The Broken Fever and the Unbroken Question

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here is the sample of a story about a Daddy & BabyGirl who survived a week of the flu to realize that a fever was the only thing that would ever be broken between them.


He glanced over at her as he pulled out from the side street onto the main road leading to town. They were taking a simple, little trip to get some sunshine and fresh air. And after the week they had been through together, a little fresh air was what just the doctor ordered … quite literally.

She had been sick for the past five days and it was an inglorious strain of the flu which had sent her fever up to 103 degrees (prompting a late-night ER visit), the “colly-wobbles” as he playfully called them, chills and sweats (causing her to shed clothing in one instant and wrap up in a blanket the next), a loss of appetite and enough medication to make any prescription insurance company happy. The doctor told her to drink fluids and let it take its course in her.

Thankfully, that course was behind her now and today was the best she had felt in a week. She was simply drained at this point, but the color was starting to come back to her skin, life was returning to her eyes and her spunk had made its grand re-entry.

He had something important to tell her, but was waiting for the right moment. As he drove along, he thought back on the events of their morning all ready:


The alarm clock showed 8:15 am as he walked back into their bedroom from having taken a shower. And there she lied on the bed, flat on her back and in the exact same position as he had left her a few minutes prior. She was fast asleep again. The white cotton robe he put her in had engulfed her body, but made it easy for her to cool down or bundle up should the “chills and sweats” return.

Getting dressed, he watched her sleeping as he listened to her breathing – a lot less belabored than it had been in the past few days. She seemed so peaceful for all the physical turmoil that her immune system was going through. Her chest rose and fell with each slow, steady breath.

He walked up to the edge of the bed and gazed down at her dreaming face, relaxed at the moment. The sight of her took him back as it always did. He delighted in having preserved the effects of first sight so that he could revisit them, time and again. She was beautiful, even when she wasn’t feeling well.

And this beautiful brunette had feathered her long hair out on the bed around her, allowing it to dry from the bath she had just received. It hadn’t been easy for him to wake her up, given the night of fever she just went through, but the fever had finally broken and was headed back down. He smiled, recalling how earlier in the week he told her that he always thought she was hot anyway. And for the blank stare she gave him at the time, he fondly recalled the humor in it. She may not have agreed with his recollection.

He picked up the pacifier which had fallen from her lips and rested on the sheets she had jumbled up into a makeshift pillow. She wasn’t just his lover and partner in life. She had a meaning to him and a purpose far more significant and with a level of emotion felt far deeper than what might be considered the norm. But for the two of them, it was as natural as could.

She was his BabyGirl, which served as a “term” of endearment, but also served to define a place in her heart and a little piece of her soul which she had guarded her whole life from being harmed, until she met the man she would fall in love with and call “Daddy” for the rest of her life. And the pacifier was merely one of several habits which she now freely allowed to nourish the little girl within her mind and her heart.

He touched the nipple of the pacifier to her bottom lip. Without stirring much at all, she passively opened her mouth, receiving the pacifier between her lips before settling back into full sleep. She wasn’t just consciously a BabyGirl, but subconsciously as well, making it clear that the longing went far deeper into her than the physical could ever get.

The past few days had been really rough for her and he spent quite a bit of time tending to her sickened needs, going so far as to call off work one day because of how ill she was. It had been exhausting for him, too, but he never tired of taking care of her and doing for her what no one else had ever done before. And for as physically tiring as it actually was for him, he derived a pride and a pleasure from providing for her the care that she needed.

He was her Daddy and she was his responsibility … in sickness and in health. He glanced over at the naked fingers of her left hand, imagining the day he would adorn at least one of them with a ring.

Walking back into the bathroom, he retrieved a thermometer from the medicine cabinet behind the mirror. It actually took him a while to find it for the exact order her compulsiveness created. And he had learned that he need not ever disrupt the order she kept things in. It was her obsession, but this week she could’ve cared less, for good obvious reason.

She awakened as the cool air rushed over her naked frame, opening her eyes slowly and whimpering up to him.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he whispered as he brushed his fingers along the side of her face which was warmed with a still-present temperature.

Drawing up her legs, he rolled her gently onto her side and flipped up the robe, exposing her bottom. She went into the fetal position, knowing what was to come. It was at moments like this that a submissive soul prayed for gentleness. She nursed softly on her pacifier, awaiting his instruction and hopefully his re-assurance of a tender touch.

“Relax your body, BabyGirl,” he said as she did so, allowing all her muscles to soften their tension.

He slowly inserted the thermometer into her bottom as she whimpered behind her pacifier, not from pain but from the number of times she had been through this all ready. She was so sick of being sick at this point. He normally would’ve addressed her continued fussiness, but had abandoned that approach this week. She had every right to be fussy. So, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead, offering a gentleness for her emotions to feel at least.

“Now, be a good girl and don’t move until Daddy gets back, okay?” he said in that syrupy Daddy voice which always melted her senses and drove her into the little state of mind. “I’ll only be gone a minute.”

