

Elliot stood back up from leaning in the car and in his hand was his white button-down Daddy shirt.  Wrapping it around her waist, he tied the sleeves together below her navel, dangling them over her diapered front.  She paused for a second to absorb the fact that she almost went into the rest stop without anything over her diaper.

But just as quickly as that thought entered her mind, it exited.  She shrugged it off, realizing that once again her Daddy was thinking far enough ahead for her.

So she turned and began skipping towards the entrance again.

“Penny?” Elliot called to her while shutting the door and walking up to her.

She stopped dead in her tracks again and this time looked her appearance up and down.  Not seeing anything wrong with the way she looked, she turned to him and tilted her again, wondering what was wrong now.

Elliot tapped the pacifier between her lips.  Her eyes grew wide and she immediately embraced him for thinking to tell her she was still nursing on her pacifier.  That might’ve been a little embarrassing had she walked in with it still in her mouth and since it was as yellow as her bikini top, it would’ve stood out for sure.

Her pacifier had become such a natural part of her daily routine that she hardly paid it any notice, so long as it was there in between her lips, giving her something to nurse on in her moments of little feelings.

She stuck her tongue straight out into her cheek and scrunched up her face as she decided what to do with it for their time inside the rest stop.  And then the idea dawned on her.

She took the pacifier from her lips and put it in her cleavage, looking back up at him and laughing.  He grinned widely and patted her diapered bottom before taking her hand and heading for the entrance.

Oh, what a blessed handful Penny was and the glow on Elliot’s face told how happy he was to be with her, too.

This rest stop had the usual temptations of Burger King, Popeyes, Starbucks and more.  There were tiny tourist shops and travelers’ convenience stores with wall-to-wall coolers of drinks and fountain sodas.  In the center was a seating area, currently busy for a warm Saturday afternoon in the summer.

Her eyes took in the surroundings and the bustling patrons as he led her to the bathroom entrances.  To the right was the ladies.  To the left was the mens.

“Penny?” he said, getting no response from her as her eyes kept wandering. “Princess?”

She looked up at him, lost in her own world, but fascinated by all that she was seeing.

“I want you to wait here.  I’ll only be a minute, okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered back as flutterflies entered her tummy.

“That’s my BabyGirl,” he said softly before kissing her forehead.  “Don’t wander off, Princess.”

She watched him walk into the men’s restroom and then turned her attention back to the people watching.  It seemed like most people there were headed to the BeachTown and by the weariness they carried with them, it seemed they had traveled quite a distance all ready.

She and Elliot had only been on the road an hour, traveling from his house outside the Charm City.  Penny often liked to ‘people watch’ when she had the chance.  How people moved and how they related to one another fascinated her, at times.

From the corner of the eye, she saw three gabbing women walked out of the ladies’ restroom.  They were all in their mid-20’s and had spent some time in the sun already that summer for the tans they had.

Penny stepped back to get out of their way and crinkled a bit loudly.  The lady with the blonde hair stopped at the sound and turned back to Penny.

She stood about two inches taller than Penny, just enough extra height to look down at her.  She wore a white bikini top, holding her 36D chest and a pair of cut-off jean shorts, accentuating the hourglass of her frame.

She peered down at Penny’s tiny chest and at the pacifier in her cleavage.  Penny felt so small, quite literally.  Then, the lady stepped back to get a good look at the button-down Daddy shirt tied around her waist.

And that was all it took.

Penny released her muscles in nervousness and wet herself, shifting her hips in discomfort as she finished.

“You headin’ to the BeachTown?” the blonde-haired lady asked with a dirty southern accent.

Penny nodded as the blonde-haired lady and her two friends smiled and eyed her up a bit more before they walked off.  She relaxed herself, more and more, the further they got away.  She had no idea what their problem was, but hoped dearly that she wouldn’t run into them at the beach.

And suddenly, Penny was back to people watching, but the experience of being ‘studied’ by that woman had etched a little place in her mind, seemingly to stay.

Across the seating area to the other side was that touristy convenience store and something which caught Penny’s eye.  In a shiny object moment, Penny wandered over to the store, crinkling and continuing to wet herself, but helplessly drawn to the yellow sunglasses she eyed up from across the room. 

Her waddle increased as did the weight of her diaper.  Still, she pressed forward, walking into the little store and picking up the pair of yellow sunglasses which matched her outfit perfectly.

She tried the sunglasses on and looked at herself in the tiny mirror provided on the display rack.  Walking up behind her was Elliot.

“Is this where you wandered off, too?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied with a voice more timid than he had heard in a while.

Something was obviously bothering her, but as he had learned in the past, Penny had many layers to her persona, more layers than she had colors of footed pajamas.  And Penny would tell him what was wrong when she was ready.

What Elliot had also learned was that distraction from her thoughts was what she truly needed.  And he was very good at doing that.

“Hey, you want a slushie before we get back on the road?” he asked with his most playful Daddy tone.

A grin fell over her face and she lowered her chin as a bit of happiness re-entered her heart.

“I happen to know that some little girl loves slushie,” he said, egging her littleness on.

She began swaying her hips back and forth.  Only a crazy person would turn down the offering of a slushie, especially since this rest stop had six different flavors.  For as much as she didn’t want to totally give in to her littleness for what had unsettled her, Elliot was too sweet of a Daddy for her to be able to resist his charms.

“Is that a yes?” he asked with a soft, playful tone.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with shyness as she took his hand.

“That’s my BabyGirl,” he said patting her bottom and realizing how wet she was before a burst of energy sent her into a sprint over to the slushie machine.

She made it to the machine in Olympic-record time, taking down the largest sized cup they had while jumping up and down, trying to reach the large-sized slushie lids at the top of the rack.

Her crinkle no longer mattered to her and her waddle would remain until he changed her.  And though she didn’t realize that her jumping had caused the button-down Daddy shirt to slide down her hips, exposing the top of her diaper, supreme little mode had taken her over.

Elliot walked up to her and took down one of the large lids, handing it to her before lifting up the back of the shirt to confirm she was wet.

He watched as she filled the large cup with all six flavors – cola, cherry, blue raspberry, root beer, grape and orange.  She plunged a straw in the slushie and began to drink from it as Elliot led her to the register to pay.  While she stood there, she tinkled just a little bit more, finishing off what her bladder had left.

“You ready to go, Baby?” Elliot asked, turning to Penny from the cashier.

She nodded and took his hand as they headed to the car.  His words melted her.  In fact, this whole little rest stop experience melted her.  She went from silly to nervous to sad to happy.  The Power of Elliot was real and it controlled her.

She kept drinking from her slushie, holding her Daddy’s hand and waddling alongside him in a wet diaper she knew he’d be changing as soon as they got to the car. 

The flutterflies were dancing a waltz in her tummy.  The week had barely begun and she was wrapped up in an emotion that just seemed to grow with each day, each experience and each adventure she had with him.

Her world was perfect.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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