Echelon, the sequel to Enigma, continues the story of Lucy Williams and her journey to discover herself, the meaning of her dreams and the pathway to having and keeping the wishes of her heart.

When she first explored an innocent fetish online, she had no idea that it would consume her mind and become the center of her universe.

What began as fantasy became that thing she called life when she met Xavier, a guy with the gentle dominance her little heart craved and sought.

As Lucy embraces her dreams, she encounters others who try to ruin the happiness she has found.  And with the Daddy guidance of Xavier, she learns how to speak up when something bothers her while still retaining the sweetness of the BabyGirl she was always meant to be.

Sample:  “The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown

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The Story of Lucy:


   Enigma             Echelon            Euphoria

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  5. I loved it Zorro! Keep up the great work!

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