She nodded timidly and he left the bedroom, heading downstairs to the kitchen. Curled up in the fetal position, nursing from a pacifier and having her temperature taken in a most vulnerable fashion, her thoughts continued down the path of “little”. It was a path she had been waiting to go down all week, but simply couldn’t for illness. And this morning had been proof all ready that she was now quickly recovering because suddenly things had started to feel good again.

In fact, things began to feel so good again that she was able to return to her usual system of absorbing the physical side of something as it happened and reliving the emotions attached to it at a later time. In other words: She was able to reflect on how good something made her feel. And all ready on this day, she had received a bath which was, in one word, “Heavenly”.

She could hear him walking back up the stairs, going into the bathroom and back to her at bedside. In his left hand, she could see the diaper she would soon be wearing. All this week, she may well have been wearing a diaper anyway, even if she wasn’t a BabyGirl or didn’t subscribe to ABDL. But now, the diaper would return to producing that emotion within her and a state of mind which she had been missing for a few days.

He gently removed the thermometer, to her relief, but it read: 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It was still a major step in the right direction.

“You’re almost done with the fever, BabyGirl,” he said cheerfully as he rolled her back flat onto the bed.

He picked up the diaper and she smiled behind her pacifier, closing her eyes and waiting for the sound.

And …

… there it was. That crinkle which always brought the butterflies to her tummy filled her ears. Everything was becoming fun again and she could only contain expressing her emotions because she felt so physically weak that it would be too much work to giggle or clap her hands repeatedly with giddiness. But she felt that way inside and what a wonderful feeling it was.

He lifted her legs and bottom up into the air and slid the diaper into place underneath her. She closed her eyes, awaiting the silky feel of the powder as he dusted it across her bottom. His hands were so gentle and she was taking in the enjoyment from every sensation tingling her body.

Then he lowered her bottom and legs down, nestling them into the softness of the diaper. She had never really taken the time to enjoy the feel of it or maybe it was that she was a little more aware of pleasantness at the moment.

He parted her thighs as he drew the front of her diaper up and into place around her waist, fastening the tapes at her hips before planting his lips on her belly and blowing raspberries. She sat up quickly as he did this. She could feel that too, but tickling wasn’t exactly what she was ready for yet.

He lifted her up into his arms and she embraced him. The sweet glow to her face told the story that she was feeling a lot better.

“Your eyes haven’t danced like that all week,” he said, carrying her downstairs. “But I knew they were trying.”

She nodded shyly.

He carried her into the sun room, sitting her on the bean bag chair. She was beginning to think that she could get use to this kind of treatment. He walked into the kitchen as she picked up the remote and flipped through the channels to The Today Show. Early morning was the best time to be in the sun room. It was still cool from the night, but lit brilliantly by the morning sun. The room faced the backwoods of the property, giving good scenery.

He returned with her breakfast, served on a lap tray. Oh yes, she could definitely get use to this. Then she saw what was for breakfast: toast, banana pudding and apple juice. She sighed, taking her pacifier out and setting it on the tray. It was yet another installment of the B.R.A.T. diet. This was the sort of food she had been eating all week. But he did manage to make it fun. The pudding was in a plastic Hello Kitty bowl, complete with a matching spoon and the apple juice was in a matching Hello Kitty sippy cup. She caught herself giggling a little as she rarely used the baby bowls and utensils. They were more a novelty than something for practical use, but this was a wonderful opportunity to get to use them. And he had taken the time to prepare it all for her.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said looking up at him.

It was the kindness of his actions, sometimes so simple as little treats like breakfast on a tray, which made him so endearing to her. The dynamic was certainly an important part of it too, but it was he whom she had fallen in love with, and all the kindness his heart had within.

Then she spotted a cup of coffee which he had also set on the tray, presumably his cup of coffee. So, of course, she quickly grabbed it and started to drink it until he stopped her.

“Ah, ah, ahh!” he said, taking the cup from her.

She smiled at being scolded and picked up a piece of the toast, holding it with both hands as she watched The Today Show. He had always suspected she had a thing for Matt Lauer, but he never questioned her on it, being as she allowed him to swoon over Keira Knightley. And she was kind enough to have sat through repeated viewings of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies.

He sat on the rocking chair and scooted it up behind the bean bag chair, taking her head in his hands and beginning to massage her scalp by pressing his fingers in at certain places to relieve her headache pressure.

She had suffered her whole life from migraine headaches, so severe at points in time that she needed prescription medication to handle the pain. So, one sleep-deprived night a few months back, he did an internet search and discovered some scalp massages which seemed to help her. This week alone, he had spent a lot of time massaging her body, particularly her lower back, where the pain was telling her that she needed to get well quickly before next week’s symptoms arrived – yet another thing she wasn’t looking forward to.

She leaned back on the bean bag and began scooping in the banana pudding as he took a brushed to her hair, straightening each strand to the tip and tugging ever-so-slightly at the root, giving her scalp one more round of tingling. She absolutely loved getting her hair brushed by him and would ask him to do it almost every day. There was a method to his madness, a precision to the way he did things and the results were always to her benefit.

