Double Trouble: The Reality of “Yes Mommy”

One of the strongest bonds imaginable is that which exists between a mother and her son.  It’s often been said to never get between the two of them, regardless of who you are or what you may have to lose if you don’t.

A mother will do whatever is necessary to see that her son has all that she can provide for him, feels all the love she can give him and has all the pride in himself he can.

When Gus became complacent and defiant, his Mommy feared she would lose him to the effects of some outside influence which would ruin his life.

At first, she tried reasoning with him, then moved on to spanking him, then moved on to using a strap on his bottom.

To punctuate the point, she regressed back to an infantile state, diapered him and decided to start over.  What she didn’t know was that he had always had a little piece of ‘littleness’ within him which went un-nurtured.

Shame took him over as he was forced to face the truth about this.  At long last, she finally understood why he was being so defiant.  He was trying to protect himself.

His Mommy could see the self-esteem leaving his eyes.  And as her maternal instincts kicked in, she did the most important thing she could for her son … Help him to see that he was wonderful, just the way he was.

But how she chose to do this would probably be seen as quite unorthodox by those who didn’t understand the bond of love between a Mommy and her son.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.


The pink blanket laid flat on the living room floor, loaded with crayons and toy trucks. He turned on the fire truck’s sound.

“That’s too loud,” his Mommy said as the toy fire truck wailed its sirens.

He was lost in the moment and in the littleness she was helping him to explore. His mind was hinged and he was fine, but having been stripped down to the raw truth, he was vulnerable. And being in an environment which invited his softer side was a wonderful relief from having to hide it.

“Don’t be mean,” his Mommy said, tossing the rattle back at him. “I’m coloring. Let me color.”

He scooted closer to her, beginning to take interest in her coloring.

“I draw good ‘cause I stay in the lines,” his Mommy said, encouraging him to take interest as she picked up a different crayon. “And my birdie will have brown legs.”

“And he is gonna fly to the moon,” she said, continuing to color. “That’s what he can do.”

Gus picked up a blue crayon and started coloring in her clouds on the paper.

“No, what are you doing? No!” she said, trying to get him to stop.

The unorthodox method she had chosen to use was to dress in a diaper and sit alongside him as a playmate, allowing him to open up fully, so she could understand the need he had been longing for.

The fighting over the coloring continued and a battling fuss in general commenced as she continued to coddle his need for gentleness. She eventually picked up a doll she called Cynthia and Gus kept playing with the random toys, trying to mess with her and at one point, tried to put crayons in her diaper.

She crawled behind him and used the doll as a paddle, smacking him a few times on his diapered bottom before sitting alongside him and watching him beginning to color something new on the paper.

It was such a mother’s relief to see him happy, lost in his own world – a world he had suppressed all his life.

“What are you drawing?” she asked him, returning to playfulness with a matching tone.

“A Road,” he replied.

“For your trucks?” she asked, watching driving the trucks along the dotted lines he put on the paper.

She joined him in the make-believe of the road, eventually getting back into the Mine! mind set.

“I’m gonna draw a monster on your road that got run over,” she said beginning to draw on the paper.

“Does the monster want ice cream?” he asked, innocently.

“No, he doesn’t want ice cream because he got run over,” she answered. “By the ice cream truck and now he’s going Bleh!”

“Bleh?” he asked.

“Yeah, just like that. Bleh!” she replied.

“I want ice cream,” he said.

“I want ice cream, too,” she said. “Go get ice cream.”

Gus crawled out of the room, in search of the Rocky Road in the Fridge. She lied on her side and shed a quick tear.

She knew her son would be all right, after all.


You can find the video to this story at: & ABGus’s Member Site

Also, check out Miss Lydia’s video site:

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