A Lesson Behind the Homework

The word “Rehearse” contains the word “Re-hear” which means to hear something again.  The idea of homework is to reinforce what you learned in school that day.  This is done to help you commit to memory what you have been taught.

Gus really didn’t want to admit to his Mommy that his diaper was wet.  And as he sat on the couch, doing his homework for school, he totally forgot that he was to always tell his Mommy the truth.

A Mommy has instinct and maybe someday he would learn to accept that her instincts saw through everything.

When he didn’t tell her he needed changed, she viewed it as him lying to her.

His homework in life was to be a good boy, but when he lied, his Mommy decided there was a lesson behind that homework he needed to learn and it was one which couldn’t be taught in a classroom.

Warning: This Ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story! ABGussy.com


Gus sat on the couch, working on his homework.  There was no time left to put it off anymore.

“What are you doing,?” his Momy asked, entering the room with clicking heels.

“Homework,” he answered grimly, inundated by the task at this point.

“You got a lot to do?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Did you just start doing your homework?” she asked as he nodded.  “But you’ve been home for a while.”

It should’ve been done by now and his Mommy’s message to him was clear:  He needed to do his homework and then get to bed.

He fussed about it for a moment.

“Don’t question,” she said, sharply but lovingly.  “Are you wearing your diaper?”

“Yes, Mommy,” he replied.

“Is it dry or is it wet?” she asked rhetorically, knowing the answer all ready, but testing his honesty.

“Dry, Mommy,” he answered quietly.

“Okay,” she stated contentedly as she left the room.

Gus went back to his homework, carelessly flipping through the pages as he began to squirm in his seat.  The honest truth was that he was drenched at that point.

She began tapping the toes of her shoe, looking back at him from the doorway she never exited through.

“What’s wrong with your bottom?” she asked sharply and authoritatively.

“What do you mean?” he asked quickly, trying to preserve the façade of innocence.

“What was that movement you were doing on the couch?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Getting comfortable?” he asked, trying to find a quick cover.

“Don’t lie to Mommy,” she said piercingly.  “You’re wet, aren’t you?”

He told her truth as to why he lied.  It was about the embarrassment he felt.

“Embarrassment doesn’t matter.  What if you leaked and got it all over the couch?” she asked, walking up to him with her hands still on her hips.  “Best to be in a dry diaper than a wet one.”

She eyed him up for a moment.

“You’re soaked through, aren’t you?” she asked, grabbing his arm and standing him up.

Unfastening his belt and zipper, she felt the inside of the front of his diaper.

“You are soaked through,” she said, pushing the coffee table away from the couch and sitting down.

In one swift movement, he found himself over her lap about to receive punishment for not having learned the lesson she had taught him so many times before.

This spanking would be the extra tutoring he obviously needed. 

She yanked his pants down to mid-thigh and slapped her right hand across the seat of a diaper which was thoroughly soaked.

Taking his diaper down, she kept cracking her palm across a bottom which had developed a rash, but that shade would soon diminish due to the redness he was about to receive.

He strikes were focused and hard and he hardly flinched.  He had been spanked so many times that the numbness came quicker than the pain.  It was a lesson he would someday learn for good.  And somehow she would get through to him.

On this day, he would learn the lesson, once again, behind the homework he refused to do … and one which couldn’t be taught in a classroom.


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A Lesson Behind the Homework

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