The Pillow & The Blanket

I wish I could take credit for terming this sleeping position, but it was the voice of a lil girl who once said: “You be my pillow & I’ll be your blanket.”

Was she the first lil girl to say this? In my world, she was.

This position actually suited me well, in more ways than one – especially since I’m a tall skinny guy and I get cold easily. But I’m also a Daddy and there is no finer way to fall asleep than with your BabyGirl not only resting up alongside you, but also partially straddling you.


But how does this position work? 

The Daddy lies on his back and the BabyGirl lies on her tummy (a commonly preferred position for a BabyGirl to sleep in).

She rests her head on the front of his shoulder and her torso up against his ribs while parting both her legs down the side of his body. Sliding her one arm up under the actual pillow behind his head, she places her other hand on his chest.

His one hand joins her on his chest and his other hand travels to many locations on her body.

The Pillow – The Daddy is whom she rests upon and from whom she finds support. Remaining as close to him as possible she can hear his heart beat, feel it beating with her hand. And her body rises and lowers with the rhythm of his breathing.

She still has the ability to fidget to find new comfort when needed. But she never loses contact with him, making known where she is to him all night long as she nestles up against him.

The Blanket – The BabyGirl drapes herself down her Daddy’s frame, finding warmth for her feet alongside his calf. By pressing herself up against him, she partially covers him, sharing her body’s warmth with him.

With his free hand, he is able to rub her shoulder, tuck her hair behind her ear, rub her back, pat her diapered bottom and press her closer to him. He is also able to lean his head up and kiss her forehead. And he can return her pacifier to her lips, should it fall out in the night.

Without opening his eyes, he keeps her in his arms, in his care and provides for her the place where she will feel the safest and where she belongs.

The Beauty of The Pillow & The Blanket is that it can be done practically anywhere and in variations as individual as each of us are.


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