In Trouble Again

Losing one’s rights to independence is never a pleasant experience or fun memory to reflect on, particularly when you feel threatened that others may find out how much you are under someone’s control.

But what comes from such an experience is a clarity of self and more over, a clear line between what you want and what you need, persistence and stubbornness, acceptance and denial, underwear and a diaper.

And as Gus was about to find out: the spanking of a lifetime or the embarrassment of being diapered in front of his friends.  If he isn’t careful and doesn’t start listening to his Mommy, he just might get both. 

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.


“See ya, later.  I’m going to the mall?” Gus said, heading for the door.

“Where are you going?” his Mommy asked, calling to him.

“I just told you.  The mall,” he replied, turning to her as she walked up to him.  “What?”

“Well, I’m just making sure,” she said eyeing him up.  “Are you diapered up?”

His Mommy was serious when she informed him that he would be in a diaper at all times, from now on.

“Of course.  Why wouldn’t I?” he said, quickly – a bit too quickly for her truth radar to register.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” she asked, calmly, but with a certainty to her tone that the truth might not be what he was feeding her.

“No, I’m not lying,” he said, turning away from her and reaching for the door knob.

“Okay. Hold on, hold on,” she said sweetly as she grabbed his shoulder with a gentleness that made clear she wasn’t ready to commit to her accusation.

She spun him around to face her.

“You’re not lying?” she asked with continued calmness, but with a hand on her hip which indicated that the truth better be what his attitude was suggesting.

“No, Mommy.  I’m not lying,” he stated with a near-smirk on his face.

She held out her hand.

“Give me your keys,” she commanded, taking them and setting them on the shelf by the front door.  “You cannot hold your keys until you tell me the truth.”

“Okay, I’m lying,” he admitted with a wider smirk.  “Can I just go to the mall, please?”

“No,” she replied, matter-of-factly.

“Ryan’s waiting for me,” he remarked with the same indifference she had heard before.

“I don’t care.  Ryan can continue waiting for you,” she said with both hands on her hips at this point.  “I knew you weren’t wearing your diaper.  And do you wanna know why I know?  Because I put a pair of big boy underwear in your drawer and guess what?”

“They’re not there,” he said in a monotone voice, busted as he knew he was.

“They’re not there.  So where could they possibly be?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I threw them out,” he said, coming up with a quick cover.

“No, I threw them all out.  Not you,” she said, correcting him.

“You missed one.  I threw it out,” he replied back quickly.

She glared him down for a moment before spinning him around, reaching down inside the back of his jeans and pulling up the waistband of his underwear.

“I knew you were lying,” she said, pressing the issue of his red-handed guilt.

She had made an agreement with him and the fact that  he was about to leave the house without a diaper on added in with the lie he paid his own mother equaled trouble again.

He reasoning was honest.  He didn’t want his friends to know he was being made to wear diapers.  But what he wanted wasn’t always what he needed.

She sat on the armrest of the nearby sofa chair.  Over her knee, he went and her right hand began wielding the power she had over him.  Her palm strikes were forceful and exacting of the same message she had tried to get through to him so many times before.  Persistence was the only thing that could stand up to stubbornness.

“Take off your pants,” she said, making him stand back up.

He unbuckled his belt, lowering his pants to his ankles.

“Pop off your shoes,” she instructed, watching him scoff and kick off his shoes in disgust at her.

“Don’t question what I have to say,” she said to him, summoning him back to her with her finger.

Down over her knee he went again, and her hand smacks delivered the sting of his lies.

She pulled his underwear down and kept planting a barrage of blows on each of his cheeks, pinkening with each stroke.

She laid him down on the floor and returned him to the confines of a diaper.  At this point, he had lost track of the number times he found himself laying before, naked from the waist down and being humiliated back into a diaper.

His feet and bottom were raised into the air and she slid the Bellisimo Bambino underneath him.  What embarrassment his senses felt and how mortified he would be when his friends saw him in a diaper.

She cracked her hands together as he lay before her in his padded state before she dressed him back up in his jeans. 

Putting his shoes back on, she laid down the law of what the night would have in store for him.  He really wasn’t all that excited about going to the mall anymore.  Someday, he’d learn.  Someday.


You can find the video to this story at: & ABGus’s Member Site

Also, check out Miss Lydia’s video site:

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