When the Curfew is Broken

No one likes restrictions placed on them, particularly restrictions on time … like a curfew.  It is human nature to test the waters and sometimes we get away with it.

Gus wasn’t so lucky.  When he came home late last night, he thought he was in the clear.  He’d quickly learn the following day that when the curfew is broken, there are consequences to face.

And he would never get away from them.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.   ABGussy.com


Gus sat on the side of his bed, playing a video game on his hand-held.  It had been a pretty quiet day and for his busy-ness from the last night, it was quite a needed break.

That all was about to change and his day of “break” was about to take on new meaning

“Sweetie, can you come here please?” his Mommy called to him from another room.

“Coming,” he called to her as he got up and made his way to her. “What’s going on?”

“We … need to have a little discussion,” she said, setting a folding chair down for her seat.

Something was up and Gus knew this wasn’t going to be good.

“A discussion?” he asked, truthfully.

“What time did you come home last night?” she asked, folding her hands on her lap and looking up at him with a gaze that made clear her currently controlled anger.

“3,” he answered, quickly and quietly.

“And that’s how late?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Like … 2 hours,” he answered as if it were no big deal.

“On a school night,” she pointed out.

“Did I have school yesterday?” he asked, trying to catch her up with her words.

“No, you had school today,” she replied, shooting down his feeble word game.

“I did?” he asked back with a smart tone which probably sealed his fate.

“I’m assuming you went to school,” she said as her temper began to build.

“Oh. Okay,” he stated nonchalantly. “Yeah I went to school.”

Gus had gone to the movies last night with his friends. But he had broken the curfew.  And the piper in front of him needed to be paid.

“Rules are rules.  And curfew is curfew,” she stated bluntly.

He apologized, promising not to break curfew again, but before he was finished making his future broken promise, he knew he was about to find out what happens when the curfew is broken.

“I don’t know if I can trust you anymore to give you a curfew,” she said, trying to find a compromise, but knowing with his track record she would only be making herself out to be a sucker.  “I know you’re not stupid.  There’s a clock on that phone of yours.  I didn’t know you were going to the movies.  You could’ve easily reminded me.”

The same lesson needed to be taught to him again.  She grabbed his wrist, pulled him down and over her lap.  He assumed the position as if he had been there before.

Her right hand landed on the back of his jean with rapid fire rate as she listed his infractions:

Coming home past your curfew.
Not telling her where he was going.
Coming home at 1 am.
Not calling to tell her he would be late.

And as she listed the reasons for his current OTK, her anger came out.  Her rapid fire hand deliveries quickened more so and he twitched as the sting hadn’t given away to a comfortable numbness yet.

She had learned not to wail away constantly.  By doing so, the numbness that formed would make it an unpleasant experience only and not one which would teach a lesson.

“Stand up.  Take ‘em down,” she said with a monotone as he stood.

His fingers fumbled.  So she took his pants down for him, yanked him back down over her knee and added to the reddish hue that had formed across his cheeks.

Red began to turn to maroon as her hand smacks stung his skin directly.  This always sent the sting down the back of his thighs a little, preventing him from find that comfortable numbness.  Thusly, the pain would remain, even if his bottom didn’t feel it anymore.

She stopped spanking him for a moment to allow the Chinese Water Torture method to begin to work.

“You think it’s over?” she asked with a tone of a strict disciplinarian. 

“I don’t know,” he said with a shaky voice.

She began to even out the redness that had spread across his cheeks as she asked him when his curfew time was.

“Ow. Ow.  It hurts.  Please stop,” she said, mocking his thoughts.  “You know this is for your own good.”

Her hand smacks contacted his fleshy bottom and the slaps were causing twinges of pain that he gritted his teeth around to not lose his composure.

“Get up,” she said as he stood. “In the corner.”

With his pants and underwear at his ankles, he waddled to the corner, touching his nose to the wall.  His curfew was now 10 pm, a compromise she decided on her own, though he had broken her trust.

He fussed and lost another hour as she changed his curfew to 9 pm and took her hand to his bottom several more times.  Playing games had consequences and she drilled him with logic until he stopped making excuses.

She just kept spanking him until she got it all out of her system.  He also received a two week grounding as she told him she was disappointed in his behavior.

“Stay in that corner until I tell you to come out.  Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes, Mommy,” he mumbled as she walked away in disgust.

Someday, he might learn.  Hopefully, today was that day.  If anything, he now knew what happens … When the Curfew is Broken.


You can find the video to this story at:

ABGussy.com & ABGus’s Member Site

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