His Aunty’s Plan

Lydia quickly prepared the final touches for her guest. She was quite happy she would be seeing him and she was given specific instructions on what to do when he got there.

Her beloved nephew had come for a visit. But it was going to turn out to be a lot more than that. And what she put in his welcoming drink would become known soon enough.

For now, his knock at the door gave her an Aunty’s bounce to her step as she opened it.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.   ABGussy.com


She opened the door and in walked her favorite nephew.

“Don’t you have a hug for your Aunty?” she asked as they embraced her.  “Oh, it’s so good to see you.”

She loved him so much and always had.  She proudly watched him grow from a young boy into the young man standing before her.

“Look at you, you’re just getting so big,” she said, watching him walk over to the shoe mat.  “And you even remember to take your shoes off in my house.”

She walked over to the table and picked up the drink she made for him.  A simple little cup of lemonade to quench her nephew’s thirst.

He certainly was thirsty, too, taking the drink and chugging it before handing the cup back to her.

“Still got a bit more in there yet,” she said in her usual tone of an Aunt. 

He took the cup and finished the rest, and almost instantly, became dizzy – if not a little foggy in his thoughts. 

He shrugged it off as tiredness, but she knew differently.

“So how have you been?  You haven’t been here for so long and then your Mom and Dad said you were coming over and …,” she rambled, watching him rub his head.

“I … I feel kinda sleepy,” he mumbled.

“You do?” she asked in her concerned tone.  “Do you need to lay down?”

“Uh .. yeah,” he answered as the fogginess continued to form in his head.

“Come on, let’s go lay down for a while,” she said, rubbing his back as she guided him into the guest bedroom.

When he hit the bed, he passed out.  And she went straight to work, undressing the unconscious boy, not for intent of making him naked, but rather to get him dressed a bit more appropriately.

And the word appropriate meant a diaper.  Her plan wasn’t to host her nephew for a few days, but to help him take a trip back to correct some issues that had developed with him along the way.

First the diaper.  Then a new t-shirt.  Then a pair of bib jean shortalls.  Her nephew was quickly being returned back to that little boy she used to be so proud of.

A Few Hours Later …

Gus slowly awoke, with the same fogginess he fell asleep with.  He mumbled in confusion at the outfit he now wore.

“Somebody’s awake,” she said with a cheery, maternal tone.  “Such a sleepy head.”

“What’s going on?” he mumbled in confusion.

“Your Mom and Dad did not send you here to spend the week with me.  They sent you here because they want their little baby boy back,” she explained, checking his diaper.  “So I agreed that I would help them out.”

She began unfastening the leggings of the shortalls to tend to the change he needed. 

She went on to explain his clothing would be different from now on as would his diet and bottle feedings.

“This isn’t real life,” he mumbled, trying to make sense of what was happening.

“This is real life.  It’s your life from now on,” she replied to his ramblings.

In each bottle feeding would be more of the medicine which would keep him in a foggy state from now.  She loved her nephew and wouldn’t let him lead his life astray.

It wasn’t always easy to know what to do, but whatever it took, her favorite nephew was going to learn how to walk the straight and narrow again.  And this time, he would stay on that path in life.

That was His Aunty’s Plan.


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