After a few minutes, he got up and walked upstairs. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Her entire scalp was alive with sensations and though he wasn’t brushing her hair anymore, it felt like he was still doing it. It was remarkable how bad she actually felt while sick. Only now, on the tail end of it all, did she realize this because her senses were no longer numb. She could ‘feel’ everything once again. All week long, the baths and diaper changes and softness of clothing gave her no enjoyment, though filled with his tenderness and his care and his loving treatment of her. It made her realize further how much he had probably done for her for which she wasn’t aware.

He returned with an outfit for her and sat back down on rocking chair, putting the clothing on the chair next to him for now. He motioned for her to climb up onto his lap and she gladly did so, removing the robe as the warmth of the morning sun had made her comfortable. She climbed up onto him and curled up on his lap – a BabyGirl in nothing but her diaper, sitting on her Daddy’s lap – the way it should be.

The warmth of sunshine pouring in through the windows beamed down on them. She placed her head on his chest and looked up at him with a pair of baby browns that were really starting to show the twinkle of health again.

“Daddy, when did you know?” she asked him.

The tone in her voice and the look in her eyes were indicative of her want to be captivated by his answer. She wanted to hear the words he had spoken so many times before when she asked that question of him. He would recall specific moments from their past which were both: the first indications in many forms as well as reminders of the moments when he knew he loved her.

“When did I know?” he asked back.

He wrapped his arms around her, putting her into a cradle before he began slowing rocking the chair and answering her question:

“When your shoulders shrank up and your chin lowered at the first sound of the Daddy voice. When your actions showed the devotion in your heart,” he said, placing her pacifier back in her mouth. “When your nervousness made your words jumbled. When your excitement made you talk a mile a minute … That’s when I knew.”

He ran his fingers down her naked shoulder and arm.

“When you ran to the front door to greet me with a kiss and a hug. When you pressed yourself against my body because you couldn’t be close enough,” he said, running his fingers down her back and patting her diapered bottom. “When your smile appeared out of nowhere and at random times. When you said ‘Thank you’ … That’s when I knew.”

Tears formed in her eyes, glistening with the sunlight around her.

“When your reaction to gentleness equaled your reaction to aggression. When your reaction to kindness showed you took nothing for granted,” he said, catching a tear from her right eye before it rolled down her cheek. “When I had no money and you showed no entitlement. When all we had was each other. When we were Daddy and BabyGirl and nothing else mattered, you always smiled at how rich that actually made us … That’s when I knew.”

She immediately embraced him, seeing the pain he felt from the memory and remembering how hard he struggled to make ends meet so they could enjoy the rest of their lives together.

“When you became jealous of the guitar in my hands. When I realized that every song I wrote was about you,” he said, regaining his composure as she delicately drew her fingertips down the sides of his face, tracing his jaw line. “When my departures brought you tears. When my arrivals brought you happiness … That’s when I knew.”

There were moments when he was weak and it was then that she loved him even more. He bared his heart to her and she took care of him, if just for a brief few moments before he returned to the demeanor he felt comfort in. But the real comfort came from her, for at those moments when he felt weak, he was actually at his strongest, all because he had her in his life.

There were many moments from their past which made clear to him when he knew he first loved her and the fact that each one of those memories could be viewed as a ‘first’ is what made each day possible to be seen with eyes that never lost the power of ‘Love at First Sight’.

There were many moments like that which words could describe. And then there were moments like the present one which carried the same prevailing sentiment without a sound. She had taken the time to notice and she remembered, too. That was the chemistry they shared, what made everything between them possible and what made the lives as two become their lifetime as one.

“We need to get you out of this house,” he said softly, still absorbing the connection they were sharing at that moment.

She smiled sweetly behind her pacifier and he smiled back, trying to equal the brightness which she filled the room with.

“I think a little fresh air and some sunshine is what you need right now,” he said, still wrapped in the gaze of her eyes.

She removed the pacifier from her mouth.

“What I need is you, Daddy,” she said, delicately but assertively. “And I’ll go wherever you want me to.”

“Let’s get you dressed then,” he said with another smile that melted her.

Her words, often few and sporadic, could speak volumes about what he meant to her.

He reached over to the chair next to him and picked up the pink t-shirt he brought out. She raised her hands to the sky and he slid the t-shirt down onto her body. Even the feel of soft cotton was a wonderful sensation for her. The softer, the better. But it was the white skirt, made of a thin, flouncy material which really brightened her eyes.

He had picked out outfits for her before and some of them weren’t so flattering. She had to explain to him the concept of what looked cute and what colors matched when compared to the weather and her mood of the day and where they were headed – all the important factors that a girl would take into account before dressing.

He had done well this time and she was proud of him.

She stood to her feet and he helped her step into the skirt. Her diaper was covered and the flouncy drape of the skirt made it comfortable. She took his hand and followed him to the door, seeing him scoop up the brown purse they used as a diaper bag.

She slipped into her flip flops and stopped at the door as he attached the string and clip to her shirt collar and her pacifier. She smiled, blushing a little at the thought of being seen with a pacifier clip on her shirt. Then they were on their way. The weather outside was perfect with lots of sun and no heat. Her steps were cautious as she hadn’t moved this much in a few days. But as with all impromptu road trips he made for them, she found new energy in the mystery of their destination.

Where were they going this time?

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